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How Trade Shows Can Impact Inside Sales Reps’ Sales Skills

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

What better opportunity to do so than at trade shows? By giving inside sales reps trade show experience, you allow them to become comfortable speaking in person the same way they would on the phone in a concentrated amount of time. Trade shows also give inside sales reps visibility to the competition. Getting in-person experience early on is invaluable.

Social Prospecting: Using Twitter For Industry Trade-Shows And Conferences

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Their question (or statement) was “My project wants me to drive traffic to a booth at an industry trade show, so Twitter isn’t really going to have any value to me.” Recently one of our Directors asked me to speak with his teleprospecting team on leveraging social media channels for prospecting. Of course I was excited to do so since sales teams always seem to be the last ones to embrace the value of using new tools. While speaking with the business development reps, one skeptical sort raised their hand to ask a question. I think not!

How to Create the Right Call Structure for Your Inside Sales Team

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

When my team calls warm lists from a recent webinar or a recent trade show, I often tell them to simply call through the list and just focus on getting prospects live by “no contacting” them instead of leaving a voicemail every time. Interestingly, some of the reps on his team did not have any rhyme or reason to the way they were calling into prospects. Be consistent.

How to Prospect Warm, Inbound Leads

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

My role is to connect with recent trade show attendees, webinar attendees, prospects that have responded to email promotions, or downloaded whitepapers from my client’s website. A prospect may appear on your list because they registered or attended a webinar, conference, or trade show. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Patrice Morrison , a Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks. As an inside sales rep, the majority of my prospecting has been encompassed around cold calling. Do not focus solely on qualifying the prospect.

Sales Prospecting Perspective Weekly Recap - Week of March 11, 2013

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Samantha highlights three marketing campaigns in which telequalification can be used to increase the ROI of the campaign: inbound leads, webinars and conferences/trade shows. Along with conference/trade show leads, webinar leads are usually great opportunities, but need to be nurtured properly to maximize the amount of qualified opportunities the campaign produces. We are halfway through the month of March and hopefully you or most of your sales team is on pace for quota. It is a great tool for marketers and the first of its kind available online. Happy Prospecting

How to Set Up a Successful Call Strategy for Your Calling Campaign

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

If your organization has recently returned from a trade show, or has just hosted a webinar that has resulted in warm leads, have your inside sales team start here. Not only are your prospects more likely to recognize your company name from the show, but it’s a great way for your team to get their feet wet calling on a product or service they are just learning.

Hey Marketing, Do You Know Who Your Customer Is?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

There are a lot of things to think about as a marketer; Website, SEO, Social Media, Blogs, MQL’s, SQL’s, Conversion rates, Public Relations, trade shows and many more that I did not mention. Commit to the basics, add value to you prospects, talk to them and show them how you can help them solve a problem, reach a goal or both. Being a Marketing Pro ain't easy. Trying to please Sales, your CEO and CFO all at the same time, I don’t envy your position. Nowhere to hide and very difficult to prove value. I’m here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way. Leads.

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4 Marketing Options For The End Of Year Budget And Their Sales Pipeline Impact

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Trade Shows/Conferences: Trade shows are making a big return for many marketing departments; the problem is deciding which one you will invest in to provide the biggest return. On any given week there are at least one or two conferences or shows worth attending, but which makes the most sense for your organization? Sales Pipeline Impact: Low/Moderate- Shows are fun to work/attend and generally create a nice list of prospects to follow up on. There are many different avenues one can take when deciding what is the best fit for your organization.

The New Social Buying Journey

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

or social selling are the hottest topics at this years conferences and trade shows. Last year, the Aberdeen Group released a study in February showing that sales reps who utilize social intelligence in the sales process are 79% more likely to attain quota. Sales 2.0 Organizations of all sizes are finally realizing they need to have a social presence and some form of social strategy in place. The problem is, most organizations don''t know where to start or what sort of process to have in place to best utilize the social intelligence these channels provide.

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Hey Marketing, Do You Know Who Your Customer's Are?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

There are a lot of things to think about as a marketer; Website, SEO, Social Media, Blogs, MQL’s, SQL’s, Conversion rates, Public Relations, trade shows and many more that I did not mention. Commit to the basics, add value to you prospects, talk to them and show them how you can help them solve a problem, reach a goal or both. Being a Marketing Pro ain't easy. Trying to please Sales, your CEO and CFO all at the same time, I don’t envy your position. Nowhere to hide and very difficult to prove value. I’m here to tell you, it doesn't have to be that way. Leads.

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Are There Too Many Cooks In Your Sales Kitchen?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

In addition to targeted outbound programs, we also facilitate follow-up to trade shows, webinars, white papers and/or announcements our clients need feedback on. “Too many cooks in the kitchen” is a metaphor used often in sales. Just as if 6 people were trying to season the same meal, similar chaos can exist on client calls and in a marketing database. In the past, I have discussed utilizing the 30 minutes with your clients in an organized fashion when on weekly client calls. Part of our responsibility is building out cold-call campaigns. Who is setting the table?

Sales Prospecting Perspective Weekly Recap - Week of October 1, 2012

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

In the post 4 Marketing Options For The End Of Year Budget And Their Sales Pipeline Impact I discuss spending on Trade Shows/Conferences, Webinars, Email Campaigns, and Teleprospecting Campaigns. If you don't need to show a ROI within the final quarter, then Trade Shows and webinars may be the best approach for your organization. It's the time of year when most of us can finally retire the lawnmower and gardening tools for the winter. Knowing you have the right tools to handle the challenges of a two foot snow storm can be extremely reassuring.

Are You Helping Your Inside Sales Teams Help You?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Providing the inside sales team with semi warm lists from webinars or trade shows to follow up on can be a great way for inside sales reps to uncover potential opportunities. Sales Prospecting Perspectives in pleased to bring you another guest post from one of our newer BDRs, Kim Staib. You know that movie Jerry McGuire? Who am I kidding, of course you know it (or if you haven’t seen it you have at this moment lost a minute amount of respect from me…anyway moving on.) It’s simple, and straight to the point, just help me, help you.

Night Out At The Cold Calling Bar.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

You’ve non-aggressively introduced yourself to groups of girls with your friends (trade show) in hopes they would come back to you. Hell, you’ve even hit the dance floor to show what you’re made of (collateral emails), but no major prospects. It’s 1:30am and the bar is closing soon. Have you found any prospects? Single guys go to clubs for one reason and one reason only, to meet a girl. That said, once a girl approaches them their buddies are unwanted distractions, the music is too loud and dancing only happens if it will lead to something else.

How To Avoid FrankenMarketing!

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

“Ok let’s put a direct mail piece here, and throw that nurture email campaign here, now let’s automate this and go to this trade show and viola! My wife is constantly planning. By Sunday night at 6pm she has our whole week planned out from meals to gym schedules to dog walk duties right down to weekend plans. When we’re together we get a ton done. She makes tweaks to our plans and things just seem to run smoothly. When she’s gone… well, not so much. She has been in Chicago all week and my life expectancy has deteriorated significantly.

Choosing The Right Lead Generation Firm

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Don’t dust off the Vegas trade show list that you generated 4 years ago and expect the lead generation firm to make gold of it. There are a TON of lead generation companies out there. I have no official numbers to back this up, but it seems like every demand/lead generation manager that gets laid off started an outsourced marketing firm. The result was a lot of companies signing on with more cost effective firms that knew how run lead generation programs for their old company, but didn’t know how to run lead generation for different companies. That is a sales problem.

New Year’s Resolutions and Tips On Meeting Your Sales Objectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales should be reporting back to marketing and letting them know what they have in the early stages of their forecast, how leads from a particular trade show were, what qualifications they could use more of, etc… Marketing shouldn’t be forced to work in the dark with no idea of the quality of their output only to be blamed in Q3 for poor leads. I love the New Year. It’s a time of hope and ambition. There is positive energy everywhere. It’s a big love fest folks. First, set your goals together. Then set the number together. Don’t discount feedback.

7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic

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Even in this digital age, trade shows are still a core part of many B2B marketers’ 2017 demand generation plans. Generating maximum return from that investment, however, requires careful planning, and close attention to both pre-show and post-show communications strategy. In a previous post, I discussed key strategies for following up with trade show leads.

10 Tips for a Successful Trade Show Follow-up Campaign

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Research has long suggested that the majority of leads generated by trade shows never receive follow-up by company representatives. A 2010 study concluded that fewer than 70 percent of exhibitors have any formalized plan or process in place for how leads are followed up after the show. Here are 10 tips for designing an effective trade show follow-up campaign.

A Quick Guide to a Successful Trade Show [Infographic]


A trade show can give your business countless opportunities to build networks, showcase new ideas, and interact with a wide audience – all at a personal level. But the success of your participation depends to a large extent on your pre-show preparation and how well you are able to present yourself and your business at the event. To begin with, you need to set up a trade show booth or tent that not only draws your audience, but also wows them. For this reason, many businesses leave the responsibility of setting up their trade show tent to a professional.

Ignite Your Trade Show Success in 2016


According to “The Marketing Spend Decision,” the most important objective for companies investing in trade shows is lead acquisition. Today, it is reported that 35-percent of exhibitors’ leads obtained at trade shows ultimately result in a sale, according to Exhibitor Magazine. So now you ask, ‘Well how do we create higher lead conversion at trade shows and beyond?’.

Trade Shows and Trade Offs


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Report: Trade Shows Generate Highest Quantity & Quality of Leads

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To quote Software Advice, “Trade shows were most commonly cited as generating both the most and the best (leads) …” And indeed, the data supports that observation: 77 percent of respondents said that trade shows generated either “somewhat” or “very high” quantities of leads, and 82 percent said that trade shows generated leads of either “good” or “excellent” quality.

Pssst. Trade Shows Suck at Lead Generation. Pass it on.

B2B Marketing Unplugged

Here’s a fun way to get their attention: tell them you’re cancelling all the trade shows next year. Yes, these are the same people who refuse to take a shift at the booth, sit around eating, reading and talking on the phone when they are at the booth and who take a perverse pride in wearing a suit instead of the swell golf shirts you ordered for the show. Uh oh.

Trade Shows Can Work!-new idea!

Your Sales Management Guru

Trade Shows Can Work-new idea ! NOTE: Several weeks ago I wrote a blog on “ Why Trade Shows Don’t Work” , shortly after a good friend, Todd Schnick, wrote me a note to discuss how he makes trade shows work! But if your trade show strategy is built on walk-up traffic, you are better off saving your money. The blog below is Todd’s. Shame.

Trade Show Follow-Up: 5 tips to optimize response

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Tweet For the past seven years, trade shows have surpassed websites, email marketing and paid search to secure the top spot as B2B marketers’ biggest investment, according to the MarketingSherpa 2012 B2B Marketing Benchmark Report. I can’t help but wonder given my own trade show attendance experience. Trade Show ? They dump this list into their database.

Trade Shows Don’t Work

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. Trade Shows Don’t Work. I have heard that phrase and similar comments from people about why they don’t include trade shows in their marketing programs, when in reality the reason many organizations do not gain a payback from their trade show investment is “they” don’t work the trade show. Last week while working with a client we discussed this topic in great detail and when I reviewed our Trade Show Planning tools from our Sales Management Tool Kit they were amazed at what they were not doing in planning and executing at their events.

The Very Simple System For Picking Your Trade Shows

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Last time we established that trade shows are many things, among them giant cash-sucking machines, that are terrible at lead generation. Before we dive into the Very Simple System, let’s remember that trade shows exist for one reason: to make money for someone who isn’t you. So how do we pick which shows to go to? Trade Shows Part 8: Other Things I Know.

The Trade Show Follow Up Process


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Three More Trade Show Goofs and a Ray of Hope

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Last week we revisited one of my favourite themes: the shocking inability of most companies to properly execute a trade show. It must be the lack of rain, flies, noise and threat of Mongol hoards that makes us lazy and not very bright when it comes to trade shows. Show producers hate that but I don’t care. This dude did not get that memo.

Content Marketing’s Role at Trade Shows


The trade show marketing mania. No matter what industry you’re in, if you’re planning to go to a trade show, get ready for what is often an overwhelming sensory experience. With so many companies trying to stand out and capture your attention, many trade shows resemble something like Comic-con rather than a showcase of an industry’s latest trends and developments.

Five Dumb Things That Unrock Trade Shows

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Last week we talked about how to rock your trade shows. This week let’s follow that up with a glimpse into trade show stupidity with some stuff that just shouldn’t happen, but sadly does (and I have proof). It is right at the front of the show floor and it’s pretty sleek. Sales Manager Action Item: Go to the show. Let’s look at this booth. It’s a 20 by 20.

Treat a Trade Show Like Your Office, Not Your College Dorm

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Just back from my first two trade shows of the season, and I am sad. Let’s say it together: trade show booths are very, very, expensive inside sales calls that happen to have nicer carpet than your office. Marketing people just resent the interruption to their busy day on the trade show floor. And this is why it’s a stupid idea at a trade show.

8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show Exhibit

B2B Marketing Traction

Skyline’s recent webinar, “Social Media for Trade Show Promotions,” was full of great ideas. It turns out YouTube is great for all phases of trade show promotion. Facebook, Blogging, and Twitter work great for pre-show marketing and marketers can post the trade show exhibit as an event on LinkedIn. Tweet.

Event Marketing: How a technology start-up made a trade show splash booth-free

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The best opportunity to kick off that effort was at the NRF Big Show. It combined these elements to promote the new brand at the trade show. These buttons directed them to the blog site where a running clock showed how much time is wasted by waiting. When the CEO put the pants on and showed them off around the office, that sealed the deal,” she laughed.

3 Ways to Break Through the Noise at a Trade Show

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We recently attended and exhibited at a retail trade show in Las Vegas. It was a large, multi-day event with over 14,000 attendees and tons of booths on the show floor – a daunting experience if you don’t exhibit at trade shows regularly or can’t afford a huge, flashy booth. The very nature of trade shows demands that you have personality.

How To Link Inbound Marketing With Trade Show Success

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Would you like to link inbound marketing with trade show success? So can trade shows fit in with that new approach to marketing? For many companies, trade shows have played an important role in reaching their marketing and sales objectives. And that most of the work happens once the trade show starts.