Wed.Dec 28, 2011

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Four reasons why I finally like Triberr

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For the past six months I have given Triberr a whirl and it has been quite a drama. Triberr is a new platform that bands together like-minded bloggers who support each other by tweeting worthy posts. I’ve participated in a limited way because up until now, the application was misguided, political and melodramatic. The first problem was auto-tweeting. Not just auto-tweeting, but an expectation or even a REQUIREMENT for auto-tweeting other tribe-member posts.

B2B Marketing Insider Top Posts Of 2011

B2B Marketing Insider

I’m not sure why we are obsessed with lists at the end of each year. I know I am fully immersed in reading about the best songs, books, movies, tweets, blogs, etc.

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4 Ways Google+ Hangouts Can Increase B2B Productivity

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by Jason Miller I have been using Hangouts on Google+ for several weeks and I am seriously blown away with the recently added functionality. If you are not familiar with Hangouts , it’s a feature within Google+ that allows for live group chats with webcam support.

How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing Like the Pros


Face it: you've heard words like "engagement" and "transparency" used to describe social media so much that they’re more played out than a Lady Gaga song.

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The Ultimate Framework To Develop & Execute Your Content Marketing Strategy

6 Cork-Popping eCards to Ring in the New Year #HoHoHubSpot


It’s hard to believe it, but 2011 is coming to an end. I’s ’s sad. You'll never be able to experience Rebecca Black’s "Friday" for the first time again, the Kim Kardashian wedding and divorce has come and gone, and Charlie Sheen is thankfully done winning.

Beyond the Basics: 5 Free Tools to Help Measure Your Social ROI


For brands launching a Facebook, G+ , or Twitter presence for the first time, the value of social media can be tough to gauge. Business leaders, managers, and publishers know that customer engagement is a valuable marketing metric; however, the concept can be less than straightforward to quantify, even with powerful reporting platforms like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

eGuide on building the perfect marketing mix

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Is your marketing mix up to the mark? Is your marketing mix achieving everything you want it to? Recent research suggests that companies using social media or “collaborative Web 2.0 technologies” achieve higher profits (Source: McKinsey). So, are you one of the companies missing out on a better marketing ROI by neglecting or misusing social media and other technologies? Here are two ways to get a marketing mix that makes for better results: Get closer to customers with social media.