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Hire, Train and Retain Top Talent #6 of Six

Your Sales Management Guru

In this last video blog, I share other tools that you can use to enhance your ability to be a successful sales manager. You can reach me at Ken@AcumenMgmt.com.

Hire, Train, Retain Top Talent #5 of 6 Sales Training

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales training makes a difference in creating top performing sales teams.

Hire, Train, and Retain Top Talent #4 of 6—Tools/Monday Sales Meetings

Your Sales Management Guru

Hire, Train, and Retain Top Talent #4 of 6—Tools for Interviewing. This video blog is designed to improve your success in hiring high performance sales teams. In this video I cover assessments, Interviewing Scorecards, Case Studies, Group Interviews’ and using presentations to validate sales skills.

Hire, Train and Retain Top Talent #3 of 6

Your Sales Management Guru

In this informative video interview, I will discuss the interviewing process, what questions to ask , the 3 traits of top performers and sales assessment tools. Next week, the next 3 video’s will be included in the blog.

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Marketing Automation System Software Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Marketing Automation Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best Marketing Automation software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

Zen and the Art of Snow Shoveling

Your Sales Management Guru

Zen and the Art of Snow Shoveling. What does that title have to do with Sales Management? After spending 20 years growing up in Wisconsin and another 30 years in Minneapolis, I finally connected the dots after waking up this morning in East TN and having to shovel my driveway! At 22 degrees, and enough snow to make my rather steep driveway a challenge to “get out of”, I put on the Volunteer stocking hat, gloves and began the process.

The Power of Impact: what is your plan for 2011

Your Sales Management Guru

The Power of Impact; what is your plan for 2011. An interesting Thoreson theorem; the more you personally impact the lives of others, the more you succeed professionally. One of the points I make during my keynote program is the need for a person to find balance in their lives=both personally and professionally. When you find an individual that is working on improving others lives, you generally find a person that is also successful from a professional perspective.

Sales Leadership: Time Management Tips

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: Time Management Tips. How to Manage a Successful To-Do List. Get in Habit of Doing a To Do List every day. Be Realistic and Aware of Your Limitations. Don’t Over Schedule Events. Allow for Time Cushions. Review Your List Every Morning. Ask yourself; “why me?” Is there someone else that can do this? Group Related Activities: Am I prepared to lead the event? How to Analyze Your To-Do List . Necessity: Scrutinize each task to be sure it is necessary.

Sales Managers: What are you Thankful For?

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Managers: What Are You Thankful For? It’s a short week for many of us in the U.S. because of our Thanksgiving holiday and while many other nations have similar events based upon similar justifications; i.e. thankful for successful harvests, it is always important for everyone to pause, at anytime, and consider what they are thankful for. Even in the tough times that many of us have experienced during the past 3+ years reflecting on the good and positive elements of your life is important.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Sales Leadership: your menu for personal & professional success

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: your menu for personal and professional success. Several of our recent blogs have begun to discuss the business and sales management aspects of being prepared for 2011. Our blog this week discusses the need to also focus on your 2011 plan for your personal life. During a recent keynote program with a group of individuals from an association I was speaking about the need to build both a successful personal and professional life to truly succeed.

Sales Leadership Workout! Dec 8th

Your Sales Management Guru

Is your organization and your sales team suffering from: Puny Revenues? Weak Results? It’s Time for a Sales Leadership Workout! Day Regimen for Getting. Your Sales Organization in Shape for 2011. Build a proactive approach to Sales Management 2.0 that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team. Learn how other top performing sales leaders have muscled up their teams to pump up predictable revenues.

Business & Sales Management Planning for 2011

Your Sales Management Guru

Business and Sales Management: Planning for 2011 what you need to do! Budgeting and developing strategy for 2011 should be near the top of your “to-do” list. Time must be taken to actively work on forecasting, developing hiring plans for the year and making sure your marketing calendar is planned out at least through June of 2011. Right now I am working with several clients on their sales compensation plans for 2011. Several idea’s for our readers: .

Sales Leadership: The importance of a 2011 Sales Kickoff Meeting

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: The Importance of a 2011 Sales Kick Off Meeting. Perhaps 2010 was great year for your sales team or perhaps it was a struggle and a disappointment. In either case starting to plan your 2011 sales kickoff event is an important action during November. There are many reasons to make sure this event is properly orchestrated.

Traits of Successful Companies-rate yours

Your Sales Management Guru

During the past 13 years of working consulting we have developed a list of traits and values that characterize successful companies: Corporate culture is deep and consistent. Business strategies come first. Business development effectiveness is essential . The best practices are consistent from industry to industry. Sales is a corporate priority. Structured process is key to success. Teamwork prevails. Training and recruitment are critically important.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation.

No Regrets: Your Recipe For Personal/Professional Success

Your Sales Management Guru

No Regrets: Finding Your Recipe for. Personal and Professional Success. This is an excerpt from my upcoming book: Success Simplified with Stephen Covey. Wright: Ken, tell me about your idea of no regrets, finding your recipe for personal and professional success? Thoreson. It began in my professional life, working as a sales leader and vice president of sales for more than fifteen years.

Know Your Competition-Sales Management

Your Sales Management Guru

Strategic sales managers know they must be creative when it comes to developing a sales strategy. With fewer opportunities in most pipelines these days, salesforce management is increasingly focused on executing brilliantly on each and every sales opportunity. . One component in sales team training is to perform a semiannual competitive assessment.

Planning Your Sales Training

Your Sales Management Guru

Planning Your Sales Training. In my soon to be published book on Sales Management, one topic I discuss in great detail is salesperson development and training. Besides recruiting effectively, training and development are the next most important aspects of the sales leader’s job. While Acumen Management is not a sales training firm, we do focus on the facts that sales management MUST focus on sales training within their own firms.

Sprint to the Finish–It’s that time of year…

Your Sales Management Guru

Sprint to the Finish—–It’s that time of year… A shaky banking industry. Roller-coaster days on Wall Street. Budgets being cut. Purchasing decisions being delayed. With that economic domino effect affecting us all as 2010 winds down, ending the year on a high note will be more challenging than ever. At Acumen, we’ve been offering the following advice to our clients and their sales teams: Keep it in perspective.

7 Inspiring B2B Marketing Campaigns

Must-See Examples of Marketing Success That You Can Replicate.

On Schedule…

Your Sales Management Guru

On Schedule. Whew, two weeks without writing my blog. What happened? I was on vacation. I won’t bore you with my highlights or pictures; however you do know the sales management guru will turn his vacation experience into a sales leadership analogy. My vacation started in Budapest, traveling by boat to Vienna, Melk, Passau and Nuremburg, we then traveled to Prague by bus.

When You Leave.Your Office

Your Sales Management Guru

When You Leave. Sales leaders sometimes travel and sometimes they even take the time for a vacation! I can remember leading a sales management workshop 10 years ago when at a break it seemed almost everyone ran to a phone to check in and “put out fires”. Two of attendees stayed behind and chatted casually about the class or other topics.

The Mental Side of Sales and Leadership

Your Sales Management Guru

The Mental Side of Sales and Leadership. I read a quote once supposedly by Jack Nicklaus: “golf is 80% above the shoulders” and as a bogey golfer I have come to totally appreciate that comment and admittedly it is a problem for me.

And Then Some….

Your Sales Management Guru

No Regrets, a Do-Over Recipe for Success. This weekend I was working on my next book and the ending of my chapter described my keynote program: “No Regrets, a Do-over Recipe for Success”. I thought I would share this with you as we move into the dog days of Summer. This is what a No Regrets, Do-over Recipe and Building a Personal recipe for success is all about. Abraham Lincoln made the comment, “It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.”

Customer Success and Marketing Alignment: The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Most B2B companies say the customer experience is a priority, but their teams are not prepared or coordinated enough to make this a reality.

The Power of Net-New

Your Sales Management Guru

Growing Your Company: The Power of Net-New. Partners who focus on net-new clients will see growth; but you’ll need focus and correct execution to really pull out a win. Over the last few years as we’ve worked with partners in strategic planning sessions to help them build predictable revenue, one trend we’ve found is that clients who focus on adding net-new clients experience greater revenue growth.

Making it to the Top

Your Sales Management Guru

Making it to the Top. Making it to the Top, and other phases like it typically refer to exceeding your sales quota or becoming a top performer in your organization. Sales leaders have used these words to create sales contests, set goals and sales themes for the year and …so have I, and last Friday I made it to the top! First, I will be honest, I took Friday off. At 7AM eleven people drove about 90 minutes to Smoky Mountain National Park to begin a 5.5

It’s Almost August- 5 Steps to Finish Strong

Your Sales Management Guru

It’s Almost August-5 Steps to Finish Strong. As a strategic sales leader you need to be proactive in your thinking and actions. By now the summer is almost over and you need to be concerned about exceeding Augusts’ quotas, achieving September’s goal and the fourth quarter sales numbers. What should you be thinking and doing, here’s a quick checklist.

Finding Opportunities

Your Sales Management Guru

Finding Opportunities. Last week I spoke at Microsoft’s World Wide Partner Conference, with 14,000 attendees it was a terrific event. The amazing action to watch was the volume of conversations taking place-not necessarily just on the Expo floor but EVERYWHERE!

7 B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

As B2B marketers, we know that our buyers' needs are ever-evolving, but it's not just our buyers that are changing.

Sales Puny? Need a Workout?

Your Sales Management Guru

Is your organization and your sales team suffering from: Puny Revenues? Weak Results? It Maybe Time for a Sales Leadership Workout! A one & 1/2 Day Regimen for Getting Your Sales Organization in Shape . Build a proactive approach to Sales Management 2.0 that creates predictive revenue and a self-managed sales team. Learn how other top performing sales leaders have muscled up their teams to pump up predictable revenues.

Learning from Losing?

Your Sales Management Guru

Learning from Losing. In most of our client consulting engagements we strongly recommend that “win/lost” reports are completed. This is a process of reviewing all sales that occur and those that don’t! We suggest this action is performed in two steps. The first step is between the sales manager and the salesperson, during this phase the sales leader simply probes as to what the salesperson believes are the reason the prospect purchased or did not purchase your solution.

Creativity… a Sales Thing!

Your Sales Management Guru

Creativity… It’s a Sales Thing! There is no question about it, top performers are more creative that your average salespeople. They seem to come up with unique ideas to prospect, find ways to enhance client relationships and they close more effectively. Sales leadership requires creativity as well, sales managers that are exceeding sales quotas, hiring and developing their teams and building a sales culture require huge levels of a creativity quotient. The good news?

Changes in Sales & Sales Mgmt? What do you think?

Your Sales Management Guru

Changes in Selling or Sales management? Living in the Southeast where football is a lifestyle, the radio sports talk shows and the newspapers sports pages are covered with discussions regarding the changing PAC 10, Big 12 and even Nebraska going to the Big 10 and the potential impact on the SEC. The changes that could occur impact TV, basketball and all non-revenue sports and as expected-there are opinions on all three sides of each issue.

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

When Plagiarism is NOT Flattering

Your Sales Management Guru

When Plagiarism Is NOT Flattering. The following blog is from a friend of my from TOP Sales Experts, a group of International consultants in Sales and Sales Management. His subject matter is important to us all, I know, I have actually attended a conference and heard other speakers using my content and PPT slides that resemble mine. The internet can be so easy to simply &# copy&# and use others expertise. Ken Thoreson. Ken@AcumenMgmt.com. . I would like to introduce you to Michael J.

Sales and Social Media-3 Keys

Your Sales Management Guru

Three Key Social Media Tactics for Sales. This week I thought I would share with my readers a “guest blog” from Tom Pick on Sales and Social Media…I have known Tom for a few years and he is top SEO and Social Media consultant… read and enjoy… Although marketing departments tend to be the heaviest users of social media for business, sales groups aren’t far behind.

The Top 11 Sales Mgmt Actions

Your Sales Management Guru

(You must do more than just 10 these days.). In today’s investment world advice on portfolio management can vary from; “hold firm with your existing stocks”, to “take advantage of a great opportunity to buy at these lower prices”. The first scenario of holding firm for the long term assumes that your existing portfolio contains quality securities, is properly diversified and has been managed with an appropriate, long-term perspective.

Build a Personal and Professional Vision for Growth

Your Sales Management Guru

Build a Personal and Business Vision for Growth May 24th on Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio Show. Cleveland, OH May 19, 2010 – Diane Helbig, business development coach, author and host of the Accelerate Your Business Growth Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio,Radio will be welcoming Ken Thoreson of Acumen Management Group to the show on Monday May 24, 2010. This show is sponsored by WIN – Women in Networking. WIN is an organization that empowers female professionals.

Flip My Funnel - Guide To B2B Account Based Marketing

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