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Free Data as in Free Beer

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The only exhibitor that did catch my eye was Data-Planet , which aggregates data on many topics (think census, economic time series, stocks, weather, etc.) None of this would have really impressed me until I heard the price: $495 per user per year. Let me make clear that we’re talking about LOTS of data: “hundreds of public and price industry sources” as the company brochure puts it.

Just How Scalable Is QlikTech?

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August 3, 2007) I asked QlikTech itself for more information on the topic but haven’t learned anything new. By contrast, most business intelligence tools must pre-aggregate large data sets to deliver fast response. This lets reports construct aggregates by grouping records according to ad hoc formulas. You might want to define ranges for a value such as age, income or unit price, or create categories using if/then/else statements.

1010data Offers A Powerful Columnar Database

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What’s particularly intriguing is Tenbase achieves this performance without compressing, aggregating or restructuring the input. It also contains a variety of statistical, aggregation and calculation functions. The company does not publish its pricing but the figures it mentioned seemed competitive. Back in October I wrote here about the resurgent interest in alternatives to standard relational databases for analytical applications.

Marketing Performance: Plan, Simulate, Measure

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You can think of marketing performance measures as falling into three broad categories: - measures that show how marketing investments impact business value, such as profits or stock price - measures that show how marketing investments align with business strategy - measures that show how efficiently marketing is doing its job (both in terms of internal operations and of cost per unit – impression, response, revenue, etc.)

Uses of Lifetime Value - Part 4: Optimization and What-If Modeling

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But it probably won’t estimate those customers’ behavior in the following year: will they continue to be retained at a higher rate, revert to the previous rates, or leave faster until aggregate rate returns to normal? It’s really a conventional business simulation model: you define the relationships among business inputs (new customers, product prices, retention rates, costs, etc.) Yesterday’s post on forecasting the values of LTV components may have been a little frightening.

The Right Way to Think about Marketing Mix Models

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A serious marketing mix model considers competitive activities, product pricing, retail distribution and in-store promotion. I also question whether tools that predict aggregate sales by period can also project customer lifetime value. Here’s a fine mess: I was all set to review a paper titled “Marketing-Mix Modeling the Right Way”, partly because I found the title annoyingly arrogant and partly because I have doubts regarding the methodology it describes.

4 Ways to Build B2B Customer Loyalty and Generate Referrals


While this tactic can be effective, bear in mind that repeat customers are often less price-sensitive than new ones (which is how cable and phone companies get away with offering super-cheap "switcher" offers while screwing their existing customers -- an exasperating practice for consumers, but apparently successful), so you may be leaving money on the table.

Tableau Software Adds In-Memory Database Engine

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Back in 2007, my main complaint was that Tableau lacked a data engine. These include: - new types of combination charts; - ability to display the same data at different aggregation levels on the same chart (e.g., average as a line and individual observations as points); - more powerful calculations including multi-pass formulas that can calculate against a calculated value - user-entered parameters to allow what-if calculations The Tableau interface hasn’t changed much since 2007.

Gene Carr's Patron Technology Blog

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December 2007. November 2007. October 2007. Only about 8% of all ad dollars have flowed online so far, and when they do, the price that newspapers can get for ads in those digital pages is vastly less than in their print equivalents. Gene Carrs Patron Technology Blog.

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How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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EMC is a premium-priced provider whose philosophy is to always go the extra mile to take care of the customer. That’s what Pitney Bowes did when a 2007 Postal Service rate increase prompted 430,000 calls from customers.

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Crisis Byte: An Online Shark Attack or Fishy Little Nibbles?

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Most importantly, which of the 14 # epicfail scenarios affected stock prices or shareholder value, let alone have an impact on long-time brand reputation or trust ? She is the co-editor and Canadian contributor (since 2007) to the international, collaborative blog, PR Conversations.

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50 Habits of a Highly Effective Blogger "

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9 Essential Tips to Get the Most Out of Trade Shows, Conferences & Seminars (Podcast) » Tuesday 13 Nov 2007. Submit blog to news aggregators and allow them to discover the blog. word to the wise on 13 Nov 2007 at 5:50 pm. chtanxw on 13 Nov 2007 at 7:57 pm. E3 Success Blog » Blog Archive » E-3 Carnival of Network Marketing - November 19, 2007 on 19 Nov 2007 at 5:07 pm. [.] Denise aka The Blog Squad on 24 Nov 2007 at 8:09 am.

VisualIQ Measures Marketing Impacts Across All Channels

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Summary: VisualIQ combines customer-level transactions and contact history with traditional aggregate data to produce better marketing performance measurement. I was going to start this post by writing that last-click attribution has recently come under fire, but the first Google hit on the topic brings up a study from 2007. proposes to straddle these worlds by combining aggregate-level models with customer-specific contact history.

Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

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2007), email (Dynamics Direct, 2006), marketing resource management (Nvigorate, 2006), and hosted analytics services (MarkIT, 2005). This would be a major step beyond using aggregate social media data as a way to measure marketing performance – although even such measurement would be itself a great leap forward for most companies today. Current pricing for Techrigy starts at $600 per month for 20,000 stored search results.

The Tech Economy & Social Media

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1) Hierarchical View - (Advertising & Marketing) The corporate view that the social space is more or less like a mass market with “A” listers, and media properties and through aggregation services to net the small fish, it can become something with which they familiar. And perhaps Forrester was wrong in 2007 when they said that Facebook marketing means communicating not advertising, as does all social spaces I contend.