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15 Ways That Customer Testimonials Can Help to Grow Your Business

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Introduction. When you run any marketing campaign, you do so to increase brand awareness and reputation and hence attract new leads to drive conversions. Customer testimonials are one of the most influential marketing tactics you can use to achieve these goals.

Top 3 Outbound Ways to Generate More Leads

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Introduction. There is no doubt that inbound marketing is an efficient way for generating new leads. Research has proved time and time again that inbound marketing tactics like content marketing help customers navigate their way to brands and reach a buying decision organically.

How Purchase Intent Can Help You Scale-Up Your ABM Campaigns

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Introduction. Sales and Purchase are traditional market-related concepts that often occur in tandem. However other market-related concepts like production and consumption that are also twined aren’t seen together often.

Content syndication: Extend your marketing programs to a new audience

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Consumers in today’s world are overwhelmed with a multitude of options when it comes to buying new products. They have an extremely short attention span and expect companies to intrinsically tap into what they are looking for.

6 Steps to Building Predictable Lead Flow and Revenue

Achieving predictable lead flow and revenue depends on monitoring sales history and developing a robust, flexible lead development process. Download this eBook for 6 clear steps you can take to build that process today.

A Personalised Sales Script Can Uplift Your Inside Sales

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When it comes to acing the sales aspect of your business, engaging the target audience plays a critical part. That’s where a solid sales pitch comes in.

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Top 15 Lead Generation Ideas and Strategies for Software Companies

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Introduction. For a software business to continue on living, lead generation and creativity are a must. Why is that? Because B2B lead generation helps you gain more customers and helps you grow your software business. And creativity is the backbone of your software.

Why Account Based Marketing Is The Best Strategy to Work Around?

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What is Account-Based Marketing?

10 Signs That You Should Know While Hiring a Lead Generation Partner

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Introduction. As a business owner or salesperson, who makes B2B sales, your primary objective is to sell as many goods and services as possible. To sell, you’ll have to reach out to as many people or companies that might be interested.

Learn How Intent Data Can Help You Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

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Why Customer Acquisition Cost Matters? Customer acquisition cost by industry 2018 is particularly relevant for companies and investors. In the case of investors, it is a great way to assess the business potential of an emerging company and the innovative products or services it offers.

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

Have you ever had a bad experience using a lead generation company? If the answer is yes, you are certainly not alone; fortunately, MarketJoy has put together 4 simple questions that you can use to judge your next potential lead gen partner.

Dont Fight with Traction for Your New Product Launch. Give It a Lead Generation Touch!

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Introduction. Way before a product goes to market, marketing teams have to plan and strategize effective ways to gain traction. Although the launch date is the “big reveal”, inbound lead generation activities to drive traction for new products start before launch and continue after launch.

A Powerful Marketing Strategy for SaaS: Drip Marketing Campaigns

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Introduction: What is a Drip Marketing Campaign. Drip marketing refers to sending a stream of marketing messages (usually via email) to prospects, leads and customers, to stimulate conversion. This process is usually coordinated with the help of marketing automation software.

VoIP Service Provider Guide: Know How You Can Qualify Your Leads

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Introduction. Generating sales-qualified leads for VoIP service providers always comes with its own set of challenges. In today’s market, there are no longer any major problems with reliability or connectivity.

Lead Generation Strategy: Defining Clear Customer Profiles and Buyer Personas

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Introduction. From a lead generation standpoint, a successful buyer’s journey should end in a purchase. But every customer is unique, hence every buyer’s journey is bound to be different. It can be daunting to approach a diverse audience without narrowing down the members who make up that audience.

7 Cold Calling Tactics You Aren't Using but Should Be

Cold calling isn‘t dead; neither is it on its deathbed. In fact, it’s one of the most effective ways to increase sales and drive revenue. Learn 7 preperation strategies to lessen your stress, and to become a better closer!

How to Create Personalize Email Templates for B2B Buyers to Get More Clicks

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Introduction. Email makes up an important part of b2b marketing. In a 2016 Salesforce survey conducted among 4000 marketers, 80% of respondents agreed that “email is core to their business”.

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What to Look for Before Choosing a Lead Generation Partner for You?

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Introduction. For a business organisation to have high performing marketing and sales, it needs to have a functioning B2B lead generation strategy in place for the entire funnel to run smoothly.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your VoIP Services in 2019

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Introduction. In 2012, Future Market Insights forecasted that the VoIP industry would experience a 9% CAGR year on year, until 2020. What we see today is an industry that has surpassed this prediction and is expected to hit $204 billion by 2020.

5 Digital Marketing Rules for Successful Lead Generation

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Digital marketing is not a creative pursuit we do just for fun. At its core, digital marketing is a strategy used to generate leads – and if it isn’t doing that, then something is going wrong. What is “ lead generation ”, exactly?

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

Gain exclusive insights on priorities, tactics, and challenges from SMB Marketing Leaders.

Top 10 Facts of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing

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Introduction. AI is continually gaining traction in the marketing field. Though there are fears that AI may remove the personal touch from everything, proponents of AI hold the opposing view: that AI will introduce a more personal touch, especially in marketing.

What Is a Lead Magnet and What Type of Lead Magnets Convert the Best?

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Introduction. Every business today is looking for its lane in crowded markets. This means that the competition to stand out from the crowd and show potential buyers what you have to offer can feel like a mammoth task.

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Focus on Your Brand First and Then Sales

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Introduction. As a B2B company, your brand is the sum total of everything that you do as perceived by the people that you seek to motivate. It is the experience that you create at all touchpoints before and after the sale. In fact, 65% of U.S

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How to Get More Results Out of Your Marketing Funnel

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Introduction. The marketing funnel was developed in 1898 by Ad agency executive Elias St. Elmo Lewis. He broke down the marketing journey into four distinct stages including awareness, interest, desire, and action, commonly known by the acronym AIDA.

Best Practices for Selling to Government Agencies

The US government spends over $235 billion on goods and services each year. Because of this, selling your product or service to a government agency can be a great way to increase profits. A government buyer also offers consistency, at least for the duration of your contract. However, there are key differences between selling to a customer or business and selling to the government. MarketJoy VP of Customer Success, Curtis Bendt, has used his vast experience in sales industry to craft a list of best practices for selling to government agencies to give you a more specific idea of what the process involves. MarketJoy also provides you with several tips on how to increase your chances of success.

Align Your Inhouse and Outsourced Lead Generation Process and Get the Most of Your ROI

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Introduction. When it comes to lead generation, one question that always plagues marketers is whether to outsource or handle every activity inhouse. Ultimately, there is need for both approaches in any company.

Multichannel Marketing Tools for 2019: Step-By-Step Guide

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What is Multichannel Marketing? There are several ways to define multichannel marketing. A basic definition, however, is that it is the implementation of a single marketing strategy across several platforms or multiple channels to maximize opportunities to interact with potential customers.

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How to Leverage the Power of Intent Data to Drive your Marketing ROI?

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Introduction. Often under-utilized, intent data is ripe with possibilities, especially when it comes to raising your business’ marketing ROI. But it has to be approached with a balanced strategy in order to take full advantage.

B2B Buyer Personas: How to Create Them for Every Budget

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Introduction. A B2B buyer persona is a construct that represents your perfect customer, developed by observations from market analysis and data collected from your existing client base. It is the way you want your actual customers to be, and a starting point for identifying them in real life.

Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based Discounting for the B2B Industry

Competition has increased to new levels of intensity and organizations have begun to look for new ways to acquire customers. Discounted pricing is a strategic tool, which when used correctly can drive a variety of business goals, from marketing through to sales strategy

Demand Generation: How to Generate Leads for SAP ERP Solutions?

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Introduction. Many individuals in the technology sector struggle with maximizing sales and lead generation for enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation: IoT Solutions

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Introduction. According to Cisco, the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) today is 15 billion, and this number is set to rise to 50 billion devices by 2020.

Content Marketing Is An Answer Engine World

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Introduction. As the Web evolves, so has the way people search and the way marketers have had to adjust their strategies to maximize reach.

How Inbound Marketing Can Lead Your Company to New Heights

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Introduction to Inbound Marketing. Depending on who you ask, there are lots of definitions for inbound marketing. That said, there are two predominant types of definitions that we shall highlight below before we can dig deeper into how inbound can lead your company to new heights.

The Account-Based Marketing Playbook

Account-Based Marketing is a strategy, not a solution.