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How to Increase Email Response Rates


The Q1 Email Trends and Benchmarking Report by Epsilon reports that open rates in Q1 2014 climbed 5.7% That’s good news, but how do you increase your response rates? Like everything else in marketing today, it requires processes and advanced systems that enable you to deliver relevant and timely content to prospects and customers. over the previous year.

Improve Your Email Response Rates with List Segmentation

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Want to improve your email marketing response rates? Even if you only have 20 people on your list, it’s never too early to start sending your subscribers specifically targeted information and creating categories that will come in even handier as your list grows. Segmenting also allows you hone in on your most active email readers and the content they love the most.

Lead Nurturing 101: Keep in Touch with Your Leads Without Spamming Them

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An effective lead nurturing program will move cold or poorly-rated leads through your funnel. In a lot of cases, leads enter CRM systems with sparsely filled in details or indicators that they aren’t a right fit right now. Nurturing programs should also keep the poorly scored leads in your system so you can stay top of mind in case their needs change.

15 Must-Haves for a Solid Email Marketing Program

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You’ve heard how a targeted email campaign can transform your marketing communications into a thing of beauty, bringing in new leads, increasing your revenue and creating customer loyalty. Now, a month into the New Year and your 2016 planning, you have a chance to make a fresh start by launching a new campaign or even beefing up your old one in a medium that continues to be extremely effective. S ome ideas include website and social media opt-in forms, collecting addresses at point of sale and incentivizing employees to gather them for you. What works best?

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10 Tips to Help Marketers Make Political Emails Great (Again)

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Even the most beautifully designed and hyper-segmented email won’t be able to generate a single donation if it lands in the Spam folder. At a very high level, ISPs measure signals that range from engagement rates to hard bounce rates to Spam complaints when determining if an email should reach the inbox. Don’t forget to record the results and put them in place.

The Evolution of HubSpot's Email Marketing Strategy: An Insider's Story


Over the last eight years, lots of things have changed in HubSpot''s marketing. Now, they''re up in the tens of thousands. Phase 0 (2006-2007): Building Our Opt-In Email List. I say "unleashed" because it really did take off -- over the course of its first year, it garnered thousands of opt-in email addresses. In early 2012, we shifted the team''s focus.

Three Myths and Misconceptions About Email Automation


Are you effectively using automation in your email campaigns? An even better question might be – are you even using automation in your email campaigns? In fact, they probably already have, and maybe you’re just now waking up to that fact. The prevailing sentiment of many email marketing noobs is that an automated campaign exists in order to save you time. Why not?

Troubleshooting your B2B marketing data problems


This could be an email sign-up, or a piece of gated content–like a white paper or research report–in exchange for providing important data elements like name, title, company name, address, phone, and email. For example, anything that sounds like IT will go in an IT functional bucket. Indicate in the company record that the individual has left. Like this post?

How to Create Content for Every Stage of the Buyer's Journey


Have you ever seen something in the window of a shop that you just had to have -- and then bought it immediately? In most cases, that's not how purchases are made. That's because at any given time, your prospective customers are all at different points in their journeys toward a purchase. Content Ideas for Each Stage in the Funnel. Examples. Examples.

5 Ways to Get More People to Read Your Emails

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” While we can’t promise every email will get read, these tips are designed to up the ante and increase your open and conversion rates. So, how do you create a 50-character sentence that results in high open rates? Keep an eye on what’s going on in pop culture and consider connecting it to your business or product. ” Curiosity improves open rates.

Craig Spiezle and David Fowler Talk About Trusted Data and Marketing


Editor’s note: In September 2015, David Fowler , Act-On’s head of digital compliance and privacy had a conversation with Craig Spiezle , the executive director of the Online Trust Alliance, about the role trust plays in marketing today. DAVID FOWLER : In the last few years we’ve seen massive online security breaches with attendant personal damages for millions of people.

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17 (of the) Best Email Marketing Guides of 2011


Email messages generate 15 to 20 times the response rate of traditional paper direct mail—while costing much less and being more environmentally friendly. With that in mind, what are the best practices for combining email with social media marketing? What are the most effective tactics for growing a relevant opt-in subscriber list? Adam Q. Email!”

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How 3 Global Marketers Are Approaching Mobile

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As the event’s keynote speaker, David Meerman Scott , noted: there are more mobile communication devices than toothbrushes in the world? These customers had to opt-in and once they did, Sportingbet used the channel to send fun and interesting content. For example, if there is a big sporting event approaching, we can send a message to Blackberry subscribers who opted in with instant tips related to the event. SMS doesn’t require a tremendous amount of effort and response rates are high. You don’t get a second chance.

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The Ultimate Glossary: 44 Email Marketing Terms Marketers Must Know


Acceptable Spam Report Rate - The rate at which you can be reported as SPAM without harming your sender reputation. Acceptance Rate - The percentage of email messages that are accepted by the mail server. Bounce Rate - The rate at which your emails are not delivered. There are two types of bounces, hard and soft, both of which are defined later in this glossary.

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Email: Retention Strategies in an Acquisition World

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As Head of Digital Compliance for Act-On David Fowler is responsible for issues including email deliverability, privacy compliance, and industry stewardship in regard to our customers and our corporate objectives. Recently David sat down with me to discuss a topic he said is under-addressed: Using acquisition email in a retention-based world. In the U.S., DAVID : Right.

Top Automated Marketing Personalization Tactics

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There is a lot of talk these days that personalization is back in marketing but what does that really mean and what are some of the tactics you can use? This is important : Besides all of the technology out there that can make this process easier, it’s important to keep in mind that the goal is to create engaging experiences for your customers and potential customers so that they will respond and ultimately purchase your products and services. I've listed the top tactics that I typically discuss in my day to day client meetings. That is a bad example. What do you do?

Mega-List of Features in Marketing Automation (That You Won’t Find in CRM)

Modern B2B Marketing

No = Solutions in this category do not have this capability. I’ll also point out that I work for (and am the co-founder of) a marketing automation vendor ( Marketo ), so I am sure that despite my efforts to remain neutral, there are sure to be some biases in this list. For example, current active opportunities can receive different messages from early-stage prospects. Pricing.

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Going Mobile with B2B Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

As I mentioned in my Top 10 predictions for 2010 – I think the Mobile Marketing in 2010 will become more mainstream. Note: Avaya sells mobile solutions to businesses so I feel its my role to live by example and demonstrate to our potential clients how this might work. You really have a shot at getting some attention. Tweet This! Share this on Facebook. Digg this!


Glossary: 29 Email Marketing Terms Marketers Must Know


In its broadest sense, every e-mail sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.". Marketing Takeaway: If you have a "join our mailing list" form on your website, you should place it "above the fold" making it easy for visitors to opt-in. CPM (Cost per thousand) - In email marketing, CPM commonly refers to the cost per 1000 names on a given rental list. For example, a rental list priced at $250 CPM would mean that the list owner charges $.25 You may measure conversion in sales, phone calls, opportunities or appointments.


Email and Event Marketing on Facebook Doesn’t Work

PR Meets Marketing

Not only did I enjoy dancing, I also competed in group and couples competitions. In one case to be removed from a list, the response I received was: “however, please be advised this is a public event and it could be that one of your friends who originally received the invite from me extended the event invitation to you.”. At least I thought I did. Conclusions.

How to Explain Mobile Marketing to Your Boss


SMS, bounce rate, opt-in, opt-out, QR codes and the like make it easy for you to communicate with your colleagues -- but can put off outsiders. Use plain English and related examples to keep your boss informed. Talk About What She Knows Use analogies to explain how SMS works, building on the experience that put your boss in the driver's seat to begin with. Remember the WIIFM Principle What's In In For Me? Research and demonstrate the specific benefits your SMS initiative will reap for the company in general and the boss in particular.


How a Viral Email Campaign Helped Juniper Networks Triple its Contact Base and Boost Advocacy

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In December of last year, Juniper Networks® announced that it had won the 2009 B2B Marketing Award for Best Use of Email with its Junos® Software campaign. So in essence, this was a customer advocacy program aimed at making sure that technical folks who work with operating systems are aware of – and have positive feelings about – Junos. What was the response?