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5th Annual MarketingSherpa Demand Generation Summit 2008

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You're invited to join me at MarketingSherpa's Demand Generation Summit at your choice of Boston (Oct 5-7) or San Francisco (Oct 26-28.) I'll be speaking on "Playbook for Effective Lead Management." " This year's the summit will have 19 new case studies, which will show how to increase lead volume, optimize webinar attendance and effectiveness as well as show you the effectiveness of multi-touch campaigns, closed loop measurement and more. I hope you can make it!

Technical Writer or Technical Copywriter? What's the Difference?


Technical writer" is an easy-to-remember term that many people apply to anyone who writes about technology topics. Among writers however, "technical writer" has a specific definition, with experience and skills that typically

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For Marketers, What Recession? Part 2


As an update to the What Recession? post here in May, here are the latest figures. GDP grew 1.9% in the second quarter, so once again, we are not technically in a recession. On the other hand, the overall unemployment rate spiked upward to 5.7%; not catastrophic, but clearly disturbing.

Five Ways to Give Back Through Social Media


Focused as many of us are on our own companies' or clients' economic anxieties, it's easy to forget that downturns (or even the perceptions of downturns) hit non-profit organizations particularly hard. When money is tight, charitable giving is an easy, if unfortunate, area to cut.

The Marketing Landscape: Where Data and Content Merge

Understand the importance of good data and good content and how they work together to help your marketing efforts.