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    [Traffic, Twitter] When to Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Other Top Social Networks [Infographic]
    Every social network has higher and lower traffic times throughout an average day and an average week. Posting strategically at higher traffic times will help drive traffic to the content you''re sharing on social. But it isn''t enough to simply post content to social whenever you feel like it. Of course not. Social Media Dail
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    [Traffic, Twitter] How to Use a Blog to Increase Organic Traffic
    There are many great reasons for businesses to blog but one clearly stands out, increasing your keyword rankings and growing your organic search traffic. Because of this, blogging is an absolutely essential practice for SEO and traffic building. More indexed pages means more opportunities for keywords. Follow the steps below.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 3 Ways how to use Online Video for Business Lead Generation
    Watch this video: If you have a lack of ideas just crowd source your video to your audience, for example to your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. Tweet this on Twitter! 12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence. The average internet user is watching 30 minutes of video online daily!
    [Traffic, Twitter] Inbound Marketing to attract Hedge Fund Investors
    Tweet this on Twitter! blogging inbound marketing business blog business leads corporate blog hedge fund hedge fund advertising hedge fund invstors hedge fund marketing hedge funds inbound marketing agency internet advertising setting up a blog social media marketing agency targeted web traffic web marketingStarting a corporate blog.
    [Traffic, Twitter] The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Expert Twitter Marketing
    With 200 million members, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks out there. Used effectively, Twitter can help you promote your content, provide helpful customer service, generate leads and customers, and much more. 35 Tips & Tricks for Getting the Most From Twitter. Optimize your Twitter profile.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 10+ Ways To Use B2B Social Media In Your Business
    Have branded wall paper for your Twitter profile. Facebook says companies who integrate Facebook “Like” buttons throughout their website see an increase of 65% more referral traffic from Facebook. To get credit for this traffic from an SEO perspective, make sure you integrate the blog under your corporate domain.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 11 Thought-Provoking Guides to Content Marketing for 2014
    The burst of content marketing content (pardon the repetition) produced some interesting results in terms of traffic. About the same number of Google search visits as a typical week (not surprising; one wouldn’t expect a short-term burst of traffic to have a significant immediate impact on search visits).
    [Traffic, Twitter] 43 Tweetable Answers to Top Questions About Twitter
    Well, I can''t rap, and I''m certainly not royalty, but I do have experience with Twitter. Most recently, I joined the experts on Twitter''s Small Business Team to speak on  a webinar  about how marketers can tweet smarter. Feel free to click on a category to jump to the section most relevant to you: Engagement on Twitter.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] 6 Facebook Page Business Advantages to support your social media marketing strategies
    Tweet this on Twitter ! =. Facebook has surpassed Google with search requests and is now the most trafficked site on the web. With its 700+ million users, Facebook is reaching a worldwide audience. There about 3 million Facebook pages of local businesses online and this number increases daily. To build relevant connection takes work and time.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Share This: 5 Tips You Must Learn to Create Sharable Content
    During last month’s webinar on how to use web analytics and search marketing , Rob Petersen, Mike Moran, and I talked about how offering sharable content to your customers boosts both traffic and search engine ranking. Content Marketing Internet Marketing Facebook Google Holiday Inn IBM Mike Moran social media Tumblr twitter
    [Traffic, Twitter] 5 Steps to Attract More Customers and Increase online Sales
    Tweet this on Twitter! 5 Steps to Attract More Customers and Increase online Sales. Attracting more and more customers for your business blogs is very essential to increase online sales. It is therefore needed for you to focus on better marketing strategies and techniques that will help you to attract more customers for your business blogs.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Using Analytics to Drive Your Tweet Strategy
    The most known example of this would be Twitter, with their 140 character “tweets.”  Twitter users, for example, are usually either searching for answers, or are offering something up to help their followers.  Twitter uses hashtags to allow users to search for, and follow, specific content themes that interest them.  Be concise. 
    [Traffic, Twitter] How To Optimize Your B2B White Papers For Google
    The fact is if your content can’t be found by Google, your white paper (and other writings) will get limited traffic. Document sharing is a great way to increase awareness of your company’s products and services, build inbound links to help boost SEO, and drive traffic to your website. So how do you get your stuff noticed? and more.
    [Traffic, Twitter] London 2012: More Tweets in One Day than During the Whole Bejing Games
    Several media and blogs already looked at Twitter stats and other numbers but what about the peaks and the actual data traffic? Infographics Social media marketing BT infographic London 2012 Social Media Olympics TwitterIn a blog post, BT shares a few numbers. As the company [.].
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    [Traffic, Twitter] Take Your Web Traffic Into Your Own Hands
    Blogging: Although blogging is one component of content marketing, it’s so integral to growing Web traffic that I think it warrants its own separate point. From personal experience, our blog posts currently contribute to over 35% of our overall Web traffic. The New Rules of Search Engines. Google loves this.
    [Traffic, Twitter] How to ignite your business with Twitter: The X Factor
    Everyone seems to have a Twitter handle these days:  News reporters, celebrities, restaurants, friends, and your business contacts.  Twitter usage has skyrocketed to over 100 million active accounts.  game-changer, Twitter offers you the ability to strategically build and leverage your business brand. Engaging Your Customers.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Linkedin for B2B Marketing
    Every Thursday night Jeremy Victor and a group of B2B marketers hold a B2B Twitter Chat session. In a later posts we will share with you our own experiences using Twitter for marketing Mi6 and some of our clients (successes AND failures). love Tweets – great way to stay in touch with contacts via Twitter. Resume 2.0,
    [Traffic, Twitter] Improving your business in social media
    Social media marketing is one of the cheapest ways of marketing and brings quality traffic for your lead generation campaigns. This article provides important tips to use major social media marketing sites to generate traffic for your small business. Using Twitter for your business. Tweet this on Twitter! Create lists.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Your Simple Guide to Launching a Twitter Advertising Campaign
    So you want to start using Twitter's Promoted Tweets, huh? You've weighed the pros and cons , and decided that experimenting with Twitter's PPC advertising feature is a good move for your business. How Do Twitter's Advertising Options Work? In other words, what is your end goal for using Twitter advertising? Congrats!
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    [Traffic, Twitter] A B2B Guide for Twitter Lead Generation
    Today, we are going to focus on one platform that is at the top of most B2B marketers' lists: Twitter. How to Generate B2B Leads With Twitter Generating leads using Twitter is really about leveraging a community of people interested in your knowledge to share your information to new people unfamiliar with your business and expertise.
    [Traffic, Twitter] The 2012 State of Web and Social Media Analytics in Higher Ed – @karinejoly at #eduweb12
    97% of institutions track web traffic. Colby College needed departmental changes to their website, the used data to show what areas departments were putting effort into that just aren’t getting any traffic. They realized that a direct link to the online donation form significantly increased referral traffic. STATISTICS.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Growing your business in a world without Google
    How much of your traffic comes from search engines? If you're like most businesses, you probably get a fair bit of your traffic from the Big G. What if you walked in tomorrow and all your search traffic dried up? Internet Marketing business google searchengineoptimization searchengines searching traffic websearchengine
    [Traffic, Twitter] Everything You Need to Measure Twitter Marketing ROI
    Unless you’re measuring your efforts along the way, Twitter marketing can be a shot in the dark for many marketers. Only through analyzing Twitter marketing data can you pull insights and evaluate whether you’re spending your time wisely to benefit your business. utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter. Good luck!
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    [Traffic, Twitter] What to Do When Your Twitter Account Gets Hacked
    stray click on a link, downloading a seemingly harmless file, or logging in to what you thought was a legitimate site you''ve used before can compromise your login information and grant hackers access to your Twitter account. How to Not Get Hacked on Twitter. 2) Do the Twitter two-step. 'It can happen to anyone. I''ll wait.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] How SMBs Use Twitter: 15 Stats You Should Know
    In fact, in 2013, 36% of SMBs attracted a customer from their Twitter marketing campaigns. As more and more companies look to Twitter to generate site traffic and customers, the interactions on Twitter become more meaningful to customers and companies alike. To view the full report, check it out on Twitter''s website.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] That Website Ain’t Gonna Visit Itself
    They’ll go about visiting their normal destinations online; checking Facebook, maybe Twitter, and dipping into their pool of RSS subscriptions. quick Q&A with a Twitter contact gets you an easy post and incentivizes someone else to market for you. I f you build it, they will, well, probably go somewhere else. The press release.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] The web marketing value of Facebook like Button
    Profits of any company depends on how effectively their products are visible in Internet and how effective are their marketing strategies for getting targeted web traffic from search engines. Social Media buttons like facebook, twitter and linkedIn have huge web marketing value and also play a major role in social media marketing.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 5 of My Favorite Posts
    Tips to Use Twitter to Generate Traffic and Leads What’s Your Company Value Proposition? 50 Power Twitter Tips to Help B-to-B Marketers Twitter: Steps to Insure Success Adding Social Icons Helps Drive E-mail Marketing Campaigns Whats Your Company Value Proposition? Have You Got a Social Media Policy ?
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    [Traffic, Twitter] The Pros & Cons of Twitter Advertising for Small Business
    You may have heard that Twitter has rolled out advertising, but what you might not know is that it's being targeted to small businesses. With time, budget, and resources in such short supply, how do you decide whether or not investing ad dollars in Twitter is worthwhile? Why Paid Ads on Twitter are Useful. Happy testing!
    [Traffic, Twitter] 13 qualities of a good social media voice
    When people ask about how to use social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, I suspect that they are really asking about how they should sound in those tools. You need a second hand on your watch to track how long it takes to set up a Twitter account, for example. After all, the tools themselves are dead simple. Communal.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Seven Habits of Highly Effective B2B Websites
    Then, determine which sources of traffic generate the most leads. Use a Facebook widget to embed a live feed from your Wall or include Twitter handles next to each employee’s biography on your “Contact Us” page. Use Google Analytics, Web Trends, or Omniture to measure site traffic and activity. Don’t make a mess out of it.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] How to Craft Perfect Posts for Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter [SlideShare]
    'I don''t know about you, but I''m tired of hearing "social media gurus" compare the effectiveness of Twitter versus LinkedIn, or Facebook versus Twitter, or Linkedin versus Facebook, or whatever other comparison you bring to the table. Our data shows that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Use Twitter effectively for your business
    Twitter can be a great place for your business. Twitter can make your small brand and business to grow into big brand. Twitter is a social media micro blogging tool that can effectively help you to build your brand in no time at all. Twitter is a place where you can effectively go for the blog promotion.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Google's SSL Change Actually Impacts 11% of Search Traffic [New Data]
    According to Google, this change was supposed to represent a single-digit percentage of traffic to most website owners. Google's Change Actually Affects 11.36% of HubSpot Customers' Organic Search Traffic. Consider joining the discussion and sharing your specific results on Twitter using the hashtag #SSLpocolypse.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] 11 Things You Didn't Know You Were Doing Wrong on Twitter
    'Are you trying to amass a large following on Twitter? Or maybe even drive more traffic to your website? These are great goals to set for yourself, but there are some mistakes you might be making on Twitter that are likely hindering your efforts, and you''re not even aware of it. 4) Keeping Your Twitter Lists Hidden.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Pinterest Drives Ecommerce Sales [Infographic]
    According to a recent infographic and article by online store platform … Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network site in the world, and ecommerce stores can leverage its popularity to significantly increase traffic and sales. See below as this infographic compares Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2010
    [Traffic, Twitter] 8 Ways to Get Your Content Ignored on Twitter
    Twitter is a social network that allows users to share brief, 140 character messages. ReTweets expand you reach as an individual or company and can contribute additional website traffic, subscribers and customers. Twitter is a fairly literate, intelligent audience. People love using Twitter to spread links to content they liked.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 2014
    [Traffic, Twitter] A Quick & Dirty Guide to Setting Up Twitter Ads Campaigns
    'Twitter is a great marketing channel for driving traffic and generating leads. In fact , 42% of Twitter users follow brands or companies , which means if you’re not using Twitter for your business yet, you should learn how to integrate Twitter into your social media marketing strategy. How do I choose?
    [Traffic, Twitter] How to Use the New Twitter Archive to Analyze Your Marketing Tweets
    Today, Twitter said good morning to the world by announcing that users will soon (if not already) be able to download an archive of all their tweets from the beginning of time. This is certainly an exciting new feature from Twitter, who just yesterday announced in a tweet (how fitting!) What You'll Get From Your Twitter Archive.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] LinkedIn 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter [New Data]
    In a recent study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost 3 times higher (277%) than both Twitter (.69%) Social media can be a huge contributor to a company's lead generation efforts in both B2B and B2C. 69%) and Facebook (.77%).
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    [Traffic, Twitter] Haunted House Uses Social Media to Generate 10,000% More Web Traffic
    By 1:00 PM, we noticed we were at twice the normal daily traffic on our website, and by the end of the day, traffic increased by over 10,000 percent!" He went on to credit social media, with large increases in engagement on Flickr, Facebook , YouTube, and Twitter. The Approach. The Results. the Huffington Post, and Newsweek.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 4 Easy ways to make your brand more social
    2 Do things responsibly: There are so many social networking sites such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and StumbleUpon and many other. 3 Share with social networking sites: It is one of popular ways that increase web traffic in internet advertising world as social networking sites are the part of social media marketing agency.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 4 Unique Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog from LinkedIn Answers
    What’s even more awesome is that you can get high-quality traffic to your blog from LinkedIn Answers , and get some really qualified leads as well. At the end of each of your answers, include a signature, including your name, your blog URL, and even something like your Twitter URL. It’s pretty awesome. Connect with HubSpot
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    [Traffic, Twitter] Hotel Industry increase revenue the smart way. Participate in Social Media!
    The most important part before engaging in social media marketing on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is to know where the target audience is, what about they communicate, which challenges they have and what they expect from your industry! Give special deals only to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook followers.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Getting found online with social media SEO
    Tweet this on Twitter! Getting found online is now very easy with the help of social media SEO. There are many websites that help you to get found online. And since search engines started indexing social media content, social media SEO helps you easily to get found online. By sharing your expertise, you get found online very easily. Docstoc.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 34 Awesome Twitter Ideas for Engaging Your Prospects
    Engaging your community of prospects on Twitter is an essential way to show a human face behind your brand and let your customers know you care about them. But how can you keep the relationship with your Twitter followers fresh? Check your @ replies regularly with a Twitter client. Twitter Tools. Responding to Followers.
  • INBLURBS  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 2011
    [Traffic, Twitter] 6 Reasons for a corporate blog to get business leads
    Corporate blogs are now of the prominent inbound marketing strategies to gain targeted web traffic. This article provides advantages of corporate blog and how it helps in driving targeted web traffic to your business website. Corporate blogs helps in driving targeted web traffic for your blog. Tweet this on Twitter!
    [Traffic, Twitter] 15 qualities of a good social media voice
    When people ask about how to use social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, I suspect that they are really asking about how they should sound in those tools. You need a second hand on your watch to track how long it takes to set up a Twitter account, for example. After all, the tools themselves are dead simple. Relevant.
  • THE TOP LINE  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011
    [Traffic, Twitter] The power of Twitter Hashtags: Crowdsourcing gems
    took my own notes but captured the Twitter Stream as insurance by searching Twitter on the hashtag #wbzbreakfast–and then editing the stream to include the soundbites that most resonated for me. wbzbreakfast for your information Twitter handles for the panel @Pistachio @miketrap @pgillin @sethpriebatsch. Steve Garfield.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 6 smart steps to start up your Inbound Marketing in 2011
    Companies who blog get up to 55% more target traffic than companies which do not blog. Tweet this on Twitter! With inbound marketing you can gain a competitive advantage against others, the smart way! Some advantages of inbound marketing for your business: A. Save up to 60% of their marketing budgets. Stand out of their competition.
    [Traffic, Twitter] A Guide to Creating a Thought Leadership Campaign
    Tools like Little Bird can help you identify thought leaders and influencers on Twitter that you may not already be aware of. Depending on your industry, this may include Facebook, Twitter or industry-specific networks. In Practice Strategy Disqus intense debate Little Bird newsle Thought Leadership twitterIt gets you started.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 4 Things Triberr Reminded Me about Twitter
    When I taught my first Twitter workshops back in 2009, I mentioned one of the many reasons why I was bullish from the start about using HootSuite as a Twitter client: It gave you the ability to seamlessly import RSS feeds. to create a blog post, you might as well spend a minute or two to customize your tweet to promote it. Thank you.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 14, 2011
    [Traffic, Twitter] Inbound marketing or think globally and work locally
    Twitter, with Twitter you can communicate with your local audience as well. Go out and register with Twitter. Download our FREE Report: 12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence. =. Tweet this on Twitter! The best and easiest way is to get your Google Places listing first.
  • SAZBEAN  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2010
    [Traffic, Twitter] 14 Ways to Spy On Your Competition
    Use Twitter’s search for their company, brand and product names (also important keywords). Search Alexa for their company websites to see some traffic stats (estimated). Check out their site profile on Compete to see traffic (estimated). Run Twitter Grader on their Twitter feed. photo by DaveFayram ).
    [Traffic, Twitter] 4 Powerful Reasons to Start Your Corporate Blog
    reasons to start a corporate blog: Blogging companies get up to 55% more Traffic. There is clear context between the number of published articles, website traffic and generated business leads. Tweet this on Twitter! Companies like IBM use blogging to get seen online. Blogging companies get up to 97% more Inbound Links.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Mobile Marketing Goes Online?
    Then the whole thing became more sophisticated with tools like Google AdWords, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and e-commerce. They are cutting edge, so they also have a LinkedIn group, Facebook page and Twitter account. 12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence. Tweet this on Twitter!
    [Traffic, Twitter] A Starter's Guide to Increasing Brand Visibility on Twitter
    Leo is the co-founder of , a Twitter application that helps to annoy followers less with a new way to schedule tweets. He publishes Twitter tips at every week, and you can connect with him @ leowid on Twitter. When I first came on to Twitter , it felt like stepping onto a highway.
    [Traffic, Twitter] B2B Traffic Strategy: Embedding Content at Third-Party, Social Networking Sites
    Other Twitter Topics:      Tools for Business Teams       Multiple Account Layering Strategy       More Analytics       Email The Scoopdog Team.   (Read time = 2 minutes)   Amazing how tangent conversations creep in from unexpected places.  Recently, I was in a client discussion on video production.  But that’s a slight tangent. .
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    [Traffic, Twitter] The ONE Thing We Do on Twitter to Get Customers
    'Generally speaking we haven''t had a ton of success with Twitter. It drives a bit of traffic, not a ton. are still getting new clients from Twitter? The One Thing We Do to Get Customers From Twitter. That is how you will get customers from Twitter. We''re open to suggestions. Well, we pay attention. That''s it.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Study points to risks (and rewards) of social media
    However, we’re well aware of the potential pitfalls of using Facebook, Flickr, Twitter et al. Tags: Sales & Marketing “Social Media: Business Benefits With Security Facebook Flickr Governance and Assurance Perspectives” ISACA Robert Stroud Twitter The study is quick to acknowledge the benefits of social media. Subscribe to RSS.
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    [Traffic, Twitter] New York Times: all’s fair in love and marketing
    There’s a real opportunity to turn a scoop into a narrative: … package was well-executed and memorable, but some of our more digitally focused competitors got more traffic from the story than we did. Every content-marketer knows when traffic is best. Our Twitter account is run by the newsroom. And for BuzzFeed , too.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Get mobile with your Inbound Marketing
    More and more people out there use mobile devices to do their online communication, like to stay in touch with their network on Facebook and Twitter and to inform their friend’s contacts and followers about news and events. Tweet this on Twitter! You should consider building your own app for your business. The sky is the limit.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Interesting Infographics: Your Guide To Social Media Lead Generation
    Are you aware that 82% of social media leads are collected from Twitter? To enhance web traffic. Approximately 69% of marketers are willing to pay for social media strategies to augment web traffic. Consider numerous channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. To boost exposure for your business.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 15 Powerful Social Media Questions for B2B Sales
    lead today can be a complaint on Twitter, a question on LinkedIn, or a discussion on a Facebook page.” - Jim Keenan , Sales expert and author of the blog,  A Sales Guy   Relevancy in your message is absolutely critical. Platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and company blogs are huge, up-to-date resources that you can learn from.
    [Traffic, Twitter] The Marketer's Ultimate Guide to Measuring the ROI of Twitter & Vine
    would like to try and alleviate some of that pain, at least when it comes to marketing on Twitter. With the continued growth of Twitter as a business tool, and the introduction of its new mobile video app, Vine , it's becoming more and more essential to analyze the benefits of your Twitter marketing efforts. Links on Twitter.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 31, 2012
    [Traffic, Twitter] Do you have a handle on your online reputation?
    Why not create LinkedIn, Twitter and When you share, are you sharing openly and publicly or do you have your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ locked down? Do you share all of your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+? Burping in Church. Song of Myself. profile? Do you take photos? Pinterest?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 2014
    [Traffic, Twitter] Twitter Releases Card Analytics: Here's How to Use 'Em
    'If there was a magic wand you could wave to suddenly make your Twitter presence more successful, I''d bet that most people on the platform would do it. So it''s not quite a magic wand, but these new analytics can give you great insight into your Twitter presence and tips for making it even better. Twitter Card Reports: A Deep Dive.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014
    [Traffic, Twitter] The Rules of Twitter Hashtags: Hits and Misses From 7 Big Brands
    'Since hashtags became clickable in 2009 , brands and consumers have used them to start, track, and follow conversations on Twitter. To help make sure your campaigns aren’t a flop, we’ve rounded up lessons from seven of the best and worst Twitter hashtags of all time. The Best Twitter Hashtags. Why It Worked.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Social Media Marketing Daily Tasks or How to eat an Elephant?
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and industry related forums are great place to get seen from your future clients. Twitter 15 minutes. Twitter 15 minutes. Twitter 15 minutes. Twitter 15 minutes. Twitter 15 minutes. Tweet this on Twitter! And I fully agree with this. Discipline is a key factor! Be creative.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Social Media Marketing Strategies for 2010
    When asked which objectives they planned to target and measure, 88% of “strategic&# social media marketers (those who have reached the highest level of social media marketing maturity) answered “increase website traffic&# while 75% said “lead generation.&# The lessons? Share this on Digg this! Tweet This!
    [Traffic, Twitter] 10 Ways to Kickstart Your Inbound Marketing Program
    Here are social platforms to consider: Twitter StumbleUpon Digg Slideshare YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Although Facebook and LinkedIn may be core to your long-term inbound marketing program, you cannot emulate organic social media sharing with paid programs on these sites nearly as well. Traditional B2B marketers face a challenge.
    [Traffic, Twitter] How to Make a Splash With Twitter At Your Next Big Event
    At Marketo, one of our favorite social media tools for events is Twitter, which is extremely powerful for not only marketing and promoting your events, but also engaging and connecting with your attendees in real time. Use Twitter to live tweet, interact with partners and influencers, and drive traffic to your event page.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, MARCH 28, 2011
    [Traffic, Twitter] 6 Smart ways for local inbound marketing for restaurants
    Social media as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great for restaurants to get in touch with their local audience. Download our FREE Report: 12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence. =. Tweet this on Twitter! Restaurants are mostly dependent on local clients. They go to Google search to find them! Video.
  • INBLURBS  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 2011
    [Traffic, Twitter] Social Media Recruiting for Businesses Made Easy!
    But students and other potential job candidates are active in social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and several other smaller networks and forums. You can tell them to communicate job offers through their networks in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and forums. Tweet this on Twitter! But not about them self! Job-hunting?
    [Traffic, Twitter] Inbound marketing is not for you if you are not committed
    12 Powerful Ways How To Get Massive Traffic To Your Web Presence. Tweet this on Twitter! Inbound marketing can help a business to get seen, get found and to get leads! But inbound marketing is a strategy which requires a lot of work, creativity and focusing on goals. Inbound marketing can help you to: A. Stand out of your competition.
    [Traffic, Twitter] You must live tweet live events
    Spend some time sharing how Twitter is different than Vine is different than Facebook is different than Instagram is way different than Google+, a platform that makes it hard to ever even cross-post to it. What if it’s been cross-posted via Instagram to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and the lot? Yes, I am looking at you!
    [Traffic, Twitter] SHOCKING: How to Destroy your Business Reputation? BUY leads!
    No presence in social media: no Facebook Business Page and no Twitter (43 percent of all online consumers are social media fans or followers, if you are not there you are missing them). Tweet this on Twitter! Today as I went through LinkedIn a group got my attention. The word “Business Suicide” went through my brain. Disussion Update.
    [Traffic, Twitter] How to get found from Customers online
    Secondly you have to submit your business blogs to the blog search engine so that you can get better search engine rankings and better targeted traffic to your blogs. that effectively help you drive traffic for your business blogs and to get found from customers online. Tweet this on Twitter! Write Compelling Content.
    [Traffic, Twitter] A Look at the Future of Social Marketing Automation
    Follow Nikki on Twitter  @nikkiserapio. Think about the countless brands out there (maybe you work for one of them) that respond to thousands of customer service requests and complaints on Twitter and Facebook every day. Today, having this kind of customer conversation on Twitter requires you to understand many layers of context.
    [Traffic, Twitter] The Science of Getting ReTweeted
    Twitter today is a very important social media marketing tool, one which has increased the life and reach of any content. The number of ReTweets you get for any content on Twitter is often considered a measure for the popularity of the content cross the Tweeting community. Don’t believe?
    [Traffic, Twitter] 6 Reasons a Blog Should be the Center of Any Social Content Strategy
    Twitter gives you only 140 characters, LinkedIn limits you to a corporate profile and product descriptions, Facebook limits you to whatever Mark Zuckerberg decided this morning. And blogging makes Twitter use much more successful. Despite the many business benefits of blogging , it remains an underutilized tactic. Fresh content. Leads.
    [Traffic, Twitter] B2B: Where Social Media Meets Direct Marketing
    When social media first arrived on the scene, they were widely viewed by marketers as a way to “get the word out” (which means awareness) and bring traffic to a website. Also in August, Twitter announced that it will offer ad targeting by user interests or @username follower groups.  Photo credit: s_falkow. It is truly “media neutral.” 
    [Traffic, Twitter] 7 reasons why social media success has nothing to do with social media
    Businesspeople don’t care how many Twitter followers you have. Without a process for integrating social media into lead management, the ROI of social media in B2B will never move beyond brand awareness and website traffic. Is Twitter “social?” It was great getting the perspective of marketers outside of technology.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 2012
    [Traffic, Twitter] How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers
    Twitter hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it. Twitter hashtag ties the conversations of different users into one stream, which you can find by searching the hastag in Twitter Search or by using a third-party monitoring tool such as HootSuite. What is it? wd0BDe.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Social Media increases the pressure for better customer service
    Ben Nesvig, marketing manager of Fuzed Marketing said: “Businesses that don't actively answer support questions via Twitter and Facebook will feel the sting in 2011. FREE Report: 12 Powerful Ways How to Get Massive Traffic to Your Web Presence. Tweet this on Twitter! Social media marketing opportunities are limitless.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Proper Care and Feeding of a Blog
    Links are good things; they drive direct traffic to your blog as well as helping improve your rank in the search engines. Tags: Business Blogging Animal Planet blog contact form blog maintenance blogging for business grow blog traffic Victoria Stilwell My daughter is hooked on those pet rescue shows on Animal Planet. Post regularly.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Google is a lying liar that lies
    Google is not a thinking thing or thesaurus  – As a direct result of Twitter ‘s success, Google rightfully feels like its results need to be real-time. You’ll just about always get a crush of traffic if you can be first to press on a big event, disaster, death, or announcement. And Google acts pretty dumb. Do it!
    [Traffic, Twitter] Using Pinterest to Build Your B2B Brand
    Most B2B organizations aim to own certain SEO terms and host information about those terms on their websites to drive link traffic and increase their Google search value. We have no way to know where Pinterest is going, but we think Pinterest traffic will play an increasingly important role in search rankings. Describe What You Do .
    [Traffic, Twitter] How to Generate Leads with Pinterest
    Pinterest is one of the largest and fastest-growing social networks in the history of the Web, and also a major source of organic web traffic. Techcrunch recently declared Pinterest the 4 th largest driver of Web traffic worldwide – even beating out Yahoo and Twitter. We believe it can be down, however. Show Off Infographics.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Top Posts This Week
    Each week Chris Herbert, through his Twitter feed shares charts, infographics and articles that he’s read and annotated. Twitter is the New Facebook. ShareThis Study: Facebook Accounts For 38 Percent Of Sharing Traffic On The Web. The Lowdown on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for B2B Marketers.
    [Traffic, Twitter] New Data Indicates Twitter Users Don't Always Click the Links They Retweet [INFOGRAPHIC]
    When you're picking, choosing, and crafting content to power your Twitter marketing efforts, it's easy to think that measurements like clickthroughs and retweets would both reflect "successful" or "engaging" content -- or insert your own unicorns-and-rainbows adjective there. Remarkable," "worth sharing," and "interesting" all work well, too.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Steak holder value and Inbound Marketing a huge revenue potential
    Tweet this on Twitter! If you are a company who is thinking about to do Inbound Marketing than you can become outstanding attractive with the effective use of social media, blogging, publishing and lead generation. But wait! How about your steak holder value? To have satisfied customer’s satisfied employees is a must.
    [Traffic, Twitter] 5x Small Business advice on identifying Customer Needs
    Tweet this on Twitter! Tags: Get Found Online business blog business consulting inbound marketing agency internet advertising search engine submission social media marketing agency targeted web traffic web marketing 5x Small Business advice on identifying Customer Needs. Listen to clients needs. Auto responding system. Tracking system.
  • WEBBIQUITY  |  MONDAY, MAY 23, 2011
    [Traffic, Twitter] What Does B2B Social Media Success Look Like?
    measured by increases in direct web traffic and branded search visits). Increased overall website traffic (particularly from branded search or visits referred directly from social media and social networking sites). number of blog subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans). Twitter followers. Organic search traffic.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2013
    [Traffic, Twitter] Are you a social media marketing trapper?
    The most successful trappers who are really better at attracting and driving traffic than they are at building long-term trust relationships tend to be the best social media hijackers. Most trappers these days call themselves “content marketers” and what they do is “ content marketing.” Punji trapping pit? snare?
    [Traffic, Twitter] Content Marketing Tips to Get More “Juice”
    How about sharing snippets in the form  of tips on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter ? Here are some content marketing tips to save you time and energy while getting more visibility on the Web. Then you expand each one into 3-5 blog posts. Submit it to article directories with different a title. Blog this on Blogger. Digg this!
    [Traffic, Twitter] 10 Great Ways How to Reach Global B2B Customers with LinkedIn
    Twitter stream. You can add your Twitter stream to your LinkedIn profile. Here you can add your websites with up to three links, your Twitter with up to two links and your interests which can be made of keywords to get better found from search engines. Tweet this on Twitter! To list all of them would lead to far. Careers.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Don't Overlook The Power of Facebook For Driving B-to-B Applications
    Click Here to Email Me Check Out the Marketing Insights Podcast The Official Podcast of Tradesmen Insights Follow Me on Twitter Thanks To All That Supported the Habitat Tool Drive [link] 56 minutes ago 5 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Attract New Business [link] 1 hour ago what kind of lead tracking system do you use? take my survey [link].
    [Traffic, Twitter] Blog Best Practices: 8 Writing Tips to Generate Leads From.
    Here are some best practice tips that will help you generate serious traffic to your blog: Post titles - Choose key phrases that you can dominate in Google by using them consistently. Highlight quotes, break up paragraphs, bold key phrases and use bullet points or numbered lists. Two kinds of posts - Original content and resources content.
    [Traffic, Twitter] Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Twitter Advertising Campaigns
    'Since I last wrote about Twitter advertising over a year ago, much has changed and my continued experience with the platform has offered me new insights; insights that I can now share with Twitter advertisers for improving and optimizing campaign performance. The type of content and language you promote on Twitter is important.
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