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Go the Distance on a Shoestring Marketing Budget

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The RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) guide is a quantitative marketing technique that is used to determine the customers of highest value; by examining the recency of their purchase, frequency of purchases, and how much they spent on their purchase. Marketing Metrics & Measurement direct marketing Recency Frequency Monetary RFM small marketing budget Multi-touch marketing.

Why Journalists Are Outranking Marketers in Search (And How We Can Compete)


Thus, for the purposes of our analysis, we paid particular attention to the recency, content structure, and post quality -- factors largely within the publisher’s span of control (though because the weighting of each is constantly adjusted by machine-learning, we kept our analysis broad stroke and directional). Predictably, recency and page/domain authority were paramount.

How to Use Predictive Lead Scoring


For example, recency bias occurs because people have the tendency to think that current trends will keep happening, and they make decisions based on this fallacy. 6 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Effective Using Predictive Scores. If you’re in B2B marketing, you’ve likely been hearing a lot about predictive lead scoring. What can you really do with predictive scoring? Smarketing”.

12 Sneaky Psychological Biases That Affect How You Sell


9) Recency Bias. Recency bias is the tendency to believe patterns that have recently emerged are likely to continue in the future even if they contradict long-term data. If a rep notices commonalities in their last five deals and abandons time-tested strategies, they’ve fallen for the recency bias. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Sales Blog. They’re due.”.

9 Highly Reputable Resources for Compelling Marketing Stats


Your research could have a negative effect on your online reputation if you fail to verify the source, accuracy, or recency of the statistic. It’s easy to search statistics by recency, category, and type of research. If you’re in the business of content marketing, there is a 100% chance you need marketing statistics. However, not all statistics are worth citing. 3) Marketing Charts.

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Peer Reviews With a Difference

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A spokesman said the rating is a calculated from a combination of friends, location, rating and recency. People love online review sites even if they don’t always trust them. A 2012 Crowdtap survey found that online reviews are second only to recommendations from friends as the most trusted sources of buying advice. The Real Thing. Machine intelligence can also have unexpected results.

Does Automation Impact Lead Conversion Rates? [CHART]

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In fact we would argue recency = relevancy in many cases today. by Paul Teshima | Tweet this We have been tracking lead conversion rates from campaigns for the past 3 years, and when we did an analysis to compare campaigns with automation , to those without, we were not surprised to see that automated campaigns on average have a >200% higher conversion rate. So what should you do?

How to Leverage Baidu Analytics to Grow Your Digital Presence in China

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The Audience Insight Report provides user data, including demographic overview, education and vocation, interest, geographic, device usage, new and returning visitors, and loyalty (as determined by visit frequency, recency, and engagement). Most B2B marketers are familiar with web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics. For much of the world, it’s a must-have (free!) The version 4.0

Come’on Back, Google

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As I understand it, Google search now places high priorities on recency (how often updated), quality of content, and site speed. Come on back, Google. Our blogs are ready for you. Fearless Competitor and Marketing Made Simple TV load super fast! Both Fearless Competitor and Marketing Made Simple TV are filled with great content, updated frequently and for the first time ever, they run on super fast servers delivering lighting fast response. Google should love these sites – as they deliver all three. Marketing Find New Customers management-best-practices

B2B lead qualification and scoring

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Frequency, quality, quantity, recency of actions taken. The growth of the Internet has changed B2B buyer activity. Buyers don’t wait for a sales person to call them anymore. They get most of their education on the web. This is one reason that, on average, only 25% of new leads are sales ready. So you need a way to determine which leads are ready for Sales, and which need to be nurtured.

Need Marketing Inspiration? Here Are 12 Places to Find Great Examples


You can either browse all of their collections at once by recency, or you can sort by category, including architecture, logos, photography, typography, and more. Each screenshot is called a "shot," and you can browse shots by popularity, recency, designer, or by "featured playoffs." An idea doesn't have to be unique to be great. But finding these examples isn't always easy. 1) Crayon.

5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your B2B Leads

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Implicit data is what is revealed by the prospect’s online behavior such as pages visited, and recency or frequency of visits. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you generating lots of leads but few sales? You might have weak leads. Here are 5 ways to quickly strengthen your B2B lead quality and sales. But what they really want are more quality leads.

LeadLiaison Helps Marketing Automation Users Break the Content Bottleneck

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lead scoring assigns separate scores for “fit” against a target buyer profile (which LeadLiaison calls “grading”), for recency, total activity, buying signals, and specific actions the user has assigned points. You may have noticed that there are many B2B marketing automation systems available. I’m not sure exactly why they chose that term, apart from the fact that everybody likes revenue.

17 Must-Know Conversion Copywriting Hacks


Or, the Primacy and Recency Effect. Basically, the theory of primacy and recency states that readers recall the first and/or last parts of what they have seen. Image source. Growing your readership is desirable, but it’s not enough. Professional copywriters need to convert that audience into an active customer base. Make it Rhyme. Yes, really. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Image source.

6 Questions About Marketing Attribution That You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask


The limitation of this model is that it doesn’t take into account recency or the different impacts of particular touchpoints. It seems like more and more people are talking about marketing attribution these days. That’s a good thing. Marketers are now being held accountable to more than just leads and need attribution to connect their efforts to revenue. What is it? Why does that matter?

The Account-Based Marketing Reporting Framework For Marketers Who Care About ROI


Engagement refers to how accounts respond to your marketing efforts, the recency of those responses or interactions, whether they engage with key content associated with closed-won deals, and the quality and duration of those responses. We have a tremendous opportunity to use account data to understand which accounts we should invest our account based marketing efforts. And for good reason.

Toxic Auto-Spamming at Happy Hour

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So while we may be killing time updating our LinkedIn profiles, those fancy CRM, CLM and data-mining systems are grinding up recency, frequency and spend data into a toxic goo that it is auto-spammed straight at the very people we should be careful not to upset. Last post we explored the pretend customer lifecycle circle and found the Arsenic Hour at 6pm. It’s here that even the cleanest deals can die at the hands of bungled installations, capricious customers and obnoxious staff. This is dangerous territory and ought, in my opinion, to be declared a no-fly zone for marketing.

A Deep Dive Into Two Examples Of Predictive Marketing


Each account gets scored based on the quantity, recency, and weight of touchpoints, telling marketers who is further along in the buying cycle. What is the core reason vacations are so great? The absence of serious decision-making. Luxuries like room service relieves the need to decide what to wear, when to arrive and where to go. In this case, product-company fit. Consider this example.

How Kele Developed a Personalized Email Strategy

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They then created “buying cycle campaigns,” which are automated campaigns that target different customers in a recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) model. by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Jennifer Igartua , Marketing Automation Consultant at Bluewolf, an agile business consulting firm. Follow Jen on Twitter @Jenny_Iggy.

Arsenic, Horseshoes and Not Being Creepy

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All Getting & Losing Business arsenic hour B2B marketing bizmarketer CLM CRM customer lifecycle management direct marketing Elizabeth Williams frequency getting the business linkedin losing the business marketing automation monetary recency upsellPlease don’t say I didn’t warn you. School started up this week and with it, of course, the fundraisers. My children will be on your doorstep within the month; their tiny noses pressed against your screen door selling you a magazine subscription. My mother will need to change her phone number, again. But you, my friends, will buy.

RedPoint Offers Broad, Deep B2C Marketing Automation

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It is used for segmentations such as RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) cells, age/gender/cluster cells, branch or dealer assignments, and product splits. On days when I have nothing else to be cranky about, I sometimes fuss at how business-to-business software vendors hijacked the term “marketing automation” despite its long and relatively honorable history describing systems for consumer marketing. Oracle ’s recent agreement to purchase Eloqua reinflamed that wound, since much of the commentary ignored Oracle’s extensive existing suite of consumer marketing systems.

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How (and Why) to Map Your Company’s Digital Landscape


YouTube metrics (total videos uploaded, subscribers, video views, recency of last update). With more than 90% of companies now using social media to find employees and 82% having a Facebook page , there’s no question that business use of social media has become commonplace. But “use” and “success” are two different things. Collecting this information is Phase I.

How B2B Marketers Can Use Lead Scoring to Better Arm Sales

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Assign values based on recency. Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B marketers who use lead scoring can improve the quality of leads passed to sales, and help increase close rates and revenues. Many marketers are still evaluated based on the number of leads provided to sales. not ideal prospects who were ready to buy). Lead scoring is beginning to change all that.

Winning the E-mail Numbers Game

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Recency Rules. Segment your list by recency and you’ll have a proxy barometer for brand health. Remember recency rules. It’s not the number of email addresses on your list. It’s the behavioral quality of the names. In email marketing size doesn’t matter. Segments do.    Too many marketers measure their email program by counting valid email addresses. This is a classic way marketers are evaluated. If you grow the list you’re good. If you shrink it, you’re not. But while this may get you a bonus, it won’t get you results.   Email lists are fluid.

Psychology for Marketers: 9 Revealing Principles of Human Behavior


7) Recency Illusion. While that may be part of some clever ad retargeting online, it most likely is because of the “recency illusion.” One key part of being a great inbound marketer is understanding how -- and why -- other people think and act the way they do. Think about it for a second. They also aren’t universal; we all know people who are outliers, do we not? 1) Reciprocity.

10 Tips to Help Marketers Make Political Emails Great (Again)

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Customer activity dimensions such as recency (how long ago an individual opened or clicked within an email) and frequency (how often an individual performed an action) are the best ways to determine how often a marketer should be sending to them. It doesn’t take a Political Science degree to see that there isn’t a lot that the American electorate can agree upon nowadays.

4 Reasons You Need a Blog

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However, if Google determines recency is relevant to the search query, that won’t matter. Last week, Google announced an algorithm update. The importance of fresh content increased last week for 35% of all Google searches ( announcement ). This latest algorithm update doesn’t focus on the quality or source of your content, it focuses on the timeliness of it.

4 Reasons You Need a Blog

Digital B2B Marketing

However, if Google determines recency is relevant to the search query, that won’t matter. Last week, Google announced an algorithm update. The importance of fresh content increased last week for 35% of all Google searches ( announcement ). This latest algorithm update doesn’t focus on the quality or source of your content, it focuses on the timeliness of it.

Vocus Purchased by Private Equity Firm GTCR: This Could Be Interesting

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To give a flavor for the implementation: lead scoring holds separate scores for attributes and engagement activities; can assign activity points based on recency and frequency of email, Web visits, landing pages, and news release activity; and automatically recalculates scores over time. Vocus announced on Monday that they were being acquired by private equity firm GTCR for $446.5 million in cash, a premium of 48% over their stock market price. It’s still a modest multiple of 2.4 Vocus has been working hard to change its profile. Those were all added last month.

7 Places to Find Quality Email Newsletter Templates


They're rated using a four-star system, and you can filter by rating, price, recency, and popularity. If you had to guess, how many email newsletters do you think you're subscribed to? Twenty? Fifty? To be honest, I've lost count. and I know I'm not alone. Email marketers have a lot to compete with in their subscribers' inboxes. Don't have time to build out a custom template from scratch?

idio Does Sophisticated Content Recommendation

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Interest profiles take into account the recency of each selection and give different weights to different types of selections – e.g., more weight to sharing something than just reading it. Systems in our new Guide to Customer Data Platforms range from B2B data enhancement to campaign managers to audience platforms. This may lead you to wonder whether there’s anything we actually left out.

Are You Using First Party Data To Drive Personalized Customer Experience?

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Recency issues can also arise as data ages or as it gets passed from one system to another for processing. Customer experiences are one of the most complex challenges marketers face today. Consumers are constantly streaming data about their wants, needs, and preferences with every interaction they have with brands. Consumer data is no longer optional. It is the key to marketers’ success.

5 Ways to Supercharge Sales with Predictive Lead Scoring


That way, they won’t be distracted by their natural recency bias, and you can set quotas aligned with realistic conversion rates. This byline by Infer’s Sean Zinsmeister was originally published on the HubSpot blog. Even if you’re not the “early adopter” type, you’ve probably heard about the rise of predictive analytics for sales. 2) Refresh your sales SLAs. 3) Narrow your outbound focus.

Demand Gen vs. ABM Engagement Reporting -- Ranking Your Best Content


The order of the top blog posts reveals that our demand gen report values the recency of posts more than our ABM engagement report. When there are so many ways to measure content success, how do you know which articles are the best? For most B2B marketers who are investing in content and an inbound marketing strategy, the primary measurement of success is based on lead or demand generation.

What a Lost iPhone, an Airport, and a Puppy can Teach you About Video that Sticks


Due to the recency effect, those crappy peanuts will phenomenally taint your impression of the flight. As I was scrolling through my newsfeed recently, I came across a video posted by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 2014 titled “KLM Lost & Found service”. I’d seen it before, probably a few times, actually. Despite this, it reeled me in again. I mean, this thing has sticking power.

#Shoporg13 Brands with the Most Social Fan Photos (Infographic)


The Pulse Score is calculated based on six parameters – engaged rank of the social user who submitted the content, engagement of the content, the content type (photo, video, text or link), the sentiment of the content (positive, neutral, and negative), the resolution of the content if a photo, and the recency of the content. Download the ReadyPulse Instagram Marketing Guide!

How to transition from being a martech consultant to a full-timer


There are two factors I suspect are at play here: The recency effect. In a couple of years, you’ll be in a different place, with a more conventionally parse-able resume and a new recency effect at play, opening the door to a wider range of opportunities. This guest post by Erica Seidel is part of a regular column she writes, Ask the Martech Recruiter. promoted from within.