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Is customer satisfaction really important in B2B?

The B2B Research Blog

After all, the logic goes, if customers are happy then they won’t feel a need to change supplier – satisfaction leads inexorably to loyalty.  Following on from this logic, market research studies tend to focus on measuring customer satisfaction and its cousin the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  The post Is customer satisfaction really important in B2B? Let me explain.

Tips for B2B customer satisfaction research

The B2B Research Blog

That’s why every B2B business needs a programme of regular customer satisfaction research. Too many customer satisfaction studies focus on what’s going wrong.  Set KPIs and targets to incentivise action, or better still, link customer satisfaction metrics to bonuses. The post Tips for B2B customer satisfaction research appeared first on Circle Research - B2B market research company. Uncategorized customer loyalty customer retention customer satisfaction Customers are your lifeblood. Take care though.  Reflect your business.  Don’t just focus on the negatives. 

Driving action from a customer satisfaction programme

The B2B Research Blog

Most companies have a customer satisfaction research programme in place, but not all are made equal.  Others are passive observers – they simply report on the situation but do little to change it.  So, how do you ensure that your customer satisfaction programme makes a positive difference? Things don’t happen unless people make them happen.  So the first step in any customer satisfaction programme is to identify those who have the power, skills and motivation to drive action on the back of the findings.  Here are nine golden rules. Rule 1: Create stakeholder ownership.

Marketing Automation User Satisfaction: Clearly, There's Room for Improvement (and maybe a little vodka)

Customer Experience Matrix

Or is something else going on: maybe satisfaction is lowest in the most mature categories, like human resources, enterprise resource management, and accounting, because experienced users are the most demanding? marketing automation effectiveness software satisfaction g2crowd demand generation But I do have some data to share on the question of relative dissatisfaction. But I doubt it.

Focusing on Patient Satisfaction


How Health Systems Can Adapt Their Practices to Optimize Patient Satisfaction. The focal shift from patient acquisition to patient engagement and satisfaction have been driven by the staged implementation of healthcare standards mandated by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). One example of an organization taking patient satisfaction to the next level is North Shore LIJ. Healthcar

Support Team Hits Perfect 100% Customer Satisfaction in Q2

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Customer Success insideview customer reviews insideview customer sat insideview customer satisfaction insideview customer success insideview customers insideview focus on customer insideview product support insideview support insideview user reviews insideview user satisfaction insideview user success insideview user support insideview usersWe’ve occasionally honked our own horn when it comes to […].

How One Simple Change Can Improve Your Client and Employee Satisfaction Rates


Our client lifetime has grown by 30%, client satisfaction -- as measured by Net Promoter Score -- improved by 29% three months after the change; employee satisfaction has risen by 23%; and our top-line revenue has grown by more than 50% since the switch. Making a U-turn in a Ford Focus is easier than in an 18-wheeler. When my content marketing agency, Influence & Co. Good luck!".

Going the Extra Mile: How to Use Twitter to Boost Customer Satisfaction


How can businesses keep up with their customers and better use Twitter as a platform for customer satisfaction? The post Going the Extra Mile: How to Use Twitter to Boost Customer Satisfaction appeared first on Sazbean. Image Courtesy of Youssef Rahoui on Social media has completely changed the way brands communicate with their customers. What do users think about this?

Finding Local Search Satisfaction in The B2B World

B2B Ideas @ Work

The post Finding Local Search Satisfaction in The B2B World appeared first on MLT Creative. Local SEO. It’s not new, but it doesn’t get much air time in the b2b community. The most obvious beneficiary of local SEO is the mom and pop/brick and mortar store looking to finally glean some business off the interwebs. Ideas@Work Blog Search Engine Optimization

5 Ways to Create Super-Addictive Loyalty Programs

B2B Marketing Insider

Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Marketing InnovationYou want customers to love your brand. Well, loyalty doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with building a quality relationship with your consumers. To reach “cult loyalty” status, like Apple’s fanatics, customers must identify with your brand on a deeper level. It gives your company […].

The 2015 Digital Patient Journey: Patient Satisfaction & Mobile Engagement


The mobile experience patients experience is no longer just an “add-on” piece to help drive patient satisfaction – it is one of the essential pieces to the equation. Hospital marketers must deploy robust strategies around their mobile ecosystem as an essential piece of their overall marketing objectives if they want to continue to drive patient satisfaction and maintain brand reputation. The post The 2015 Digital Patient Journey: Patient Satisfaction & Mobile Engagement appeared first on Fathom. No doubt, people are interested in managing their health. What You Can Do.

Life Enrichment: Satisfaction

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Life Enrichment: Satisfaction. Some might think that Life Enrichment is all about satisfaction and while that is the ultimate outcome, what I like to explore is how you get there. Gaining satisfaction is the challenge, understanding satisfaction maybe even harder. Tell me your story, how have you felt Satisfaction? Then he dropped it on me. He got a huge hug.

4 Ways to Survive a Social Media Disaster

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Social Media Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty StrategyMore than 90% of businesses maintain two or more social media channels. So, it’s no surprise that companies experience social media disasters. That’s when a post with insensitive comments (mostly due to ignorance or poor judgment) goes viral and destroys your brand’s message.

Why AI Is the Future of Customer Satisfaction


Opentopic blog >> The complexities of customer support aren’t lost on any CIO. Start multiplying a portfolio of products by all the potential problems, factor everything across support channels—phone, email, web chat, social media, an app and snail mail—and you quickly arrive at the intersection of unmanageable and impossible. study conducted by Zendesk and Loudhouse found that only. Cognitive Technology Cmo cognitive technology

Are 70% of Marketing Automation Users Unhappy? Well, Not Exactly

Customer Experience Matrix

The quote refers to a question about how well marketing automation software met satisfaction and improved results, on a 1 to 5 scale. The middle group, 44.1% “achieved our goals” which still sounds to me like marginal satisfaction. b2b marketing automation future of marketing automation marketing automation satisfactionYou can buy it here if you’re interested. Only 23.7%

Gaining an edge over competitors with a knowledge base


Ensuring customer satisfaction is an important part of a business strategy and many businesses struggle to successfully achieve it; a knowledge base can greatly help with this task. A knowledge base is a tool that every company should rely on, as it easily improves customer support, collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and workflow within a company. Types of knowledge base software solutions.

Improve Your Data-Driven Marketing Strategy in Just One Day

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Marketing Strategy automation business Customer Feedback Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty data data driven marketing marketing strategyAny marketer who’s worth their salt knows that improvements in a marketing strategy don’t just spring out of nowhere, overnight. But with some careful planning, you can make your tactics much more efficient, and perform some real marketing magic.

Patient Satisfaction Is the Name of the Game; Social Media Is a Player


Every hospital knows Medicare is beginning to tie some payments to patient satisfaction. … Read the rest The post Patient Satisfaction Is the Name of the Game; Social Media Is a Player appeared first on Fathom. Healthcare Industry Social Media Big Data/Predictive Analytics Facebook pinterest Twitter

Experian Marketing Services earns top spot for omnichannel marketing capabilities and client satisfaction in independent research on email service providers


Opentopic blog >> The Experian Marketing Suite is recognized by The Relevancy Group for its innovative technology and functionality, including capabilities that deliver online, offline and addressable TV solutions for marketers NEW YORK, March 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Experian Marketing Services, a recognized leader in data-driven marketing, was awarded the top position — in a field of nine email. Marketing ROI Cmo marketing roi

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5 Tips to Start a Conversation with Your Audience

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Content Marketing content creation content writing Customer Satisfaction & LoyaltyFriends, Marketers, Countrymen lend me your ears. We move into the another year witnessing our mechanical cousins picking up some impressive skills. From drones delivering mails to an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool predicting the winner of US presidential elections.

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Finalizing your holiday digital marketing plan


The results not only mean higher conversions, but increases in customer satisfaction. Capitalizing on the current marketing trends will help you as you make your final preparations to your holiday marketing strategy. You likely already have your holiday marketing plan in place, but you will need some last minute tweaking and adjustments. Act on it before it is too late. billion ( source ).

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5 tips to help you make business decisions that get results


Focus on finding ways to improve customer satisfaction; it is one of the most important things you can do to guarantee the success of your small business. Small business owners tend to do it all and wear all of the business hats when running their business. The owner often acts as the marketer, operations manager, and human resources manager all at the same time. Learn from your mistakes.

The best advice I ever received for my business, and my blog

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Blogging best practices business relationships Leadership blog community building blog community management blogging best practices blogging success competitive advantage customer acquisition customer satisfaction peter drucker small business writing for a blogI was recently asked by an interviewer, “Who has had the greatest influence on your personal growth?”

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Employee Satisfaction = Customer Satisfaction

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Just finished a great book called Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. Tony is the CEO of Zappos, an online shoe store which was acquired by Amazon for $1.2 billion. What struck me as I read was that the corporate philosophy. While most highly successful companies focus on profitability, efficiency, margin etc. Not quite that simple, but wow what a novel idea!

Customer Satisfaction is Not Dead

Vertical Response

According to Wikipedia , customer satisfaction, a term frequently used in marketing, is a “measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet or surpass customer expectations.” ” If you have any kind of business involving customers (both internal and external), you need to be concerned and actively managing your customer satisfaction. Sexy right?

Why Employee Development is Important


One of the recurring themes in studies that I’ve reviewed recently is how important employee development ranks in overall job satisfaction and engagement. Blog employee development employee satisfaction Engagement Harvard Business Review Think of the last time you really felt personally aligned with your job or the mission of your organization. Graphic Source: CultureAmp. link].

Marketing Automation's Unhappy Users: Trouble in Paradise?

Customer Experience Matrix

Questions about satisfaction give a similarly ambiguous result: just over two-thirds of users in a Winsper Group survey reported themselves satisfied with the business value of their system, again meaning that nearly one-third were neutral or actively dissatisfied. As I mentioned in last week''s post , I’m writing a paper on stages of marketing automation deployment.

Social media zombies and the 2 percent solution

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I’ve spent most of my career in sales and marketing and have been fairly obsessive about customer satisfaction. They studied the cost versus benefit of trying to achieve “100% customer satisfaction” and came up with two important conclusions: 1) The cost of satisfying most customers is very low. Social media zombies have turned the world of service upside-down.

Coaching Culture: Putting Down Roots


Best Practices from the Industry Client Success Sales Development Sales Leadership & Management B2B B2B Insights B2B Sales Insights Customer Satisfaction David Sill Sales Effectiveness Sales Leadership Skills Sales SuccessAt the start of the new year, I wrote about my team trying to turn the corner from “Account Management” to “Customer Success”. Months beyond the vision phase, we are now in execution mode and fully committed to building a coaching culture — both for Customer Success and Sales — that instills the good habits needed to realize that vision.

Employee engagement impacts brand experience


How can companies anticipate the impact of employee satisfaction – before it hurts, and before it detracts from a brand’s experience? Brands are inundated with research and survey data, ranging from Customer Experience, NPS, customer satisfaction, employee feedback, and brand health data from social media and third party providers. References. Like this post?

Taking Control of Your Business’s Reputation

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Marketing Strategy Content Marketing content strategy Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Social MediaYour business’s reputation goes hand in hand with your sales, especially when it comes down to a customer choosing between different companies. business with a good reputation has lots of positive reviews, mentions on social media, and is in good standing with the world.

Driving action from a customer satisfaction programme

The B2B Research Blog

Most companies have a customer satisfaction research programme in place, but not all are made equal.  Others are passive observers – they simply report on the situation but do little to change it.  So, how do you ensure that your customer satisfaction programme makes a positive difference? Things don’t happen unless people make them happen.  So the first step in any customer satisfaction programme is to identify those who have the power, skills and motivation to drive action on the back of the findings.  Here are nine golden rules. Rule 1: Create stakeholder ownership.

5 Ways to Create Added Value for Customers

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Consistently work to improve customer satisfaction. continues, lack of customer satisfaction is a sure-fire way to keep people from coming back. Business Management Customer Service Small Business Marketing added value Customer satisfaction Customer service unforgettable customer experience Don’t know where to start? Always consider your customers’ perspective.

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5 Best Criteria to Segment Your Site Traffic and Personalize the Customer Journey

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Marketing Strategy Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Digital Marketing increase conversions marketing strategy segmentationIf every visitor to your website is funneled into the same pages, offered the same options, and given the same user experience, you could be cheating yourself out of conversions. The result is often not particularly engaging for anybody. In […].

How to measure customer satisfaction in B2B markets

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How do you measure customer satisfaction in B2B markets?  What questions should you ask in a customer satisfaction survey? Fair questions, but first ask yourself this: should you measure customer satisfaction?  It’s counter-intuitive, but in B2B markets sometimes customer satisfaction doesn’t actually matter.  However, more often than not customer satisfaction is linked with loyalty so let’s return to that question – how do you measure it? Then ask customers to rate their overall satisfaction with different areas of the experience using the same scale.

The #1 Way to Improve Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction | B2B.

B2B Marketing Insider

In B2B marketing organizations, the single most important way to keep customers is to build satisfaction and loyalty. So, how do we build customer satisfaction and loyalty?  By cultivating satisfied and engaged employees.  And how does a leader take accountability for employee satisfaction? Next the question becomes- how do we do it ? And who does which piece? James L.

Our Customer Service Team Wraps Up 2015 With Best-ever Experience Ratings

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Customer Success insideview accomplishments insideview customer feedback insideview customer sat insideview customer satisfaction insideview customers insideview ratings insideview reviews insideview successWe’re very proud of our Customer Service team at InsideView, and they consistently raise their own bar of performance. Now we’re doing it again. This includes […].

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2 Simple Ways to Get Real Feedback from Employees

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Business Management employee feedback employee relations employee satisfaction exit interview HR human resources No matter how big or small your company is, you need to know what’s going on with your employees. After all, they reflect who you are and how you want your business to be perceived. There are two really simple ways you should try: Exit and stay interviews.

Customer Spotlight: TopOPPS

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Customer Success customer sat insideview insideview customer reviews insideview customer satisfaction insideview customers insideview for sales customer insideview for sales feedback insideview for sales review insideview for sales user insideview happy customer insideview review insideview user reviewIn our continuing effort to highlight how our customers […].

Earning Attention of Potential Customers When Attention is Scarce


Just in case: AIDAS is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction. Blog Connected marketing Content marketing Conversion User experience action AIDAS attention content desire earning attention inbound marketing interest outbound marketing satisfaction SEO social sharing word-of-mouthDo you remember good old AIDAS? It is an illustration of the various stages of the marketing process as we have been using it for decades and still do. Well, in fact, originally it was a sales funnel model, called AIDA. [.].