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11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation


Features include: free two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more, exclusive price discounts, hundreds of millions of products, purchasing system integration, tax-exempt purchasing for qualified customers, shared payment methods, order approval workflows, and enhanced order reporting among others.

Driving More Web Traffic: The Community Effect

Anything Goes Marketing

As a side note I equate gaming with gambling as they both can be costly and are ridiculously addictive. What is the "social glue" that will keep people coming back to your site, opening your emails and buying your products and services?

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Just How Scalable Is QlikTech?

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August 3, 2007) I asked QlikTech itself for more information on the topic but haven’t learned anything new. The first thing I want to make clear is that QlikView is a wonderful product, so it would be a great pity if this discussion were to be taken as a criticism. Like any product, QlikView works within limits that must be understood to use it appropriately. I find two fundamental benefits from the product. Yes QlikView is a fabulous product.

Marketing Performance Measurement: No Answers to the Really Tough Questions

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My students had a variety of goals, but the two major ones they mentioned were the toughest issues in marketing: how to allocate resources across different channels and how to measure the impact of marketing on brand value. Cost was one obstacle for most of them; lack of data was another. The best I could suggest was to use proxy data when a thorough analysis is not possible due to cost or data constraints.


The Next Big Leap for Marketing Software

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I’ve often written about the tendency of marketing automation vendors to endlessly expand the scope of their products. My guess is it will be a coordination mechanism to tie together all of those different components – resource management, execution, analysis, and so on. The new system would assemble information on revenues, product margins and service costs as well as promotions.

Building the One Big Button (Using LTV to Find Business Opportunities) – Part 4

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It addresses the business reality that there are limited resources and you want to employ them in the most productive way possible. LTV, by contrast, is ultimately a net present value measure, which implicitly considers the cost of capital but doesn’t really address the fact that its total quantity is limited. Another possibility is to treat the change in margin costs for renewal orders as an “investment” and calculate a return on investment for cross sell in that way.

Return on Investment is Only Part of the Solution

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The specific issue was whether a gift certificate given to respondents is part of the marketing investment or the cost of sales. Profit is not affected because marketing investment and cost of sales are both expenses. This would reduce the funds available for other marketing efforts and really should be considered a marketing cost. The fundamental benefit of ROI is it gives a single number that can rank investment opportunities in terms of how productively they use capital.

Types of Lifetime Value Models Part 2

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For example, a small but important shift in product mix might not have much impact on the over-all numbers.) Examples would be a lifetime value model built from a customer-level profit and loss statements, with different inputs for acquisition cost, revenue, bad debt, cost of goods, fulfillment, and so on. To the extent that the input components map to specific experience types (prospecting, initial purchase, product use, service, etc.),

Uses of Lifetime Value - Part 4: Optimization and What-If Modeling

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It’s really a conventional business simulation model: you define the relationships among business inputs (new customers, product prices, retention rates, costs, etc.) It can also be used for what-if scenarios: calculate the results of different sets of assumptions either to find optimal resource allocations or for risk analysis of different contingencies. This information can be used for resource planning and to highlight potential bottlenecks.

Internet resources on information overload and productivity | ManagingIO

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Internet resources on information overload and productivity. s a list of useful websites/ resources I came across that deal with information overload or closely related subjects. NY times article pointing to the $650 billion cost estimate of information overload published by a US research firm. But not enough with that, it might even kill you: Information Overload Is Killing You and Your Productivity. Putthingsoff - Blog on productivity with a cute cat.


E-mail overload costs organizations over $5,000 per user per year

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The growth in e-mail volume and handling time, is bringing with it growing dissatisfaction with e-mail as a productivity tool. E-mail once a tool for improved productivity is now a contributing source to information overload and is compromising further increases in corporate productivity and competitive advantage. A larger issue, and one that remains largely unaddressed, is the general lack of e-mail etiquette and how this impacts productivity.

Marketing Sherpa Moment of Fame


If you haven't downloaded Marketing Sherpa's Marketing Wisdom for 2007 report yet, check it out -- it's packed with insight, ideas, and a few just plain entertaining stories of real-world marketing.

4 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability


Spam blocking filters hate the word "free" (which is too bad because real people love it; try "no cost," "no obligation" or something similar instead) and exclamation points. Other than overflowing email inboxes, the biggest challenge for email marketers is deliverability.

Viral Marketing for B2B Lead Generation, Part 2: Viral Promotion


It's not the the most effective tactic, but nearly everyone does this because it costs virtually nothing. Getting mentioned by relevant and influential bloggers is one of the most productive means of viral promotion (and free, other than the outreach effort). Having your campaign cited in online industry trade online publications is also a highly effective viral promotion tactic—and again, it costs nothing other than the PR legwork.

The Business Value of Virtual Lab Automation

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With this feature, the team can reduce the number of systems needed to support testing and development lab requirements - resulting in less annual support and maintenance contracts, reduced facilities and space costs, and reduced administrative and support overhead to maintain and manage systems.

Nine Excellent Reasons for Technology in Education > July 1, 2007

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July 1, 2007. And this is a vastly larger resource than can be practically carried on paper in a backpack. The worldview of the student can be expanded because of the zero cost of communicating with other people around the globe. Personal Productivity. Students need productivity tools for the same reasons you do. SchoolCIO | K-12 Blueprint | 21st Century Connections | Model Intelligent Classroom | Digital Learning Environments. Search TechLearning with.

getting stuff done with ms outlook

The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Getting Stuff Done with MS Outlook Note: the tips I give below work in MS Outlook 2003 as well as 2007 version.


3 Channels We’ll Still Talk About in 5 Years


One of the intimidating parts of omni-channel marketing is that there are just so many channels and only so many resources to use them. Journalists and marketers have been predicting the death of email since at least 2007. Instead it shows that an increase in transparency is making ads more cost effective. That said, B2B brands will still need to optimize search to ensure their products are listed first.

Best LinkedIn Guides, Tips and Tactics of 2010


For anyone seeking to expand their professional network online, market to professionals, get advice from peers on business products and services, find a job, or hire the right candidate, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool.

Gene Carr's Patron Technology Blog

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December 2007. November 2007. October 2007. In an environment in which newspaper revenues continue to be decimated by free classifieds on and the shift from paper to digital consumption of their product, the owners are facing an advertising gap.

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The Netflix Problem: TV’s Difficult Balance of Original vs. Syndication


It started with DVDs but really made a name for itself in 2007 by pioneering and popularizing video streaming. The extreme growth from the beginning of the year has a likely explanation: Netflix rolled out its product to the entire world in Q1. ” As exclusive syndication gets more difficult, Netflix seems to be turning more of its efforts and resources to original programming. Sense8 , for example, allegedly costs $9 million per episode, more than Game of Thrones.

Influencer marketing tools of the trade


Step one: make sure you have an awesome client with a special, unique, delicious, and superior product, an amazing origin story , industry-leading values , and is willing to be super-generous with not only the A-list but with the long tail, too.† If your product is just some widget.

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Playing the online reputation shell game


Past the other Chris Abrahams, the Artistic Director of Crow’s Theatre since 2007 and the open source software developer for The Open Planning Project in New York.

A Decade of Homepages: An Inside Look at Our Website Redesign Strategy


And I never scoped out my redesigns ahead of time, which meant I never knew how long they were going to take or how much they were going to cost. a set of DVDs that costs three easy payments of $29.99. Big product news meant big homepage changes from HubSpot in 2013.

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B2B Marketplaces: A New Breed Takes On an Old Problem


Web-based systems could improve transparency and efficiency, significantly and simultaneously reducing both procurement costs for buyers and selling costs for vendors. Vendors didn’t want to reveal pricing and specifications to their competitors, and in many cases buyers didn’t want their own competitors to be aware of what they were buying (as it could tip off competitors to new product designs or process improvements) or even the terms they were getting.

3 Ways to Market Your Small Business With Less Cash

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Since 2007, restrictions have been tighter than ever due to industry-wide lending policy changes. Maybe there is a local fundraiser approaching but the sponsorship fee is a little too steep to pay alone – find another company to split the cost and credit with your company.

Best Social Media Stats, Facts and Marketing Research of 2010


Discover the answers to all of these questions and more here in more than 40 of the best resources for social media and marketing stats, facts and research of the past year. 70% of bloggers are organically talking about brands on their blog, and 38% of them post brand or product reviews.

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Six Ways Infographics Changed the Course of Human History


Likewise, the use of infographics on the Internet —where users are barraged with a constant stream of changing information—has grown by nearly 1,000 percent since 2007. Guest post by Payman Taei. A picture truly tells a thousand words.

Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

Modern B2B Marketing

Ideally, this content is not about the company or its products and services; it educates or entertains. Twitter had only launched at Odeo a month prior and didn’t become its own company until April 2007. Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) This is the 1,000th post to Marketo’s blog.

9 Reasons Your Marketing Agency's Retainers Aren't Bigger


Clients expect you to have expertise in the software products they've chosen. When I joined HubSpot in 2007, web content management systems were still pretty new and HubSpot was really just a blogging platform with some keyword research tools and a form builder built into it.

2 Mistakes that Cause Content Syndication to Fail

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At our agency, the programs we negotiate for our clients are almost all performance-based, that is: they guarantee a minimum number of leads at a fixed cost. That individual may well be a great candidate for your product, it’s just that he/she doesn’t know it yet.)

Chuck's Blog: Why Supporting Knowledge Workers Is Hard For IT

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Lots of ways to look at it, but one (simplified) analogy is to consider what the first wave of internet did for our economy: the cost of a transaction was dramatically reduced, and the cost of information was dramatically reduced. Did we design the product correctly? Chucks Blog.

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Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 93: Q&A with Scott Salkin

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His next stops were at Cisco Systems and NetPro Computing (now Dell Software), before launching his first startup, IDS Technology Marketing, in 2007. In order to do that, we’ve focus on a couple of key areas, one being sales enablement, of course partner enablement, enabling your partners, but also pipeline management, making sure you’re generating and driving the right leads and providing the right tools and resources as deals move through the pipeline.

Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

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Building up outposts is something I still struggle finding value in – as that’s at the opportunity cost of working on your own properties. One of the best parts of blogging is you can try lots of different ideas and see what sticks – and all it costs is time.

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Demand Creation vs. Cold Calling


Since 2007, the social web has dramatically shifted power from sellers to buyers. I'm not saying it doesn't work, but who would buy a product with the following traits: Doesn't work 90.9% Costs at least 60% more per lead ( HubSpot, The State of Inbound Marketing ). These are horrible statistics for people whose salaries typically cost a company more than $60,000 per year. This is a guest post by Teicko Huber.

Intranet Blog :: E-mail fatigue

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Human Resources. January 2007. This over reliance has come at the expense of employee productivity and intellectual property. including major costs, significant litigation, and a drag on key processes. just as the brown-out across the continent was good for us a couple of summers ago; it helps force us to not take such advantage of a valuable resource. Posted: Sun Jun 03 21:27:39 PDT 2007. Posted: Mon Jun 04 21:50:08 PDT 2007. Human Resources.

Six degrees of separation in instant messaging | Emerging Technology Trends |

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In a research paper from June 2007, titled "Worldwide Buzz: Planetary-Scale Views on an Instant-Messaging Network (PDF)," Eric Horvitz of Microsoft Research and Jure Leskovec of Carnegie Mellon University analyzed 30 billion. Case Study: Papa Johns Pizza Company Slices Travel Costs with GoToMeeting Corporate Citrix Online. Premier Vendor Content Whitepapers, webcasts & resources from our Power Center Sponsors. New mobility solutions at the Cisco Mobility Resource Center.

The complete knowledge sharing guide. |

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December 2007. November 2007. October 2007. September 2007. August 2007. July 2007. June 2007. May 2007. April 2007. March 2007. February 2007. January 2007. Note that I said people and resources. productivity.


StartupNation Blog " Blog Archive " I drew pictures at a sales meeting, and it worked

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The “pitch&# was to offer a quick solution to increase their content and social networking offerings in a very rapid and inexpensive manner with minimal risk and resources required. Out of the gate, they said that it required a lot of internal resources and coordination between them.


How to Reduce Information Overload |

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A Blog on Creativity, Productivity, and Happiness. Here are the reasons that I decided to consciously reduce my information appetite: Productivity Loss - In the face of too much information, we can easily get lost in the details. to productivity. Product Reviews.

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