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Top 5 Reasons to use Segmentation

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Lower risk of social media flaming. Aggravate a prospect and a marketer risks provoking a negative reaction flamed through social media and social networks.   There are now more reasons than ever to invest in segmentation. B2B marketers face challenges in mining their databases for accurate profiling criteria so segmenting the database may be an arduous exercise. Photo Credit.

Right Message, Wrong Target – A Field Guide

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Like a social butterfly, many organizations get stung by the pain of rejection, end up dismissing this segment outright and move on.   The philosophy of  ’grass is greener’ continues until the organization runs out of resources or markets or both. I would like to introduce a scenario that many B2B organizations face. Something has gone awry. Something is not working but what?

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Savvy Buying of B2B Data

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Now email and social media have been added to the mix.  An Interview with Ruth P. Stevens and Bernice Grossman. I am pleased to welcome Ruth P.  Stevens and Bernice Grossman, two well recognized B2B direct marketing experts.    Ruth P. Stevens consults on customer acquisition and retention, teaches marketing at Columbia Business School and blogs at . The user generated, i.e,

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Destructive B2B Sales Practices

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Raising the Bar on Sales Personnel -  Customers are empowered by online information sources and social networks.      Knowledgeable sales reps who bring a consultative approach and value to customers are a much better fit to today’s customer.      This heightened requirement should help to raise the bar on the calibre of B2B salespeople. billion of tech deals were announced versus $19.2

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Strategist, Senior Trainer, Profitecture www.[link] Another good example is Top Rank’s Social Media Marketing Management. how you can solve their burning problem. • E – Engage Meaningfully via Social Media. more true, apparently, than in social media. Look for.

The Moment of Truth for Sales

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For B2B marketers that key point is the response generated from a marketing effort through direct, online or social media marketing. The moment of truth arrives when a prospect is engaged in a meaningful interaction with your organization. For sales, it is the sales conversation: that defining moment when a prospect is engaged, qualified and profiled through a dynamic dialog. Related Posts.

Use Outbound Marketing to target these 5 Buyer Types

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Given the popularity of social media and inbound marketing, when should outbound marketing be used ? The Tuned-out Buyer - not all buyers participate in social media or conduct online searches. Tags: lead generation social media inbound marketing outbound marketing For some types of buyers, outbound marketing is the only way to engage (e.g. Photo Credit: henrybloomfield.

Lead Nurture through Social Networks

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On Day One, Mark Wilson, VP Marketing, Sybase presented a unique perspective on social networks. The topic of social networks arose in an unexpected scenario: Mark Wilson advocates using social networks for lead nurture. Mark's perspective was that a social network was a great forum for prospects to connect with Sybase customers and fans. Tags: lead nurture social networks Today is the second day of the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. Mark favors neutral or third-party networks vs. Sybase sponsored networks. More posts to follow on the conference.

Delivering ROI on Social Media

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My last post discussed why the nature of social media need not be compromised by pursuing lead generation through these new media. Today, let's turn to some examples of how B2B marketers are embracing social media for this purpose. A few weeks ago, McKinsey & Company released the results of their latest survey on social media: Building the Web 2.0 The buzz on this report included a post from Peter Kim, a fellow Social Media Today blogger. So if organizations are using social media to acquire customers, then how can we measure ROI? Bingo!

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Strategist, Senior Trainer, Profitecture www.[link] Another good example is Top Rank’s Social Media Marketing Management. how you can solve their burning problem. • E – Engage Meaningfully via Social Media. more true, apparently, than in social media. Look for.

Lead Generation through Social Media?

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You can almost see the collective hand wringing and hear the teeth gnashing as angst-ridden B2B marketers are being pressed by their organizations for proof on the value of social media. The premise of this blog, Acquiring Minds , is that social media, as with other online media, provide B2B marketers with a stellar opportunity to generate qualified leads and to impact ROI. It almost seems heretical to sabotage social media by attempting to generate leads. The discourse on social media or Web 2.0 Tell me - how are you using social media for lead generation?

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HubSpot's Social Media Delivers on ROI

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In some of my previous posts , I suggested that social media is highly effective in generating marketing ROI. Last week, I interviewed Mike Volpe , VP of Marketing HubSpot , for his perspective on social media ROI. HubSpot is a stellar example of how a small business can excel in social media marketing and in the process, attract $17 million in venture capital for a social media and online marketing solution ( read more on why small business succeeds with social media ). HubSpot’s inquiries from social media support Mike’s position.

Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Excel at Social Media

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Today I attended Forrester' s Webinar "Defining Your B2B Social Media Strategy" with Vice President and Principal Analyst, Laura Ramos, and Vice President of Tech Industry Consulting, Dan Klein. The seminar was chock full of interesting facts on social media usage by B2B marketers and by B2B decision-makers. For both B2B vendors and the buyers of those solutions, social media is considered a second tier marketing medium. Another attendee and I leveraged the WebEx chat to ask questions on how the usage of social media varied by the size of the organization.

More Reasons that Small Businesses Excel at Social Media

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After my last posting on small business and social media, Chris Brogan was kind enough to tweet my blog and attract some savvy writers. Before we take a closer look at some of the comments, I wanted to share with you the question that I asked during the Forrester webinar and Laura Ramos` interesting response. Q: Robert Lesser: It appears that smaller B2B companies are more successful with their social media marketing than large B2B marketers. So it seems that we all are in agreement, at least at a conceptual level, on why small businesses are excelling at social media.

Sales 2.0 fuels PTC's SMB Expansion

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Conference website by Selling Power Social Networking in Sales: Show Me the Money by Anneke Seley, The Sales 2.0 As a former paratrooper, Dan Maier’s background has prepared him well for his current assignment: managing a global inside sales team of 75 reps selling a $9,000 solution to hard-hit manufacturers. Dan Maier’s title is as long as it is deep: VP Worldwide Inside Sales & North America Mathcad Sales, PTC (see Dan's photo on the left that I snapped at the Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston ). According to ChannelWeb , 21% of PTC's revenue is driven through 400 global PTC partners.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Paul Gillin, B2B Social Media Strategist, Senior Trainer, Profitecture www.[link] Another good example is Top Rank’s Social Media Marketing Management. how you can solve their burning problem. • E – Engage Meaningfully via Social Media. more true, apparently, than in social media. Look for.

Sales 2.0 Techniques for the Job Search

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Social Networks And of course, social networks like LinkedIn provide free contacts. Of all the social media tools available to marketers, blogs and video are ranked most highly by B2B marketers for lead generation. Additional Reading Job Search 2.0 by Rachel Happe, The Social Organization Blog Career Toolbox: 100+ Places to Find Jobs by Sean P. Aune, Mashable 30+ Websites to Visit When You're Laid Off by Ben Parr, Mashable 7 Secrets to Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media by Dan Schawbel, Personal Branding Blog Job Searching 2.0:

Networking & Photos from the Sales 2.0 Conference

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Laura noted to me some of the obstacles that large businesses face in adopting social media. pointed out that social media were especially well suited to small business. The Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco was a great opportunity to chat and catch-up with luminaries from the B2B Sales & Marketing world. The first day I sat at a table with Garth Moulton , VP of Community /Co-Founder at Jigsaw and blogger. Last fall, I had met Garth in Chicago when I spoke at a Chicago Association of Direct Marketing conference sponsored by Jigsaw. world. Conference

Lead Generation Takes Precedence in the Downturn

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Sybase's media mix will favor online media such as SEM, social media and virtual events. virtual events, SEM, social media) and from outside sales to inside sales and telemarketing. In response to a substantial drop in technology spending, B2B marketers will cut budgets and re-jig their media mix. This was one of the main conclusions drawn from the recent BtoB webinar: Outlook 2009: Marketing Priorities and Plans. Although this is a sombre forecast, it does not compare to the steep drop in spend in 2001 (see my previous blog post on this).

A Community Turns One Year Old

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If Social Media Today is a toddler, then that would make me a newborn. A few weeks back I was invited to blog on Social Media Today and now would like to send my congratulations to the team. Tags: Social Media Today blogs Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for inviting me to the online Party!

Speech today at Chicago B2B Event

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Second, leads generated through organic search and social media, are of high quality. Today I spoke to a group of B2B marketers at the Chicago Association of Direct Marketers (CADM) on the topic of B2B Online Lead Generation and Management. After presenting here a year ago at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, I welcomed the opportunity to return to Chicago (see my photo below). The timing was good: the results from our third annual LeadGen Tools Survey will be released in the next week. The CADM audience received a sneak peek at some of the data (more on that later). the price of success!

Crowdsourcing: Wikipedia vs. The Economist

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Recently, the Economist published an article on crowdsourcing that discussed the past and future of this social medium where idea generation is outsourced to online crowds. Two diverse questions came to mind as I read an article on crowdsourcing: Is crowdsourcing losing its appeal? Is journalism threatened by Wikipedia? The author illustrated the success of crowdsourcing with examples drawn from Wikipedia, the Library of Congress (using Flikr) and Google. In addition, a volunteer model such as Wikipedia would be disrupted should Wikipedia evolve to a for-profit business.

What to make of the new Oracle.

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Judith Sim also discussed Oracle's use of social news releases that has helped cut Oracle's PR budget in half and the posting of videos, blogs and forums on the Oracle website. Tags: podcasts blogs social media Web 2.0 You may have caught Kate Maddox of BtoB Online covering the recent Business Marketing Association conference. According to Kate, the candor of Judith Sim, VP-CMO of Oracle, during her keynote at the BMA conference was quite surprising. Judith stated that Oracle has increased its return on marketing despite declining budgets. media. media wikis

115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media [Infographic]


It’s something that you use almost every day, but how much do you really know about social media? Social Media Is The New Newspaper. Did you know that Reddit is the most popular social media platform as a source of news? Younger people are more likely to be making the change to news on social media. Social In Sixty Seconds. Guest post by Josh Wardini. It is.

Is it Time to Ditch the Term “Social”?


Is social media social? Social

49 Noteworthy Social Networking Stats and Facts


Though new social networks continue to be launched (e.g. But there are no guarantees that leadership will last, and the social networking landscape is constantly evolving. Image credit: Social Media Examiner. ” 93% of small business owners and marketers use Facebook, and 92% agree that social media is important for their businesses. Social Media Examiner ).

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47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


Social media use isn’t quite universal—but it’s getting close. population now has at least one social networking profile; more than half use two or more social networks. The number of worldwide social media users is projected to grow from 2.1 90% of young adults—ages 18 to 29—use social media (compared to just 35% of those over age 65). 70% of the U.S.

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How even social media & social selling experts are getting LinkedIn wrong – Part 1


showed how the actions of these CMOs and others are the reasons behind why 8 out of 10 sales and marketing leaders are unable to prove a clear social media ROI on LinkedIn. Jay Baer Wrongly Believes Shotguns Trump Rifles in Social Media. Can’t that be found on almost every social media consultant’s website? Click here to read the post on the blog. Like this post?

23 Outstanding Social PR Guides


This shift has led to today’s emphasis on “social” PR. But it’s not merely about using social media platforms and outreach; as one of five pillars in the web presence optimization framework , PR now impacts SEO, content marketing, website design, and other marketing disciplines. What are the best practices for social PR? Social PR Strategies and Tactics.

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Social Selling 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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Social selling is the process of developing relationships as part of the sales process, this mostly takes place on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook but can also take place offline at networking events and conferences. In addition, socially savvy reps beat their quotas 23% more often. ” Koka Sexton  -  Content and Social Team at LinkedIn.

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5 Easy Tools for Social Selling Success


Social selling is an awesome way to get things done. But, like the early days of anything on social, it’s difficult, messy, and imprecise. A big reason for this is a lack of organizational tools. Remember trying to manage your brand’s presence on social media pre Hootsuite? Easy Tools for Social Selling Success. Guest post by Austin Duck. It was the stuff of nightmares.

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Socialize your videos for business development


Sales and marketing people take note: v ideo is a medium used for everyday social communication. But most B2B video — especially video targeting tech buyers — doesn’t feel at all like social communication for regular people. Scrolling your newsfeed past the stuff that isn’t super-appealing accounts for a lot of social media activity. Use Video to Activate Other Media.

How to Calculate the ROI of Social Media Marketing [Infographic]


Quick: Can you list the goals of each and every one of your social media efforts? So much of social media is on the fly—a response rather than a plan—that it can become a slippery planning slope for companies, especially those that are understaffed. In fact, setting goals is a key component of establishing a process to measure social media profitability.

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4 Ways to really engage your customers on social media


It isn’t too tough to get your fans to like and share your posts on social platforms, but it is trickier to get them to leave comments. Many businesses really want to interact with their fans and ignite more engagement on social media to build relationships and loyalty. Take a look at these four ways to encourage your audience to engage with you on Facebook and other social platforms.

35 Stupendous Social Networking Facts and Stats


Though “social media” broadly encompasses a variety of platforms including blogs (WordPress, Medium, Tumblr), content sharing (YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram), and content curation (Scoop.It, Triberr,, the term is nearly synonymous to many for the big social networks. Facebook is of course (by far) the largest social network. Social Media Today ).

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23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


Though the use of social media and social networks for marketing is now nearly ubiquitous, and 78% of companies have dedicated social media teams, many marketers sill struggle with certain aspects of social marketing, such as formalizing strategies and measuring results. What trends and changes in social media do marketers need to stay on top of? do that for me?”

Email marketing versus social media – once more


If we can believe the people of Email Delivered there is a “heated debate inside marketing circles” about what’s the best option when it comes to focusing your marketing efforts: social media or email marketing. Email marketing Integrated marketing Social media marketing content marketing Email Delivered Social Media Today social versus email

How Even Social Media & Social Selling Experts Are Getting LinkedIn Wrong – Part 1

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The post How Even Social Media & Social Selling Experts Are Getting LinkedIn Wrong – Part 1 appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Social Media LinkedIn LinkedIn Marketing linkedin social selling social selling

7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

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A Note from Patsi: This week’s guest post is about social media  and it’s really important. Because if you want to engage your business blog readers and grow your reader base, you need to use social media. Here are Paul’s 7 Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid. Did you know it is now possible to buy followers and likes from certain social media networks?

Social selling, social business, social employees and other hype

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Just reading headlines day by day is a pretty good way to watch the waves of social media buzz crash on the shore! The social enterprise Let’s say you walk into France one day and announce that they need to be more like Russia. And for most companies, becoming a “social enterprise” will take a significant cultural change. The social enterprise.