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Open Research: A Framework for Social Analytics

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Why are social analytics so important? link] Research Report: A Framework for Social Analytics | Thought Experiments [.]

Influencer marketing tools of the trade


BaseCamp 2 — I started with BaseCamp back in 2007, had a BaseCamp mutiny, have tried Asana and Trello and many I have forgotten. I have integrated it into my processes and don’t cede ground when and if clients or colleagues refuse. We’re off to the races!

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Are marketers getting lost in the Dark Funnel?

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A Forrester Research report from way back in 2007 predicted a transformation of the buyer’s journey was underway and the traditional sales funnel had “outlived its usefulness.” Influence Marketing Analytics. By Krista LaRiviere, {grow} Community Member.

Marketing Talk: Launch Plans, Analytics, and Targeted Content for ABM


One of the things we spend several months working on before we launched the product and even after is setting up the analytics that will let us measure every step of the process from submitting your email, to creating a team, to inviting more users, and finally, to sending messages and sharing files.

Social Media Marketing: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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Facebook, originally created for a group of individuals at Harvard University, quickly became a worldwide phenomenon and 100,000 companies had set up a group on the site by 2007– three years after its launch – to promote their business and attract new customers.

5 Excessive Marketing Tactics to Stop Wasting Your Time On


The fast-paced world of digital marketing -- with all its technological advancements and iterative improvements to our marketing processes -- has theoretically made marketers’ lives easier. Just make sure you’re making your decision based on marketing analytics , not gut feelings.

Integrate Social Networks with your Corporate Website with ‘Social Sign On’

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Furthermore, the information consumers enter into the antiquated registration pages is likely inaccurate percentage-wise compared to the level of accuracy in self-updated profiles in Facebook and other social networks. This is how they'll monetize: Facebook everywhere at everytime.

Marketing Tools and Technology – How Does A Marketer Decide?

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Yet new technologies rise up every day and cut across many areas of the marketing supply chain such as content, media, analytics, CRM, marketing automation, social media, reporting, etc. First, you need to create a business process for reviewing new technologies.

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Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

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Because of this, traditional marketing tactics based on “renting” attention that others have built — and interrupting the buyer in the process — are becoming less and less effective. Twitter had only launched at Odeo a month prior and didn’t become its own company until April 2007.

The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Effective Marketers


If he’s heavily involved in digital efforts, he might be knee-deep in his marketing analytics. According to a 2007 report in Training magazine, companies spend an average of $1200 annually for training one employee. This section directly ties into Stage 1 of the hiring process.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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We believe that many social marketing programs can be justified, but the process requires discipline and careful documentation. That’s what Pitney Bowes did when a 2007 Postal Service rate increase prompted 430,000 calls from customers.

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101 Sure-Fire Ways to Make People Hate Your Marketing


Just assume you know which social networks your audience populates, even if they're actually way more active in an industry specialized social network than, say, Facebook. 9) Post something to your Facebook business page every five minutes. Was that post written in 2007, or yesterday?

Blog Marketing Tactics - 10 Tested, Proven Ideas

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Use other social channels for distribution, but focus on your site I don’t do too much to nurture followings in external networks, I simply feed content into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

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5 Keys to Effective Knowledge Transfer for Nonprofits

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Consider the different ways you might measure the success of a specific process (e.g. Toronto : Imagine Canada , 2007. Facebook Applications for Your Non-Profit Page. How to Set Up a Non-Profit Facebook Page. Facebook. Google Analytics. December 2007 (11). November 2007 (12). October 2007 (14). September 2007 (14). August 2007 (12). July 2007 (12). June 2007 (10). May 2007 (11). April 2007 (11).

B2B Websites: To Publish Prices, Or Not To Publish…That Is The.

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ThomasNet study, 2006) For IT solutions in excess of $50,000, the most wanted data in the early stage awareness was price ( Source: Joint study done by MarketingSherpa and Enquiro , 2007) Today, a majority of industrial buying decisions begin online.

Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

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2007), email (Dynamics Direct, 2006), marketing resource management (Nvigorate, 2006), and hosted analytics services (MarkIT, 2005). This isn’t about making it easy to react to comments on Twitter , add friends on Facebook , or research prospects on LinkedIn , which is how most marketing automation vendors are approaching social media. This sort of processing is a good fit for Alterian’s columnar database engine, which is the core of its business.

Top 35 B2B Marketing Posts for May 2010

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How Facebook’s privacy disasters will change B2B marketing - Chris Koch , May 21, 2010 Have you ever noticed that your Facebook profile page looks like one of those horrible qualification forms that we make our customers fill out? If you go to Facebook and look at your profile, your immediate reaction is going to be that it’s asking for too much information. Customer Analytics. Can you trust Facebook? Facebook (122). Best of B2B Marketing. May 2010.

How to Become the Awesomest Marketer EVER


93% of US Adult Internet users are on Facebook. One out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook. Put another way, Google is your new business card, and Facebook is your new referral engine. Want to become The Awesomest Marketer EVER?