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Rating the Crowd-Sourced Marketing Software Review Sites

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What began as a whimsical “ landscape of landscapes ” led me to realize crowd-sourced review sites are the most common type of vendor directory, accounting for 15 of the 23 sources listed in my original graphic. The first question was which sites draw a big enough crowd to be useful. After adding two review sites that I learned about after the original post, I had 17 to consider.

Why Written Plans Improve Web Site Project Success

B2B Marketing Traction

Studies show that up to 25% of web site projects fail and 30% are over budget. When creating a new or updating an existing web site, marketing professionals have a tough role to play. They have to understand the web site owner needs and translate those needs into specifications that web developers (the techies!) The solution is a written web site project plan.

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Search success hinges on site speed


When it comes to getting your site organically to the top of Google Search, you must care as much about how your web server performs in response to requests, demand, load, and even denial-of-service attacks as you do about responsive design, meta tags, keyword density, social signals, inbound marketing, content marketing, or the perfectly-turned page title. First, test your site speed.

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10 Awesome Examples of Ecommerce Sites Using Responsive Web Design


Often, many of the websites using RWD are agency sites or personal blogs, and sometimes it seems like a RWD design might only be practical for the more creative type of website. Every type of website can benefit from using a responsive web design to allow web visitors to access the same site and content no matter what kind of device they are using. However, this is simply not true.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 7 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Create and Maintain Regularly Updated Reference Content Every B2B site should produce cornerstone reference content that is. the most shared content on the Moz site this year by some margin. Video on a site adds more than two minutes of dwell time. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing.

All social media sites should offer profit sharing and ad revenue


The post All social media sites should offer profit sharing and ad revenue appeared first on Biznology. On March 14th, Liz Mannebach asked me via Twitter, ‘Great piece. Other than Snap & YT, are there any smaller social platforms that you see as “pulling their weight” in revenue?’ Liz Mannebach (@lizmbach) March 14, 2017. YT was so smart. What do you think?

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Most Common On-Site SEO Problems

Haley Marketing

SEMrush, one of the leading search engine marketing tools (and one of the tools Haley Marketing uses), recently did an audit of 100,000 websites and 450 million web pages to examine the biggest on-site SEO issues. They found a lot of the same issues popping up on many sites. BUT, having duplicate content doesn’t ADD rank value to your site. Missing Alt Tributes.

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Cool & Useful Sites for the Holidays

Paul Gillin

While I was familiar with several of these sites, I hadn’t heard of gems like, Wantful and Trippy. Through sites like this, shopping online is no longer an isolated event. These sites allow you converse with friends (through Skype and chat), compile lookbooks for your friends and family’s seal of approval, and most importantly, buy online. Make someone’s day brighter with this site that allows you to send a lucky person a gift of your choosing. The site also has an app available for your phone or tablet device. Definitely bookmarkable.

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6 Important Features Every Content Marketing Site Should Have

B2B Marketing Insider

The post 6 Important Features Every Content Marketing Site Should Have appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. For some reason, website design always seems to be the forgotten red-headed stepchild of content marketing. The truth is, you can create the best […]. Content Marketing

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 7 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Create and Maintain Regularly Updated Reference Content Every B2B site should produce cornerstone reference content that is. the most shared content on the Moz site this year by some margin. Video on a site adds more than two minutes of dwell time. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing.

Hello Ello: What You Need to Know About This New Social Networking Site

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In Facebook’s decade-long quest for market saturation, the social networking behemoth has many users questioning the site’s validity. Is a new social networking site the solution to the seemingly-growing list of Facebook concerns? Those interested in joining may request an invite on the site, but those invitations are slow in coming. Ello is totally ad-free.

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Why It’s Important to Understand the Expectations of Your Site Visitors

B2B Marketing Insider

You write really compelling content, create perfect images and hone overall website design to perfection to get more traffic to your site. The post Why It’s Important to Understand the Expectations of Your Site Visitors appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. But how is it possible that still a few of those visitors are converting into leads and clients? That’s the question!

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Google chooses speed over content from sites


One of the variables as to how much you pay and whether Google puts your listing at the tippy-top of the results has a lot more to do with your site speed, content-latency, and the number of milliseconds it takes for the initial request to result in a fully-rendered website (including, remember, every single image, JavaScript , social button, badge, plugin, and separate database call).

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Website Evaluation Comes Before Site Redesign

Industrial Marketing Today

You know your industrial site needs a major makeover but diving right into a site redesign without first doing a website evaluation or a site audit can be a costly mistake. However, you should insist that your industrial website redesign include at least the basic SEO features such as optimized <Title> and <Description> tags, keyword rich H1 and H2 tags, XML and HTML site maps, code for Google Analytics and social sharing options. Site’s crawlability and indexing of internal pages via internal linking. Website content (Is it customer-centric?).

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 7 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Create and Maintain Regularly Updated Reference Content Every B2B site should produce cornerstone reference content that is. the most shared content on the Moz site this year by some margin. Video on a site adds more than two minutes of dwell time. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing.

How and Why To Set Your Site Up for Google’s Rich Answers


Here’s how the percentage of rich answers has risen between two studies Stone Temple did last year: Should site owners worry about rich answers? That’s because Google seems to prefer indexing and formatting public domain content into rich answers, and they don’t have to include a link to any site if they use public domain data. Google often tests rich answers from different sites.

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6Sense Finds B2B Prospects Using Web Site Activities

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and key activities (Web site visits, topics researched) and scores at both company and individual levels. It then matches against company profiles that 6Sense itself has gathered from the usual Web sources – public social media, Web sites, job boards, directories, etc. – and from a network of third-party Web sites. The Web site network is unusual if not unique among B2B data providers; the most similar offerings I can think of are audience profiles from B2C site networks, from owners of large B2B sites, and based on other B2B activity such as email response.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Site Conversions

Vertical Response

Whether you’re looking to convert blog or website visitors to subscribers or prospects to clients, working to increase conversions on your site is never a wasted effort. Here are three easy ways to optimize your site in order to do just that. The post 3 Easy Ways to Increase Site Conversions appeared first on VR Marketing Blog. This leads us to the next tip.

10 Sites for Free, Non-Cheesy Stock Photos


To prove it, we''ve compiled a list of 10 awesome sites for free, non-cheesy stock photos. proudly claims that they''re " not your typical crappy stock photo site.". We''ve all heard the mantra, "don''t settle for anything less than you deserve.". Yet for some strange reason, marketers continue to push out cheap stock photography to serve as a representation of their brand.

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14 key facts on website speed and 4 top tips when it ‘s slow


Is website speed a concern for your site? 79% of web shoppers who have trouble with website performance say they won’t return to the site again. If it takes more than 10 seconds to load, 30% will abandon the site. If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 And a top factor in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Hushly Helps Marketers Connect With Anonymous Web Site Visitors

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When this blog last left Geoff Rego in 2010 , he had just sold the assets of pioneering B2B marketing automation vendor Market2Lead to Oracle. Since then, he’s been gnawing at the bone of anonymous business leads, suspecting that there’s some way to gain value from people who are interested in a product but haven’t identified themselves to vendors. Rego has shown me a couple of approaches over the past few years, none of which quite worked out. But when we saw each other at Dreamforce last month, it seemed he had settled on a keeper. Members can block messages from a vendor if they wish.

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Build Your Marketing Strategy Like a Construction Site

Modern B2B Marketing

I know what you’re probably thinking, “A construction site?! First impression aside, a construction site and the construction team actually run like a well-oiled machine. There’s a lot you can learn from a construction site. So, I ask, how can you make your marketing strategy as strategic and purposeful as a construction site? You mean messy, dirty, and disorganized?”.

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What You Should Know Before Developing Industrial Blog Sites

Industrial Marketing Today

Industrial Blogs Industrial Websites Website Design & Development Blog Sites Content Management System (CMS) industrial ecommerce interactive design tools parametric search applicationsAt this time of the year, many industrial companies are getting ready for their annual budget planning meetings. If you are one of them, a redesign of your industrial website [.]. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]].

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Enhance your Site's Content with Microformats

Confluent Forms

It is time to become aware of the place microformats have in your site structure. As their use increases, those sites without the additional information accuracy gained though microformatting may find themselves falling behind in search results and clickthroughs. HTML5 already has elements that lend some indication as to their role in your document.

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Say NO to Auto-Feeds: Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites

Writing on the Web

Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites" alt=" Say NO to Auto Feeds: Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites" />. Your Blog & Facebook, Social Sites" width="300" height="104" /> Today’s guest post is written by Christine Buffaloe, of Serenity Virtual Assistant Services , a great resource for social media know-how, for Facebook , LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep it fresh.

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Have top influencers author your sites to appease Google search


Consider the blogger you bring on board as authors of your site to be the helium balloons lifting Carl Fredricksen , Russel, and Dug up into the sky in their house. Also, to my company site, Gerris digital , and to a former client’s site, too, DCBIA. Good for you, bad for online business. Be sure to monetize while you can. What is Google Authorship? Related articles.

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Why Hackers Take Down Sites (and How to Protect Yourself)

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Others use the denial of service attack as a “smokescreen” while they insert malware or a virus into the code of the target site. In some cases, hackers will execute a denial of service attack on a website because they disagree with something the site owner has said (on the site or on another channel). There are some ways to protect your site against a denial of service attack.

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7 Creative Content Ideas for Your Ecommerce Site


If you’re not sure what that looks like or how you can use creative content for your ecommerce site, we have some pretty spectacular examples for you. Sure, any old ecommerce site could feature a blog, but there’s something special about JackThreads. Big brands realize they need so much more than a picture and description to sell products. JackThreads Blog. Target Awesome Shop.

The Dos and Don’ts of Review Sites

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The evolution of online review sites over the past few years has been a boon to both small businesses and consumers. As a small business, review sites give you a greater online presence. Sites like Yelp, Google, Yahoo! For consumers, review sites give them the opportunity to research and gain insight on a product or business – whether it be a restaurant, dry cleaner, or salon – before they even step foot inside the door. Why are review sites are so important to small businesses? However, several review sites warn caution with this tactic.

Engage and Convert Site Visitors – 9 Tips to Make it Happen

B2B Marketing Insider

You have to put yourself in the shoes of your visitor and see your site and […]. The post Engage and Convert Site Visitors – 9 Tips to Make it Happen appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. When you land on a website, what makes you stay? What makes you bounce? And what makes you decide to push a CTA button? Content Marketing content management converison

The 20 Best Sites for Wasting Time on the Internet


20 of the Best Sites For Wasting Time on the Internet. If you're into great (and hilarious) fiction writing, then you'll definitely want to bookmark this site. Plus, they have a whole bunch of really cool podcasts that have branched off the main site over the years and are worth checking out, like " Stuff You Should Know ," " BrainStuff ," and " Stuff Mom Never Told You.".

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How Publishers Can Increase Time on Site


One metric in particular that is particularly indicative of overall reader engagement, is time on site. Why Time on Site is Important. But then you take a look at your average time on site, and it’s around 55 seconds. The longer someone remains on your site , the more likely they are to convert on an offer or display some other trackable form of purchase intent. Media

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Industrial Blog Sites Revisited

Industrial Marketing Today

In my conversations over the past few months, I have noticed a growing acceptance of blog sites among manufacturers, industrial distributors and engineering services companies. Blog sites as inbound marketing hubs. The ability to self-manage content updates with a built-in content management system (CMS) of a blog site is one of the most requested “must have” features of industrial website redesign RFQs. To learn more about the benefits of industrial blog sites, read my earlier post, “Build Industrial Websites as Dynamic Blog Sites.”. Content curation.

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Avoid Sites That Sell Followers


So you’re new to a social media site and you see that low follower count. All the work you put into delivering interesting and engaging content through your social media sites will go ignored if not delivered to the people its designed for. Targeted ads through the sites themselves help, allowing you to aim your site to the people you wish to reach.

EMERGENCY! My Site Broke – Now What?

EMagine B2B Blog

You log into your site, have everything set and ready to go, check the page, and nothing is displaying properly. With our team of experts, we are here to make your lives easier by providing a variety of services all to help make sure your site is the best it can be. Interested in learning more about what the emagine Support Team can do for you and your site? …and more!

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5 Sexy Mobile Sites (and Why We Love Them)


Do you remember the last time you went to a mobile site and had an unmoving (har har) experience? Maybe the site wasn''t responsive. Whatever it was, you may have left to go to another site as a result. After all, according to Google , 79% of users who don''t like what they find on a mobile site will go look for the information they need elsewhere. 1) HeyKenneth. Yikes.

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LinkedIn Launches "Content Marketing Score" and Trending Topics Site


You probably already have an RSS feed or bookmarks set up of top sites to get news from -- LinkedIn''s Trending Content tool is one to add to your industry monitoring list. If you''re doing inbound marketing, you''re probably maniacal about measuring your success. You''ve got to grow a business after all. Who doesn''t love more data that''s actionable and specific? Here''s what we found.

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How To Start A Conversation To Keep Visitors On Your Web Site

It's All About Revenue

This is an adaptation from the book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” With so much emphasis put on content marketing and driving traffic, we often overlook the most valuable asset available to us – the people who are already on your site. These are the people have seen your content somewhere or were referred by a friend or a search engine to check out your site.

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The 15 Best Special-Purpose SEO Tools


A basic but essential SEO tool—check for HTML errors (such as duplicate title tags), search keywords driving traffic to your site from Google, crawl errors, manual actions, and security issues. Harvest search URLs for competitive research, influencer marketing, or link building; find blogs, guest books, image sites, and other potential backlink sources; and generate keyword suggestions.

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