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Facebook Sells Your Stuff – Keys to Creating Great Promotions by Home Depot

Marketing Edge

Time 27:00 Home Depot’s version of Spring Black Friday on Facebook was a huge hit, promoting sales items on the Home Depot Facebook page, then directing consumers back to the Home Depot website for. Hitting on a single topic in marketing, social media and business communications. Quick and to the point.

Weekly Wrap Up - April 22

Savvy B2B Marketing

If you were treated to Easter egg hunts as a kid, you know the thrill of stumbling across hidden treasure in the tall grasses and tree nooks. We often feel the same way about the blog posts we come across every week as we're surfing the web.

Marketing’s golden opportunity in innovation

Chris Koch

Innovation is becoming more external to companies and more social. When Netflix’s internal engineers struggled to get more than incremental improvements in the company’s movie matching algorithm, the company put the problem to the internet and crowdsourced a 10% leap in accuracy (of course, it didn’t hurt that they offered a million dollar prize). Even funding for innovation is becoming more external and social.

My Video Interview About B2B Social Media on CMO Advantage with Ed Gaskin

Paul Gillin

I spent a fun half-hour chatting it up with Ed, who’s a good friend and fellow media enthusiast. He told me how he spends most of his time these days working with inner-city gang leaders to mediate disputes. It makes social media marketing seem rather unimportant. B2B book podcast video cmo advantage

CMO 42

Customer Success and Marketing Alignment: The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Most B2B companies say the customer experience is a priority, but their teams are not prepared or coordinated enough to make this a reality.

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Outside-the-Box B2B PR Strategies

Great B2B Marketing

Every B2B company has its own identity, target market and products or services. But all have one thing in common. Each wants to be perceived as a leader in its chosen market space, and each wants to gain as much publicity as possible while spending the least amount of time and money. This is true for our Fusion Marketing Partners clients, and it is equally true for your organization.

PR 42

Social Media Activity Influences Google Rankings | PWB Marketing Blog

PWB Marketing Blog

Digging in the Cache – the show with zefrank


After showing a friend some Internet memes she hadn’t seen before, I thought it might be fun to do a bit of Internet history on Fridays, starting with one of my favorites (although not too old). “ the show with zefrank &# was a short daily video show produced for exactly a year (March 17, 2006-March 17, 2007, ok technically a year and a day) which featured snarky commentary (often topical).

Has Your Passion Been Lost In Your Marketing Process?

Digital B2B Marketing

I had not spoken to Lisa in a year, and only a handful of times ever. So imagine my surprise when Lisa greeted me and then said “you grow Momotaro tomatoes, right?&#. Wow, that is making a connection. That is what relationship marketing should be about.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

March Mi6 Chart Toppers

MI6 Marketing Agency

March 2011. Every weekday we share charts from various research reports, articles and posts that are relevant and useful (we hope!) to marketing professionals. They are tweeted via Chris Herbert’s Twitter stream and posted in our chartstream on Posterous. Each month we share with you the most popular charts based on # of views in this Top 10 blog post. We include our thoughts about each chart and a link to the actual chart and source. Let’s Get Started!

5 Questions to Ask BEFORE Hiring a Social Media Consultant

WindMill Networking

I believe that many businesses in 2011 are as confused as ever about how to maximize their social media presence.

My Video Interview About B2B Social Media on EWeek Biz Advisor Blog

Paul Gillin

I recently chatted over Skype video with Eric Lundquist about how small and medium-sized businesses can use social networks to reach their customers. I made the point that social media plays perfectly to the passion that small business owners bring to their work. It’s an unfair vantage that small companies have. B2B Social Media social networks video small business SMB

Skype 13

B2B Companies: Pimp Your Blog.with Social Media | Marketri


7 B2B Marketing Strategies You Need to Know About

As B2B marketers, we know that our buyers' needs are ever-evolving, but it's not just our buyers that are changing.

Customer Service Ideas and Examples for B2B Social Media

Social Media B2B

Today’s posts are about customer service. While they are not specific to B2B companies, and some are not even about social media, they provide good examples for how all companies should be thinking about customer service. Whether your frontline is Twitter, Facebook, telephone or a retail counter, the experience a customer has may be the only interaction they have with your company.

Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips


Happy Earth Day/Friday everybody! Hope you're all getting out and enjoying the world around you today. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite marketing tips from around the web this week: How to Qualify New Leads Through Landing Pages This is one of the biggest pains I've been seeing with

Podcast (Part 4): Offer Strategy & Pipeline Acceleration

The Point

In the final part of my podcast with Steve Farnsworth of Jolt Social Media, we discuss offer strategy for social media, lead generation, and lead nurturing, and the role of marketing automation in converting raw inquiries to qualified prospects and opportunities. In just 9 minutes, you’ll learn: • how to know when to serve up more aggressive, sales-oriented offers. • the 2 most common business cases for marketing automation. •

Are you trying to do all of your marketing yourself?


Image by Vali. via Flickr. This is an unusual day for me. Normally Frank Reed mans this spot each Friday, but he needed a day off, so I am filling in. And it makes me realize how much I depend on Frank and on my other blog contributors to keep this thing running every day.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.

Easy Search Marketing Advice with Rand Fishkin

Modern B2B Marketing

by Katie Byrnes We not only had the chance to have Rand Fishkin, CEO of, on a Revenue Master webinar, Improving Campaign Results with Search Marketing and Social Media , we were able to discuss some SEO in a sit-down interview.

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media and College Admissions

Client Bridge

From, here's an infographic that looks at the effects of social media on college admissions. Social media, and the permanent record it leaves, has similar effects on individuals and businesses. View Original Article

Sales Prospecting Perspectives Weekly Recap - Week of April 18th

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Happy Earth Day Everyone! Welcome to another Weekly Recap. I hope you all had a great week, and those of you from the Bay State got to enjoy Marathon Monday! We had another busy week this week with blogs, but as always I'd like to highlight one that I found to mirror how we feel here at AG. Sales Trends: Is the Cold Call Dead? by Mansfield Sales Partners put together a great blog on a topic that we've discussed here as well.

3 Top Topics from Topliners

It's All About Revenue

by Heather Foeh | Tweet this. Every week we bring you the most vibrant conversation from Topliners , a community for marketers to inspire, collaborate and develop winning campaigns. This week we have the best apps, tips for recovering from a webinar gone wrong and reporting advice. This is just a sample, so join up with Topliners today. Imagine It: The Smart Phone Apps I Can’t Live Without – Check out these five recommendations from David. Do you concur? Do you have any additions?

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

4 Reasons Charlie Sheen Matters in the World of Inbound Marketing


Valuable business lessons often come from unpredictable places—from outside your industry or outside your comfort zone. They might come from a TV show , from a rock band , from a political figure or even from the life of celebrities.

Engaging Your Best & Closest Customers: Understanding Local Search Marketing Success


What: Are you looking to reach the pinnacle of online local search marketing success? Your best local customers are really just a stone’s throw away, and success is obtainable by any organization willing to do the work. In addition to being found online by people in your geographic vicinity, building long lasting relationships with local customers is crucial to success.

CLIA Honors Earth Day with a SnapApp Quiz


This year, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is recognizing Earth Day with a challenging trivia quiz in an effort to raise awareness and promote conservation. The Cruise Line Earth Day Quiz is only one of the CLIA's many environmental awareness?initiatives. initiatives. ?The The strides our cruise lines are making to reduce the impact cruising has on the environment are very impressive,? said CLIA President and CEO Christine Duffy.

Facebook's Like Button Turns One [Usage Data]


Yesterday Facebook celebrated the one year anniversary of one of its most important product launches, the Like Button. A year ago, Facebook unvieled the Like Button at their f8 conference , marking the true extention of the Facebook platform to third-party websites.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

25 B2B marketing thought leaders answer the question "What do you expect to B2B marketers to be doing more of or differently in 2016?" The results are amazing insights around content marketing, achieving business results, alignment, employee advocacy, new technologies, customer experience and more.