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Be human. Your customers will thank you.

Savvy B2B Marketing

You won’t be cornered as often in feature- or price-based showdowns with competitors. Technology, analytics, ranking, ROI, KPI, metrics, SEO, statistics, widgets, automation, media … each of these has a role to play in marketing a brand, but sometimes we put too much weight on them. Your brand needs to be human, too. ” of a brand. Talk like a human being. Respond promptly.

Six Mistakes to Avoid In Selecting a Marketing Automation System

Savvy B2B Marketing

Spending Too Little. I’m not talking about the price of your system: by all means, find the lowest-cost option that meets your needs and then haggle if you wish. We're pleased to present this guest post by David Raab , who specializes in marketing technology and analysis. Read on for insights into the right way to choose a marketing automation system. Buying Because Everyone Else Is.

What is the Difference between B2C and B2B Marketing?

Savvy B2B Marketing

B2C shoppers are motivated strongly by price and brand recognition. As a freelance marketing copywriter, you may be called on to write all different kinds of copy for all different kinds of companies. Most of the time, transferring your skills from product to product is fairly easy; there are basic principles of marketing that can be easily applied across multiple scenarios.

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Savvy Week in Review: February 3

Savvy B2B Marketing

Secrets of Freemium Pricing - Make the Cheapskates Pay - by Andy Singleton via @dharmesh Based on a presentation Singleton gave at Barcamp Boston, this in-depth post covers a lot of pricing territory and answers some of the most frequently asked questions based on real-life experience. It shouldn't come as any surprise - it is February after all.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

price, hiring more full-time employees and freelancers. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. little.

Savvy Speaks: Handling Business Blog Comments: Spam, Trolls, and Crickets

Savvy B2B Marketing

little weekly maintenance is a small price to pay for an open and lively discussion. Blog comments. Most business bloggers would simply like more of them, but be careful what you wish for. From spam to trolls to inappropriate backlinks, sometimes blog comments aren't everything they're cracked up to be. Heather. Model the behavior you want to see! Criticism will happen. Wendy. Jamie.

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Savvy Speaks: Harpooning the Fail Whale

Savvy B2B Marketing

And remember, unless your mistake caused physical harm or a company's share price to plummet, it's likely not worth losing sleep over. You messed up. Big time. What do you do next? Tread carefully; whether you channel your inner Phoenix or closet Captain Ahab just may determine the course of your career. So - how do YOU handle failure? Jamie. Knock on wood, right?) Don't dwell.

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Savvy Speaks: Surprising Things We've Learned in Two Years of B2B Blogging

Savvy B2B Marketing

Say, what's the going price for a 5 article newsletter? - got ya covered. Savvy Jamie looked at the calendar recently and asked a question that got us all thinking: "Don't we have an anniversary coming up?" " As hard as it is to believe, Friday marks the two year anniversary of the Savvy B2B marketing blog! That got us thinking about how far we've come and the lessons we've learned along the way. With humble thanks to each other and to our loyal readers, we offer our "$.02" " on how we got here. Power in (the right) numbers. Michele. Jamie.

How to Engage Hyperactive Tech Buyers: Insights from TechTarget

Savvy B2B Marketing

These researchers are looking for the best solution from the best vendor for the best price with the best fit for their company. Generally, if the product is highly commoditized and at a low price point, the time frame for research and purchase is short. So their discussion is more granular and tactical, typically focused on features and price points.

Savvy Toolkit: Website Improvement Widgets

Savvy B2B Marketing

According to KISSInsights FAQ page the following are ways people are using the service: Finding out why customers are cancelling Finding a realistic price point for a new product Additional demographic data (“since no one is willing to fill out long signup forms anymore!”) In an increasing virtual world your website is increasingly becoming the "store front" for more and more companies.

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Top 10 Tips for Increasing Online Conversions

Savvy B2B Marketing

Pay close attention to your pricing structure - Over 80% of customers start the buying process researching for the best deal before committing. Therefore pay close attention to your pricing structure and in particular for B2B sites ensure that large orders equal more savings. 3. Another option is to demonstrate savings using a message in the shape of list price and our price. 4.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Resolution You’ll Achieve” • “Flowchart: Should I Rent or Buy?” • “7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Home” • “ How to Tell a Good Mortgage from. a Bad One” • Mortgage calculator • “ 5 Tricks for Saving on Your Mortgage” • iPad offer • Employee mortgage pricing • Mortage brochure • Dreams of owning a home, but. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. According.

Content Marketing Tips: 8 Things to Look For When Targeting Blogs

Savvy B2B Marketing

And if a blog clearly writes about products pitched to them, you might also want to search their site for their policy on it; many of these endorsements come with a price or strict guidelines. This week we’re pleased to offer this guest post by Frank Anderson of Google PageRank. There is a lot of debate within the marketing world about how reliable Google PageRank is.

Savvy Speaks: Of all the Nerve!

Savvy B2B Marketing

That's no problem, but it comes with a different price tag. This week we're going to take a slightly different approach with Savvy Speaks, and talk about the business of being in business as a freelance marketer. Most of us have realized that there is a lot of power in the audacity of asking. We want to know what you've had the nerve to ask for. Stephanie. Clear guidance. Jamie.

Savvy Speaks: Surveys Says.?!?

Savvy B2B Marketing

In either case, I like to use tools like Survey Monkey because they are easy to set up, globally accessible, and have (at a small price) all kinds of fun graphing capabilties. Ever wonder what your customers and prospects are thinking? Try asking them! Read on for some examples of how the Savvy Sisters use surveys in their work. You can't just stop a conversation and throw in a survey.

Savvy Toolkit: A Cool Way to Store, Organize, & Access Stories

Savvy B2B Marketing

With Zahmoo, you can: Collect stories Share, rate, comment and reuse stories Search, tag and explore your stories Collaborate on prioritizing and selecting stories for any use Find the right story for the situation at hand Available in three pricing plans , this affordable tool might be just what your online community or business needs to keep its stories straight.

Marketing Technology: 3 Solutions You Can't Live Without

Zoho CRM’s capabilities and price point make it best suited. designed for SMBs from both a capability and pricing standpoint. It’s per user pricing makes it best suited for. put into your efforts, but it’s a great tool at an entry-level price point. Take a minute to think about what you do each day. and what you need to be effective in your role. While these changes.

Savvy Speaks: Holiday Gift Ideas for B2B Marketers

Savvy B2B Marketing

I'll have a more thorough review for 2011, but - for now - just know that this is worth the price of admission and should be on the shelf of every marketer who dares utter the word "content.". Doing some last-minute shopping for the B2B marketer in your life? Or, maybe you've been a good little B2B marketer yourself and are looking for a little something-something to put in your own stocking? Either way, the Savvy Sisters have some gift suggestions that will make any B2B marketer smile a happy holidays smile. Thanks again for a great year. All the best! Heather. Michele. Jamie.

Savvy Week in Review: October 28

Savvy B2B Marketing

In her interview with Robert Rose of Big Blue Moose, she gets down and dirty about the real value (and price) of adhering to best practices all the time. We look forward to Friday for the obvious reasons, but also love that it's time for us to compile our favorite reads of the week. So read on and enjoy! And point us to your faves of the week! 10, 862 Comments Later, I Realize Blog Comments are NOT a Business Model by @TheSalesLion. Marcus Sheridan brings us another a-ha moment with this post that is especially appropriate for B2B bloggers. Don't make these mistakes!

Proud Mary, Kodak and Your Brand - A Cautionary Tale

Savvy B2B Marketing

Your brand may not last forever , but as long as you're fighting for it, keep a few things in mind: Don't compete on price. Bill Lawrence, a marketing instructor at New York University, notes that three General Motors brands - Oldsmobile, Buick and Chevrolet - lost their clear identity and even began competing with each other on price. You can defend your brand without struggling.

Savvy Speaks: Just Give Me a Reason!

Savvy B2B Marketing

When I get push-back from a new client, it's almost always on price. But "Pricing 101" tells us that when you are selling a specialized product, you never compete on price. The guy with the lowest price either has the least amount of experience or the least amount of confidence in his own work. Everyone needs a reason to do things. Jamie. Would you? Wendy.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

priced on a per-seat basis. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. Crafting a Brand Voice & Mission Statement 8 III. Now that’s ROI!

Week in Review: February 22

Savvy B2B Marketing

recent study shows that stock prices move up with Twitter mentions. Another week has flown by but we managed to ensnare some real treasures from around the blogosphere in our nets. Check 'em out, leave your thoughts, and share the goodness! Steps to Compelling Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing by @jeffbullas. Simple but thorough road map for social media marketing sanity and success. Leverage Twitter's Influence To Work For Your Brand by @nick_eubanks via @sewatch. Yes, really. Why Mass Attention Sucks by @craigmcbreen. On the other hand. Good stuff. podcast].

7 Critical Steps to Getting Effective Survey Results

Savvy B2B Marketing

Tackling price, take rate, messaging and usage in one survey can be too much in one study especially if you have a complicated product. 2. We are very pleased to have Wendy S. Cobrda, President and Founder of Earthsense as a guest blogger this week. So, you’ve been tasked with finding facts on product usage by your customers. Focus – Brevity and clarity counts. Budget for it.

Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys

Savvy B2B Marketing

That he can get a friend of his to do it for a quarter of the price. I try to let him know, gently, that projecting a professional image is too critical to growing his business to leave it to someone who clearly can’t write his way out of a paper bag. Every business is on a budget. But not always. When saving money costs you clients Case in point. Maybe next time.

Are You Backing Up Your Social Data?

Savvy B2B Marketing

seems a fair price for this robust app which accesses your account via facebook connect to back up your profile, friends, photos, and wall status updates with comments. What would you do if Gmail crashed, your facebook account got suspended for suspicious activity, your LinkedIn network disappeared, or the Fail Whale moved in permanently? EVERYTHING. admit it. Now - off we go! How about you?

Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Relationships That Lasts A Lifetime

discounts and special pricing for academic and nonprofit institutions. Advocate Marketing Creates B2B Customer. Relationships That Last A Lifetime Focus On People, Not Companies, To Increase Advocate Engagement by Laura Ramos September 28, 2015 FoR B2B MaRketing PRoFeSSionaLS FORREsTER.COM key takeaways Customer Testimony Helps B2B Attract. help sales close deals, and B2B buyers prefer to.

Selling new products – 5 success factors for training your sales force

Savvy B2B Marketing

In the rush to market, all too often companies provide salespeople with only marketing materials, product training, and pricing information. Selling a new product requires more than just describing it and talking about price points. is a co-founder of Sales Horizons which offers companies effective sales training programs that make a difference, yet are affordably priced.

B2B Buyers vs. B2C Buyers—Do Their Differences Really Matter in the End?

Savvy B2B Marketing

B2C Buyers —These buyers are not always very specific when it comes to what they want; they shop around for the best price and generally go with a brand that they know has a good name. Advice about marketing in a business-to-business (B2B) industry is continually flowing through the web. In other words, what are the differences, and do they really matter in the long run?

How to Overcome the Four Main Challenges in B2B Content Marketing

Savvy B2B Marketing

Visible pricing and a clear comparison of features is cited most often as the biggest B2B content gaps. We're pleased to present this guest post by Michael Brenner, Sr. Director of Marketing for SAP. Read on for his suggestions on how marketers can produce content that engages prospects and customers. Why is content marketing so important? How hard can that be, right? Holden-Bache.

All I needed to know about sales I learned from my kids' chicken eggs stand

Savvy B2B Marketing

The sign also listed the price and had a cute little egg with a smiley face in the corner. Put the important information up front, if price is relevant don't bury it. Organic eggs can be expensive but often times, organic eggs that are overly priced are also, in our house anyway, called dinner. Call it our backyard poultry version of the lemonade stand. You wanted them.

What Home Improvement Taught Me about B2B Content Marketing

Savvy B2B Marketing

While this may seem less-than-thorough, when we find a person who had great reviews whose price was quite reasonable, we made a quicker decision. Not only did we feel confident that we were paying a fair price, but we also learned three different yet similar approaches for handling our issue so we could decide what made the most sense for us. and how to find the right person. Tweet

The Awesome and UnAwesome Duplicity of Engaging Customers and Employees

Savvy B2B Marketing

Honestly the book is worth its purchase price ($24.95 US) simply just for the new acronyms you need to learn before everyone is using them on Twitter and you are baffled. You might have noticed that the blog is a labor of love. People often ask me if I can monetize the fruits of my efforts on this blog. can’t. wouldn’t even try because that isn’t what I went into it hoping for. skim everything I get but I really only read about 25% of what I get sent. I try to find homes for the others with more appropriate readers. Last month I received a gem.

Can’t Sales and Marketing Just Get Along?

Savvy B2B Marketing

In an interview with Jon Miller earlier this year, Christine Crandell said: "Telltale signs of misalignment can be seen in industry statistics for B2B sales: 80 percent of leads passed on to sales are dropped; 90 percent of marketing collateral is unused; and the total cost of winning a net new enterprise customer via direct sales carries a hefty price tag averaging $500,000.

Be the same as everyone else but different

Savvy B2B Marketing

Forgive me for being a little selfish but I didn't necessarily want to hear how he would make money off of my investment, I wanted to hear how he was going to go about getting the best price for my property. You must be the same as everyone else, but different. Isn't that just the way it always is? Most people want difference. to a degree. Not an easy thing to do. Then what? We both benefit.

What Marketers Can Learn from Storytellers

Savvy B2B Marketing

Marketers who elevate their message to a greater purpose also elevate the perceived value of their products, increasing price points, conversion rates and customer loyalty. Today's guest post comes from Chas Cooper of B2B Internet Marketing Strategies. B2B marketers are storytellers of a different kind. Our customers are heroes and heroines. Our competitors are all treacherous villains.

14 Marketing Life Lines in Case of Social Armageddon

Savvy B2B Marketing

Premium Content: In some cases, putting a price tag on certain pieces of content is appropriate. Last week on {grow}, Mark W. Schaefer wrote a post called Is the Social Web Heading for a Meltdown? The overwhelming consensus of the {grow} community is that - yes - a social meltdown is a matter of when, not if. Where will you go to hunker down until the storm passes? More posts by Jamie.

Savvy Week in Review - March 12

Savvy B2B Marketing

Schaefer's incensed and the commentary from his audience is worth the price of admission. From where we're sitting, time seems to be flying by. If you're looking for a reason to take a breather, we've gathered eight good ones right here. You betcha, but Mark W. Ways to Make Your Business Easier to Recommend - by @rohitbhargava Five great tips on how to maximize referrals and recommendations.

The Truth About Innovation

Savvy B2B Marketing

Competing in a me-too market where cost is the only differentiator is a painful and bloody experience that inevitably leads to massive price slashing. If you believe all the marketing you read, everyone - even my dog - is an innovator. Companies everywhere are oozing with innovative products, ideas, processes, methods, and technologies. Only, they aren't. Everyone says it, right?

Getting Provocative: How Visual Provocation Engages Buyers and Drives Growth

Savvy B2B Marketing

Imagine a company that sells complex solutions with a five- or six-figure price tag. This week we are happy to have a guest post by Britton Manasco. Britton has a very insightfl blog that we enjoy called Illuminating the Future. In this post, he illumintes us on how we can use visuals. It's now tougher than ever to turn prospects into customers. The Unprovoked Buyer. Lost in Translation.

Talk Is Cheap – What Else You Got?

Savvy B2B Marketing

In today's intensely competitive marketplace, it's a losing proposition to go into battle armed only with lower prices or the latest whiz-bang whoosy-whatsit. Any price point you can negotiate can be replicated. In the world of Web 2.0 and 3.0, word-of-mouth and innovation move at the speed of a submit button. Any feature you can develop, your competition can mimic. But what?

Use social media to improve your brand perception and save yourself $1m a year

Savvy B2B Marketing

It can improve channel effectiveness, enhance recruitment, even increase share price. This post is courtesy of our clever and witty friend, John Bottom of Base One , a London-based B2B branding and marketing agency. To see a great example of a memorable and non-boring bio, check John out on the Base One blogs. But, it has to be said. By now, everyone in B2B marketing 'gets' social media.

Marketing with the Kindergarten Conversion Technique

Savvy B2B Marketing

Is it price, performance, compatibility? Like some of the other Savvy sisters, I'm a multi-tasking mom whose days ping back-and-forth between mommy mode and marketing mode like a jet-fueled game of supersonic ping-pong. The result of the constant collision between my two worlds is that I often see marketing in mothering and mothering in marketing. My daughter started Kindergarten this year.