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Blogger: Redirecting

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41 Common Blogging Mistakes Here is a great list of common blogging mistakes - a good review for anyone with a blog (tags: Blogs, Blogosphere, Blogging) Another take on the social media press release Maggie Fox has published another

Proprietary Databases Rise Again

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I’ve been noticing for some time that “proprietary” databases are making a come-back in the world of marketing systems. Proprietary” is a loaded term that generally refers to anything other than the major relational databases: Oracle, SQL Server and DB2, plus some of the open source products like MySQL. In the marketing database world, proprietary systems have a long history tracing back to the mid-1980’s MCIF products from Customer Insight, OKRA Marketing, Harte-Hanks and others.

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One way to tackle closed loop marketing

Anything Goes Marketing

Now that the summer is behind us I feel that I have a few extra pounds from the BBQs and beers on the patios. I've promised myself to go for at least 2 morning runs during the week and a trip the gym on the weekend. I'm still working on the 2 runs per week but I'm getting there. I know that if I don't go, I see the results of the hamburger that I had for lunch the next morning on the scale. When I do go for a run I see the positive results - great motivation to keep on exercising.

Lead reengagement gives you more out of your investment

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The year-end push is on and I know you may be wondering what else can I do to drive more revenue with little or no remaining budget? I've found the best way is to focus on the leads you already have. Lead reengagement is one of the most powerful ROI tools marketers have available to them. You're getting more out of the money you've already spent by going deeper within the opportunities you already have.

The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts.

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Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

In the new world of work, your reputation is the only accepted currency. Whether you're looking to move up the corporate ladder at your current organization, find a position at another company, make a major career change, or start your

Blogger: Redirecting

Buzz Marketing for Technology

The ROI of Communities Maggie Fox digs in to find an ROI on Communities using SAP's Developer Network as her example. tags: Communities) Nokia's N95 vs. Apple's iPhone From the sound of it the NEW Nokia N95 has it all - just when you

How to Improve SEM Conversion Rates


To optimize the results of a Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or other SEM program, start with best practices in search engine marketing.

The New "Relations" in Interactive PR


The umbrella term of "public relations" (PR) has always covered a number of specialties: media relations (primarily), investor relations, analyst relations, community relations, even employee relations. The social networking of Web 2.0 and interactive PR has added two new "relations" to the mix—let's call them market relations and blogger relations.

Make No Mistake: How Worst-Practices Derail Successful ABM Efforts

This Quick Study Slide Show from Node identifies the common mistakes of ABM executions and offers practical advice to help teams avoid them.