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Twitter By The Numbers: Are You Listening to 100 Million Voices?

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Last week, Twitter announced it had reached One hundred million voices or active users. But what do these numbers really mean? The Week magazine recently helped answer the questions “who is doing all the tweeting…and how many people are really interested in what they have to say?&#.

Blogger outreach is scary


Image via Wikipedia. Unlike a few years ago, today everyone at least pays lip service to reaching out to bloggers the same we PR people have always reached out to mainstream media. That’s what my company, Abraham-Harrison does, and lots of other companies try to do it, too.

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Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?

Digital B2B Marketing

Smartphones always have a corner of our attention. When they beep, buzz or blink, we take notice. Walking down the sidewalk, on public transit, or while watching television, our smartphones are our sidekicks. Even during meetings, or maybe especially during meetings.

Thinking of Starting a Twitter Chat? Read this First.

Modern Marketing

by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Anyone who’s spent significant time on Twitter has probably jumped on a Twitter chat, or at least seen one in action. You see a hashtag and, suddenly, your Twitter feed is popping up with questions and answers around a particular topic. If you’re charged with developing a brand’s social media strategy, creating Twitter chats can be tempting. After all, they are an inexpensive way to drive engagement and build community. But it’s not that easy.

The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts.

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Leverage social media, beat your B2B’s competition

EMagine B2B Blog

No, it won’t cure snakebite or remove warts …although some social media enthusiasts may have left that impression. However, properly done it can… boost your traffic and help generate leads elevate your website’s ranking complement your marketing with peer reviews/referrals help increase sales yields But did you know? … as a smart marketer, you can [.]. B2B Web Strategy Social Media

Twitter Introduces Free Twitter Web Analytics Tool


Ever get a hankering for some Twitter web analytics? Well, it looks like your craving is about to be satisfied.

API 11

Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?

Digital B2B Marketing

Smartphones always have a corner of our attention. When they beep, buzz or blink, we take notice. Walking down the sidewalk, on public transit, or while watching television, our smartphones are our sidekicks. Even during meetings, or maybe especially during meetings. But our attention is rarely complete. Few people schedule smartphone time the way they [.]. In Theory Mobile attention B2B marketing mobile Mobile Marketing smartphones

Using Social Sharing Buttons Leads to 7x More Mentions [Data]


Social media can be a great promotional vehicle for sharing your content and helping it reach an extended audience beyond your direct network of fans, followers, and subscribers. But are you missing out on some low-hanging fruit to make sure you give your content what's necessary to help it spread?

Developing a Conversational Approach

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Founder of VisumCx

B2B buyers are self-guiding their purchase journey, consuming more content along their purchase path and involving more stakeholders in the final decision. Therefore, it is necessary for B2B marketing teams to align to this purchase path and to the buying committees. This is not accomplished by creating more content or sending more communication, the key to success is establishing a conversation with your buyers that engages them in a meaningful dialogue and ultimately converts them to a customer.

Favorite Marketing Tools: B2B Blogging Edition | Marketri


10 Inbound Marketing Videos That Will Make You Giggle


Whoever said business content had to be limited to text? Creative content can be fun and effective, and it can take the form of more than just text-based blog articles and ebooks. And there are so many possibilities! Infographics, cartoons, and slideshows can all be great content options.

How B2B Sales Cycles Are Changing

Modern B2B Marketing

by Carol Fox As Dylan wrote, “The times, they are a-changing,&# and B2B sales cycles are no exception. In particular, social media and the dragging economy have caused major ripples in the business world.

3 Creative Ways to Spread Content to People On the Go


A couple of weeks ago at Dreamforce , HubSpot made quite the impression. We dressed in bright orange track suits, handed out thousands of unicorns, and performed individual website consultations for people using Website Grader.

Make No Mistake: How Worst-Practices Derail Successful ABM Efforts

This Quick Study Slide Show from Node identifies the common mistakes of ABM executions and offers practical advice to help teams avoid them.

Target Fails To Connect The Dots With Missoni Launch


Target Fails To Connect The Dots With Missoni Launch

6 Reasons Marketers Should Use Bing for Paid Search


This a guest post by Donald Nosek , VP business development at ymarketing , a full service digital marketing agency and sponsor at this year's HubSpot User Group Summit.


How long does it take a user to interact with the Interactive White Paper tool to generate and receive a customized white paper?

The ROI Guy

Most Interactive White Papers are developed with only a handful of questions, usually limiting the profile the customer needs to complete to less than 5 questions. As such, the user should be able to answer the profile questions, register (if not registered already) and download a completely personalized white paper in less than two minutes. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello Alinean

4 Sure-Fire Ways to Heat Up Your Content Marketing Strategy


This is a g uest post written by Susan LaPlante-Dube , principal at Precision Marketing Group LLC and sponsor of this year's HubSpot User Group Summit. Is your idea of content marketing to: Publish newsletters periodically but not consistently?

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

If you are a marketer who needs to generate more high-quality leads that will turn into sales opportunities and revenue, register now for this special event that will show you how to get started and moving in a profitable direction.

Can the Interactive White Paper support a simple quantification of financial benefits / ROI or TCO?

The ROI Guy

Because buyers have become so focused on economic justification and competitive advantage, Interactive White Papers are often designed to communicate the unique potential benefits and prove the value of proposed solutions.

Can different call to actions in the Interactive White Paper be recommended based on the customer profile information?

The ROI Guy

Often, based on the user’s role and stage in the buying lifecycle, the call to action within the Interactive White Paper can be custom configured to provide proper / better guidance. For example, early in the buying lifecycle, executive decision makers could be guided towards a diagnostic assessment, to help pinpoint opportunities and provide prioritization advice / build urgency.

There is content that will be required to support the customization within the Interactive White Paper – how does that content get developed?

The ROI Guy

On average, Interactive White Papers require 25% more content to be developed than a traditional white paper. This could be more or less, depending on the requirements, but on average, this is what we plan for.

What is the ideal length, in pages, of a typical Interactive White Paper?

The ROI Guy

Recent research indicates that attention spans are getting shorter, so keeping the white paper concise is important. No more than 5 pages is recommended. However, traditional white papers are often longer than this because they have to include information to cover multiple audiences and profiles.

7 Common Marketing Mistakes and strategies to avoid them

This white paper addresses the 7 most common challenges marketers hit when marketing products, solutions, or services and offers proven advice on how to avoid these missteps and improve the success of your marketing efforts.

Does Alinean have programs to help with audience acquisition using the Interactive White Papers?

The ROI Guy

Yes, we have established audience development partnerships, leveraging extensive audience communities in many industries, with databases and e-mail marketing to develop an audience for the Interactive White Paper. With the right targeting, and the Interactive White Paper as the value-add deliverable, we can drive the lead generation you require for this campaign.

How long does it take for Alinean to develop a typical Interactive White Paper?

The ROI Guy

Where a traditional white paper already exists, a typical Interactive White Paper can be developed in 2 to 3 weeks or less, depending on the amount of content customization required and your team’s input / review cycles. Where a white paper needs to be written, Alinean consultants can typically develop the content and the Interactive White Paper in 4 to 5 weeks. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello Alinean

Does Alinean support integrating video content into the Interactive White Paper?

The ROI Guy

Links to video content can be included, and are recommended to lend an even more personal touch to the white papers. V ideo is a recommended approach when it comes to presenting research, opportunity ideas, and especially for customer case studies, where you have video of customers themselves speaking about the solutions. interactive smart content interactive white paper Demand Generation Pisello Alinean

Does Alinean support customization of the Interactive White Paper content using qualitative as well as quantitative data?

The ROI Guy

Yes, depending on the purpose of the Interactive White Paper , you may want to customize quantitative content, such as: An analysis of the potential savings / benefits the solution could deliver, The total cost of ownership (TCO) advantages of the proposed solution versus the currently installed solutions / status-quo, S izing and pricing estimates, P rojected ROI.

30 Ways to Get Inside the Mind of Your Target Buyer

Trust, support, and transparency: that's what your target buyer really wants. These 30 findings show the path from respect, to relationship, to business win.

Does a traditional white paper already need to be developed in order to implement an interactive white paper?

The ROI Guy

You don’t need to have a white paper already developed in order to create an Interactive White Paper. For the case where the white paper content does not yet exist, we can: Work with your team or third-party content developers to help define the pivot points / customization needed and help guide the authoring, Leverage our Alinean team to author the white paper and make it interactive – a turn-key Interactive White Paper solution.

How does Alinean capture the leads of those using the Interactive White Paper?

The ROI Guy

The Interactive White Paper is hosted on the Alinean XcelLive™ platform , which has a number of lead capture options and connectors to several of the most popular marketing automation / CRM solutions. Each tool has its own registration form, which can be customized. Optionally, the tool ca n authenticate with your registration system, using your own registration form / system to capture the profile information.

Does Alinean usually require registration to get the Interactive White Paper download?

The ROI Guy

The Interactive White Paper is usually gated with a registration requirement, usually requiring the registration prior to report download. Typically a “freemium” approach is used, where the program interacts with the user to collect few data points are collected from the user, whereby couple of key results are communicated. Enticed by the preview, a downloadable report with complete results is made available to those who complete the registration process.

How does Alinean decide which customer profile data points to use in order to personalize the Interactive White Paper?

The ROI Guy

9 Experts Rethinking Demand Generation

How to strategically target your content and lead generation campaigns to disrupt the status quo and facilitate the sale.