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Creative Work, Blogging, Writing and Resistance

Writing on the Web

Everyone encounters resistance when it comes to blogging, writing, and creative work. When it comes to doing work – putting words on the page… or electrons on a screen – you can’t escape getting stuck. Work requires you to actually do something. Resistance aims to stop us from doing our work. Write about it. Write. So use it.

The 24 Best Online Writing Tools and Apps


The upshot of all this is that content marketing success relies on great writing. Here are two dozen tools to assist with everything from improving grammar and avoiding cliches to writing better headlines and more readable text. Writing a novel, research paper, script or any long-form text involves more than hammering away at the keys. 11) Slick Write. 1) Wordle. Kitten!

12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing 1,000 Blog Posts


I’m not sure I craft “perfect” blog posts even after writing 1,000 of them—but I’ve certainly learned a few things. Here are a dozen things I’ve learned and observations I’ve drawn from writing 1,000 blog posts. ” Top athletes work out on a regular schedule. That said, there’s no magic formula—do whatever works best for you.

Why Writing Like You Talk Works Better for Your Brain

Writing on the Web

Works Better for Your Brain" alt=" Why Writing Like You Talk Works Better for Your Brain" />. If they can make changes this profound, certainly you can rewire your writing process, even if it’s deeply entrenched from higher education, professional experience or other neural programming. This style of writing allows you to engage more personally.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Ambal Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Click Documents [link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 9 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Get Over Our Fear of Video 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week, and. He writes about content and social media. B2B Marketing. Look for.

Does Native Advertising Work?

Content Standard

Instead, I write an inspirational article about the cutting-edge value of contemporary widgets and throw in some stuff about hipsters using them now too. For those who are unfamiliar, let me explain: imagine your team is working with a journalist to create your next native ad. The post Does Native Advertising Work? “Look, you’re going to love this piece!

Behind the scenes: How to write a business book

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It is my best book, perhaps my best work of all-time. How I write books The main idea — The most challenging part is coming up with an idea that is truly different and exciting to my readers. In this case, I answered the question we are all fighting through: “I’m working as hard as I can, but my content is buried. There is no writing, only good re-writing.

Four Strategies to survive automated writing and content bots

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Automated writing! Essentially, computers work for free, all day, without breaks, illness, or vacation time. A strategy for surviving automated writing. Is there any way to future-proof ourselves from automated writing, or will we soon merely remember our days of human writing with nostalgia? It almost doesn’t matter what they write about. Penn.

How Authentic is Your Blog Writing?… And,How Do You Write Authentically?

Writing on the Web

But how authentic is your blog writing? And, how do you write authentically, anyway? Let them know what kinds of people you work with, and how long you’ve been helping them. The problem is that when you try to write authentically, it’s difficult to know what exactly to do. What makes blog writing sound real, sound authentic? Do you sound authentic?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Ambal Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Click Documents [link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 9 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Get Over Our Fear of Video 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week, and. He writes about content and social media. B2B Marketing. Look for.

How to Make Remote Work Actually Work


One of my favorite things about working remotely -- which I do a few times a month -- is the freedom to get comfortable. When I work from home, I'm usually find myself in one of three positions: sitting up at the table, laying down with my laptop, or buried in a pillow avalanche on my couch. Why is remote work becoming such a big deal? How to Make Remote Work Work.

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The Anti-Blog Post to Writing Better Blog Posts.

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I don’t always like his work, heck, I often don’t even understand it. But there’s something magical about the way he writes. Everything he writes comes from him — his one-of-a-kind experience — the way he sees the world. This does not only mean a terse writing style, but also means finding the elephant in the room. I can’t read your blog. Frizzzzzle.

How to write your first speech

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While crafting your talk, it might help to write it out. Even if you never go back to the script, writing it out helps to (a) find the ideal language and (b) determine what doesn’t fit, given the time you have to present. Tamsen Webster brings unique insight and perspective to her work as a messaging consultant, presentation coach, and speaker. Who’s your ideal audience?

10 Great Writing Books & Tools For B2B Content Marketers

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Below are some great classes, books, and other resources for B2B content marketers who want to hone their writing skills. Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content, by Ann Handley. This book was published in 2014 and has quickly become the go-to for marketers and writers who make a living writing in some shape or form, from blogging to white papers.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Be more human—write for people, not segments or search engines. • Ambal Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Click Documents [link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 9 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Get Over Our Fear of Video 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week, and. He writes about content and social media. B2B Marketing. Look for.

Use the Science of Emotion to Write Better Headlines


Perhaps the most famous is Robert Plutchik’s wheel of emotions: Writing in the January/February 2001 issue of “American Scientist,” Plutchik presented this visualization as a means of describing the “relations among emotion concepts, which are analogous to the colors on a color wheel. The post Use the Science of Emotion to Write Better Headlines appeared first on Visually Blog.

Is Your Content Writing Appealing to Thinkers AND Feelers?

Writing on the Web

Is your blog content writing appealing to both thinkers AND feelers ? When I’m blogging, I like to cite studies whenever I write about a concept, to prove my point. In The Collected Works of C. So when I write, I picture my reader. You are writing one regularly, aren’t you? – Two judging functions: Thinking and Feeling. Blaaah.

Unusual writing advice from a person who shouldn’t give writing advice

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I constantly strive to create a more compelling writing style. If we humans want to compete, we must establish an entrancing voice that bonds people to our writing. Over the last few years, I have amassed myriad techniques that improve my writing ability, primarily because English is my second language and I need to hustle triple hard. And it worked. And it worked.

Success Secrets of a Writing Career: WOOT & WOOF

Writing on the Web

WOOT & WOOF" src="[link] width="226" height="300" title="Success Secrets of a Writing Career: WOOT & WOOF" /> Some say success for a writing career is a question of attitude. There is no secret ‘law of attraction’ for achieving a writing career. Take any writing assignment, either for yourself, your own business, blog, or ebook , or one for a paying client.

How to Write Headlines That Get Shared And Drive Traffic


Well, good headlines don’t have to be hard to write, but every extra minute you can put into making them great will pay off. That’s why old-school copywriters – of the postal mail era – spent half their writing time on their headlines. Write 25 headlines for every one you need. Write 25 headlines. Very few content creators ever write 25 headlines for their content.

Crafting content that works


For too many marketers, content marketing doesn’t work. Here’s a guide to crafting content that really does work. Most of all there’s establishing and writing with a particular personality. If you can weave a narrative through the individual items you publish and through your work as a whole, you’ll grab your audience’s attention in a way few other approaches can match.

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The Death of Copy Writing

Tomorrow People

Work with content that connects across all the relevant marketing channels to create one strong strategy. Using every aspect of your content to work within this plan, whether it is a sign up form for visitors to download a white paper, a landing page that follows right on from a targeted email or an email that follows up with people who have expressed an interest in your service.

Lifehack: How to write a book and actually finish the job

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Writing a book is really hard work. It is just about the hardest work I have ever done. If you’re not planning to work your ass off, you are not going to be able to finish a book. Although a book has a linear flow, trying to write a book from start to finish is inefficient. You have to learn to write non-linearly. Writing a book is really hard work.

Why You Should Write Quality Blog Content

Writing on the Web

While that may sound obvious – (“Of course, why would I write something ho-hum boring?”) If you want to get found, get known and get clients online, you need to write and publish quality blog posts that resonate with your readers. But none of that matters if what you write is boring, mediocre, confusing or poorly written and formatted. What is quality content?

Better Blog Writing: Getting Hooked by Your Own Hook

Writing on the Web

The client needed a post that day, and I needed to write and edit what she’d given me quickly. But a little caffeine and dopamine in the brain can fool you into thinking your writing’s great – and never mind it’s missing the point. Other times a good hook works better. The goal, after all, is to produce the best writing possible. Eureka!

How to Simplify Your Writing


I love reading simple writing. And it doesn’t force me to work hard. But simple writing is easier said than done. In this article, I''ll go over what I mean by "simple" in writing, and then give you eight tips on how to simplify your writing. You can write smart content using simple words. Simple writing can communicate complex ideas. It’s clear.

When all the hard work on social media … just doesn’t work

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Nobody has worked harder to build a digital consulting business than Ray. And, it didn’t work. “They” say write what you know. The following post is about the choice I made to leave my company, NewRayCom to work in a Call Center. When social media doesn’t work. Ray working at a Call Center? . And, it didn't work. Crazy? Crazy?

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Please Don’t Mistake Blog Writing for Book Writing

Writing on the Web

Blog writing isn’t the same as book writing. An interesting post from Jane Friedman called “ Please Don’t Blog Your Book ,” gives four reasons why you shouldn’t use your blog to write a book. She’s right about blog writing being different than book writing. Here’s why. And I agree with her that blogs make bad books.

Voice from the trenches: Midway through writing a book

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I’m writing a new book. It can lead to a speaking career, the opportunity to write a book, or a chance to run for political office. I’ve met the most inspiring people who literally started with nothing and worked hard to become known and successful. The impact of writing a book. There is no work I do that is more difficult than writing a book. Writing a book is a family decision because of how much time I need to sacrifice to make this happen. I’m about 75 percent through the first draft, but then the real work begins.

How to Write a Case Study: The Ultimate Guide & Template


When done correctly, these examples of your work can chronicle the positive impact your business has on existing or previous customers. How to Write a Business Case Study: The Ultimate Guide. Writing about your previous projects requires more than picking a client and telling a story. Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? Product Knowledge.

10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

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There are SO many implications of adding computer intelligence to what we do, including the rise of chat bots, business intelligence, image recognition, marketing automation, and algorithmic writing, to name a few! Within three years many people will be wearing some sort of AR headset many hours each day for both work and play. By Mark Schaefer. It will simply be the fuel for AI.

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12 Tips for Writing With Unforgettable Personality


A writing personality is just as real, unique, and nuanced as your personality in everyday life -- expect you only release it when you create content. Want to let yourself shine through in your writing? Check out these 12 methods for writing with unforgettable personality. 12 Methods for Writing With Unforgettable Personality. 1) Embrace your (writing) personality.

Business Blog Writing: Must You Write It Yourself?

Writing on the Web

Do you do all your own blog writing? If you’re a lawyer, financial adviser, doctor or consultant, should you write your own blog ? They expect to read what you write to get familiar with you before they call or consider hiring you. This means you will need one or two hours each time you write a fresh post. Or can you outsource it to writers and guest bloggers ?

How to Write an Expert Ebook

Writing on the Web

They ask me for help, to ghost write either for or with them. I thought I’d put my best steps for writing an expert ebook into a blog post here, and create an ebook later. If I were to write an ebook about how to write an expert ebook … how would I do that? First, remember that writing an ebook is not the same thing as publishing one. some say). A story?

Why This Cold Sales Email Template Works So Well

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The truth is, every prospect is different, so there''s no guaranteeing that one best practice will work above all others. That''s why this cold sales email template works so well: Hi , As an avid business professional, I like to stay up to date on industry news and insights. If you''re in inside sales, customize this message and see if it works for your company. EST sound?

Trade Shows Can Work!-new idea!

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Trade Shows Can Work-new idea ! NOTE: Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “ Why Trade Shows Don’t Work” , shortly after a good friend, Todd Schnick, wrote me a note to discuss how he makes trade shows work! I asked Todd to write a blog regarding how he works with organizations in a very unique manner using podcasts. The blog below is Todd’s. I hope you enjoy!

Tips on Writing a Great Blog Post:Give it a Rest

Writing on the Web

It’s the rainy season here in Mexico – a great time to do a lot of reading, writing and recovery – at least, that’s what I told myself when I scheduled my shoulder surgery. But I’m having trouble with my blog writing. I had altered my writing process. Turns out, that incubation period is pretty important to the creative blog writing process. And now I’m stuck.

10 Bad Writing Habits Everyone’s Guilty Of (Especially Us)


Scouring every article for errors was part of the job, and if you read hundreds of anything, be it Gawker articles or tweets from Weird Twitter or works by Isaac Asimov, you begin to notice writing habits. We live in a “ post-truth ” world of “ alternative facts ,” so I understand the need to ground our writing in indisputable information. We write that playing it safe with content strategy “feels like the prudent move, but, in fact, you’re dooming yourself.” For more than two years, I read every single article on The Content Strategist.

Everybody Writes — My Interview With Ann Handley

B2B Marketing Insider

Ann Handley – writing in her “Tiny Little House” A few years ago I went to a MarketingProfs event and met someone who literally changed my life. I told her where I worked. Why did you write it? Other books on writing already exist. Ann Handley’s Tiny Writing House. And to me, great content almost always has a story and writing component.