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The Anatomy of a Search-Friendly URL [Infographic]


Before we publish anything on the HubSpot blog, we always take a minute to optimize its URL for both our readers and search engines. While your URL structure isn't the be-all-end-all of your SEO efforts, using SEO-friendly URLs on your site can give you an edge over your competitors in search. So, what does a search-friendly URL structure look like? Want more tips?

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Drive More Revenue With Content Marketing With Form URL Analysis


Tracking the URL of form downloads within your attribution solution seems like a particularly nerdy thing to get excited about. But when I learned what types of reports I was now capable of making and the amount of insights that I could draw from tracking form URLs, I got excited. Landing Page to Form URL (a.k.a. Win Rate by Form URL. Revenue by Form URL.

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80% Of Our Visitors Take Our Desired Content Path: Using Form URL (Form Page) Data to Inform Our Content Marketing


Through our attribution solution, we know both the landing page URL and the form URL (the page that the form fill occurred on) for every website session. There were also a handful of other URLs. Through lead-to-opp conversion analysis by form URL, we can see what percentage of people who downloaded a piece of content are now a sales opportunity. Internal Benchmarks.

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How to Optimize Your URLs for Search [Quick Tip]


One of the last things I do before publishing a blog post is a little URL check -- I make sure it''s well-optimized for both readers and search engines. In the spirit of sharing knowledge, I thought I''d share the process I use to optimize those URLs every time. How to Search Engine Optimize Your URLs. 1) Take out the extra words in the page part of the URL slug.

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The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites


Sample review: “SEO Spyglass (from Link-Assistant.Com) is a great tool for budget marketers…After creating my content, I would grab the URL of each page ranking for my target keyword, plug them one-by-one into SEO Spyglass, and pull up their backlink profiles. Enter a keyword, and it finds top ranking URLs for you to implement in your content.” — Social Media Today.

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Google+ Finally Rolling Out Custom URLs for Pages and Profiles


Looks like Google+ is finally rolling out custom vanity URLs for Google+ business pages and personal profiles, as reported by Marketing Land earlier today. This means that our social media team will soon be able to change this hideous looking URL -- [link] -- which leads to HubSpot's Google+ business page , into something much more professional, memorable, and shareable. Who's ready

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November 2016 Release: Customize Your URL Domain Name


As of this month, you can now whitelabel the “” portion of the URL and use your own custom domain name. When a SnapApp is published, you have the option to deploy it to a SnapApp-hosted landing page. By default, this is formatted as [link] where you can customize the ending text to anything not already in use, such as [link]. For example, “”.

Making Social Media Your Own: A Guide to Vanity URL Customization


Our blog post last week about the roll out of custom URLs at Google+ received considerable interest. . What difference does a custom URL make? On their vanity URL support page, Faceook lists a great example of an automated URL address [link] that is hard to navigate, later being customized to be [link]. Enter your desired custom URL and search for availability.

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Enhance Your Google+ Presence - Stake Your Claim to a Custom URL


Last week, Google+ announced the availability of “vanity”, or custom URLs on a rolled out basis for pages and for individual profiles. Custom URLs allow users to advertise their profile in a more efficient way. So, will the roll out of new vanity URLs kick off the great Google+ land grab of 2013? Not exactly. Have at least 10 followers, and. What do you all think?

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How to Improve Social Media Posts With Custom URL Shorteners : Social Media Examiner


In this article, you’ll discover five ways a branded URL shortener can strengthen your social media presence. The post How to Improve Social Media Posts With Custom URL Shorteners : Social Media Examiner appeared first on Opentopic. Do you want more brand recognition from the links you share on social media? Have you thought about using a branded link shortener? Shortening your links can help you do more than save character space in your posts. Far too often, you see. Marketing ROI

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Why every business needs a social media business audit


Are all the descriptions, bios and URLs uniform? Not active on social media? You are losing ground to competitors. But you already know that. While your business may be posting to social media and doing all the right things, you must regularly assess where you stand on your most important social channels. Or, you will struggle to consistently improve your social strategy. Twitter. LinkedIn.

How to Create a Facebook Page Vanity URL


The next step in personalizing your business page is to get a username to create a vanity URL (customized web address). By default, your Facebook page will get a randomly assigned number and URL (, but last summer, Facebook made it possible to customize your Facebook page URL ( Photo Credit: Facebook.

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Ready, Set. Go! It's Time to Lock Down Your Vine Profile URL


At that moment, Vine will start allowing verified Twitter users on Vine to register for a vanity URL. According to an email from Vine , "The Vine team will automatically reserve profile URLs that mirror verified Twitter @usernames. Even though the Vine team will reserve profile usernames, you must still claim the profile URL by registering it.". How to Secure Your Vine URL.

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Data Security: Spotting a scam before disaster


Teach employees to hover over the link and look closely at the URL to make sure the URL matches the proposed destination. Data is everywhere, and as long as it’s out there, hackers will try to get it. If your company falls victim to a data breach, no matter how large or small, you lose money and customer trust. Teach Employees Signs to Look For. Set a Company-Wide Policy.

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SEO – rank is only half the story


Take a look at your target URLs. When thinking about SEO, don’t just focus on your ranking positions. It’s only half the story. I’ve often heard “we rank number 3, so we’ve done our job.” Ranking well is just the beginning. You have to look past that and analyze if you are getting any business value out of that ranking position. Odds are, you’re not the only game in town. Like this post?

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Don’t Forget These Important SEO Elements When Launching a New Site


Organic Search Google Search engine optimization Uniform Resource Locator URL redirection Web crawler WebsiteTweet Photo credit: Wikipedia. As an SEO provider , it’s always a bit nerve-wracking when a client mentions that they are planning to launch a new website. Be sure to follow these guidelines (and show them to your web developer) when making the switch. Copy over the analytics code.

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Tracking Links - URL Redirects

PR Meets Marketing

URL redirects can be used to help track traffic going to a particular webpage. An URL redirect enables you to go to the same page with various URLs. These URLs can be provided to journalists, embedded in a press release, or included on blog postings, enabling you to measure traffic to your client's website. One of the difficulties of PR is knowing the impact that press releases, articles and even emails have on initiatives. Just keep in mind that people may go directly to a website as a result of media and banner advertising ( DoubleClick Touchpoints IV report ).

Twitter 102: The Do’s and Don’ts of Twitter Writing

WindMill Networking

Social Media Writing @hashtags hashtag Online Communities RT (TV network) Social Media Marketing Social Networking Twitter url shortening With just 140 characters at your disposal, you’d think that writing for Twitter would be easy. It’s not. In addition to the basics that we covered in the Twitter 101 guide, there are plenty of other do’s and don’ts to follow.

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Tracking Email Analytics Outside of HubSpot


HubSpot makes it easy as pie with tracking URLs. What is a HubSpot Tracking URL? A tracking URL is a normal URL with a token attached to the end of it. For example: Normal URL: [link]. Tracking URL: [link]. The tracking URL above, used in one of our PPC campaigns, allows us to easily track when a visitor arrives to the corresonding landing page via our ad. When visitors click the tracking URL, HubSpot’s Sources tool reads the token and categorizes the traffic accurately so you can see the performance. How to Create a HubSpot Tracking URL. Adds Short URLs to Capture Social Media Replies

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: is adding a URL shortener that will tie social media responses into the regular flow of demand generation and lead management. It generates short URLs that directly connect social media responses with’s standard marketing and sales support features. I suspect other vendors could easily create the short URLs themselves and distribute them on a desktop widget. In that case, what matters is the ability to create a short URL that activates the demand generation tracking features. Here’s the press release. This both is and isn’t a big deal.

Is There Such A Thing As “Cheap” SEO?

B2B Marketing Insider

Throw in PPC, content marketing and social media as SEO firms go full-service, consider work on your website to restructure URLs, continuously tweak the information architecture to maximize crawlability, and SEO’s a lot […]. SEO is necessary – if you have a web-based business or even an app with just a web component, without search you’re nowhere. Content Marketing

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Shorten URL Services: Evaluation Criteria, and a Roadmap for Saving Keystrokes

B2B Marketing Savvy

Depending on what shorten URL service you now use, significant keystrokes are likely yours for the picking. In 2008, Mashable did a roundup of URL shortening services and highlighted 90 providers… (yup 90!) Some companies have ready-made, very short names that could easily be developed for custom short URL use. URL native support just makes life easier. Or not. Welcome!

How to Convince Your Boss to Switch to Responsive Web Design


In addition to that, RWD websites have the same HTML code and only one URL across all devices, which allows Google easily crawl and index your website. Consistent URL structure is very important on the Web today, since your website gets shared in various ways on a variety of different devices. Having a single URL will also give you a leg up when it comes to SEO. Social Media.

Making SEO a Priority During Website Launch Planning


When developing Information Architecture make sure an SEO is a part of the conversations for naming URL structure and determining where content is nested; this can play a large role in mitigating traffic loss on launch. Map old pages to new pages if URLs are changing; use this to inform the redirect map. Update canonicals if URLs are changing. Case in URLs.

One easy tip to increase content sharing immediately

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I know this sounds preposterous, but many standard tweet buttons only post the URL and not the name of the post! Shortened URL. Sometimes the URL for the content piece is so long it bumps up against the tweet’s 140-character limit! Not only is there no title, but the URL takes up all the tweetable space! Shortened URL. Is there a title? Keyword. Keyword.

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Smart Marketing: Small Business Marketing Tip - Make your URL more readable

Smart Marketing

« Small Business Marketing: More Rules of Thumb | Main | A Couple of Ways to Improve your Marketing Proposals » Small Business Marketing Tip - Make your URL more readable Most small business marketing people look for ways to make their brand stand out. Heres a great way to do this with your small business websites address, or URL (uniform resource locator). marketing ave.

9 Twitter Tips for B2B Marketing Success

Modern B2B Marketing

URL shorteners – The maximum character count to a Twitter update is 140. To achieve optimal social messaging with Twitter, consider using URL shorteners such as B2B Marketing Social Media Tips b2b marketing B2B social media hashtags lead generation Lead Nurturing Twitter twitter optimization twitter tips URL shorteners

Are marketers getting lost in the Dark Funnel?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

The Dark Funnel martech space is already emerging through smart URL systems, influencer marketing analytics, stronger audience development tools, and content performance platforms, which can bring the entire story together. Here are some of the leading ideas in this emerging field of marketing intelligence: Smart URLs. By Krista LaRiviere, {grow} Community Member. Audience Analysis.

The 15 Best Special-Purpose SEO Tools


Harvest search URLs for competitive research, influencer marketing, or link building; find blogs, guest books, image sites, and other potential backlink sources; and generate keyword suggestions. Enter any URL to find out if the site is “mobile-friendly” in the eyes of Google, then access additional mobile usability resources. 1) Google Search Console. Pricing: free.

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Marketers Are Dramatically Underreporting Results from Twitter

Digital B2B Marketing

Problems persist for a number of reasons, but these three appear to be the most prevalent in my investigation: Browsers don’t always provide referring URLs. Twitter reporting relies on having accurate and complete referring URL data. For paid media programs, you provide the URLs with tracking strings that your analytics solution recognizes. How many website visits?

Social Sleuthing: Who is Sharing Your Content: Twitter & LinkedIn Edition

Digital B2B Marketing

To see tweets that include links to a particular page on Topsy, the URL is [link] + “Your Page URL” (without the + or quotes). Using Topsy, you can see 160 tweets of the post here (you can see how the URL is built as well): [link]. shortened URL. shortened URL, you often can find who shared the link. You will get a report of visits from each

Easily Personalize Your Direct Marketing Campaigns with Personalized URLs for Each Recipient

Content Marketing Today

As a content marketer, you can target prospects individually with the use of PURLs , which are ‘personalized URLs.’ Interested students enter their personal URL from the mail piece, and are welcomed by name to their custom landing page. Blase Ciabaton, The DirectMail Man, Teaches a New Way to Do Some Real One-to-One Content Marketing. Direct marketing lives on.

6 QR Code Mistakes Marketers Make

Digital B2B Marketing

To use it, I needed to set my laptop aside, pull out my phone, scan the URL, and then use a tiny screen. Yes, QR codes can offer a convenient alternative to URLs or contact information, but stop making these QR code mistakes. Particularly when someone has immediate access to a laptop or tablet and can quickly type a URL. In marketing, QR codes should be an alternative to typing a URL, they should never be the only option. QR codes as a shortcut to a URL are pretty worthless when there isn’t an internet connection. Marketers, stop it! A video. A website.

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The 6 Most Common B2B Questions about Twitter

B2B Marketing Traction

What’s the best way to shorten the URL for links in my Tweet? Many URLs are long and full of gobbledygook. You don’t want these long URLs eating up most or all of the 140 characters you have in each Tweet! The good news is that when you submit your Tweet, Twitter automatically shortens your URL. Tweet with original URL. Tweet with shortened URL.

Measure Your ROI on Social Media Leads


On Tuesday announced the Genius URL Shortener (GURL), which makes it easier to measure the results of social media campaigns. But when I read Ardath Albee’s post about the Genius URL Shortener I really got it: GURLs are cool! You could create a tracking URL, which you would include in non-AdWords advertisements, email blasts, and so on. After that, Google Analytics provided similar tracking features by appending variables to the existing URL (see the Google URL Builder tool ). Twitter made the URL shorteners popular, like tinyURL and

My new-found appreciation for PURLs

Direct Response Coach

PURLs (Personalized URLs), better known as personalized landing pages, have been around for many years. When they first came out, I thought they were a gimmick – a new and interesting twist to the landing page that might generate additional response if only out of curiosity. But still a gimmick. My reasoning: even if you [.]. The post My new-found appreciation for PURLs appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. Direct Mail Direct Marketing General

How to Get More Leads From Social Media


Note the complete description and the shortened URL. What’s your impression of how hard it is to generate leads on social media? My impression used to be that social media lead generation is unusually hard—much harder than content marketing. But in a recent survey of marketers from Ascend2 , content marketing actually surpassed social media in terms of difficulty. Effectiveness vs. Difficulty for Lead Generation. There was another interesting thing in that report. We’ve seen it in a couple of places before: Lead quality is now more of a priority than lead quantity. So, what’s changed?