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3 Ways To Use Video To Get Tactical On Facebook

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The results, while not from a large sampling, are pretty telling. 2. wanna get tactical. Let's get into tactical. Let me hear your social talk, your social talk. Let me hear your social talk. Ok, I know. Cheesy as all get out. My apologies. But when a song gets stuck in your head. oh never mind. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without.

10 Key Social Insights About CMOs - and the Huge Opportunity Many are Missing

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As part of their research LeadTail and Neustar analyzed a random sampling of the CMOs who part of the overall analysis and of the 15 they sampled, only two had published posts to their own LinkedIn profile. As I've written about in the past, most recently just last week - the role of a CMO is changing from one of chief marketing officer to one of chief engagement officer.

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Not Just Another Marketing Event

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Here's a sampling of the cities across the US and Canada Modern Marketing Mashups have been held: San Francisco. There is no shortage of marketing events these days. Many are very worthwhile while others are, well are a little less than to be desired shall I say? It's also not an excuse for an after-work happy hour. Mashed Up. Cool Locales – The hottest spot in town. Montreal.

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5 Actionable Content Marketing Insights from Latest Report

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This is only a sample of the content goodness in this report about the Future of Content Marketing. In the latest report from Econsultancy they looked at the future of content marketing by talking to content experts, agency leaders and content practitioners. One of the biggest imperatives they noted is the importance of data as it relates to content. It needs proper analysis.”

The Marketing Technology Landscape: An Interview with Scott Brinker

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Usually on my graphs, I probably limit them to a ceiling of about 2,000, and that’s trying to show as representative of a sample as possible. Scott Brinker is co-founder and CTO of the interactive content marketing firm ion interactive and author of the blog. slightly shorter version of this interview appears in The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack.

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Managing Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Content

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Commission the agency to provide a three-month schedule of content and samples; it will give you a real-world feel for its capabilities and approach. 5. In an ideal world, a marketing department would be able to provide all the content required to create a successful, lead-generating content marketing strategy. recent survey has shown that many B2B marketers are struggling to make an impact with their content marketing. vast majority, or 72%, of surveyed marketers say less than half of their marketing staff play a primary role in content marketing strategising. The net result? Your role?

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4 Things Your Email Recipients Want to Tell You

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Sephora posed a viable question in its recent email subject line: “Need samples for your suitcase?” by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Today the United States marks Memorial Day, AKA the social summer kickoff. For marketers these past few days were prime time for email marketing escapades. As a consumer on the receiving end of these emails, it can become overwhelming. ” 2.

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5 Tips For Creating Global Marketing and Branded Content

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test it with a sample group and gather their feedback. by Heike Neumann | Tweet this P&G is the source for recent uproar in Germany’s media landscape initiated by a special edition of one of their well-known laundry detergents. The intention had all been good: To promote their detergent “Ariel” in a special edition for the upcoming soccer world championships. Big foul! hand sign is o.k.

B2C, B2B and What They Can Learn From Each Other

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The above is a sampling from a brand new eBook entitled The Marketer’s Backpack a guide for all marketers this “school year” if you will. There is a growing sentiment among many that the tried and true marketing designations of B2C and B2B will essentially go by the wayside as we collectively move toward a more holistic marketing approach (AKA H2H or Human To Human.).

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Emails That Say Thanks Get More Opens, Clicks [CHART]

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In the sample that I looked at it was 14.29% higher. by Joel Rothman | Tweet this As we recover from  turkey hangovers , I decided to look at how appreciated giving a simple thank you is. took a look at about 875 million email sends looking for use of the word “Thanks” or “ Thank You ” in the subject line.  I am pleased to see that good old fashioned etiquette is still a best practice!

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4 Ways Marketers Can Appeal Messaging to Holiday Shoppers

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Unlike previous, snapshot studies of consumer intent or self-reported behavior, this project involves both quantitative and qualitative studies of the same sample of consumers during two distinct time periods: October, when consumers are generally in the planning stages, and mid-December, when consumers have either largely finished or are still actively engaged in holiday shopping. It’s the most wonderful time of year! Marketers, celebrate the holiday shopping season (the ultimate chance to get cozy with your shoppers by demonstrating value and relevance, of course).

How Social Sign-On Increases Conversions [CHART]

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Click here to see samples of the landing pages. by Joel Rothman | Tweet this There is a formula for becoming a demand generation superstar – and, luckily, there is an easy way to tip the equation in your favor. This weeks chart explores how to do that. Prospects x Conversion Rate) x Marketing Qualified Lead Acceptance Rate=Sales Accepted Leads. Increase Conversion Rate.

What Marketers Lost Sight of Over the Summer

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Here’s a sampling of what they had to say when asked what they thought was the #1 thing marketers may have lost sight of over the summer: “We have seemingly created a digital divide between ourselves and our c ustomers. Schools bell ring across the land as kids all over the world head back to school. The summer has that effect on people of all ages. It’s human nature.


How Retailers Can Turn 2014's Holiday Spending Habits Into 2015 Revenue

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And unlike previous snapshot studies of consumer intent or self-reported behavior, the project involved both quantitative and qualitative studies of the same sample of consumers during two distinct time periods: October: When consumers are generally in the planning stages. Ok so now you have a taste, or sampling of the different findings we uncovered when it came to planned vs. actual.

The Top 25 Posts of 2012

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That’s just a sample of what subscribers got this year. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this It was a busy year here on the Eloqua blog. There were huge headlines, shifts in the landscape, and plenty of learning opportunities. Throughout the year, we tried to keep you in the loop with fresh content. To our subscribers, thanks for hanging out all year. Enjoy! 1. Brands That “Get” Storytelling.

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How To Build Sustainable Relationships With Your Advocates

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This is especially important in the business-to-business world where advocates aren’t just in it for the discounts, samples and swag. by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s post comes courtesy of Jim Williams , VP of Marketing at Influitive , the advocate marketing experts. This post is the third in a three-part series advocate marketing. Check out part one and part two. .

5 Event Planning Tips…Even If You’re Not An Event Planner

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Luckily, Best Events Catering have sample downloads for you. by Laura H. Vogel | Tweet this Here’s the dilemma: You need to plan an event, but you have no background in event planning. Somehow this duty has been thrust upon your shoulders. Relax. We’re here to help. Many organizations don’t have a dedicated point-person for event marketing. Yet, an event can make or break a campaign. Here are some handy tips to help you from planning process through the big day. Get Out The Whiteboard. No matter the type of event you’re planning, you need to map out a strategy. Bring Up Budget. Facebook.

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How Marketing Should Approach Sales Reps

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Instead, take sampling of reps, sales managers, account managers and ask them the same set of strategic questions and find out what they come up with. 5. Once you’re ready to talk to your sample of sales reps, you need to come up with a list of questions. by Michael Martin | Tweet this Sales enablement is one of the most important aspects of many marketers’ jobs. The result?

A Painless Guide to Planning a Marketing Budget

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To explain, I created a sample marketing budget below. But assuming the numbers in this sample marketing budget hold true, that’s exactly what you need to do. by Brian Kardon | Tweet this I was with a group of CMOs last week, all of whom were knee-deep in developing their marketing budgets for 2012. The group was divided down the middle with half energized by the process and half dreading it as much as a root canal. used to be a member of the “dread it” crowd. But now I look forward to the marketing budget process. The CEO has set the revenue targets for next year. 

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When is Email Deliverability Like a Fine Wine? [CHART]

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This sample group was pretty heavy in B2B where such webmail-centric reporting mechanisms are more rare giving rise to some very respectable average rates of fewer than 5 in 100,000 sends. by Egan Cheung | Tweet this When is email deliverability like a fine wine? When When it gets better with age.  So, this week, I decided to have a look at deliverability rates by industry.

What Percentage of Your Data is Fake? [CHART]

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The biggest single source of bad data in this sample set appear to be in the form of spam, which usually contain html links and terms like “Gold”, “Free” and “WoW”.Having by Anna Glushkovsky | Tweet this We’ve all done it before…fill in our names as “Anna Banana” with a title of “Miss Universe” to get to a  free white paper, webinar or just to see what the next screen is!

Who’s Watching Your Video Content? [CHART]

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Any job title that was incomplete in Eloqua was removed from this sample. by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note: Today’s chart comes courtesy of Joe Gelata , Director of Demand Generation of Vidyard. It’s pretty exciting stuff! Frequently at Vidyard we get asked, “Who is watching video content?” Is it generation Y? Do C-Level executives watch content?”.

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What Web Analytics Don’t Tell You

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With that in mind, I’ve drawn up a sampling of analytics we have today and where they fall short. by Nick Dennis | Tweet this Marketers love web analytics. What’s not to love? Thanks to analytics we know how are sites and content are performing now – not just a month or quarter from now. But as valuable as these analytics can be, they only feed you numbers in the aggregate. They can’t tell you how leads or customers are interacting with your website, your landing pages, etc. Page Depth. Page depth is a lovely metric to have. Who’s looking at my pricing page?

Where Are All The Great Leads Coming From? [VIDEO]

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So the first thing I found was that email marketing to a house list, SEO, social media (not ads) and trade shows topped the list for the most used channels, and that was with about 98%, 94, 88% and 87% of the sample all using those channels. . They are higher cost. I do think however, depending on, especially since given the sample is smaller business, a lot of these companies are just trying to establish themselves, generate awareness, make sure people know they are players. by Christina Pappas | Tweet this What’s a top priority among B2B demand generation marketers? Right?

5 Big Marketing Lessons From Kickstarter

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Using the platform’s “Updates” tab, Rondinelli answered a long list of frequently asked questions and a 360-degree sample video taken from the device he’s proposed to create. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. When Kickstarter launched it was seen as a grand experiment for the largely untested crowdfunding model. Would people actually pony up cash to support others’ ideas? We share 5 of them here.

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[Chart] How Personalization Increases Email Open Rates

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Here are some sample subject lines we found that illustrate the point: 1 – Personalized with name -  “ Joel&# , it’s time to renew your xyz seasons tickets –> 65% open rate! 2 – Personalized with company – Presentation for “Company” –> 2.4% by Egan Cheung | Tweet this What’s in a name? When it comes to email marketing , a lot. over the average.

Facebook VP: 3 Steps to Building Brands on Facebook

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They delivered a quarter of a million samples to fans and grew their Facebook fan base by 1.5 Intel’s Museum of Me project provides a sample of how digital data can be used in a visual way.). by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The internet was once a great anonymous playhouse. That’s changing as the social media drives the web towards a greater degree of personalization.

Do Email Benchmarks Vary By Region? [CHART]

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North American and European marketers appear to have had similar results in 2012, while marketers in Asia Pacific are generally seeing preferable responses.  It should be noted that the average volume of email sent is in reverse order, with North American marketers sending an order of magnitude more email than the APAC sample group. Do Email Benchmarks Vary By Region?

Retail Holiday Shopping Trends Highlighted in Two New Research Reports

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Unlike previous, snapshot studies of consumer intent or self-reported behavior, this project involves both quantitative and qualitative studies of the same sample of consumers during two distinct time periods: October, when consumers are generally in the planning stages, and mid-December, when consumers have either largely finished or are still actively engaged in holiday shopping.

Don’t Ignore the Store, Even as Online Holiday Sales Continue to Soar

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And unlike previous snapshot studies of consumer intent or self-reported behavior, the project involved both quantitative and qualitative studies of the same sample of consumers during two distinct time periods: October: When consumers are generally in the planning stages. Ok, so perhaps you're thinking "That's great but that's a small sampling you showed me.

How to Avoid Sending the Worst Sales Email

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In fact, a quick Google search for “worst sales email” yields a strong sampling of entertaining emails and customer rants. by Jody Mooney | Tweet this Has your inbox ever been plagued by a poorly made “sales email”? You’re not alone. Most of us have received one of those cringe-worthy emails from some anonymous seeming sales rep. The wrong name, the impersonal subject line (“XYZ” placeholder, anyone?), the comic sans font, we all know it when we see it. Sales emails play a critical role in finding opportunities, but not if the recipient is left shaking their head. Be Timely.

3 Ways Data’s Popularity Is Changing Business

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Nielsen ratings became a household name by sampling household television viewing. Despite better tracking, people can still practice selective sampling, reporting data that makes them look good but not necessarily the data that enables the company to make wiser decisions and drive revenue performance. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Do you feel like you hear the word “data” thrown around a lot lately? You’re not crazy. Once the exclusive purview of geeks, big name brands and small startups alike are pushing the concept of data into the mainstream. Marketing – Less Art, More Science.

How Do Your Contact Engagement Initiatives Stack Up? [CHART]

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In our sample, the lowest performing industry was Public Administration, with only 11% of contacts active over the last 12 months. by Joel Rothman | Tweet this To make the most of every contact interaction, it’s critical for marketers to consider how activities transpire across the entire funnel. Then, we analyzed which of those contacts opened or clicked through an email.

Why Reddit Is Relevant To Marketers [CHART]

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To measure engagement with consumer related topics versus general interest, we analyzed the average number of comments on submissions across a broad sample of categories — including an index of 20 brand specific sub-reddits comprised of manufacturers, consumer products, retailers, and sports. Successful Modern Marketing takes an integrated approach to social media.

3 Ways to Influence the Quora Community

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Although the sample size was relatively small, answers that included a graphic were  nine times more likely to be referenced by someone else and  five times more likely to earn a vote. by Joe Chernov | Tweet this. About two weeks ago, David Armano was kind enough to run the second Eloqua social research blog post on Logic+Emotion.  Let’s have a look at each. Answer First. The Magic Number.

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Picking A Provider? Meet BERQ.

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company that runs on numbers and not emotions will find BERQ a useful framework when evaluating potential providers of nearly any type of service. I’ll give you a small-scale sample. by Anna Glushkovsky | Tweet this. You might need to buy a car. Maybe you need to hire an advertising agency. Or perhaps you’re in the market for lead management solutions. But how? Let me introduce you to BERQ.

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Searching For the Elusive Net New Name

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But the sample you’re likely to reach is the same as the segment of your database you’re already successfully reaching – the active segment.  by Elle Woulfe | Tweet this. In demand generation , we employ a myriad of tactics to grow our databases, feed our nurturing campaigns and, eventually, drive qualified sales opportunities and revenue.  But it all starts at the top of the funnel with the great, unwashed masses.  And unless your role is focused on some highly specialized traffic acquisition activity, you probably run all kinds of programs to acquire new names. New Names, New Metrics.

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Branding, Bail Bonds & Sweet Tea: A Video Roundup

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Sweet Leaf Tea ‘s April Riggs showed up with free samples and was promptly brought on stage for a impromptu case study on how the brand has used social media to engage with costumers online, and quickly turn potential negative comments into positive feedback. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Oh, you thought I was done posting content about this past week’s Digital Marketing Forum? No, no. still have some goodies left. Some you might of already seen, but there’s plenty you haven’t yet. For example, have you heard from Eric Granof? Believe it, people. Share email.


3 Top Topics from Topliners

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This is just a sample, so join up with Topliners today. by Heather Foeh | Tweet this. Every week we bring you the most vibrant conversation from Topliners , a community for marketers to inspire, collaborate and develop winning campaigns. This week we have the best apps, tips for recovering from a webinar gone wrong and reporting advice. Imagine It: The Smart Phone Apps I Can’t Live Without – Check out these five recommendations from David. Do you concur? Do you have any additions? See It: What to Do When Your Webinar Goes Horribly Wrong (A True Story) – ouch!! Facebook.

What can Donald Trump teach us about market research?


How do you know you have the right sample of people? How do you know that you are sampling the right social conversation? Donald Trump’s presidential victory stunned experts from both sides of the aisle. Polls across every battleground state showed Hillary Clinton with solid leads, yet few of those polls seemed accurate on election night. What happened? Plenty. Like this post?