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The 24 Best Online Writing Tools and Apps


The upshot of all this is that content marketing success relies on great writing. Here are two dozen tools to assist with everything from improving grammar and avoiding cliches to writing better headlines and more readable text. 1) Wordle. Writing a novel, research paper, script or any long-form text involves more than hammering away at the keys. 11) Slick Write. Kitten!

Creative Work, Blogging, Writing and Resistance

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Everyone encounters resistance when it comes to blogging, writing, and creative work. When it comes to doing work – putting words on the page… or electrons on a screen – you can’t escape getting stuck. Work requires you to actually do something. Resistance aims to stop us from doing our work. Write about it. Write. So use it.

How to Make Remote Work Actually Work


One of my favorite things about working remotely -- which I do a few times a month -- is the freedom to get comfortable. When I work from home, I'm usually find myself in one of three positions: sitting up at the table, laying down with my laptop, or buried in a pillow avalanche on my couch. Why is remote work becoming such a big deal? How to Make Remote Work Work.

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10 Great Writing Books & Tools For B2B Content Marketers

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Below are some great classes, books, and other resources for B2B content marketers who want to hone their writing skills. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, by Ann Handley. This book was published in 2014 and has quickly become the go-to for marketers and writers who make a living writing in some shape or form, from blogging to white papers.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

success was attributed to work we did months ago. work needed,” he wrote in a blog post. Tunguz writes, “content marketing efforts require. There’s not a whole lot of value in writing a decent. Playbook series—the point where the difficult work. experiences as publishers and the work we’ve done. you excited to come to work every day, pushing you to.

How to write 3,000 words every day when you don’t feel like it

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Since a lot of you out there are also creating content for a living, I want to show the major ideas that help me write hundreds of posts and up to five novels a year. 1) This has nothing to do with talent. She often ended up writing the essays herself because she didn’t want me to fail. ” Well, a decade later I’m making most of my income through writing. See above.

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8 ways blog writing is unique

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Here are eight ways that blog writing differs from how you might write in school or at work. 1) Headlines matter. A lot. Busy readers like lists. 2) Write upside down. In school, we are taught to write linearly. That does not work on blogs. call that writing upside down. Write like you speak. Here’s why. There’s a big difference.

Behind the scenes: How to write a business book

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It is my best book, perhaps my best work of all-time. How I write books The main idea — The most challenging part is coming up with an idea that is truly different and exciting to my readers. In this case, I answered the question we are all fighting through: “I’m working as hard as I can, but my content is buried. There is no writing, only good re-writing.

Crafting content that works


For too many marketers, content marketing doesn’t work. Here’s a guide to crafting content that really does work. Most of all there’s establishing and writing with a particular personality. If you can weave a narrative through the individual items you publish and through your work as a whole, you’ll grab your audience’s attention in a way few other approaches can match.

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How Authentic is Your Blog Writing?… And,How Do You Write Authentically?

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But how authentic  is your blog writing? And, how do you write authentically, anyway? Let them know what kinds of people you work with, and how long you’ve been helping them. The problem is that when you try to write authentically, it’s difficult to know what exactly to do. What makes blog writing sound real, sound authentic? Do you sound authentic?

Why Writing Like You Talk Works Better for Your Brain

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Works Better for Your Brain" alt=" Why Writing Like You Talk Works Better for Your Brain" />. If they can make changes this profound, certainly you can rewire your writing process, even if it’s deeply entrenched from higher education, professional experience or other neural programming. This style of writing allows you to engage more personally.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

What’s working—and what’s not—for over. working remotely. While longform and shortform writing topped our first batch of. to explore what works for their particular audiences. necessarily work with content. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? Introduction 4 II.

How to Write Headlines That Get Shared And Drive Traffic


Well, good headlines don’t have to be hard to write, but every extra minute you can put into making them great will pay off. That’s why old-school copywriters – of the postal mail era – spent half their writing time on their headlines. Write 25 headlines for every one you need. Write 25 headlines. Very few content creators ever write 25 headlines for their content.

10 Embarrassing Writing Mistakes I See Way Too Often


Do you hate to write? And while it’s hard to name all the reasons people dread writing, there is one common cause: Fear of making a mistake. According to the National Commission on Writing , bad writing costs American companies as much as $3.1 That’s what we’re spending for on-the-job remedial writing training. I can’t save anyone’s writing with just one blog post.

Use the Science of Emotion to Write Better Headlines


Perhaps the most famous is Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions: Writing in the January/February 2001 issue of “American Scientist,” Plutchik presented this visualization as a means of describing the “relations among emotion concepts, which are analogous to the colors on a color wheel. The post Use the Science of Emotion to Write Better Headlines appeared first on Visually Blog.

Is Your Content Writing Appealing to Thinkers AND Feelers?

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Is your blog  content writing  appealing to both thinkers AND feelers ?  If you aren’t appealing to these two types of communication (and decision) styles, you’re missing half of your readership potential. When I’m blogging, I like to cite studies whenever I  write  about a concept, to prove my point. In The Collected Works of C. G. Blaaah.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

49 percent work across B2B and B2C businesses. their work as average, not very effective, or not. at least 25 full-time employees working on content. However, putting in the work to team up with talented creative. almighty question: Does this strategy actually work? blend of data to get the full picture of what’s working. Copyright © 2015 Contently. little.

When all the hard work on social media … just doesn’t work

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Nobody has worked harder to build a digital consulting business than Ray. And, it didn’t work. “They” say write what you know. The following post is about the choice I made to leave my company, NewRayCom to work in a Call Center. When social media doesn’t work. thought I had thrown away the last six years working as a digital marketer.

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5 Writing Hacks to Resuscitate Your Content Marketing Efforts

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What I mean by that is this: If you feel your writing has gotten stale or you’re stuck reinventing the wheel, it’s always a good idea to go back, take a look at what’s working (and what isn’t), and make a fresh start. Let’s take a look at 5 writing hacks and explore how they can resuscitate your content marketing initiatives – CLEAR! Scrutinize Your Headlines. Probably never.

The Anti-Blog Post to Writing Better Blog Posts.

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The answer may be James Altucher , who’s a notorious investor, entrepreneur and blogger.  I don’t always like his work, heck, I often don’t even understand it.  He’s irreverent and vulnerable, a human fly on my peripheral vision. But there’s something magical about the way he writes. This does not only mean a terse writing style, but also means finding the elephant in the room. Most

Why You Should Write Quality Blog Content

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While that may sound obvious – (“Of course, why would I write something ho-hum boring?”) If you want to get found, get known and get clients online, you need to write and publish quality blog posts that resonate with your readers. But none of that matters if what you write is boring, mediocre, confusing or poorly written and formatted. What is quality content?

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

to write it. “ Why the heck would anyone want to. working, and as a result, creating content people. work so you can create better content and con- tinuously build a bigger and better audience. Moye publishers 15 to 20 stories each month through a “virtual news- room,” as most of the team, including Moye, works remotely. doesn’t work in the modern media landscape.

Better Blog Writing: Getting Hooked by Your Own Hook

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The client needed a post that day, and I needed to write and edit what she’d given me quickly. But a little caffeine and dopamine in the brain can fool you into thinking your writing’s great – and never mind it’s missing the point. Other times a good hook works better. The goal, after all, is to produce the best writing possible. Eureka!

Unusual writing advice from a person who shouldn’t give writing advice

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constantly strive to create a more compelling writing style. If we humans want to compete, we must establish an entrancing voice that bonds people to our writing. Over the last few years, I have amassed myriad techniques that improve my writing ability, primarily because English is my second language and I need to hustle triple hard. It’s not a gimmick when it works.

Lifehack: How to write a book and actually finish the job

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Writing a book is really hard work. It is just about the hardest work I have ever done. If you’re not planning to work your ass off, you are not going to be able to finish a book. Although a book has a linear flow, trying to write a book from start to finish is inefficient. You have to learn to write non-linearly. Writing a book is really hard work.

Everybody Writes — My Interview With Ann Handley

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Ann Handley – writing in her “Tiny Little House” A few years ago I went to a MarketingProfs event and met someone who literally changed my life. told her where I worked. And Why did you write it? Other books on writing already exist. Ann Handley’s Tiny Writing House. And to me, great content almost always has a story and writing component.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. get granular with marketing tactics and messages, and plan tactics based on what is likely to work in the. B2B Marketing.

Business Blog Writing: Must You Write It Yourself?

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Do you do all your own blog writing? If you’re a lawyer, financial adviser, doctor or consultant, should you write your own blog ? They expect to read what you write to get familiar with you before they call or consider hiring you. This means you will need one or two hours each time you write a fresh post. Or can you outsource it to writers and guest bloggers ?

How to Simplify Your Writing


I love reading simple writing. And it doesn’t force me to work hard. But simple writing is easier said than done. In this article, I''ll go over what I mean by "simple" in writing, and then give you eight tips on how to simplify your writing. You can write smart content using simple words. Simple writing can communicate complex ideas. It’s clear.

12 Tips for Writing With Unforgettable Personality


writing personality is just as real, unique, and nuanced as your personality in everyday life -- expect you only release it when you create content. Want to let yourself shine through in your writing? Check out these 12 methods for writing with unforgettable personality. 12 Methods for Writing With Unforgettable Personality. 1) Embrace your (writing) personality.

Trade Shows Can Work!-new idea!

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Trade Shows Can Work-new idea ! NOTE: Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “ Why Trade Shows Don’t Work” , shortly after a good friend, Todd Schnick, wrote me a note to discuss how he makes trade shows work!  I asked Todd to write a blog regarding how he works with organizations in a very unique manner using podcasts.  The blog below is Todd’s.  I hope you enjoy! 

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. get granular with marketing tactics and messages, and plan tactics based on what is likely to work in the. B2B Marketing.

Success Secrets of a Writing Career: WOOT & WOOF

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WOOT & WOOF" src="[link] width="226" height="300" title="Success Secrets of a Writing Career: WOOT & WOOF" /> Some say success for a writing career is a question of attitude. There is no secret ‘law of attraction’ for achieving a writing career. Take any writing assignment, either for yourself, your own business, blog, or ebook , or one for a paying client.

How to Write Compelling Copy: 7 Tips for Writing Content That Converts


Copy is writing that sells, so by definition, it has to be compelling. If your goal is to write clear, concise copy, then you can train yourself to do that. But if you want to write compelling copy, then you have to do a lot of research and even more critical thinking. How to Write Compelling Copy. What isn’t natural is writing effective copy that converts.

The Death of Copy Writing

Tomorrow People

Work with content that connects across all the relevant marketing channels to create one strong strategy. Using every aspect of your content to work within this plan, whether it is a sign up form for visitors to download a white paper, a landing page that follows right on from a targeted email or an email that follows up with people who have expressed an interest in your service.

What Hemingway Knew: How to Write Blog Content that Attracts Readers

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In my last post , I shared an acronym that you should be using when writing blog content: C ontent (compelling). Phillips describes in  Ernest Hemingway on Writing : Don’t describe an emotion–make it. Close observation of life is critical to good writing, said Hemingway. You see, some people are just hard-wired to write. Is your blog content compelling? ssets (free).

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

While their ideas vary, they could be summarized as: • Produce better content by making it more focused on the needs of a specific group. • Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Use frameworks like ABM and ICE to help with these efforts. get granular with marketing tactics and messages, and plan tactics based on what is likely to work in the. B2B Marketing.

How to Write an Expert Ebook

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They ask me for help, to ghost write either for or with them. thought I’d put my best steps for writing an expert ebook into a blog post here, and create an ebook later. If I were  to write an ebook about how to write an expert ebook … how would I do that? First, remember that writing an ebook is not the same thing as publishing one. some say). story?

4 Steps to Writing Your LinkedIn Headline and Summary

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

Working Smarter Agile Selling Mini-Course Video #5.

Please Don’t Mistake Blog Writing for Book Writing

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Blog writing isn’t the same as book writing. An interesting post from Jane Friedman called “ Please Don’t Blog Your Book ,” gives four reasons why you shouldn’t use your blog to write a book. She’s right about blog writing being different than book writing. Here’s why. And I agree with her that blogs make bad books.

Tips on Writing a Great Blog Post:Give it a Rest

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It’s the rainy season here in Mexico – a great time to do a lot of reading, writing and recovery – at least, that’s what I told myself when I scheduled my shoulder surgery. But I’m having trouble with my blog writing.  And that’s it.  I had altered my writing process.  Turns out, that incubation period is pretty important to the creative blog writing process.

How to Fall in Love With Writing Again


If you’ve ever thought -- or said -- those things about writing, you’re not alone. I’ve experienced those thoughts. As someone who writes a lot , I get it. After a while, you get sick and tired of writing. There are a few things going on: You’re bored with what you’re writing about. How do you get past the drudgery and enjoy writing again? How does this work?

11 Actionable Writing Tips [+Examples]


To keep ahead in the blogging rat race, you need to be constantly improving your writing. Here are 11 actionable writing tips to help you do just that. 1. Write in Solitude. The space in which you write has more to do with the quality of your output than you think. off, and  the writing space clear and clean), the higher the quality of the final blog post.