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Breaking: Announces the Marketing Cloud. So What is It?

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The “marketing cloud”, which has hinted at for a while, was announced today at Dreamforce ’12. Marketers who use both Eloqua and will be able to enjoy an enhanced version of the social marketing cloud. Breaking: Announces the Marketing Cloud. Digital Marketing b2b marketing Buddy Media CMO Eloqua Marc Benioff marketing automation Marketing Cloud Radian6 social marketing cloud social media marketingby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The long-whispered rumors are finally confirmed. So what is the “marketing cloud?”.

How to Match Great Content to Your Sales Funnel

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She previously worked in content marketing and community management at and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. In the B2B marketing world, the buying cycle is long. Unlike in B2C marketing, your future customer doesn't simply walk up to your vending machine, make a purchase, and become a closed sale.

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20 Experts, 1 Awesome Resource: The Social Media ProBook

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by Joe Chernov | Tweet this You may have noticed that over the past month or so, several influential social media professionals changed their profile pictures to funky avatars of themselves. Edelman’s David Armano went so far as to name his digital persona Vector David (I didn’t have the heart to point out his digital doppelganger’s unfortunate initials). That project goes live now. Right now.

The Characteristics of a Marketing Automation Expert [Infographic]

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She has spent the last three years in content marketing and community management at and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Amanda Nelson , Director of Marketing at RingLead, where she leads the content marketing strategy and execution.

Eloqua, Oracle & Why Modern Marketing Needs Open Systems

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This means, at a technology level, that integrations with leading CRM systems such as Oracle’s Siebel and other CRM systems,, and Microsoft CRM are necessary. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The following article was co-written by Eloqua’s CEO, Joe Payne , and Chief Technology Officer, Steve Woods. Last Thursday we announced that we have entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Oracle to become the core of Oracle’s Marketing Cloud. Modern marketing, at its core, involves a deep understanding the buyer.

A History of Dreamforce [Infographic] #DF11

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We are thrilled that 100% of the data – the lifeblood of all great infographics – behind A History of Dreamforce was supplied by, then painstakingly visualized by our friends at JESS3. Content Marketing #DF11 a history of dreamforce Dreamforce Eloqua history of dreamforce infographic inforaphics JESS3 the history of dreamforceclick to view full size).

Microsoft’s $1.2 Billion Ticket to “Social Business”

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Indeed, as Gartner analyst Larry Cannell explained to ComputerWorld , Microsoft has fallen behind enterprise competitors like SAP, Oracle and when it comes to cranking out truly social tools. Social Media b2b marketing Chatter Eloqua marketing automation Microsoft Salesforce social business social enterprise Yammerby Heidi Melin | Tweet this If you were wondering when Microsoft was going to join the social party, they’ve shown up in a big way. The software-maker is agreeing to buy Yammer, a social network for the workplace, for $1.2 billion.

Graphic: The 3 Biggest Marketing Trends of 2012

It's All About Revenue unveiled its Social Marketing Cloud , combining its purchases of Radian6 and Buddy Media. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Let me start by saying I know, you’ve seen dozens of lists on the most important marketing trends of the year. It’s the end of a busy year, and that tends to put folks in a reflective mood. – graphic. Click for larger image and to download.

What is the Social Enterprise?

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Walking into’s massive Dreamforce conference recently, a long banner greeted you. Digital Marketing B2B b2b marketing Constellation Research Dreamforce Forrester Research Michael Krigsman R Ray Wang social CRM social enterprise Social Media zach Hofer-ShallWelcome to the Social Enterprise,” it declared. Michael Krigsman.

Private Social Networks and the “Bathroom Moment”

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Our own CEO likes to refer to’s Chatter as “my Twitter.”. This is the reason we partnered with to integrate Chatter, a social networking platform for the enterprise , into our marketing automation platform. Social Media b2b marketing Chatter marketing automation sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment social businessby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Steve Jobs was an insistent man. This may have seemed like an idiosyncratic nuisance, but what Jobs understood is that creativity doesn’t thrive in cubicles.

13 Events You Should Attend In 2013

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The Holy Grail in cloud computing events, Dreamforce is where Founder & CEO Marc Benioff unveils the latest in greatest in the world of salesforce. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post was written by Amanda F. Batista , a freelance writer, editor and content developer. New Media Expo (NMX AKA BlogWorld). Las Vegas, NV. Email Evolution Conference. 18-22.

5 Media Lessons Every Marketer Should Learn

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Yesterday, I caught a panel led by media prognosticator, Jeff Jarvis , and featuring heavy hitters from, Newsweek , comScore, and Questus. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Dreamforce is the kind of event that touches virtually every industry, not just sales and marketing. The media industry is no exception. The discussion largely turned to the forces altering the media landscape (social, search, etc.), and the future trends that will shape it. Content marketing is turning brands into publishers, and so many of the lessons shared are perfectly applicable to modern marketing.

The Big SaaS Trends of 2011

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Marketing Measurement b2b marketing b2b sales and marketing cloud computing crm Eloqua Email Marketing SaaS SaaS industry social media marketingSolution Adoption. Social Marketing. Email Effectiveness Rates. Links to Resources and Best Practices. Check out the full report on the Eloqua Slideshare channel and see what’s going on in the marketing cloud.

Eric Schmidt: The Next Facebook will be Social, Mobile & Local

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During his sit down talk with’s CEO Marc Benioff at Dreamforce 2011 , Schmidt praised Facebook’s founder and chief. “He will be seen in the context as one of the great leaders in our industry. Disclosure: Eloqua and have a variety of customer/vendor, sponsorship and other arrangements between the two companies.). Eric Schmidt. Facebook.

How Social Collaboration Can Change the 80/20 Rule [CHART]

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Here at Eloqua, we intuitively believe that, and we are using Chatter as our internal collaboration tool. by Egan Cheung | Tweet this If you are not already familiar with the 80/20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, it is a common rule of thumb applied in business to prioritize what 20% of causes can deliver 80% of the desired outcome.

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The State of Marketing Technology in Asia

It's All About Revenue or other CRM systems should be integrated with outbound messaging. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of David Ketchum, CEO and Founder at Current Asia and author of the book BIG M, little m Marketing: New Strategies for a New Asia. David is a strong advocate for the business value that marketing and communications add at every level of the sales funnel, from building brand awareness, to engaging customers, to driving sales, to CRM. Follow David on Twitter @ketchum. The marketing technology wave has not yet broken in Asia, but it is coming.

DemandCon: Why Storytelling Drives Demand Generation [Video]

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As an example of this, Ernst pointed to Demand Generation B2B b2b marketing Content Marketing crm DemandCon Forrester Research Jeff Ernst lead management Lead Nurturing Salesforce stories storytelling TEDby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this. Jeff Ernst would like you to know that people don’t give a hoot about your product. People don’t buy into your product.

The Enterprise’s $5.3 Billion Endorsement of the Cloud

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Not one to wait around, said it would buy the cloud-based HR service Rypple a mere two weeks later. by Joe Payne | Tweet this If there was any remaining debate on whether cloud computing is here to stay, it was squashed today. Earlier Oracle announced it would buy Taleo, which makes talent management software in the cloud, for $1.9 billion. To put that in perspective, Oracle is spending 136 times Taleo’s earnings before tax, interest, depreciation and amortization. There’s been a flurry of similar acquisitions among large enterprise players in the past three months.

Going Big on Small: Joe Payne on HubSpot’s $32M Round

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The pattern of conversations will look something like this: First there will be a burst of emotion (observers will shout congratulations from the rooftops and laud HubSpot for attracting Google Ventures and as investors). Demand Generation Eloqua funding Google Ventures hubspot investment Joe Payne Venture Capitalby Joe Payne | Tweet this. Much will be said over the next few days about HubSpot’s $32M Series D round. Second there’ll be a wave of sober dialogue about what this investment means for HubSpot’s business. We tracked 4.7 IBM bought Unica.

11 Features to Bring Salesforce Chatter to Life

It's All About Revenue’s slick demos show how users can seamlessly collaborate through it’s micro-blogging system Chatter. Sales & Marketing Alignment Chatter email Facebook Labs HootSuite Lead Scoring sales and marketing sales and marketing alignment Salesforce Seesmic Twitterby Andrew Sinclair | Tweet this. At its core, Chatter is about creating news feeds from people and recording updates. These news feeds let users stay informed, collaborate, and act on real time information. Auto follow people and records. Install Chatter enhancements. Facebook.

A Secret No More: Eloqua on Salesforce’s Acquisition of Radian6

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Colleagues, friends, semi-strangers all DM’ing, emailing, texting the news: just bought Radian6. In other words, and Eloqua share the same path, and our friends on the Bay just cleared a lot of thicket with this acquisition. Revenue Performance Management cloud connectors Eloqua Jonathan Block M&A Marketing Cloud Paul Greenberg Radian6 RPM Salesforce siriusdecisions Social Mediaby Joe Payne | Tweet this. My iPhone blew up this morning. Here’s ours: CRM and social are no longer adjacent industries. Surprise? Share email.

RightNow, Oracle and The Customer

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Most of the buzz has focused either deal size (more than 9x revenue) or competitive implications (particularly what the acquisition means for’s Service Cloud). Demand Generation Evernote Oracle RightNow salesforce.comby Joe Payne | Tweet this Oracle announced yesterday that it will acquire RightNow Technologies, a SaaS company that provides customer service solutions. I’ll let the journalists, analysts and affected companies debate those two issues. Me, I have a different angle. The answer: the customer. RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte is a true customer advocate.

The Two-Step for Sales Enablement

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Fact: We use as our CRM, including the Chatter application. Sales & Marketing Alignment b2b marketing content for sales crm Demand Generation lead management marketing automation sales and marketing alignment sales enablement Salesforce Chatter salesforce.comby Melissa Madian | Tweet this There was a time I would experience a what-if-no-one-reads-my-stuff panic before sending information out to the sales team. After all, great content produces little results if sales doesn’t know of its existence. Figure out what tools the reps are using.

How to Tell If Your Customer Community is Driving Revenue

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It feeds activity into our marketing database and I’m able to selectively choose which pieces of that information I want to pass into our CRM system. It’s been as simple as passing through someone’s Topliners community username into their contact record in Are we seeing steady growth? Are users engaged? So I look at it quarterly.

Top 40 Twitter Feeds You’re Not Following

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Dan Darcy – Dan, VP of Product Marketing for, shares views on tech, social media and business. Sharon Baker Mark Mapstone MarketingSherpa Matt McCoy NBCU Neil Davey New York Times nFusion Nick Judd Nick Knupffer Richard Margetic Scott Griffith Sean Parker Seth Dotterer Sheila Campbell Smarterer social media marketing Talkie Tiffany Farrant Twitter UStream VIA Agency Vicky Brock Wall Street Journal Yussi ZipCarby Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Social media is a meritocracy, right? Well, not always. Often people with great things to say go unnoticed. Reddit.

5 Marketing Takeaways From Dreamforce 2014

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The hosted event provided face-to-face opportunities to hear industry visionaries and world leaders. Downtown San Francisco was overtaken by the annual Dreamforce conference this week, as more than 140,000 attendees swarmed the event. The high-energy gathering of innovative thinkers formed a virtual cloud of inspiration over Moscone Center, which was filled with product demonstrations and exhibits. We journeyed through the marketing sessions to hear what the trendsetters had to say. Here are 5 key marketing takeaways from this year’s Dreamforce event: 1.

Australia is Experiencing a Marketing Boom [CHART]

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You can see it everywhere from the launch of’s Marketing Cloud to the incredible success of Eloqua Experience 2012. by Andrew Stanbridge | Tweet this There is no denying 2012 has been a big year for Modern Marketers. Perfect evidence of this is the apparent boom in Australia, with many analyst numbers and press releases touting growth in digital and media.

6 Brilliant Uses of Video

It's All About Revenue’s CRM Demo Video. knows video because they know what viewers want. Content Marketing Black & Decker Boone Oakley Dan Pink Daniel Pink Eloqua JESS3 RSA Stanley State of the Internet Taylor Guitars video viral video Youtubeby Joe Chernov | Tweet this. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? The answer: Maybe the future of your marketing program, that’s how much. We’ve won a bunch of awards for our Future of Revenue video, and we are proud of that. Everything changed after this video came out.

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Who Goes to Eloqua Experience?

It's All About Revenue eVariant Alinean DemandGen RelationshipOne Verticurl. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this The sponsorships are spoken for, registration is closed and Eloqua Experience is less than a week away. But some of you out there might be asking, “Who goes to Eloqua Experience?”. So we decided to answer that question by breaking down some of the data. Breakdown of attendees by title.

Why I Go To Dreamforce: Answers from 7 Dreamforce Veterans

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But why did this event, which was once known as user conference for customers, turn into a premier event for the industry? First, because I cover the space, and is one of the key players, so I need to be there. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Most people call Dreamforce the biggest cloud computing event of the year. Was it the sessions? The quality of the speakers? The parties and the music? The networking? All of the above. We addressed some of these very questions in our previous post, “What is Dreamforce?” < Tweet this!

Dreamforce: Ending the “Accidental Revenue” Myth

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Google, or Apple or even is born. We’re also thrilled to have ’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, Kraig Swensrud making the introductions in the session. Revenue Performance Management Adobe Ann Lewnes Christine Heckart CMO Dreamforce Dreamforce 2011 Kraig Swensrud marketing performance NetApp revenue performance sales and marketing alignment salesforce.comby Joe Payne | Tweet this There’s a mythology that surrounds the entrepreneur. Too often, we buy into the story that some genius rolls out of bed, has an epiphany and – Wham! Share email.

14 Sanity Saving Apps For Business Travelers

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Lastly, the Chatter mobile app from helps me keep on top of what’s happening with my Eloqua colleagues around the globe. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this If your job involves a lot of travel, you know how maddening it can be: the delayed flights, the missed connections, the inability to find a good cup of coffee in a foreign city. Twitter Mobile App. Because Hi, I’m Ann.

8 Rules When Using Social Media as a Support Channel

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CRM systems like already provide integration between Twitter and Call Center Support cases. Social Media b2b marketing crm customer retention customer service customer support Focus LinkedIn linking Quora SaaS Salesforce service level agreements SMB social media support channels Social Times support channels topliners Twitter vendor servicesby Zainab Ali | Tweet this. This past week, we published a guest post on Social Times about how B2B customers were turning to social media channels to express complaints and seek support. And Focus. And Quora.

Your Dreamforce Survival Guide #DF11

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Success at Dreamforce: the Girly Geeks – This blog post from addresses that lonely feeling of attending Dreamforce by yourself, and how a group of like-minded techies used social media to find each other. Marcus Nelson is the director of social media for His Twitter stream often spotlights some of the best tweets and goings-on around the community, especially during Dreamforce. David Alston is the Chief Marketing Officer of Radian6, which will enjoy its first Dreamforce as a company. can help. Be Early.

Dreamforce 2011: Talks Platforms #DF11

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this This is the moment most of the people that flock to Dreamforce each year can’t wait for:’s CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff ‘s keynote addresses. But it was also about’s investments as it pushes deeper into enterprise operations market. In his second keynote, he did it again. million round for the startup.


14 Must Attend Dreamforce Sessions for Marketers

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Hosted by, Dreamforce has turned into the cloud computing event of the year, attracting IT experts, sales folks, marketers and more to San Francisco for four days of high-profile speeches, in-demand musicians, but most of all, the sessions.’s CEO, Marc Benioff, gives yearly insights into where the industry is headed from a social, mobile, cloud perspective. How Uses Online Marketing to Grow Our Business. will share their secrets to success. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this It’s that time of the year again.

Enter The Ninja: The Anatomy Of An Uncommon Job Title

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In response, young workers are taking to Q&A sites like Quora and LinkedIn as well as amassing accreditations from places like Amazon and to establish a range of expertise. Marketing Efficiency Amazon Babson College Bala Iyer Big Commerce IT management job titles LinkedIn ninjas Quora Salesforce Social Media Stephen R. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this.