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Breaking: Announces the Marketing Cloud. So What is It?

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The “marketing cloud”, which has hinted at for a while, was announced today at Dreamforce ’12. Marketers who use both Eloqua and will be able to enjoy an enhanced version of the social marketing cloud. The result is better nurturing of leads, using both social and proven digital marketing tactics, and an actual gauge of how actions on the social Web drive revenue at the end of a sales and marketing pipeline. Breaking: Announces the Marketing Cloud. So what is the “marketing cloud?”. Get more. Subscribe to our blog.

Godzilla vs. King Kong aka Hubspot vs.

Fearless Competitor

This announcement puts them squarely into battle with one of the toughest firms on Earth, I was a guest on Hubspot TV and I write regularly for the blog. In fact, I just reached out to asked how to become a featured speaker next year, like Hillary Clinton and Neil Young. contact-form] Filed under: CRM , Hubspot ,

Marketo’s Take on’s ExactTarget Acquisition

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Phil Fernandez Today, announced plans to buy ExactTarget. Many of our customers, prospective customers and business partners may be wondering what this move means for Marketo, since we are a leader in the marketing software space and so many customers also choose Marketo as their marketing automation platform. Where marketing is going.

Tomorrow People Leaves in Favour of Workbooks CRM

Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People has selected British Cloud CRM provider to replace its CRM system after two years of using the Salesforce Professional Edition. Alistair Norman, Marketing Director at Tomorrow People commented, “Workbooks is not only far more cost-effective than, it is also more intuitive for our users and much easier for us to customise.

11 Free Sales Tools to Pump Up Your Pipeline


That’s why the world of online sales tools has exploded in the past few years – industrious entrepreneurs are finally realizing the inherent struggles of being a salesperson, and responding with a plethora of tools designed to make your job easier. Some sales tools can cost up to $30k per year, and even more if you’re looking to use it with everyone on your team. Streak. LeadIQ.

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4 B2B Insights from’s Acquisition of Radian6

Social Media B2B

Today announced the acquisition of Radian6. is an evolution from standalone versions to a web-hosted, company-wide platform that can integrate with other company systems. The addition of Radian6 to the suite of tools (even though the companies will still run separately) creates awareness among salespeople that company or industry mentions found through social media monitoring can be considered trackable events in their CRM tools. A classic struggle in many B2B organizations is the one between sales and marketing.

4 Types of Metrics Every Sales & Marketing Team Should Use


With all of the new sales and marketing technology solutions, obtaining analytics, reporting and key metrics for senior management often becomes cumbersome and sometimes impossible. The answer lies in knowing what to ask, using the appropriate tools, and becoming familiar with the high-level categories of analytics that exist for most sales and marketing teams. Sales Prospects.

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Dreamforce Cheatsheet for Sales Pros


Best Parties for Sales People ( Full List of Parties ) Dreamforce Welcome Reception. Follow this list I created of all the top Sales Influencers… includes @benioff , @jillkonrath , @iannarino , @sales4_startups , etc. Tweets from MegaTrends: Shaping the Future of Sales: McKinsey. Is your sales team prepared?

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Return on Sales Enablement: The Adoption Challenge

The ROI Guy

This weeks’ Dreamforce event, with some 135,000 attendees, brought home the enormous investment organizations make in their CRM solutions and sales reps. But also begs the question – is the large investment in CRM and sales enablement delivering an adequate payback? The goal: the bionic sales rep ready for the 21 st century customer. And what about all that great content?

Good-bye Hello

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Dear Jeff, We have received your request to cancel, upon your contract end date of 7/30/2012, your subscription. Sincerely, Billing. I’m a longtime user of I’ve implemented it many time in my companies and I use it at the sales lead generation company Find New Customers. Feel free to reply to this email.

Gamification of the Sales Process

Sales Intelligence View

In the world of sales, connections and engagement is key to driving pipeline growth and creating new opportunities. Gamification for Sales. Turning the sales process into a game is not a stretch of the imagination for companies. In may ways companies with B2B sales people have already added game mechanics into the process on a small scale. Game On for B2B Sales.

Why is Inside Sales So Scared of Lead Nurturing?

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Recent studies tell us while the adoption of marketing automation technology continues to gain momentum, fewer than 20 percent of marketing executives say that they are fully integrating the technology into their current sales and marketing initiatives. Whatever the motivation, any “push back” from Inside Sales to marketing automation and automated lead nurturing/qualification is misplaced.

Is a Player in Marketing Automation Software?

Webbiquity is the cloud computing darling of customer relationship management (CRM) software. They have significant control of mind share in that space, and their legacy in customer service and sales force automation software is strong. It is made up of sales, service and—wait for it—marketing! So, where does stand as a marketing automation solution?

How to Organize Your CRM for Inside Sales Success

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The most important one could very well be our CRM, which at AG is I don’t know how sales firms could operate without an automated CRM. It allows prospecting to go smoothly and it allows inside sales reps to hit the phones and make touches on many companies and prospects every day. Without a CRM, being an inside sales rep would prove rather difficult.

CRM 141 Simple Stage Definitions Driven by Prospect/Client Commitment


We use many sales and marketing tools to increase the productivity of our team. We recently streamlined the stage definitions of our Opportunity funnel to eliminate any ambiguity across our client services, sales development, business development and inbound marketing teams. B2B Sales Operations Sales-Marketing Alignment sales sales operations salesforce

Review: An Admin’s Take on Spring ’14


’ With Spring ’14, has yet again dazzled us with a fantastic new release of salesforce1 mobile, platform, connected and social communities. The post Review: An Admin’s Take on Spring ’14 appeared first on Fathom. Sales & Marketing Alignment Sales Operations CRM The word on the street is ‘salesforce1!’ What I like about this release is that Salesforce is recognizing that connectivity for the sake of connectivity is not enough. With Spring ’14, we don’t need to ask.

12 Tips for Building and Managing a Bigger Sales Pipeline

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Matt Heinz , President of Heinz Marketing. Whether you’re managing sales for a large enterprise organization, or are trying to build business for your own one-man-shop, these tips should help guide your thinking, strategy and action when building and managing a bigger sales pipeline. for you. And it works.

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6 Tips for Successfully Onboarding New Inside Sales Reps

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Whether you’re building your own inside sales team or considering outsourcing your teleprospecting functions, it’s important to know and perfect the training process for new hires. How do you become a better inside sales rep? You practice with a stronger inside sales rep. The hardest aspect in our training for new inside sales reps to master is the use of

High Sales Efficiency Expectations with Marketing Automation [Infographic]

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Brian Hansford , Director of Client Services and Marketing Automation Practice at Heinz Marketing. Some Survey Takeaways: Measuring Sales Performance – The two biggest areas marketers want improvement with Marketing Automation platforms is pipeline reporting and improving sales effectiveness. Sales Alignment – Marketing Automation success relies heavily on alignment with sales. Marketing Automation is deeply ingrained in our sales and marketing organizations, as much as is.

Why Change Management Comes into Play in B2B Marketing


This week is Dreamforce14 , the mega-event that takes over half of San Francisco. However, in speaking with a few marketing colleagues at the event, we discussed how some things are never covered, like change management and that in reality, if your CMO or CEO doesn’t want to accept or believe in the new ways or processes of modern marketing, the need to align everything to your buyer and their journey, your organization, and certainly your marketing and sales efforts, won’t improve. Blog Buyer''s Journey Change Management Dreamforce Mathew Sweezy

MindMatrix Adds Sales Support to Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

The company’s justification for this claim is that it adds sales-marketing alignment to standard marketing automation features. These include landing pages and forms for lead capture; email and postal mail; lead scoring on attributes and behaviors; branching multi-step campaigns; and bi-directional synchronization with, Microsoft Dynamics, Outlook, and SugarCRM.

Enabling Sales: Change the Point of View


One of the most common questions I hear from sales managers is: “What is one of the best ways my sales reps can manage their day more efficiently by using” Report pulling is helpful, but not always on a daily basis and not for the average sales rep. Well, that’s a full-time job in itself; sales should focus on selling. Views are simple, fast and visible to any sales rep who has access to the information. Inline editing allows a sales rep to mass-update the same field for many records in a list view in one quick sweep.

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Forbes Insights: Value First

The ROI Guy

Although helping sales reps consistently find the right content for each selling situation is deemed important and is garnering much attention / investment, it’s not the top way to create higher performing reps and drive the most revenue. The research highlights the importance of value consistency, where sales enablement can have a big impact with tools and certification.

8 Million Sales Triggers Delivered

Sales Intelligence View

Summer of Sales Intelligence: InsideView Sees Huge Gains in Customers and Major CRM Platforms, Delivers 8 Million Sales Triggers in Recent Quarter. That’s according to the latest numbers from InsideView, the leading provider of sales intelligence for the enterprise. The company also revealed it delivered more than 8 million unique new opportunity sales triggers to its customers during the same period. InsideView’s sales intelligence provides something data simply can’t: a competitive advantage. not just sales.”

The Biggest Contributor to B2B Revenue

B2B Lead Generation Blog

To keep valuable field sales resources productive, many of the more innovative sales and marketing departments build “sales development” teams. Those sales development teams might follow up on inbound marketing leads or use outbound prospecting to set appointments or develop opportunities. Improved sales productivity. Oracle. Marketo.

How to Match Great Content to Your Sales Funnel

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Unlike in B2C marketing, your future customer doesn't simply walk up to your vending machine, make a purchase, and become a closed sale. It's about driving them through to the sale by creating great content at each stage of their journey. Navigating the Sales Funnel. Lastly, the bottom of funnel is sales-driven. and the same holds true for the sales cycle.

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Engagio Goes Beyond Account Based Marketing to Unify Marketing, Sales, and Service

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But Engagio's latest product, Engagio PlayMaker, actually does occupy a space in between marketing, sales development, field sales and customer success by connecting them without replacing existing marketing automation, CRM, or customer success systems. Like Engagio’s earlier analytics products, PlayMaker starts by pulling data from CRM and attaching leads to accounts. Some messages can be automated but most are assigned to human sales or service agents. But coordination across marketing, sales, and support departments is actually a pretty big deal.

Have No Fear: Why Sales Teams SHOULD Be On Social Media

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Social media has become a defacto marketing tool for any organization, but it’s incredible how scared sales managers and teams still are of letting their sales reps join the sales 2.0 Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Media Tips Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0 facebook Inbound Marketing jigsaw linkedin Microsoft Dynamics netsuite oracle oracle crm on demand Sales Sales Data sales productivity Salesforce social intelligence social media social selling twitter Web 2.0party.

The 3 Key Components to Customer Success for Inside Sales

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Just recently I took on the responsibility of customer success at our organization, and I have been thinking a lot about what the key components are to driving customer care for inside sales. I think of support at when I think of being reliable. Here’s what I feel are the key elements when it comes to providing the best customer service: Be Consistent. Be Reliable.

Sales and Marketing: The technology behind CRM

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However, the most expansive definition takes a total end-to-end look at every interaction a person has with a company from simply becoming aware of the company at the very top of the sales funnel, all the way through customer service contact after the final conversion to a closed deal. With a complex sale, many personal touch points in customer relationship management are present – such as directly answering a question posted on social media or an online forum. At the same time, the real engine driving CRM and keeping prospects moving through the sales funnel is technology.

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Sales 2.0 Starts with You

Sales Intelligence View

With a large focus being made in the movement away from sales data and [.]. Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Selling Technology B2B b2b sales CRM crm 2.0 facebook google linkedin Sales sales productivity sales prospecting sCRM social intelligence social media social selling socialprise twitterThere is a shift being made in businesses regarding their approach to gaining new business and managing their customers. customer 2.0

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The Two-Step for Sales Enablement

It's All About Revenue

by Melissa Madian | Tweet this There was a time I would experience a what-if-no-one-reads-my-stuff panic before sending information out to the sales team. After all, great content produces little results if sales doesn’t know of its existence. Sales Enablement is kind of like a dance where delivering the right content requires ryhthm, just about posting another piece of collateral to the internal sales portal then wondering why no one was reading or using it. So I developed a two-step process for getting the content Sales needed in their hands.

[VIDEO] How to Get 30% Response Rates with Prospecting Emails


Whether you’re in sales or marketing , you’ve probably spent a lot of time thinking about your email messaging. How that might sound for DiscoverOrg is: “Hi Jane – I’m sure as the VP of Sales at WidgetCorp using, you have a constant struggle to get your reps to adopt Salesforce because of bad data in your CRM. What Makes a Good Prospecting Email.

Marketing Automation News from Dreamforce: B2B More Integrated, B2C Stays Separate

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I spent the early part of this week at ’s annual Dreamforce conference. Conference presentations confirmed that Pardot, the B2B marketing automation system that Salesforce acquired as part of its ExactTarget acquisition, has been separated from the rest of ExactTarget and made part of the Sales cloud. What this means is that Salesforce sees B2B marketing automation as just an appendage of sales automation. To put a more optimistic spin on the same news: Salesforce will continue to let independent B2B marketing automation apps synch with Sales.

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Salesforce “State of Marketing” Report: Better Happy Than Good

The Point

No surprise here – the leading sales and marketing technology company says that investing in sales and marketing technology is a good thing. Salesforce has released their “ 2016 State of Marketing Report ”, a massive 70-page tome and the result of surveying nearly 4,000 marketing executives worldwide. You can download a copy of the report here (registration required.).

Measuring the True Impact of Marketing Campaigns: A Conversation with Bonnie Crater

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In 2011, she became President and CEO of Full Circle CRM , a company dedicated to helping VPs of Marketing use to get accurate and useful performance data about marketing campaigns. For Sales Operations, we deliver a comprehensive lead lifecycle system facilitating sales follow-up on responses across both the Lead and Contact Database. HS: Thanks Bonnie!

How to Ensure a Successful Inside Sales ‘Nurturing’ Campaign

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

In the stream of advice and information discussing the inside sales process, I feel that lead nurturing is neglected. What I’ve found as a common theme is that without a proper process Marketing and Sales either lose track of these contacts or inundate them with too much marketing material. A strong inside sales nurturing process would overcome these challenges. From my experience working within, we found an efficient way to capture useful information from our nurtured accounts and put it to use for our Inside Sales Reps.