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Micro Persuasion: Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader

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links for 2007-12-30 » Saturday, December 29, 2007. Become a Knowledge Management Ninja with Google Reader. However, none matches the power of Google Reader. So as 2007 winds down and thoughts turn to productivity and prosperity in the new year, I offer these tips to help.

Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center

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Data Shows English Blogosphere Has Peaked » Sunday, February 25, 2007. How to turn Gmail into a massive personal database (Gmail + the Google Toolbar). How to get real-time news updates in Gmail (Gmail+ Google Talk + Twitter). I scan 275 RSS feeds in Google Reader and I use dozens of bookmarklets and shortcuts to help me manage it all. Google Notebook also doesnt work on a mobile device and its search functions are rather lacking. google toolbarç??"Send

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Introducing Users to the Concept of Meeting Workspaces in MOSS 2007 | Community

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Research Centers. Introducing Users to the Concept of Meeting Workspaces in MOSS 2007. in the navigational hierarchy of a portal or team site. Google. Read more about: MOSS 2007. She is co-author of Essential SharePoint 2007: Delivering High-Impact Collaboration.

More of the Best Website Marketing Tools


Somehow he overlooked WebMarketCentral , but he's probably saving that for the 2007 list.) Larry Chase at WDFM recently published his "Top 10 Marketing Sites for 2006." Here are the best tools from his list plus a few featured here previously that belong in any "top" tools list.

Best of 2007: Web 2.0 Sites


A number of new social networking, social search, social bookmarking, and other Web 2.0-related websites and tools either got their start or got traction in 2007.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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That’s what Pitney Bowes did when a 2007 Postal Service rate increase prompted 430,000 calls from customers. Let’s say we implement a customer self-service portal as a way to reduce support costs. Market share research; awareness research; media citations; analyst research.

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Web Worker Daily " Archive Busyness vs. Burst: Why Corporate Web Workers Look Unproductive "

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April 19th, 2007 (8:54am) Anne Zelenka 94 Comments. James Governor’s Monkchips » More Thoughts on Discontinuous Productivity says: April 19th, 2007 9:30am. [.] Edgar says: April 19th, 2007 9:59am. MLO says: April 19th, 2007 10:37am. Anne Zelenka says: April 19th, 2007 11:14am. » Busyness vs. Burst: Why Corporate Web Workers Look Unproductive says: April 19th, 2007 11:28am. [.] Joe Flood says: April 19th, 2007 11:46am.

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B2B Marketplaces: A New Breed Takes On an Old Problem


The company was acquired by an Italian cement maker in 2007 for $15 million. b2b social media hub : billing itself as “the central place to find and promote business information, applications, and services,&# provides an environment where b2b vendors can list their products and services for free (they pay only for interested leads) and interact with prospects, while buyers can research sellers and post their own reviews. Post on Google Buzz.

Social Bookmarking For Enterprise Knowledge Management | Intelligent Agent

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March 15, 2007. For readers of my subscription-based journal, The Information Advisor , it serves as an online supplement to the March 2007 Knowledge Management Supplement article â??Social In the March 2007 Information Advisor “Knowledge Management&# supplement I discussed how social book-marking can be used as a means to share knowledge and find internal expertiseâ??in Research value. Comment by The Wandering Author — March 17, 2007 @ 10:59 pm.

JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching

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Weinberger, 2007, p. Davi, Frydenberg, & Gulati, 2007). Hemphill and Yew (2007) are optimistic regarding. Hemphill & Yew, 2007, p. for research projects; participate on signup. Mindel & Verma, 2006; Guth, 2007). Neill, 2005; Guth, 2007). Guth, 2007, p. location (Xu, 2007). In 2007, released versions of Moodle and Blackboard. Lamb (2004) and Hemphill and Yew (2007) argue that a. Hemphill & Yew, 2007, p.

eLearning & Deliberative Moments: The present and future of Personal Learning Environments (PLE)

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Transforming from elearning practitioner to academic researcher and deliberationist. In universities, VLEs often act as secure gateways to digital indexes and research journals. Educational Researcher, 27(2), 4-13. A PLE research resource I have been building is at: [link].

Nuggets from Social Media workshops as of late. : Community Group Therapy

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For example, if you go create an external facing idea portal but don’t do the hard work to drive process change internally with the functions that own the changes your users want - your idea engine could do you more harm than good. As I was leaving that brand we looked at sizing the amount of conversation (hard activity), but the best research we had indicated over 2 Billion conversations about product, service and brand. December 2007. November 2007. July 2007. What are people searching for and where are they looking?

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Research Reports. Research Centers. Portals. In fall 2007, we set about trying to find out. Wondered about nutritional information and searched for it via Google. Yesterday at a sales meeting someone mentioned a competitor, and this morning I looked up its company Web site through a Google search to find out more. While intranets may not have all the information that people need to do their job, they should be portals to related information as well.

Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: The IT Hierarchy of Needs: Categorizing.

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Projects include business intelligence, scorecards, dashboards and portals, and data warehouse. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Google Buzz 0comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Search This Blog Loading. Latest Research.