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Why We Still Fight Over Social Media and Content Marketing


No, no, it’s about sales and lead generation. Who is active in that domain? A few examples: Demand generation and sales people. Bloggers with a PR or media background are no sales experts. If you don’t know branding or PR, don’t say social is just good for sales. A few years ago I wrote a piece on the commoditization of content (marketing) in a social jungle. Guess not.

Defining Social Business: a Call for Clarity and Collaboration


Customer & business intelligence , data, analysis, wisdom, decision-taking Crowd sourcing, tribe sourcing, community sourcing Removing destructive silos and barriers towards efficiency New and better aligned or integrated and social customer-facing processes (pre-sales, sales, post-sales, marketing, customer service,…) Information and content creation Etc.… Why do that?

The Big Content Marketing Fail: How Much Content Do You Need?


And if we dare registering for one, someone at the other side mistakes our interest in the content with us being a sales-ready lead (phone call coming… ). This blog post tells some personal stories and takes you a bit back in time. So, if you care about your budget and your customers read this. In 2001, I acted as the administrator of a small company , called WebWare. Hurray.

Social CRM and Return on Marketing: Customer Life Cycle Value


The value of the customer life cycle, also called CLV, looks at the investments we plan to make for the customers (retention, sales, promotion, customer service, etc.) Another way to calculate the value of the customer life cycle value starts from the micro levels, even individual marketing and sales actions. No marketing activity is an island. Integrated. People-centric. Why now?

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Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

management systems or cloud storage platforms where they are not utilized in the sales. This explains why sales reps can spend as much as thirty hours per month searching for and. been approached countless times by sales reps to create content for a specific objective, only to have to explain that such an asset already exists. and interactive capabilities “Our sales team was.

The First Two P’s of Broken Marketing


What’s going to happen to sales? Despite the variety of topics, tactics and speakers, our Fusion Marketing Experience conference last Thursday and Friday clearly revolved around one theme: marketing is broken. We are disconnected from our customers and other departments. The word that was most often mentioned: silos. It was interesting to see how the seeds of new views were planted.

The Rise of Digital Influence: From Persuasion and Passion to Action


Examples: sales/referrals, brand lift (make sure you know the impact of brand awareness on your business as well, if you want to measure all the way). (Digital) influence is the capacity to affect others to take actions and/or change opinions or behavior. It can happen directly (persuasion) and indirectly. However, it is always characterized by the resulting actions and changes. Cialdini.

The Cross-Channel Customer Experience Must and How to Achieve It


Certainly, in times where the importance of word of mouth, the shift from sale to buy, decreasing confidence and the impact of community get clearer than ever. If you occasionally read my posts here or elsewhere, you probably know by now that a consistent and valuable user experience, a multichannel approach with a strong dose of social and customer-centricity are my favorite themes.

Open Letter to the CxO: Can You Survive the Age of Integration and Collaboration?


And sales that will follow up on leads. Here’s the golden rule I always followed as an IT business guy, marketer, publisher and digital strategist: I only care about the customer of the customer. No matter how you look at it: no business can succeed if it doesn’t make sure that its customers can make their customers succeed. An open letter to the CxO. Of course, it’s not just about IT.

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost 15 1,200 Blog posts per month Avg new monthly leads ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY11 Content marketing's impact also extends to social me- dia, where brands that don't have compelling content to. as sales, employee advocacy, customer service, audi- ence engagement, thought leadership, and hiring. All rights reserved.

IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012: Facts Behind the Numbers


Since beginning of this year, many brands have postponed or even canceled more integrated campaigns and chosen direct response methods or sales promotions. Alain Heureux, IAB Europe According to the IAB Europe AdEx Benchmark Europe 2012, the online advertising market in Europe rose to a total market value of €20.9bn in 2011, a year-over-year growth by 14.5%. Ask any serious agency.

From Conversation Company to Optimization Organization


The optimization organization Marketers should focus on interactions across every single touchpoint , whether it is a ‘social media conversation,’ an email, a website visit, a talk with a sales or customer-service rep, an interaction with an ad or even an indirect touchpoint, that cannot be measured at all. This is my second post in the series of ‘ The Future of Social Media ’. Optimization.

The Perception of Social Media Marketing: it’s a Free Lunch


Sales? Recently, Belgium-based Leads United (part of Lewis PR), released the results of a social media marketing survey among communication and marketing “professionals&#. Although the respondents were Belgians, the report shows some shocking numbers that lead to conclusions that are valid in many countries! The fourth edition of the survey indicated that the use of social media and networking tools is relatively well established, but that is about all, really. Furthermore, 73% of the questioned companies don’t have a social media policy. What is the problem? However, is that all?

The Power of Powerlessness: Let Go and Put the Customer First


Sales and marketing have always been about social interaction The trick is to find power within this factual powerlessness. Jan Van Aken I was recently asked to participate in the creation of a collaborative white paper, initiated by Selligent (for the record: one of our customers). It’s a similar approach as the B2B Blogging Trends paper Aggregage did in 2011. Facilitating.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Content serves as a powerful tool for sales. Sales staff are. industry metrics such as sales and leads, or. lead score • Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) • Opportunities • Search traffic • Return visitor rate Lead nurturing: Move leads. personas at each stage of their journey through the sales funnel. Content. Methodology: A Best. All rights reserved. Definition II.

The Digital Business Impact of Multifunction Device Consumer Adoption


The use of CRM, for instance, grows as sales people and field reps get access to mobile CRM. Aberdeen Research conducted a survey that clearly showed sales reps and other workers would use the CRM system more and better if they could access it in a mobile way. Research by CSO Insights , showed 64% of sales people reach their goals against 58% when no mobile CRM is used.

Wake Up: Your Customer Does Not Want to Be Your Friend


Blog Conversion Customer engagement Customer experience Customer relationships Customer service Marketing theory Opinion Sales Social media marketing brand advocates Bryan Eisenberg Chief Customer Officer conversion customer advocate customer experience customer-centricity people-centricity social mediaWords are extremely important. word that was playing in my mind all week is ‘social’ Since the advent of “social media&# , it often seems as if we believe that marketing, and by extension even society, has become more ‘social’. Don’t think so. Businesses are not social.

The Road to Revenue: Feel Your Customer and Facilitate the Buy


Blog Conversion Customer relationships Opinion Sales buying journey Kristin Zhivago roadmap to revenue salesRevenue Coach Kristin Zhivago, wrote a new book, called “Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy”. She sent me a review copy (thanks for that, Kristin) and when starting to read it, I immediately realized that she is spot-on with the book that spares us from fancy marketing theories [.].

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The Ripple Effect of Blogging: Inbound Marketing is Not Enough to Exist


Often, inbound marketing, one of those new terms we have invented in the ‘social media age’, is defined as a combination of marketing strategies that focus on “being found” by people in the online space. It consists of what we now call content marketing (including blog marketing), social media marketing (which really is not about being found alone), Search Engine Optimization and so on. Period.

Content Strategy for Marketing

Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. you see boosts to your sales, satisfaction, and more. Are you seeing results, such as a boost in sales or sales. your reputation, earned media, sales or sales leads, and. to their sales. after the sale. 3. Content.

The Social Customer Service Elite: All Customers Are Equal But Some Are More Equal than Others


Waiting for sales-ready leads sometimes seems to have become an excuse for ‘farming’. Customer service becomes essential in sales and marketing and satisfied customers become, so to speak, part of our “sales teams”. Do you remember the days of the Pareto principle? Businesses used to look at the top 20%, generating 80% of the revenue, customers first? Customer service rules.

Word of Mouth Marketing: When a Human Phenomenon Goes Business


They see communities, people like you and me, influencers, loyal customers and social network users as extensions of their sales and marketing force. Word of mouth leads to new customers, shortened sales cycles, improved branding and much more. People have always talked about their experiences, emotions, needs and also products, services and brands. Period. Remember the ripple effect.

Social CRM: Social Media and Communities in Customer Relationship Management and Marketing


Here is a quote from “ Using your customers’ desired actions to increase your sales ”, a paper Gerry McGovern and Kristin Zhivago published last year (note: it’s not about Social CRM): “You think you know what is important to customers. The traditional ways of looking at “the list” were mainly built around historically gathered demographic, transactional and – increasingly – behavioral data from several customer interactions (online, call centre, customer service, after-sales, email, whatever). It seems everyone is offering social CRM solutions these days. 

Shortening Sales Cycles By Focussing On The Social Buying Process


One of the main advantages of word-of-mouth marketing is that it shortens the sales cycles, according to George Silverman. Blog Sales Social CRM customer-centricity Sales 2.0 sales cycles social buying process word-of-mouthOr better: it speeds up the buying process. The reason: people increasingly rely on advice form their peers, which is regarded as more “trustworthy”.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

percent, was lead conversions and sales. SALES 20 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Results and Analysis It’s reassuring that leads and sales, two elements. While leads and sales were deemed the most. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. Introduction II.

Where does Content Marketing Belong in the Social Business?


It’s difficult to compare a large international B2B technology company with long sales cycles and a complex go-to-market model, to a local fast moving consumer goods e-commerce pure player or a non-profit organization, for instance. Content touches all channels (social, email, SEO,…) and all functions (sales, R&D, marcom, customer service, lead nurturing, PR, …). After all, he also has to cooperate closely with other services such as sales, R&D and product marketing. My default answer to responsibility questions is: “it depends”. Do you need those?

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Earning Attention of Potential Customers When Attention is Scarce


Well, in fact, originally it was a sales funnel model, called AIDA. [.]. Do you remember good old AIDAS? Just in case: AIDAS is an acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction. It is an illustration of the various stages of the marketing process as we have been using it for decades and still do. Blog Connected marketing Content marketing Conversion User experience action AIDAS attention content desire earning attention inbound marketing interest outbound marketing satisfaction SEO social sharing word-of-mouth

Content Marketing: Considerations When Defining a Content Plan


Furthermore, a content marketing plan is closely linked to other operations and plans, including SEO, social, lead management, sales, R&D, product marketing, events, marcom, well, basically everything. content marketing plan is closely linked to other operations and plans, including SEO, social, lead management, sales, R&D, product marketing, events, marcom, etc. Content that is adapted to the preferred channels, digital signals, triggers, stages in the life cycle and needs of people is becoming increasingly important. Social”, anyone?

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Content Marketing: Creating and Using Appealing Customer Cases


Content marketing Sales buying process content marketing customer case multi-channel referral stories testimonial word-of-mouthWhile planning to purchase a product or service, people have always sought the advice from other people they trust or know. This is one of the reasons why companies make use of customer cases and client references. They hope these will give the prospect a little push in the right direction to go into business [.].

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Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

for 2015 our goal is to make content for the whole sales funnel, including white papers, e-books, webinars, case studies, and. In 2014, many brands learned that a sales pitch doesn’t. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? What’s working—and what’s not—for over. 700 content marketers.

Always Be Optimizing: Don’t Forget Your Digital Marketing Crew


‘Always be closing’ has been the most famous sales phrase for decades. ‘Always be optimizing & improving’ should be more than a mantra for customer-centric marketers, they should show it by properly supporting their digital marketing teams. The role of optimizing across all touchpoints cannot be emphasized enough. It also requires an attitude of [.]. Blog Conversion marketing Marketing optimization A/B testing digital marketing email marketing improving landing pages optimizing testing

Conversion Rate Optimization Research Shows Blatant Lack Of Strategy


Businesses with a structured way to convert website visitors into customers are more likely to get better conversion rates and boost sales than those that are more disorganized. Econsultancy’s Graham Charlton reported on this finding from the company’s latest Conversion Rate Optimization report in a recent post. It seems obvious but apparently for many marketers [.]. Blog Conversion Research A/B testing conversion optimization conversion rate optimization CRO

Fans, Followers and Ecosystems: Retention Beyond the Customer Matters


Traditionally, we look at the customer journey, the sales/buying process and lead nurturing from the good old funnel perspective. However, they also sell your brand, directly or indirectly, to their own personal ecosystems, thus leading to sales. These are not my words but the definition of the word “customer” according to Wikipedia. Nurturing fans, connections and social ecosystems.

Social CRM: the collaboration between sales and marketing in the social customer era


A recent article on MarketingProfs, entitled “Marketing and sales Alignment Pays Off in Recession” summarized several details from the 2010 edition of the “Sales Best Practices Study” by Miller Heiman, a company that specializes in ‘sales performance’ If you. Click title to read more

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

before they went on sale? ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY12 While the business goals of your content marketing efforts are import- ant—be it generating leads, sales, brand awareness, industry education, or, more likely, some combination of initiatives—we find it extremely. from coaches, entrepreneurs, sales heads, or, heck, even. All rights reserved. So was I.

Content, Stories and the Blurring of B2B and B2C Marketing


So, no content, context and personal stories mean fewer sales and more effort. And soon no sales at all. Joe Pulizzi. Content has for many years been treated as the ugly duckling of the online marketing universe. Today, however, this seems to have changed. Content is part of all these needs and processes. As such, content has no meaning. B2B and B2C: it’s all just people-to-people.