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Marketers need to play a stronger sales enablement role on LinkedIn


Their findings show that overall, marketing has 30% more sway than sales in a typical B2B buying decision and that marketing has 27% more sway than business development. Marketing is relying on sales to make the relationships. Marketing may provide sales with content to use – but no context. B2B LinkedIn Sales Enablement in a Nutshell. You can’t! Like this post?

Earned media influencer marketing demands your awesome


It is like sales. And, like sales, the better the company you represent, the better the product you offer, the better. As I said before, public relations isn’t all oaky Chardonnay parties, it’s earned media sales. It’s the same sort of rejection you get every day in sales if you don’t have a warm or hot lead already. That’s cool. Trust me.

How to implement a Video 1st content marketing strategy that drives action


As our personal behavior is driving our business behavior, online videos for business are becoming a necessary business tactic to achieve core business objectives that sales directors and marketing directors have every day. Why a Video First content marketing strategy makes sense. Back in 2005, we mostly used the internet for browsing. How to execute a Video 1st content marketing strategy?

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10 essentials missing from your business website


First, you want a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) that compels your visitors to move down the sales funnel. The offense of marketing automation takes the shape of content marketing campaigns that help you build a sales funnel. You want a business website that sells. If your online marketing fails to pull in prospects, then you may be missing some essential digital marketing features.

5 New B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies

5 New B2B Sales and Marketing. The traditional B2B sales and marketing model is typically depicted in the shape. of a funnel; flow starts with marketing and then transitions to sales. New B2B sales and marketing strategies. are required. 5 New B2B Sales & Marketing Strategies. B2B Sales and Marketing leaders should evaluate adopting these 5 new B2B. Pretty.

Debunking myths around sales videos for business


Businesses that start using online video content marketing in their daily sales and marketing process stand to gain significant tangible benefits across their entire lead generation and sales cycle.  In this free 30-minute Biznology® webinar, you’ll learn the top myths about sales videos for business and how to overcome them from a strategic, creative and cultural standpoint.

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Why don’t more marketers use keyword research?


At a certain point, Joan will collect leads for the sales department to follow up on. In order for the sales people to close the deals, they need to know the whole customer journey for each one of the leads. I recently had the privilege to sit in on FIR B2B episode 45 : a podcast by Paul Gillin and David Strom. All kinds of data living together. Hint: there are more now.

Why email marketing still matters–and how to make it work


Email Marketing Webinars Andrew Schulkind buying cycle call to action Content marketing email marketing email marketing tips email outreach inbox market segmentation marketing prospects sales funnel segmentation WebinarAndrew Schulkind recorded a webinar on how to make email marketing campaigns work for you. Email, done well, may just be the perfect solution. Thanks to all our sponsors!

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Influencer outreach is more PR than marketing or advertising


Do what you say you’re going  to do when you say you’re going to do it — these are not sales conversion, they’re real people and you’re investing in community not links, not SEO, not Google Juice or social signals. Ask for too much money (to make ’em go away, though they often pay). Out your terrible, insulting, pitch onto my sites and the Bad Pitch Blog.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost 15 1,200 Blog posts per month Avg new monthly leads ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY11 Content marketing's impact also extends to social me- dia, where brands that don't have compelling content to. as sales, employee advocacy, customer service, audi- ence engagement, thought leadership, and hiring. All rights reserved.

Why SEO is just the start for digital marketing


It is, quite literally, the top of your sales funnel. Or, to put it in more traditional terms: what really matters is your efficiency at moving prospects from the top of the funnel, through the sales process, to the end of the funnel and conversion. Congratulations. You’ve won! You show up on the first page when the world searches for the goods or services you offer. Create Comfort.

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I put my Sales money where my CRM mouth is


As all of you well know, it’s not easy doing sales, keeping customers happy, getting to know prospects and build the sort of trust required to end up doing business together, while also fulfilling contracts, being responsive to retainers, managing local and overseas teams, and also keeping up with my fair share of hourly consulting work. It never happened. Then, my mind went to CRMs.

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Surefire Social introduces SurePulse “webmaster tools”


What’s even better is that it seems like CEO Chris Marentis gets the fact that advertising, marketing , sales, and digital PR is a game of perception where you always need to make sure that everyone up the corporate ladder from you needs to constantly buy into the alchemical black arts known as search and social ROI. Seriously: easy-to-use. Seriously: all-in-one. It was quite a crew.

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3 predictions for online marketing in 2016


thought I was pretty clever when I realized that you can use regular expressions (regex) to do global search and replace across an entire website with either direct access to your back-end relational database or via a convenient plugin. Before that, we did it all by hand, which is pretty crazy since most websites currently running even the smallest company brand is database-backed! Happy 2016.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Content serves as a powerful tool for sales. Sales staff are. industry metrics such as sales and leads, or. lead score • Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) • Opportunities • Search traffic • Return visitor rate Lead nurturing: Move leads. personas at each stage of their journey through the sales funnel. Content. Methodology: A Best. All rights reserved. Definition II.

The challenge of authenticity


If someone is searching on your brand names and they understand your differentiators, chances are, they are ready to be contacted for a more one-on-one nurturing experience, either by sales or pre-sales. How to write content that is both outside-In and authentic to your brand. In my last post  I promised several follow-up posts delving deeper into the three insights. Like this post?

The state of the blogger outreach union ten years on


The reason why blogger outreach is way harder than it needs to be is because most of you are doing sales instead of doing PR, you’re being a pitch artist instead of a publicist. Folks who have previously been rocking and rolling inbound link-building robot and zombie armies are doing blogger outreach now, sales people who are as subtle as a punch to the neck are doing it. Groan.

10 secrets to research the best SEO keywords


As a content marketer, you easily find that search engine optimization (SEO) can kill your online sales and prospects if not executed properly. SEO is a puzzle to some. Researching the best SEO keywords is an essential part of your online strategy, that is, if you want to be seen. Before slapping content up on a website, be sure you’ve done your keyword research. Don’t Fight the Competition.

What the growth of inside sales means to B2B marketers


The speaker claimed that inside sales has outstripped outside sales in B2B, a statistic that both surprised me and got me thinking.  On reflection, I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, since phone-based selling is so much more efficient than hitting the road to make face-to-face sales calls. Interestingly, inside sales reps appear to be more effective as well. 

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Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

percent, was lead conversions and sales. SALES 20 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Results and Analysis It’s reassuring that leads and sales, two elements. While leads and sales were deemed the most. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. Introduction II.

Content Marketing: content strategy beyond marketing and sales support


That doesn’t mean, though, that the only success metric for content marketing is its contribution to successful and profitable sales. Despite the overwhelming focus on sales support, content marketing can contribute to the bottom line without being focused on the top line. Here are a few areas to consider beyond the sales funnel. Sales & Marketing Optimization.

Personalized content for more effective content marketing


In today’s B2B world, your prospects don’t want to hear from you until much later in the buying process, so attracting, engaging and nurturing them until they’re ready to talk to a sales person is no longer a nice way to supplement the top of your funnel. Don’t call them, they’ll call you. It’s an absolute must for long-term survival. Personalizing content will yield much greater results.

Visitors hate online ghost towns more than spammy auto posts


Passion can’t be trained, though it can be fostered.  It’s amazing how much passion and commitment even a naysayer can muster when she starts making sales and driving revenue — and even retaining and upselling clients and customers — as a result of social media engagement. No, that’s only the second most-hated thing in corporate social media branding.

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How long should your online business video production be?


Giving your clients what they want by integrating online business video communications into your everyday marketing efforts will differentiate you from your competition, provide highly valued sales assets, social media content, build relationships, and motivate customers to move into and through the buying process… yes, it will really do all of that! Will people watch more than 30 seconds?

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Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

just seeding a piece of fluff to appease our sales team? Engage your sales and/or support teams to get a pulse on. The overall marketing goal is clearly to drive online video sales. increased leads and sales in the long run. sales/support discussions, and regular conversations with customers, your content focus. Why not get your sales and support. target.

Influencer marketing should not be about collecting influencers


It has more in common with sales, account management, event production, publicity, and good old fashioned PR rife with the sort of personal attention and consistent personal relationship that most people don’t see behind the curtains. Before I start, please attend my free webinar on March 22,  Do-It-Yourself Influencer Marketing. LinkedIn and Twitter has made this even easier. Ready?

How to appeal to business buyers: 11 proven copy strategies


Increase sales.  To motivate business buyers—especially in digital channels, where you have just a few seconds to catch their interest—it helps to base your message on a powerful, proven copy platform.  A copy platform encapsulates the key benefit to the prospect.  It answers the questions, “Why should I care?” and “What’s in it for me?”  Jones , Nancy Harhut , and Bob Hacker.  Save time.

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The best salesman ever?


Looked like another sale. I am a little slow, but by the third client, I was starting to get suspicious, because the third client honestly seemed to have little idea of how they would use this technology. Business Development and Sales Monthly Newsletter sales marketing salesman Software software developmentThese are serious problems, but I have faced them before.

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Marketing to Millennial business buyers


B2B Marketing Business Development and Sales Influencer Marketing Mobile Marketing Social Media Marketing B2B marketing Generation Y Millennials and cause-relatedThe Millennial generation has been out in the workforce for a while now, and this cohort is now entering the stage of their careers where they are part of the business buying process. Let’s take a look. Streamline your lead gen.

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

for 2015 our goal is to make content for the whole sales funnel, including white papers, e-books, webinars, case studies, and. In 2014, many brands learned that a sales pitch doesn’t. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? What’s working—and what’s not—for over. 700 content marketers.

Time to abandon spray-and-pray lead generation


Poor lead quality is one of the most contentious issues that divides sales and marketing organizations, and despite a bounty of evidence that lead scoring and nurturing improves sales efficiency, many marketers I’ve dealt with still measure success by the number of names in the spreadsheet. Sales and marketing groups work arm-in-arm on account strategies. Ninety-nine percent.

How much should you pay for a sales lead?


When planning a B2B lead generation program, you need to deliver leads to your sales team at an affordable price.  A neat way to determine in advance how much you can spend on a lead is to calculate the Allowable Cost per Lead for your campaign.  Finally, go talk to your counterparts in finance and sales, to gather several data points. Begin by calculating your cost per inquiry.

Act casual, and write your website content


Hotjar is a great tool to create an effective sales funnel with content. Do things get awkward when people visit your website? Time to make a switch in tone or voice. Just act casual , and write your website content. Your look, text, and message should resonate with your audience. Who are you talking to, anyway? Identify your people and how they talk to you. You aren’t even in the same room.

Your website must adapt based on data


In Mathewson’s and Moran’s upcoming book, Outside-In Marketing , a book on the future of content marketing as it benefits the sales cycle and search dominance of your business, the authors posit that form follows function and function follows the visitor and the visitor gets to define the evolution of your site, your content, and even your products and how they’re marketing.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

before they went on sale? ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY12 While the business goals of your content marketing efforts are import- ant—be it generating leads, sales, brand awareness, industry education, or, more likely, some combination of initiatives—we find it extremely. from coaches, entrepreneurs, sales heads, or, heck, even. All rights reserved. So was I.

What is Social Media Marketing?


It’s a big tent, including very niche-but-powerful stunts like reddit’s Ask Me Anything, promotions, sales, raffles, contests, and even engaging #followfridays and #throwbackthursdays every single week without fail. For years, I struggled to explain to my mom what I do for a living. Now, I struggle to explain what I do for a living to my friends. development (is anyone listening?),