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B2B Lead Generation Blog: 7 Tips to Improve Sales Follow-up & Close More Leads

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MarketingSherpa just published an interview with Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez from a marketing view point and Barry Trailer, Co-Founder, CSO Insights who brings a sales perspective. B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

Alterian Pushes Into Social Media Management with Techrigy Acquisition

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Summary: Alterian's purchase of Techrigy marks the first integration of serious social media management with marketing automation. Marketing automation vendor Alterian yesterday announced its acquisition of social media monitoring company Techrigy. Even though the Techgrity deal is the first direct acquisition I recall of a social media monitoring system by a marketing automation vendor, it strikes me as an obvious step.

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7 Tech Trends in Email for Marketers

Modern B2B Marketing

Four decades after its inception, email is still considered a top channel—fiercely competing with social media and organic search when it comes to delivering ROI. In 2007, the first-generation iPhone was announced.

5 Ways B2B Marketing Professionals Can Leverage Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

As I wrote way back in 2007, there are plenty of things wrong with social media for B2B marketing. Social media tools like Twitter and blogs (it's frequently forgotten blogs are social media ) are becoming standard in the toolboxes of B2B marketers. But the truth is most marketers are not leveraging social media to full potential to create a brand, reputation and authority for themselves or their companies. Maximize the social and SEO synergy.

How to put the "Viral" in B2B Marketing Viral Campaigns?

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It’s thinking about how you can leverage the Groundswell – garnering attention in viral/social channels but then linking this engagement back to more traditional nurturing channels. Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009.