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How to Create a White Paper: Get Found Online and Grow Readership

Writing on the Web

Excellent products and services that deliver much more than expected, worth the price. If you want to grow your reader base, that is, if you want to get found and get known online, small businesses and entrepreneurs will offer prospects and clients online information for free, such as a white paper , a report or a compelling article. ssets. ocial Media. How to Create Your Whitepaper.

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Build a Product Funnel on Your Blog:Make Your Content Marketing Profitable

Writing on the Web

Are you building a product funnel on your blog? In my recent blog posts, I’ve been talking about ways to earn money blogging  using two different methods: Sell products directly through your blog  (or website). Sell products or services because of your blog , or indirectly. This is the product funnel : Some information for free, immediate download, no strings.

How a Product Funnel Makes Blogging Profitable

Writing on the Web

Building a product funnel on your blog is key to making all your hard work profitable. As I explained in my previous post , a great product funnel provides your readers with an opportunity to get to know you, like you and trust you. Excellent products and services that deliver much more than expected, worth the price. Well, eventually, of course I am! But in a nice way.

5 Reasons Content Marketing is Getting Harder

Writing on the Web

There exists: A shift away from focusing on your products and services (what you know well). Come back and find an expert to work with, send them an email asking for help at a price you can afford. I hate to be a purveyor of gloom, there’s too much of that around these days. But I’ve been thinking about this and want to share my thoughts with you. Here are some reasons content marketing is getting more challenging. shift towards the reader/customer and their needs (what you may not know very well). business environment that is changing rapidly (what is unknown).

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Product and research divisions can provide dynamic. When Marriott began production on Two Bellmen, its award-winning short film, Beebe largely gave director Miguel Cabrera full reign to exercise his creativity. and crisis management, or even productivity. your product and brand message. market for relevant and/or similar products and. Content. Methodology: A Best.

Online Content Marketing: Let’s Put the “We” Back Into Weblog

Writing on the Web

It can be a small purchase or large, might be a product, a service, a download, an idea, or a worthy cause. Whatever you’re selling, it’s got to be worth the price. But remember, it’s just as important to make an occasional offer at a good price. I get calls from small business professionals who want to start a blog or an e-newsletter. What are their struggles?

Why Use Animated Videos on a Business Blog?

Writing on the Web

Visual design is critical to every page you have, but never is it more important than helping your readers and customers understand your products and services. researched this and found a new studio with very reasonable prices: wizMotions.com. Are you considering creating an animated video for your business blog? Oh yeah. love video. You know what else I love? Animated videos!

Social Proof: Why It’s So Important

Writing on the Web

Customer ratings and reviews are one of the ways we decide and choose to buy products online. I use them all the time to click and buy: I glance at the number of gold stars other people have given a book on Amazon, or a pair of tennis shoes on Nike. If there are two pairs of shoes I’ve selected for my size and price, I’ll go with the one that has 5 stars over 4. What sealed the deal?

Social Proof: Are You Using Client Recommendations?

Writing on the Web

Here’s why: Customer ratings and reviews are one of the ways we decide and choose to buy products online. I use them all the time to click and buy: I glance at the number of gold stars other people have given a book on Amazon, or a pair of tennis shoes on Nike. If there are two pairs of shoes I’ve selected for my size and price, I’ll go with the one that has 5 stars over 4. Do these same persuasion tactics work for sites and businesses that aren’t selling physical products? What sealed the deal? The testimonials from other subscribers. It’s called social proof. How often?

Social Proof: If You’re Not Using It, You’re Losing Sales

Writing on the Web

Here’s a great example: Customer ratings and reviews are one of the ways we decide and choose to buy products online. I use them all the time to click and buy: I glance at the number of gold stars other people have given a book on Amazon, or a pair of tennis shoes on Nike. If there are two pairs of shoes I’ve selected for my size and price, I’ll go with the one that has 5 stars over 4.

Online Persuasion: What Do Clients Say?

Writing on the Web

Here’s why: Customer ratings and reviews are one of the ways we decide and choose to buy products online. I use them all the time to click and buy: I glance at the number of gold stars other people have given a book on Amazon, or a pair of tennis shoes on Nike. If there are two pairs of shoes I’ve selected for my size and price, I’ll go with the one that has 5 stars over 4. Do these same persuasion tactics work for sites and businesses that aren’t selling physical products? How are you using client recommendations in your online content marketing ?

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

emerged with smart products that offer features like. attention from a high level of production to. increase productivity. price, hiring more full-time employees and freelancers. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. What paid.

Dynamic pricing done automagically


Replace your pricing strategist with  Wiser.com ! There’s the price you’d like, the price you want, the price you’d take, the price you need, and cost. And that price could vary by upwards of 50% or more. The lowest acceptable price. It’s real-time price bidding. Pricing. Wiser. All in real time, dynamically.

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How do you know your price is too high?


I work with lots of companies to launch products. I am working with one now-and the launch hasn’t gone very well. This is a disappointing turn of events for sure, but I wasn’t prepared for the idea that was floated next: let’s cut the price of the product 40%. See, the problem here is that we have no evidence that price is the problem. Think about it.

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How to Implement Dynamic Pricing without Sacrificing Margins or Customers


Dynamic pricing has certainly been gaining traction in the online retail space. Popular in industries like hospitality and sports entertainment, dynamic pricing has led to the retail price tag's obsolescence in those industries. Because it is a symbol of static pricing, a tactic that holds many retailers back from success in the ecommerce landscape.

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Pricing Based on Customer Expectations


Pricing, when done properly, is one of the most difficult tasks any business faces. Price something too low, and people wonder about the quality. Price too high, and you’re out of budget. Price vs. Quality. Everyone has a certain quality vs price tradeoff that they’re willing to make for any given product or service. Who are they?

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Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Relationships That Lasts A Lifetime

they praise your products and capabilities. more likely to trust a brand or product recommendation from friends or family than from an online. entrepreneurship by offering their counselors access to products, content, and experts like kildal. involvement in the planning, funding, and purchasing of business and technology products and. engage with peers. Read this report.

4 Ecommerce Pricing Strategies You May Not Have Considered


When determining prices for your ecommerce store , you’re likely to consider traditional methods: markup, anchor, and luxury pricing. Free isn’t a price. How could anyone make money by offering products for free in their online store? Well, let’s look at the pragmatic side of offering free products on your ecommerce site. Accessories for larger products.

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Raise Prices for B2B Sales Without Losing Your Regular Customers

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest blog from Colleen Francis, After three years of selling products and services at the same prices, your company decides a change is in order. It’s time to make a few price increases to better reflect the current market and rising costs. And yet there are several other pricing methods that businesses employ as well.

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How Pricing Affects Marketing Strategy for B2B SaaS Companies


One of the best ways to break the SaaS vertical into subgroups is by looking at their pricing models. How pricing affects your marketing strategy plays out across several dimensions. SaaS pricing plays a huge role in this decision. But whether you’re doing 80% demand gen and 20% ABM or 20% demand gen and 80% ABM, is largely a factor of your pricing strategy.

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Big Data and Marketing Intelligence Help Make Better Pricing Decisions

Crimson Marketing

Did you know that an average 1% price increase equals an 8.7% Yet it’s projected that roughly 30% “of the thousands of pricing decisions companies make every year fail to deliver the best price” leading to a significant loss in revenue. The answer of how to make better pricing decisions lies in big data and marketing intelligence. Automate.

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11 Pricing Page Examples To Inspire Your Own Design


Whether you're in the market for software or a new coffee pot, searching for price is a natural part of any customer's buying decision. The means that the majority of people who have made it down the funnel far enough to consider buying from you will likely look at your pricing page. If your pricing page isn't well designed and user-friendly, you're going to lose people.

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Capitalizing on Pinterest Rich Pins price notifications

Confluent Forms

Most online retailers know about Pinterest, and have made sure to add a "Pin It" button to their site, blog posts, and product pages. They know that Pinterest can drive traffic to their site , keeping their products on the Boards of the pinner, while also enabling lots of social sharing. So what generates a price notification? How much does the price need to drop?

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The price of poor language

Integrated B2B

For example, did your company recently win a price ? But if your organization has put blood, sweat and tears into creating an innovative product or service that stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market, doesn’t it deserve high-quality promotion? Is your produkt professionel, or your product professional? We all make mistakes sometimes. Period. And…  .

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Earn Your Success, Pay the Price

Your Sales Management Guru

Earn Your Success   Pay the Price. good friend of mine always told me that you “earned success” and you had to accept the fact that their normally was price to pay for that success.   Paying the price to develop, nurture and expand your network pays results. First ; it’s creative time.  What else can you do to win? Second; it’s professional. eventID=74422.

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12 Tools That'll Keep You Productive Morning, Noon & Night


When I need to have a very productive day, I tell myself it's going to be easy. So if you want to be more productive throughout the day, you're better off relegating certain activities to certain times, and devoting yourself to doing those activities at those times. Below, I've collected some of the highest-rated and often-recommended productivity apps for each part of the day.

7 Pricing Mistakes That Can Seriously Stifle Sales


When it comes to evaluating price, most of us don't have a clue what we're doing. According to Priceless author William Poundstone , much of our strategy boils down to "just winging it," and that's not an effective way to do business: “People tend to be clueless about prices. How can you stay ahead of the curve and price your offerings the smart way? There's only one problem.

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5 of my favorite productivity apps


This isn’t a review so much as simply a subjective sharing of some of the tools I use — and want to use — on a daily basis to make my work — and personal — life productive, collaborative, and organized. It also helps me understand better how many hours things take, something that can help me when it comes to pricing out proposals and projects in the future.

How B2B Companies Can Avoid Marketing on Lowest Price

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer B2B companies who systematically measure and monitor their customer engagement can lessen their dependence on lowest prices – and increase revenues and profitability. Our relationship enables me to create product innovations, new approaches to markets, and more efficient processes.". But in fact, the reverse is true. gross margin.

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How to Talk About Pricing Without Scaring People Off


Pricing. You’d rather talk about your products or services, how you can help potential customers, or frankly, anything else in the world. After all the excitement of attracting a potential new customer, pricing seems like such a killjoy. But pricing is just as important a concept to communicate as the features of your product or the benefits of your service.

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Good Question: How is Docalytics Priced?


For those who have spent any time researching our product offerings on our website , you’ve probably noticed that in some instances we’ve omitted pricing details. To publish pricing or not to publish has been a hotly debated topic in the SaaS world since the advent of pricing pages some time ago. Docalytics PricingStill not satisfied with the information above?

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4 Reasons Snapchat Lenses Are a Genius Ad Product


The lenses have also become a successful ad product for Snapchat. Programmatic selling hasn’t helped either, since it automatically places ads for the lowest available price. Media companies can charge high prices because there are limited spots on TV channels—something the ad tech and media industries have slowly begun to fight for as they realize the importance of scarcity.

Pinterest Rolls Out Price Alerts to Encourage More Sales


But the still-young social network has been making strides with new features to increase user engagement and drive revenue to products on ecommerce sites. And today, Pinterest released another exciting feature to help achieve that goal: price alerts for Product Pins that you''ve pinned. So what do you need to do to take advantage of this new product feature?

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How B2B Marketers Can Leverage Social Media Product Advertising

KoMarketing Associates

The latest evolution is with the advent of product ads. Both Facebook and Pinterest recently announced two new types of product ads – Dynamic Product Ads (Facebook) and Multi-Image Promoted Pins (Pinterest). In this blog post, I’m going to cover Facebook and Pinterest’s new ad features related to product listings, as well as some key opportunities for B2B marketers.

Leo Suarez, Toshiba’s SVP Marketing & Strategy: Omni-Channel Retailing—A New Paradigm of Product Marketing

Crimson Marketing

They compete with endless aisles and endless comparisons of products and prices online. By understanding the new mindset of the retail consumer and leveraging the product marketing technology available, retailers have the opportunity to create an omni-channel retail marketing system, right in store, that rivals or exceeds the efficacy and intimacy of online shopping. Over 1.1

How do you use social media to promote a boring product?

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Here are some products that don’t measure very high on the Schaefer Sexy Scale©: Scissors. And yet each of these links back to a highly successful social media case study. I’d like to point to another unlikely boring product success to walk you through a system to figure out how a social media strategy might work for your boring product. This product is burritos.

Now is The Time to Change The Scope of Our Free Offering

Sales Intelligence View

Products & Technology crm prices insideview editions insideview prices insideview pricing insideview product insideview tiers market intelligence pricing sales insights pricingIn the software vendor world, the freemium model is pop […].

Getty's New Free Stock Photos Come With a Price


dove a little deeper into the product release and found two alarming takeaways. 1) You probably won''t be able to use it. No one wants a legal run-in over copyright issues. 2) If you do use these images, you will be Getty''s product. It''s not fun fighting off lawyers when you thought you were using an image under a fair use clause. Find an image you like, then click on it.

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Embrace the Controversial: Why You Should Publish Pricing on Your Website


One of the most controversial decisions for almost any business owner is whether to post pricing information on their website. So, why won''t people put price on their website? Own the Price Conversation. Here are some compelling reasons that reticent business and site owners should start including price. They will continue to search until they find a price.

Solution or Price - Which comes first?

B2B Conversations Now

As a follow-up to a recent piece I wrote about why prospects want pricing first , I found an interesting article by Dave Brock and supporting article by Ardath Albee. Dave Brock, President and CEO of Partners In EXCELLENCE, just wrote a good piece on his Partners in Excellence blog titled, Price is Never the only decision criteria! 100% of the time, the response is Price!

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Lower the Cost and Boost the Productivity of B2B Sales

Great B2B Marketing

47% of companies say it takes 10 or more months for new sales people to become fully productive (67% are 7 or more months)(CSO Insights). Just when a new rep is starting to become productive, they (and their sales manager) are in the waning days of their tenure with a particular company. In other words, the buyer’s funnel has replaced the sales funnel as clients/customers conduct product research, read reviews, discover pricing details and generally equip themselves in a way that make themselves tougher to manipulate, but easier to sell. And only 58% reach quota.

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How Product Packaging Influences Buying Decisions [Infographic]


Is it the color of the bottle, the price, a familiar logo? The Paper Worker created the below infographic to outline how typography, color, and icons affect the buying process -- and why special attention to product packaging needs to be a priority for any brand. This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.

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Stop Talking Price, Start Talking Time

B2B Marketing Unplugged

We should also be looking long and hard at our products. Remember, it’s not just the time they spend using our product or service that we have to count, but also the opportunity cost of that time. Sure, total cost of ownership is a great proof-point, but if all you’re calculating is the amortized cost of your product over its useful lifespan then you’re only doing half the job.

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