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Create and Deliver Content Like a Publisher to Accelerate the Customer Buying Process

Savvy B2B Marketing

If you're ready to take your content process to the next level, you could realize significant opportunities if you leverage your time, effort, resources and content. The first step in thinking like a publisher is a mindset and process for planning. Multi-Purpose Publishing Process. Publishing is a collaborative process. Re-imagining in Action. Give the content away.

4 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from The Onion's Editorial Process

Savvy B2B Marketing

While this level of editing isn’t feasible for most B2B content marketers, there is a lot we can learn from The Onion ’s editorial process. How the process works. First, here’s a great explanation of the general process from Joe Randazzo, the Editor-in-chief at the The Onion : Basically the way it works is on Monday everybody pitches 15 headlines. Develop a process – and stick to it. Learning about The Onion ‘s editorial process has made me look at how I handle content, and I hope it gives you some ideas as well. Collaborate.

Discovery Process: The Do-Not Neglect First Step to Creating Fabulous Content

Savvy B2B Marketing

You have to consider the client’s business goals and objectives, their message (or story, as I call it), their positioning and brand, the sales process and even company culture. Unfortunately, you can’t shortcut this process, as I learned the hard way. We're pleased to present this guest post by Dianna Huff, the president of DH Communications, Inc. Run some searches.

10 Ways Customer Stories Help Companies Sell

Savvy B2B Marketing

Close sales – How do you best counter questions and objections in the sales process? We're pleased to present this guest post by Casey Hibbard , customer success story specialist, to kick off the new year. Read on to see all the ways that companies benefit from customer stories. According to research firm Gartner, a potential customer is 2.5 ” 3.

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Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

process and fail to provide true return on investment. unused as a result of inefficiencies in the content deployment and management processes. of the selling process. content deployment process. Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat. Content has proven to be a highly effective driver of revenue, both directly and indirectly. and value. content.

How To Be A Better Listener in Content Marketing

Savvy B2B Marketing

So, even though I was listening, I was missing information and spending too much time in the process. If you are looking to streamline your listening process, here are are some of the challenges I faced with solutions for each. What other tips do you have to streamline the listening process for marketing? wanted to end the feeling of information overload.

Beyond Buyer Personas: Connecting with Today's B2B Buyers

Savvy B2B Marketing

The supplier will want to understand how the new software will impact the ordering process from the OEMs’ perspective. Two years ago, I interviewed Tony Zambito -- who originated the development of buyer personas in 2002 -- about the concept of and misperceptions about buyer personas, and what it takes to extract full value from them. Please outline those seven ways.

3 Quick Ideas to Improve B2B Blogging Productivity

Savvy B2B Marketing

What other ideas do you have to making your blogging process more efficient in 2013? Like many people, I’m motivated to get organized and be more productive in 2013. At the Content Marketing Institute, one of the things we work on is a daily blog. Even if you are not publishing 365 posts per year, your blog probably takes a substantial amount of time. if you rememeber to link at all.

After The Trade Show: How To Stop Your Leads from Disappearing

Savvy B2B Marketing

These cards still need the same information on them, but the process can be speeded up by attaching the prospective lead’s business card to record personal details. The best way to start this process is to have a post-show communication prepared. And then nothing happens; your leads just vanish into the ether. Why did this person come to your stand? Lead score. Then use it!

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

connection processes based. Content methodology is a process to continuously improve the effectiveness of a. with strong content processes, measurement tools, and enterprise-wide buy-in. process, bolsters the larger Raymond James brand. processes and. Evaluate existing processes and. processes are needed. Content. Methodology: A Best. Definition II.

Sales Enablement 101: Treat Salespeople Like Customers

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That's something we've done for years. ) But one thing many organizations have yet to recognize is the similarity in this process with the one used to acquire customers. And, such strategies as seller segmentation and seller nurturing are as important to the enablement process as buyer segmentation and lead nurturing are to the customer acquisition process. And more.

Be human. Your customers will thank you.

Savvy B2B Marketing

Though we humans like to think we make choices based on a logical thought process, the truth is we usually make decisions based on gut reactions. Technology, analytics, ranking, ROI, KPI, metrics, SEO, statistics, widgets, automation, media … each of these has a role to play in marketing a brand, but sometimes we put too much weight on them. Your brand needs to be human, too.

4 Steps to Creating More Effective Content From the Buyer's Perspective

Savvy B2B Marketing

During my buying process, I found myself longing for data from “real” people, aka, my peers. I was reading white papers and watching webinars from vendors, but I really hungered for “real” information. I'm not talking necessarily about glossy case studies. The B2B buying process still sucks. ” The most amazing thing happened to me recently. ” 2.

5 Keys for Better Collaboration Between Sales and Marketing

Savvy B2B Marketing

It’s a never-ending process that requires continual effort by both sides to stay on the same page and working toward the same goal. We''re pleased to present this guest post by Sam Narisi of Frost & Sullivan. Read on for concrete tips to help unite sales and marketing. All business units are under increasing pressure to show the real value they provide to the organization, and marketing is no different. That means marketers are no longer being asked simply to deliver a bunch of leads – they’re being held accountable for making sure those contacts turn into actual revenue.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

efficiencies in the process.” 4. What processes need to be in place with. process, hierarchy, and consistent publishing cadence. It’s something we call the Content Flywheel, the visualization of a process in which key content. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. Why This Guide 6 III.

Analyzing the Competition Where It Counts

Savvy B2B Marketing

” Research conducted by and DemandGen Report found that almost 95% of recent purchasers said the solution provider they chose “provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.” But to get a true sense of just how well they stack up, organizations should assess their competitors in three areas: Idea marketing.

Email by the Numbers

Savvy B2B Marketing

So whether you’re stitching together your first campaign, restoring a threadbare email process or picking out a wool cardigan, stick to the basics. Bringing more than 12 years of marketing experience to the job, he writes executive-level articles, papers and blogs, and designs inbound marketing processes. Read on for his seven steps to getting started with email marketing.

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Weekly Wrap-up: March 23rd

Savvy B2B Marketing

Margot Bloomstein explains her agency’s process for walking organizations through the exercise of figuring out the “story of their brand” and their communication goals. Here in the northeast part of the US, we've been enjoying summer-like weather. There's something about getting out and active in the sunshine that re-energizes the body, mind, and soul. Enjoy!

Savvy Week in Review - January 21

Savvy B2B Marketing

How and When to Use Content in the B2B Sales Process via @MarketingSherpa Ardath Albee, Kirsten McElgunn (Director of Product Marketing for Western Union Business Solutions), and Michelle Levy (Associate Vice President of Marketing at ECI Telecom) weigh in with some great tips. I f you are in the northern states, are you feeling that winter doldrum hit? Have any other favorites?

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

butchering it in the process, I’ll just share her recommendation in full: ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY9 Say you’re going to a dinner party full of people you. At Contently, we boil this process down to the. out of the approval process as much as possible by. However, the process doesn’t bog down GE Reports’. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II.

Six Mistakes to Avoid In Selecting a Marketing Automation System

Savvy B2B Marketing

That is, you need to design some sample campaigns or other processes and watch the vendor execute them. We're pleased to present this guest post by David Raab , who specializes in marketing technology and analysis. Read on for insights into the right way to choose a marketing automation system. Here are some errors to avoid along the way. 1. Buying Because Everyone Else Is. Not really.

Establishing A Formal Approach to Thought Leadership: Interview with Chris Koch

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In the idea network, marketing facilitates the process of gathering internal input for idea development. Similarly, IBM has a highly developed research competency governed by strict, honed processes. A key methodology that even small marketers can get their hands around is an editorial calendar. What does it take to develop a compelling point of view ? Why is this ?

Four Things That Cause Marketing & Sales Misalignment and How to Fix Them

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Let them actively participate by asking questions so they can further understand the buying process. Asking the customer about their process, pain and vision for what’s next will allow both sides to see the world from their customer’s eyes. 2. Adjusting compensation models to mirror the buying process gets marketing and sales “rowing together”. 4. No Process.

Savvy Week in Review: May 25

Savvy B2B Marketing

Five Step Process for Using the Social Web by @SpinSucks. Like you, we're kicking into high gear getting ready for the upcoming holiday weekend (yay!). We hope you'll enjoy the the posts we found most inspiring and thought provoking this week. And have a great Memorial Day weekend! When Customers Say Yes by @ConversationAge. Marketing Lessons the Real Mad Men Taught Me by @neilpatel.

Content Strategy for Marketing

processes, governing your content voice. Do your teams have the right processes and technology in. Process or Evaluation Consulting. Defining repeatable processes that you can automate. for Developing Content Strategy Our approach involves a reliable process that we’ve refined over many years of. Content. Strategy for. Content as an afterthought or. Content to.

B2B Videos: Go Beyond Humdrum to Engage & Enthrall

Savvy B2B Marketing

Though not from a B2B company, the Content 2020 videos produced by The Coca-Cola Company offer plenty of creative goodness and a solid walk-through of the process to develop and execute a content strategy. Whether used to inform or entertain, videos are claiming a place of prominence in the world of B2B content assets. And it’s no wonder. Why to Use Online Video for B2B Marketing.

Savvy Week in Review April 6th

Savvy B2B Marketing

Complex Sales Processes Drive Need for Content Marketing, Content Curation by @GetCurata. This overview of the importance of content marketing to the compex sales process includes insights from a new Mediative white paper and examples from SAP and Amex's Open. 6 “Start-Me-Up” Tips for Novice Content Marketers by @apritchie via @junta42. Friday, again? And - APRIL?

Why Design Matters in Content Marketing

Savvy B2B Marketing

Here she shares thoughts on the important role that design plays in content marketing and how marketers can get involved in the design process. Q. Whether it's an eBook or other communications vehicle, it can be helpful to talk with a designer early in the process. Just as the client wants and needs to review copy and make changes until they’re happy with it, the same is true for the design – marketers need to account for that part of the process. Q. Please describe the process. A. Finally, there’s the implementation – or production – process.

Savvy Week in Review - June 17

Savvy B2B Marketing

witty look at the process your company or clients may be going through. An easy-to-follow process for creating content that connects. School may be out for summer for the kids, but there is no lack of idea sharing from the B2B marketing community! Here are some of our favorite posts from the week. And if you're a Dad in the US, enjoy your Father's Day weekend!

Study: How Much of Your Content Marketing Is Effective?

and look at their thought processes for making content market- ing decisions. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Jordan Teicher Study: How Much of Your Content. Marketing is Effective? What’s working—and what’s not—for over. 700 content marketers. CONTENTLY STUDY: HOW MUCH OF YOUR CONTENT MARKETING IS EFFECTIVE? Content marketing is having a moment. content.

Want to be Essential and Memorable? Teach Your Prospects!

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We have all been engaged in the sales process where there is that one person who seems to have amnesia and needs to be “reminded” before each step in the process why you are meeting and what you are trying to accomplish. I have always been someone who leaped before I looked. Impulsive, I believe is the word my teachers wrote on my report cards. The Subject Matter Expert.

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B2B Marketers: Have You Localized Your Content Plan?

Savvy B2B Marketing

Implication: Do your homework to understand the information needs and preferences of these larger IT buying teams -- but focus on the ones that play a major role in the process. If one thing has become clear, it’s that IT professionals search online for information to support their buying decisions. But it’s a mistake to think that these patterns are transferable across geographies.

How to Fit Social Media into Your Marketing Strategy

Savvy B2B Marketing

You lay out three sequential steps for the social media process: monitor, engage, and manage. Following this process prevents companies from approaching social media from a channel-by-channel perspective (i.e., And we’ve seen that CIOs have relied on their peers for years when it comes to the research and purchase process. What are we going to do on Facebook?

Keeping Content Fresh: 7 Ideas for Group-Managed Blogs

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This way, you’ll be able to finesse your process with a few (hopefully flexible) people. This past week, a few people have mentioned to me that they are embarking on group blogging. ” Ah, yes, that is a huge challenge! In addition to working on Savvy B2B, I also manage the blog at the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). Provide a list of topics. Share exemplary posts.

2016 Planning: How to Budget for Predictive Marketing

By creating room in your budget for predictive marketing, you can be more precise in your decision-making, increase revenue, save money, and streamline processes amongst teams

Savvy Speaks: What's Your Strategy?

Savvy B2B Marketing

What process will I use to create all of this content? We Savvy Sisters believe in planning your work and working your plan. We would never dream of starting a project without a content strategy. What's a content strategy? How do you even start one? Read on. Jamie. 5 W's and an H. content strategy helps you get a big picture view of: Who you're writing for. Why they should care.