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Cartoon: Who is creating content for your company?

Digital Body Language

First posted this morning on It's All About Revenue : Tags: Social media Content Today's my first attempt at cartooning (okay, not really, all the hard work was done by gifted cartoonist Brady Bonus ). hope you enjoy it!

Social Media and Revenue

Digital Body Language

When I gave a presentation on Social Media and Revenue at Eloqua Experience recently, I was blown away by the great reaction to it. wanted to dig in a bit into where social media is in most of today’s businesses. In a lot of ways, social media today is like “digital” a decade ago. Social media today, in a lot of organizations is like that.

What Exactly IS Digital Body Language?

Digital Body Language

Each email that is opened or clicked, each web visit, each form, each search on Google, each referral from a social media property, and each webinar attended are part of the prospect's digital body language. I've been using the term "Digital Body Language" on this blog quite a lot for obvious reasons. So what is it? Hopefully this clarifies what Digital Body Language is.

Marketing Dashboard: Passive Discovery

Digital Body Language

One of the main ways in which people discover your message , of course, is coming across your messages "passively", through ads, content, and social media sharing. Thinking about Passive Discovery Whether paid (advertising) or unpaid (content, social), this top end of the funnel is crucial for driving new business. This view is instructive in two ways.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

The Results: Is B2B Content "Likeable"

Digital Body Language

Put more simply, is B2B content as likely to be shared in the social atmosphere of Facebook as it is to be shared in the more hybrid social/business atmosphere of Twitter. While many factors may explain this discrepancy, I suspect that the most reasonable explanation is the differences in social context between the two networks.

Is B2B Content "Likeable"?

Digital Body Language

will admit that I have certain biases, and I don't think that the human brain is very well adapted to truly merging business and social relationships as I wrote previously. Tags: Facebook blogs Social media Awareness However, in the interest of science, I thought the experiment was worthwhile. What have you seen for B2B content? Does it become shareable on Facebook?

Buyer Roles, Buying Stages, and Perception Challenges

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The need to get this broad variety of messages out to buyers, now that buyers are in control of their own buying processes, is what has led to the growth in nurture marketing , as well as the business use of social media as a publishing platform. similar exercise needs to be done to assess where the need for content is greatest.

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Four Reasons for an Information Concierge

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In many ways, this is what many of us are doing in social media, discovering conversations that relate to the topics of interest to us, and helping the people in those conversations through sharing data, perspective, anecdotes, and frameworks. Tags: lead nurturing Social media inbound marketing There is a role in modern sales and marketing that is just starting to form.

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Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

on other data sets like their social media profiles. Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. Content has proven to be a highly effective driver of revenue, both directly and indirectly. Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2B on content creation and distribution. Additionally, 77% of marketers say content is core to business success. and value. Let’s start.

Event Marketing and the Information Concierge Concept

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Tags: Social media Discovery Event Marketing

Four Interesting Trends from Dreamforce

Digital Body Language

Integration providers like Cast Iron , Informatica , and Pervasive had packed booths as visitors looked to understand how to seamlessly tie together every pre-purchase interaction, whether in social media, search, webinars or in any other communication vehicle. 4) 2011 will be the Year of Analytics: It is now beginning to be possible to see the entire buying process from end to end.

Is Foursquare Relevant for B2B Marketers?

Digital Body Language

Tags: Social media data management B2B Marketing

Trust, Reputation, and Inside Sales

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Tags: Social media Buying Process Relationship Sales

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Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

social media, email, and chat platforms and in a multitude of media formats, from text. experience Loyalty • Return visitor rate • Email subscription rate • Social following growth • Avg. Total attention time • Total people • Total social actions • Avg. stories per person • Total attention time • Total people • Total social actions • Avg. sharing and native social.

5 things to do to get ready for coming communication shift

Digital Body Language

As they do that, it may become possible to have passive discovery of interesting conversations guided by the algorithms of Google and Bing and their analysis of vast amounts of social media data. Here are five things you can do to get ready: 1) Dive Into Social: Watch what the major search engines are doing to aggregate and understand social media activity.

The Next Transition in Communication

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Social Media Solving this discovery problem, of course, was social media. However, social media creates huge volumes of communications, most of which are not of interest. Filtering through this noise is a daunting challenge, and whereas most social media can be filtered by keywords or brand names, this still tends to result in an overwhelming volume of content. 5.

Marketing Dashboards

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If you are making any search or social media investments, a measurement of the raw traffic being generated by source is also critical to understanding the success in each of these areas. The old adage of “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is as true in marketing as in any other discipline, but in marketing there is often a challenge of defining what one wants to measure.

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What is B2B Marketing?

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Social media becomes a critical part of this information exchange in a B2B environment as social media forms a great medium through which to educate, converse with, and build relationships with prospective buyers who may be interested at a point in the future. Over time, a great social media strategy in a B2B organization will improve market perceptions of your organization in ways that other brand investments never could. What exactly defines Business to Business (B2B) Marketing? It’s worth exploring what B2B marketing entails.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

success, followed by social shares and likes. (19 percent) and pageviews (15 percent). • 49 percent of marketers rate their content as. social media, brands and publishers alike have had. social network, and Facebook’s video platform has. in the shadow of the big social networks, is almost as. came social shares and likes (19 percent), followed. SOCIAL.

Interview with David Meerman Scott

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As one of the leading thinkers on social media in a business environment, his ideas, examples, and perspectives are fantastic to hear. Tags: Social media lead management B2B Marketing I had a chance to chat with David Meerman Scott recently on a wide variety of topics. In this interview, we talked about why B2B marketers are so hesitant to embrace “ fun ” as an element of their marketing, and why we need to think about selling to people, not amorphous businesses. As part of that transition, we need to focus on creating a steady flow of rich, interesting, shareable content.

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The Medium is the Message: B2B Marketing, Social Media, and Conversation Context

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Today's world of social media needs to be viewed in a similar light. As today's marketing organizations consider how to engage in social media forums, not considering the context of the medium being used can lead to a significant change in the overall effect on the message being received. The use of social media for business shares a similar dynamic.

The Book: Digital Body Language

Digital Body Language

Whether it is Google’s ability to make the information resources of the Internet searchable or social media’s ability to connect people with peers for credible opinions on products and services, the way in which we access information and search for products has fundamentally changed. As this transition happens, marketing and sales teams must react.

Winners of the 2009 Markie Awards

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Tags: B2C Marketing Social media Markies B2B Marketing Eloqua

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Content Strategy for Marketing

SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAIL, AND OTHER TRENDS. curation in detail • Architect content for SEO, CMS, marketing automation, mobile, and social • Recruiting content positions • Establish process / workflow, guides, and tools. In other words, we make your content work well for search engines, mobile devices, social media, and your content management or marketing. Content. Strategy for.

Social media analysis moves mainstream

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The barriers between social platforms, and between those platforms and our blogs and web properties are rapidly disappearing and already virtually non-existent. Facebook, as with almost all social media efforts, has a “flywheel” dynamic to it. Tags: marketing analysis Social media Email marketing In exploring the Webtrends solution, you can see this evolution taking place.

6 Ways For Marketing to Help with Social Media

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I can almost hear the comments already - shouldn't Marketing be "doing" social media, not "helping" with social media? The problem is that in many marketing teams, there's "marketing" and then there's "social media". The "social media" person manages the Twitter handle, the Facebook page, and the blog. Sort of. But there's more to it than that. So what can be done?

Brand Choice: “vision of perfection” or “perfect visibility”

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A "Goof-up" can be a great social media marketing opportunity. The transparency required of us in a social-media led world causes a number of fairly wrenching paradoxes. One of the clearest of these is the difference between marketing’s goal of being a “vision of perfection” and social media transparency’s goal of “perfect visibility”. What is the Goal of Transparency?

The Evolution of Social Influence

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Increasingly, social media sites are investing in ways to list, rank, and categorize participants. This becomes vital when we begin to use social criteria to govern search results. Whereas an advertisement in a major topical publication may have been the best way of reaching that audience historically, now that access is through social means.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

in new readers via search and social. return on social. SOCIAL Strategies, tools, and tips for spreading content through. the social web. sections of The Content Strategist: Brands, Media, Social, ROI, and Voices. You’ve heard the horror stories about organiza- tions that take months to approve simple social media. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II.

Market Relationships, Social Relationships, and B2B Marketing in Social Media

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I just wrapped up a great book – Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely – that discussed, among many other things, the different relationship types we have between people; especially market relationships and social relationships. We provide and receive dinners based on our social relationships frequently, and we receive dinners based on market relationships each time we eat at a restaurant.

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Social Media Buzz at a Live Event

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One of the aspects of the event that we were most excited about this year, however, was the concurrent online conversation and tremendous buzz that the event generated in social media. I was asked many times what we did to have that much social media buzz at a live event. However, often it is the more subtle social cues that help the most.

LinkedIn as Facebook for the Business World

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The Flywheel Effect

Digital Body Language

As I return to the world of work, now two weeks later, I realized that Sejal's surprising arrival gave me an accidental test-bed for one of the interesting aspects of social media, the fly-wheel effect. Tags: blogs Social media search I'm back to blogging after a rather spontaneous, two-week hiatus. Eloqua users, here's how to track your own blogs this way ).

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

excluding social media posts)? LEADERSHIP SOCIAL. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? What’s working—and what’s not—for over. 700 content marketers. CONTENTLY STUDY: HOW MUCH OF YOUR CONTENT MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE? Content marketing is having a moment. goals—and concerns—lie. content.

Discoverable Messages and Direct Marketing

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