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How to Get Results from YouTube Ads (Hint: It’s Not Advertising)


Most YouTube ads do not deliver a measurable ROI for advertisers. This is because most of the pre-roll ads (YouTube calls them “in-stream ads”) we see on YouTube are geared only towards raising brand awareness – they’re designed to get reach and attention, but not conversion. You can create highly targeted YouTube campaigns towards specific demographics.

This Week in Content Marketing: The Future of Television Advertising Is Native

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We then turn our attention to new research from Google that “proves” advertisers should spend a lot more on YouTube ads, and we praise NBC’s decision to incorporate sponsored content into its popular Saturday Night Live TV show. The post This Week in Content Marketing: The Future of Television Advertising Is Native appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. This week’s show.

Build your brand (for free)


Bonus: I have new content for my YouTube Channel and Slideshare collection  every single time (and Slideshare is  LinkedIn and YouTube is  Google, right?). Do YouTube (for free). I am not a role model for this. While my YouTube Channel may very well have 923 videos, 3,454 subscribers, and 2,016,704 views, it’s an amalgam of travel memories, motorcycle rides, and webinars.

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Is YouTube Advertising Right for You?


Whether you realize it or not, more advertisers are allocating part of their advertising budget toward YouTube. In fact, the number of advertisers running video ads on YouTube is up 40% year over year. Well, there are several reasons: The amount of users who actively use YouTube is insane. In addition, YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than cable television.

Content Marketing Showcase Series # 10 French Connection YouTube Channel

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YouTube is one great social networking tool that helps brands to reach out to their customers in real time. Fashion retailer French Connection knew how often its target audience was asking this question, and happily responded by creating a YouTube channel: Youtique. There are videos that discuss fashion trends, fashion tips, as well as its television commercials. Description.

Six Seconds? Bah. YouTube Says Long Videos Sometimes Work Better


But over at YouTube, they’re finding shorter isn’t always better. “It’s kind of counterintuitive,” says Vanessa Pappas, Global Head of Audience Development at YouTube. Possibly there’s a shift taking place from thinking of YouTube as a place for snackable content to thinking of it as a place for more engaging content, and more storytelling.”. How to Succeed on YouTube.

Internet video killed the TV star. The rise of YouTube for B2B advertising

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“By the time you finish reading this sentence, users around the world will have uploaded another eight hours of video to YouTube.”. No longer the preserve of cats playing musical instruments , YouTube has become one of the most exciting and sensational media sharing websites in the world. Communities of millions and brand new stars. The VIP effect: advertising & exclusivity.

Marketing Made Simple TV “Television on the Internet”

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Let me also explain why we standardized on Vimeo rather than YouTube for the show. YouTube is a VERY popular site, but the stats it provides is very limited – such as views, subscribers and countries visiting. Clearly, Marketing Made Simple TV needs to be on YouTube (we are), but it does not provide useful metrics for sponsors. Have you seen it? Kelly Olexa. roll content.

The business case for unbranded content

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The company created an unbranded television commercial encouraging people to visit a “ Why So Awake ” website: The website discusses new research on the causes of insomnia and encourages them to talk to their doctor about alternatives. million times on Buzzfeed alone and has earned more than 110 million views on YouTube. Turns out, there could be some very good reasons.

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What We Can Learn From The Most Shared Videos Of 2013

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YouTube has released its list of most viewed ads of 2013. One thing that I find interesting is that YouTube’s list of top viewed ads and Unruly’s list of most shared ads are not exactly the same. Video advertising Jeff Gordon Kmart Pepsi Max Sears Super Bowl advertising Television YouTube Chances are pretty good that you have seen at least one, if not more, of them.  think … Continue Reading What We Can Learn From The Most Shared Videos Of 2013 by Jayson Duncan - Maximize Social Business - Maximize Social Business - Your Social Media for Business Resource.

One person can change the world. Thank you, Internet


Maybe the revolution will not be televised but it will certainly be tweeted.  If you thought “it only takes one person to change the world” was bull, think again. People are transitioning, en masse, from makers to consumers, from bloggers to readers, from YouTubers to commenters. With a one-two Slideshare-YouTube combination, you can really expand your recognition.

BuzzFeed, CNN, and YouTube Plan Online Video Channel, and Other Marketing Stories of the Week


This week, a number of companies including Twitter and YouTube have launched new services and technologies to help bring advertising back from the dead. BuzzFeed, CNN, and YouTube Plan Online Video Channel, From The Wall Street Journal. In an effort to become the go-to media hub for young adults, BuzzFeed has partnered with CNN for a brand new channel on YouTube. Yahoo!

This Week in Content Marketing: Consistent Content Is Key (And Most Brands Can’t Do It)

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Next, we question whether Google launched its YouTube Red subscription service primarily because of ad blockers – which is what YouTube superstar PewDiePie claims – or because of other factors. The deal, worth over $2 billion, does not include The Weather Channel television property, but only its digital properties like the website, app, web infrastructure, and data.

A social media hoarder intervention


Or, all the stuff you’ve posted since the beginning of your social media life, including your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Friendster, MySpace , Flickr, YouTube , et al. Professional Gone are all the metaphorical piles of newspapers, all the crazy-man cats, the stacks of cathode-ray televisions and vacuum tube radios that have probably never worked and will never work.

Can Google find you in your online store?


” And Google be like: “how much do you spend a month on insurance, taxes, salaries, health, training, inventory, security, theft, rent, advertising (newspaper, newsletter, radio, television), local sponsorships (5ks, little league, local schools), and all that?” And it’s also the best way pander to Google as YouTube is a Google property. lives. Use it.

Can traditional TV succeed as mainstream video?

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All that buzz about IPTV, DVRs and this new kid in town, Youtube, got to me. According to Youtube, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to their platform every minute. If you have good content that people are likely to search for, just upload it to Youtube for a while and see what happens. All that buzz about IPTV, DVRs and this new kid in town, Youtube, got to me.

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Lurkers are the 99.989% of Social Media


It’s happened like this over and over: photography, filmmaking, recording, radio, television, computing, the Internet , message boards, blogging, and now social media. Social media, including Pinterest and YouTube , is becoming more and more celebrity-, brand-, agency-, and studio-driven. From Producers to Audience; from Hobbyists to Consumers. It’s not like that any more.

They told us so. An amazing film of the future.

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flat-screen, 3D television. futurist YouTube and video future technology GEIf you can’t view the video above, please click here. This 57-year-old film, recently unearthed by GE, might be the most interesting five minutes you spend all day. It predicts our current technology with uncanny prescience. Among the innovations correctly predicted in this film are: DVR. baby monitor.

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Why video is “liquid” content in a solid social media world

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In the old days of analog televisions the images were produced by shooting a stream of electrons at a special glass surface. If television, with its analog roots, dealt with “liquid narratives,” computer data resemble a dry powder – grains of digital information bound together in ever more complex structures, ultimately taking on forms that humans can understand.

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A good reputation online is an essential marketing strategy


The content can be created by you as you build out your social media and social network empire: Twitter , Facebook Pages, Google+ Business Pages, Pinterest , Tumblr,, LinkedIn, Blogger, TypePad ,, YouTube , Slideshare, or your own blog. When speaking about what does, people often think of Online Reputation Management (ORM) as a defensive strategy.

Be a persistent social media parent


Too many social media marketers don’t communicate with their readership in the sort of flawed, open, and honest voice that is more common in radio and on television. Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing best practice Blog Business Facebook Internet marketing Marketing and Advertising social media twitter YouTube

The hurdles to truly “social” video experiences

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In my business, I work with some of the biggest television networks in the world. ”  The shift could be as monumental as the first introduction of the television. In my business, I work with some of the biggest television networks in the world. innovation YouTube and video social TV social video video and the web video innovation voices heard media will overstreet

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YouTube as corporate home page?

Reputation to Revenue

BooneOakley, a North-Carolina based agency, has gotten a lot of attention in the last few days by essentially shifting its corporate site to YouTube. Tags: Innovation Marketing Social Media Strategy 2010 BooneOakley BtoB marketing Modernista socialmedia YouTube The main video has received more than 220,000 views in its first 10 days, quite impressive for a small local firm.

Is Eastern Europe the Next Email Marketing Frontier? [CHART]

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also learned that television is not the way  most younger Russians get their information: it’s via the Internet, YouTube, smartphones, and other media.  There Marketing Efficiency Czech Respublic Email Marketing Internet and social media users Media Russia russianized smartphones Youtube ”). Is Eastern Europe the Next Email Marketing Frontier?

Drone video, 4K TV and more: Video marketing trends for 2016


This new television viewing option was widely discussed in 2015, but expect it to start to see more rapid mainstream adoption this year. It is a television image delivery technology that broadcasts at 4 times the resolution of 1080 high definition. The word “television” may be a little misleading though. Video digital marketing has yet to hit its peak. Drone video. 4K TV.

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Influencer Marketing Success on YouTube, a Fireside Chat with NordicTrack


Today, I interviewed Colby Bair, NordicTrack Community Manager at Icon Health and Fitness, to get his take on successful influencer strategies across social media platforms such as YouTube. 25 years ago, a craze swept through American households by vigorous television marketing campaigns. Consumers engage heavily on YouTube and NordicTrack knows that first hand. Blog Featured

How to Optimize Your B2B Marketing and Sales with Online Video

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Take YouTube, for example. Second only to Google, YouTube has rapidly emerged as an easy-to-use and reliable search tool; it overtook Yahoo as the second largest search engine in 2008 and is now the fastest-growing media platform in history.  In fact, this month the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad attracted 20% of the record-breaking viewership for the entire SuperBowl XLV in just 36 hours.

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Help me solve marketing’s biggest mystery

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Television, print, digital, social media all coalescing into a perfect blend of viral heat. The TV ads were so good they received more than 6 million views on YouTube! Yes, the ads got plenty of views on YouTube but this is simply another channel to view a television ad. I don’t consider that a “social” integration on the level of the Old Spice campaign.

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Facebook becomes Twitterfied to fight for media attention

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Facebook quietly announced it is putting its members’ public comments in the mix with television broadcasts and other news outlets. Another signal of the importance of television to Twitter’s future — a few weeks ago it introduced a new platform called  Amplify , which allows Twitter to sell ads together with television and other media companies. With

There’s More Demand for Premium Video Than Ever Before


In January 2007, a man named Ron Davis uploaded a video to YouTube of his bulldog Tillman skateboarding around a Santa Monica park. We live in what many cultural critics call the “golden age of television,” and while reality TV certainly hasn’t gone away, it’s done nothing to temper the demand for scripted, serialized shows. Why professional videos still matter. Design

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B2B Online Video Marketing; Planning to Execution Best Practices for Lead Generation


Chances are, it’s a television ad.  YouTube averages 4 billion hits each day, and 61% of B2B marketers leverage YouTube to extend the reach of their messaging and brands. Distribution strategy: website for engagement; landing page for conversion; YouTube channel; Vimeo and video syndication, Brightcove, email. YouTube Targeting. Name a memorable ad in the past. 

Is your marketing still getting attention instead of paying attention?


Again, I want to emphasize that I am not belittling CC in any way–I have had a few bad moments on live radio and have had a few misstatements captured on YouTube (and I am paid to talk for a living). Monthly Newsletter Offline Marketing Social Media Marketing Bayer CC Sabathia Television YankeeI have been seeing a commercial on TV lately that features Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia pitching (groan) Bayer aspirin. Sports fans are likely to pay more attention to CC than to some identity-less announcer, so that makes sense. ” Really, CC? But why would Bayer choose this quote?

Igniting Content: A Tale of Two Ads

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At a football party, a roomful of people had seen the “Trophy” ad multiple times on television but not one person could recall the company who sponsored the ad! million times on the AT&T YouTube channel. The company seems to have tried to correct their recognition problem by super-imposing the AT&T logo on the YouTube version. This is a tale of two ads.

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A course correction for influence marketing measurement

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” She gave the example of a woman she follows religiously who does demos on YouTube about applying make-up. With ad blocking and ad-free streaming television, etc., Of course the same thing is happening on Periscope, YouTube and blogs. She gave the example of a woman she follows religiously who does demos on YouTube about applying make-up. That comment nails it.

Move From Branded Content To A Content Brand

B2B Marketing Insider

In the past, magazine publishers, television networks, newspapers and radio stations owned “subscribers.” Today, your fans on Facebook, your followers on Twitter and your subscribers on YouTube or iTunes are a valuable audience. Instead, I focused on working behind the scenes, producing, writing and managing everything from local television programming to the Today Show.

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Content Marketing Trends Taking Us into the Future

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Today, there’s a blurred line between online video best practices and broadcast television and this means you should be looking to build your brand’s official owned channel, so to speak. “I already have a YouTube channel!”, Edi to r’s Note: Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Jennifer Pepper , the Content Marketing Manage r at Vidyard.

How and Why to Get Started with Video Advertising


Television is suffering, too. Once the top of the crop pick for getting your brand and products known, television advertising yielded ground to Internet advertising, filling your computer screen with flash videos and obnoxious pay-per-click banners that got in the way of your online journey. Let’s look at just one platform for video advertising: YouTube. Watch to learn.

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


All 100 of the top global brands maintain at least one company YouTube channel, and more than half (27 of 50) of CEOs in top global companies have appeared in a company video. However, consumers say that social media plays almost as big a role in purchasing decisions as does television. ( Ad Age ). Social media use isn’t quite universal—but it’s getting close. Of the 7.2

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Where Is Digital Advertising Headed in 2016?


Customer match (Google/YouTube). More and more advertisers are shifting budgets toward YouTube advertising. Many advertisers are finding that the audience they want to target is on YouTube more than cable television. According to YouTube, “YouTube reaches more 18 to 49 year olds than any cable TV network in the U.S.” Leveraging first party data (i.e.

A Simple Content Marketing Model Most Companies Ignore

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ESPN – cable television (programming). Matthew Patrick from Game Theory decided to create consistent videos and distribute them on YouTube. Videos- Every week, Game Theory’s Matthew Patrick distributes a fresh video via YouTube. Its target audience of teenagers is already on YouTube every day. blogs, in-person events, videos, etc.) That’s a lot. Absolutely. The big idea.

It’s Not Just Politics: The Evolution of Marketing in Presidential Campaigns

Modern B2B Marketing

Obama also leveraged YouTube like never before. She spent early on and often on traditional methods—$12 million on television, $6 million on direct mail, and set aside about $6 million for digital advertising. Author: Renata Bell As the primaries heat up, politicians are leveraging digital marketing and social media to capture the hearts (and votes) of U.S. voters. The Website.

When Bad News is Good

Paul Gillin

Aslan was interviewed by Fox News’ Lauren Green last Friday, resulting nine of the most bizarre minutes in television journalism history. YouTube views are over 1 million. There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. –Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray. As of this moment, his book is the top seller on Amazon.

6 Steps to Content Marketing Domination

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Claus’ YouTube videos have garnered millions of views, including one where Claus conducts the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie while eating the world’s hottest chili peppers. This is done by consistently generating valuable content through one key channel (a blog, a podcast, YouTube, etc.). Content platform: Blog, iTunes, YouTube, etc. I know, I know.

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