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How Manchester United Revolutionized Sports Marketing

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Swiping a season ticket card when entering the stadium would tip off fan experience personnel to acknowledge fan milestones such as a child’s birthday. “A family receptionist would greet them and offer a surprise like a seat upgrade, a free gift, or a chance to meet a player,” says Mark Bradley, founder of The Fan Experience Company , a consultancy that worked with the club. Fantasy sports.

Why Companies Must Hire for Potential, Not Skills

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She knew that a writer with journalism experience could learn about computers, but a computer expert who couldn’t write the materials she wanted would not work out. My job worked out because my former boss gave me the opportunity to learn about an industry that was taking off. One of my former bosses said she literally fished my cover letter and resume out of the trash.

Is ghost writing in social media right or wrong?

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will attempt to respond to all comments myself, based on the work I’m doing with the SMEs. If I don’t have an answer, I’ll go to them and get the answer and come back with it. I’ll also name the writers that I have working with the SMEs as we are doing interviews and working towards the “final” products: white papers, videos, etc. This week, I posted the first of what may prove to be a series of controversial blog posts on the SAP community network (known to members as SCN). You can read the entire post here. They may not like it and you may not either. Related articles.

7 reasons why social media success has nothing to do with social media

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Someone somewhere latched onto that and declared that blogs don’t work. Then that gets translated into “social media don’t work for us.” This week I was asked to speak on a panel about social media to a group of B2B marketers in financial services. It was great getting the perspective of marketers outside of technology. But they call it “financial services” for a reason: They have all of the same struggles as technology services companies—with the added complication of tons of regulatory requirements. Social doesn’t happen in B2B without a culture change. 30% said yes.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

back the curtain on the groundbreaking work hap- pening inside a company Thomas Edison founded 130. relaunch while working for Group SJR, a content mar- keting agency. Everywhere I had been working felt like. death—’This magazine is going to close,’ ‘We’re working. that’s proven to work—one we’ve refined after helping. We are still working on freaking really hard.

The five stages of social media grief—have you passed through them yet?

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That’s the way it’s always worked. Image via Wikipedia. Social media (along with skimpy marketing budgets) are causing a transformation in marketing to a degree that we haven’t seen for a lifetime. But in our rush to embrace the new, we haven’t taken adequate time to honor the painful transition we are experiencing. Think of me as your grief counselor for good ol’ message-based marketing.

How to measure influence in social media marketing

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Social media present us as individuals seeking status within a community, which is something that humans have been working at since our days as monkeys. Image via Wikipedia. Measuring influence is the new obsession in the social media world—adding another layer of anxiety to the dark cloud of existential dread that is marketing ROI. But we need validation that it is happening. The monitors.

15 things marketers should stop doing and thinking in 2011

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Social media cause people to waste time at work. The problem is not with employees or with the communications technologies, it’s with the premise that employees come into work determined to waste time. Guess what companies, people wasted time at work long before Facebook came along. Customers want to speak to the people they will be working with. Here’s a list of things I wish we would stop doing and thinking as of December 31 st : Social media. Companies have a long and pointless history of resisting new forms of communication. Dude, this stuff isn’t heroin, okay?

Why Brand Journalism Must Die

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Even if you interview external experts who don’t even work for your company and do not pay them and quote them word for word in your company’s materials just like a journalist does – no self-promotion at all. And even if you’re as objective and factual as all get out in what you produce, it still isn’t journalism because the intent behind the work is different. There is no such thing as brand journalism. I was a journalist for 25 years, so I should know. But really, what people refer to as brand journalism really isn’t journalism or anything close to it. you retort.

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Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

success was attributed to work we did months ago. work needed,” he wrote in a blog post. Playbook series—the point where the difficult work. experiences as publishers and the work we’ve done. you excited to come to work every day, pushing you to. We are still working. telling you that certain things work—we want to tell you. actual work.”

The Worst Source of Work Conflict

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First, I worked in small companies for my entire career leading up to 2012, when I joined SAP, which is a huge company, and like any huge company, has its share of bureaucracy that was absent from my previous workplaces. Second, I spent most of my career as a journalist, which trained me to be vigilant about whether what people say is what they really mean – especially when it comes to marketing, which is the function I work in in SAP. But after two-and-a-half years working here, I’ve decided that both of those assumptions are completely wrong. Culturally clueless.

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Eight attributes of a thought leader

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Based on these interviews and on my own experience working with thought leaders, I’ve started a list of key characteristics (please add your own attributes to this list): What are the personal attributes of a thought leader? Usually, that means experience that is deeper than the target audience has, or breadth of experience working across multiple companies or industries, or all of the above. Social media are growing up. The initial thrill of connecting to a bunch of peers that we’ve never met is giving way to the desire to get something useful out of those connections. Presence.

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3 ways to link marketing to revenue without metrics

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One great way to connect ideas to offerings is to create a business theme—think IBM’s Smarter Planet or Cognizant’s Future of Work. I’m looking forward to our annual ITSMA spring road trip. This time, I’ll be speaking about how to tie thought leadership to revenue, starting in Santa Clara, CA next Wednesday, and in New York and Newton, MA the following week. Hope you can join us. Alas, no such magic metric exists. We’re focusing on the wrong things. If you have the ability to measure those two things, then great. Here are three ways to do it: Connect ideas to offerings. Tweet This Post.

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4 Reasons Why Facebook Stinks for B2B Marketing

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Much of what works on Facebook seems to fall into two camps: Charity. I see many brands launching altruistic campaigns on Facebook to get attention and burnish their reputations. Recently, I was preparing a workshop on social media for an ITSMA client. The marketer in charge of the company’s social media effort gave me a clear edict: “Look, I don’t want you focusing on Facebook, okay? We don’t see the value of it for B2B and we want it off the table. Every time we talk about it, we have an endless argument that leads nowhere.”. think every company should be on Facebook. Why not?

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

49 percent work across B2B and B2C businesses. their work as average, not very effective, or not. at least 25 full-time employees working on content. However, putting in the work to team up with talented creative. almighty question: Does this strategy actually work? blend of data to get the full picture of what’s working. Copyright © 2015 Contently. little.

2011: The year of personal brands

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Owyang’s blog is still packed full of references to Forrester and his work there. But as social media raises the ante for putting a personal face to the corporate brand, we are going to have to work through the issues that Forrester is grappling with right now. This is the year that the personal brand begins to do battle with the corporate brand. think we need to let the personal brand win—especially in B2B. Featuring big pictures and bios of your subject matter experts on your website is a good start, but it is the equivalent of paid search. Testing the popularity of content.

Marketing’s golden opportunity in innovation

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They were the only C-level executives involved in all the efforts to rethink the ways that companies did work across the entire organization. Innovation is becoming more external to companies and more social. When Netflix’s internal engineers struggled to get more than incremental improvements in the company’s movie matching algorithm, the company put the problem to the internet and crowdsourced a 10% leap in accuracy (of course, it didn’t hurt that they offered a million dollar prize). Even funding for innovation is becoming more external and social. Move beyond brand stewardship.

6 lessons on how NOT to market to customers

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broke my hip about four weeks ago (my bike slid from underneath me on a rainy morning on my way to work). Oh wait, right… Whatever you do, don’t let the customer meet the people who will actually be doing the work. Send your top dog, most empathetic, articulate, industry-savvy, alpha salesperson in to market the service, and then show up to do the work with the freshly-minted biz school grads and the interns. waiting to be worked on, you meet the doctor who will be doing the work. Isn’t that sad? Hey, but that’s how it is. The answer is: nothing.

Why Can’t Companies Be More Like the Iroquois?

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Most are riven by silo (tribal) warfare, as employees who are all supposed to be working for the same cause – serving the customer – engage in turf battles and subvert one another in an attempt to appear to be the most effective contributors to the company. English: Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy, Hiawatha Belt Français : Drapeau de la Confédération Iroquoise (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

This virtuous circle is only possible when the company works to build a culture of. work,” Becker said. “We needed to prove that content can improve marketing’s. culture of content doesn’t emerge overnight, but working to build one across these. Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report A content methodology works in much the same way as a flywheel. Content. In the.

Why salespeople should sell ideas: an FAQ

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Most salespeople are still focused on selling specific products and services. C’mon, nobody goes in pitching anymore. I ask them about their pain points and work with them to resolve them. They want to start the conversation with their pain points and work forward from there—without talking about what you have to offer them. Every B2B company has subject matter experts (SMEs) who are working with customers to solve problems and have deep backgrounds in customers’ processes, industries, and functions. Sales and marketing need to work together to figure that out.

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How do you know when you’ve reached the next level in social media?

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The company I worked with this week no longer has that problem. Most B2B companies I work with are much farther ahead with internal social media efforts than with external. I’m committed to the theory that companies can’t be effective at engaging in social media marketing until they’ve gotten the hang of it internally first. I was thrilled to run a social media workshop this week with a large B2B technology and services provider (and ITSMA member). The great thing about the experience was that this company is already doing social media. This was all about the how. Do you agree?

How to make social media add up to thought leadership

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Back in the eighties, when newspapers were only beginning to disappear, I worked for a local paper in a very competitive (journalistically, anyway) part of the world: the moneyed, New York City suburban area of Fairfield County, CT (Greenwich, Stamford, etc.). Among the five different newspapers that covered the same turf as I did was the New York Times, which had a section called “Connecticut Weekly” on Sundays. In this section, the Times would do something that drove me insane with envy and jealously. The predatory strike of summation. But it’s also more than the sum of its parts.

How to get employees involved in social media: focus on ideas

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Here are some examples of how this can work: Internal. Many marketers involved in social media management tell me that they struggle to get their subject matter experts engaged in social media. But focusing solely on engagement is the wrong goal. What we should be talking about instead is getting those experts involved in creating ideas. Create an idea network as the basis for social media. Marketers need to facilitate a process for internal development of ideas and for external feedback. The combination of internal and external creation and feedback creates friction and competition.

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Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

What’s working—and what’s not—for over. working remotely. to explore what works for their particular audiences. necessarily work with content. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? 700 content marketers. CONTENTLY STUDY: HOW MUCH OF YOUR CONTENT MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE?

Why you need to turn your customers into stalkers

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This is not how it usually works. At ITSMA , we’ve been busy preparing for our annual State of the Marketing Profession briefing next Tuesday. It’s where we introduce some of the top findings from our annual budget survey of marketers. But we don’t like to just parrot the numbers from the survey. So we spend weeks leading up to the briefing arguing about what the numbers actually mean and what marketers should do. One of the big ideas we’re going to be talking about next week is the concept of scaling intimacy. The social media noise is personal. Marketers as paparazzi. Tweet This Post.

Sports Analogies Suck, Right?

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But every once in awhile, sports analogies work. For example, what customer do you know of that would be willing to sit for hours in sub-zero temperatures just to get your product (okay, maybe Apple fans do that somewhere, but other than that, it works. See if you agree about this post that I worked on with my colleague Rob O’Regan: “Professional sports teams have two problems that most businesses will recognize. There are tons more like these. Please tweet your “favorite” or put it in a comment below.). No more. Convenience. Recognition.

3 factors in winning the social media horse race

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For example, just when I was lamenting having to do over all the work I’ve done to build up a Twitter community with some true interaction and conversation in G+, along comes a browser extension called SGPlus that lets you post on G+ and share it across Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Seems everyone has an opinion about Google’s G+. And as usual in a situation where little data exists (yet) to support fact-based opinions, most of them are extreme. One writer claims that the attraction of G+ is the opportunity to start over in social networking. So much so that it takes a PhD.

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Jobs Don’t Give Us Purpose and Meaning, Helping Does

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Face it, few of us can say that our work has a high degree of purpose and meaning in the greater scheme of things. quieter sense of desperation follows us to work each day. Kudos to my employer, SAP, which offers programs like “October Days of Service,” as well as a more ambitious program in which employees can work in developing countries for months at a time.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Ambal Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing and Strategy, Click Documents [link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 9 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Get Over Our Fear of Video 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least once a week, and. get granular with marketing tactics and messages, and plan tactics based on what is likely to work in the. B2B Marketing. know which half."

The crisis of buyer information in B2B and how to fix it

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They really do. I saw a terrific interview recently with Ethan McCarty of IBM, who talked about how IBM is working to get its employees involved in internal knowledge sharing through social mechanisms. Image by roboppy via Flickr. The other day, I kept getting calls on my cell phone from the same number. Could it really be that someone I knew was trying to get hold of me? Don’t ask.

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Stop doing PR. Start doing visibility.

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PR works to identify people in the organization who would be good representatives of the company, its value, and its offerings. Thanks for the great comments on last week’s post, “Is the Era of PR Over.&# Okay, so if the traditional model for PR is failing, what do we do instead? Most journalists have discovered social media as an important research tool. And research shows that even the stodgiest C-level executive does at least three web searches per day. Every company needs a guard dog or two to be around in case of a PR disaster. Outreach. Gatekeeper. Placement. Visibility.

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Is the era of PR over?

Chris Koch

Unless the company they work for is a startup or otherwise desperate for attention, these people tend to be ground down by the risk management aspect of their jobs over time. For example, if the agency-managed interview leads to bad press, the guard dogs can show that they are managing risk for the company by blaming and firing the agency (agencies are used to this and work with many different companies in order to manage the ever-present risk of getting fired). They would work hard to get CIOs and subject matter experts to agree to talk to me in an open way. As in dead.

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13 qualities of a good social media voice

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We should make our writing sound more like the way we speak (when we’re at work). When people ask about how to use social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, I suspect that they are really asking about how they should sound in those tools. After all, the tools themselves are dead simple. You need a second hand on your watch to track how long it takes to set up a Twitter account, for example. But developing a social media voice is a more complicated proposition. good starting point is to create a social media policy for the organization. Grammatical. Communal. Dialectal.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

working, and as a result, creating content people. work so you can create better content and con- tinuously build a bigger and better audience. Moye publishers 15 to 20 stories each month through a “virtual news- room,” as most of the team, including Moye, works remotely. doesn’t work in the modern media landscape. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. The hotel giant.

13 questions about social media and thought leadership

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Just because their business model doesn’t work anymore, that doesn’t mean that their model for developing ideas and getting them out into the marketplace should also be tossed out. It works.). What works better: a blog with a multi or single author approach? A. think single authors work best, but it’s much more work and can distract from the brand. I see companies adopting multi-authors for that reason (brand defense). Earlier this week I participated in one of MarketingProfs’ TechChats (just do a Twitter search on the #TechChat hashtag to find the dialogue).