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The Cloud Must Go On – How to Catalyze a PR Win into Revenue with Marketing

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More than 40K attend this software technology conference, and many expect to hear each year from Marc Benioff, CEO and chairman of In less than 24 hours, used social media and search to turn a bad situation into success that will likely generate revenue in the months to come. The team was ready with handouts and matching Salesforce garb.

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Mariana Uses Artificial Intelligence to Build Personas and Find Target Audiences

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The whiz-bang part of its pitch is using artificial intelligence (“deep learning” as in the Mariana Trench – get it?) to build personas by analyzing a sample of your existing customers. This helps it pick the right person when several people share the same name and lets it build detailed, accurate profiles ncluding Twitter and Facebook handles, employer, job function, and interests.

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM), so why do I need marketing automation ”? Sample lists can include high-score leads in a particular region who visited your website in the last seven days; or contacts in active opportunities who registered for an upcoming webinar; or prospects who received an email offer and did not click through but visited your website anyways. Business Goal.

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Marketing Automation Catching On Fire

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Marketing Automation Software Guide published a  B2B Marketing Automation market map that shows a few other players I ignored for the timeline above, like SAP and Oracle because although they do have marketing automation capabilities it is not their core business (and I don’t agree with tagging as a marketing automation solution). The Marketing Sherpa data is based on a sample of 300 CMOs. Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Email Subscription Subscribe to the RSS feed Follow Daniel on Twitter Connect via LinkedIn Follow Me On Twitter! Keep going!

What Are You Thankful For?

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John Eaton, Sales. I’m thankful for two things this year: Twitter Prospector and the Act-On Hot Prospects Tab in You asking me? I’m grateful not to be a turkey (although this one is quite stylish…). Raghu Raghavan, CEO. I am thankful for the opportunity to move to the UK for Act-On to help grow our European business market! Phil Bosley, Sales. GO PACK GO!!!

Is it Still a Revolution if it Comes with Instructions?

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In this case, it’s Radian6, recently sucked up by  A quick trip to the book’s website   reveals a very, very concerted effort to sell speaking engagements and consulting.  So whatever value may lie in its pages, it’s wise to view this book through the skeptical lens of a content marketer. There’s a particular shout-out to Yammer and they include a Hand-Wringer’s nightmare as a sample exchange. Follow me on Twitter @bizmkter. should note that I received two copies, both of them free. Has anyone actually gone out and paid for it?). Oh, crap, you did.

Marketing Automation System Trends: What We Found in the Raab Guide

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Even though this is limited to the vendors in the Guide, it's a pretty representative sample of the industry as a whole. Marketo added features to capture Twitter posts and Helpstream customer support interactions within a lead’s activity history. This contrasts with traditional demand generation pricing on database size and/or activity volume, but is the way sales automation systems like are usually sold. Summary: Social media and access for sales people were the two big trends among demand generation vendors last year. Here’s a quick look at what I found.

Online Marketing News in 2009: The Year’s Hottest Events

Modern B2B Marketing

Twitter Starts Testing Features for Businesses. Top word of 2009: Twitter. Linkedin and Twitter integrate. Twitter creates Twitter Lists. announces Chatter, social computing for enterprise companies. Technorati release their state of the blogosphere - shows that most bloggers are just hobbiest and number one use of Twitter is to promote blogs. Microsoft announces Looking Glass to let marketers look into a real-time social stream aggregating feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, and will connect with CRM’s and more.