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Use Facebook Data to Unlock Consumer Affinity

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When I started this blog back in 2006 Facebook was just getting going but nobody had a clue on when it came to the volumes of valuable data that they would ultimately produce. Today we are talking about almost 1 billion posts on Facebook per day, the same happens on Twitter every 4 days.

B2B Marketers: It’s Time to Apply the Stockdale Paradox

B2B Marketing Traction

B2B Marketers need to confront and act on today’s brutal reality, but they must never lose faith in the end result.

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Ten Ways the C-Level can Positively Impact Marketing and Sales (Part One of Two)


A recent report published by MarketingSherpa asked B2B marketers what the top barrier was for overcoming their marketing challenges. 17% cited difficulty in getting buy-in or support from the C-Suite. Quite frankly I am surprised that the percentage is not higher. Part of the reason that executives are so hesitant to buy into marketing is that they’ve not been provided a solid business case for making the necessary marketing investments that will improve their business.

10 Traits of Amazingly Awesome Infographics


Honestly, who doesn't love infographics? They're informative, visually stimulating, and they allow you to easily digest a ton of information quickly.

The AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Personalize your marketing to convert your highest-value accounts.

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12 Creative Ideas for Using QR Codes in B2B Marketing

MLT Creative

When Toyota subsidiary Denso Wave developed quick response codes in 1994, few realized how powerful a marketing tool they could be. In the last two years QR codes have taken on a life of their own, with B2C marketing usage taking off thanks to smartphones. QR codes have proven to effectively link the offline world to the online universe. But is there a place for these treasure troves of information in B2B marketing? You bet!

How to Make Marketing That People Love [Gapingvoid Cartoons]


Okay, raise your hand if you're a fan of gapingvoid. Hands down. Now raise your hand if you have absolutely no idea what gapingvoid is. Okay, cool.

5 Ways Commenting on Blogs Boosts Your Marketing Efforts

Modern B2B Marketing

by Carol Tang Blog commenting is underrated—few companies recognize that engaging and commenting on relevant blogs achieves marketing goals and therefore do not realize its full potential as a marketing tool. It’s a great platform for discussion and an engaging method of marketing.

7 Ways to Improve Your Marketing in 60 Seconds or Less


We all know it’s not always easy being an inbound marketer – especially a good inbound marketer. The things we do to optimize our landing pages, create killer content, keep track of all our analytics – they take time!

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Content Tips for E-Books


E-books have become a popular form of collateral for technology marketing because they can present complex, dry technical topics in an appealing format. If you haven't considered adding e-books to your sales materials, then learn more about e-book advantages and drawbacks.

The top 50 in sales lead management: Who do you pick to be on the list?

Sales Lead Insights

Don't miss your opportunity to vote for your top three candidates to be among the "50 most influential people in sales lead management" in 2011. Because the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) is closing the polls at Midnight Pacific Time (UTC-8) on Wednesday, November 30th.

Twitter Adds 'Top News' and 'Top People' to Search Results


Turns out Twitter has been a little sneaky today. With no word from the official Twitter Blog , it looks like the microblogging service is slowly and quietly rolling out two new features to its search functionality: "Top News" and "Top People.". Top News.

Six Ways to Engineer A Customer-Buying Pipeline


We all understand the need for Marketing to positively and directly impact the sales cycle and win ratio. This is still an area of challenge for many marketers. The CSO Insights 16th annual sales performance study of 2,800 companies and an Aberdeen study conducted with 472 participants, brought to the light the need for marketing to do a better job when it comes to both quality and quantity of leads. When these are out of kilter, sales cycle increase and the lead-to-conversion ratio declines.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation.

A Guide to Marketing Automation


Marketing automation tends to be one of those amorphous terms that gets reshaped with every re-telling. One reason the definition is so elusive is that there has been a tendency to inflate marketing automation to a conceptual level rather than focusing simply on the set of tools that comprise it.

What’s in the FUNNEL? – eConsultancy’s London Trade Show

Modern B2B Marketing

by Fiona Sexton This week, I attended eConsultancy’s FUNNEL exhibition in London. FUNNEL is organized around the four disciplines of revenue marketing: attract, engage, nurture and convert.