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Raise Prices for B2B Sales Without Losing Your Regular Customers

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest blog from Colleen Francis, After three years of selling products and services at the same prices, your company decides a change is in order. It’s time to make a few price increases to better reflect the current market and rising costs. And yet there are several other pricing methods that businesses employ as well.

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12 Tips for Building and Managing a Bigger Sales Pipeline

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Create offers that inherently mean they’re interested in moving forward – price estimator tools, free trials, buying guides, etc. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Matt Heinz , President of Heinz Marketing. Why do you need a pipeline in the first place? You need a pipeline that can triage and communicate with these prospects accordingly. for you.

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Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing Vocabulary

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Value (Not Price). You should never allow price to be a valid objection to any sales development call. Your role as a sales development professional is to demonstrate the value your product or service has, and will in turn demonstrate how it outweighs the price tag. First impressions are far more valuable to engaging a potential customer than you may think. You (Not I).

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourcing Inside Sales

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The answer really depends on anything from your average ticket price to the titles being called, or to the type and quality of leads being called on. I have the opportunity to join calls with our inside sales team during the sales process frequently. During the initial discussions with sales and marketing executives, there are always common themes in the questions that are asked. be shared?

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

price, hiring more full-time employees and freelancers. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. little.

Sales Prospecting In The New Year With A Data Scientist

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Some campaigns could carry a mega price tag and marketers will want to ensure that they are investing those dollars with the prospects that are most likely to covert. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Amanda Maksymiw , Content Marketing Manager at Lattice Engines. And sadly, less than two-thirds are making quota. The End of Random Smiling and Dialing.

How Trigger Data Guides Workflows for Sales and Marketing

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

But, as soon as that rain cloud moves in, all of a sudden those disinterested buyers are lined up for one of his umbrellas, and the salesman can charge a premium price for them. You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows… Well, You Might in Marketing and Sales. Let’s not write off the weatherman just yet. The moral is: timing is everything. Buyers are different these days.

Sales Tips from Dwight Schrute

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Take this time to get your mind and body ready for the fight of its life, because sales is a brutal street fight, but the price points will be your brass knuckles, and customer service, when backed into a corner, might just be your Molotov cocktail out there. If you are as big a fan of NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup as I am then you know that tonight is the series finale of The Office. If you watch the show (who hasn’t watched this show?) then you know that Dwight Schrute is absolutely insane. Pre-Sale. Get focused.”. What are their specific needs and how can you fill them?

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How to Develop a Comprehensive B2B Marketing Strategy

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

By way of example, let’s assume you are putting together a marketing strategy for a software solution provider with a 6 month sales cycle and a solution that has an average selling price of $100K. Editor''s Note: This blog post is an excerpt from the eBook Marketers Making a Difference: Volume 3 about creating a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy. Market the marketing strategy.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Resolution You’ll Achieve” • “Flowchart: Should I Rent or Buy?” • “7 Signs You’re Ready to Buy a Home” • “ How to Tell a Good Mortgage from. a Bad One” • Mortgage calculator • “ 5 Tricks for Saving on Your Mortgage” • iPad offer • Employee mortgage pricing • Mortage brochure • Dreams of owning a home, but. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. According.

Social Selling Tips For Insides Sales Reps From The Dunphy Family

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Unfortunately, they are having trouble finding a buyer willing to pay their asking price. Today, you can learn a lot about a person without ever meeting them, simply by checking out their various social media accounts. You can find out what someone’s favorite bands or films are from their Facebook, see pictures of what they had for lunch on their Instagram, and learn where they work and what they do from their Linkedin profile. Classic! Modern Family presented a scenario that I, as a high level internet creeper, could relate to. At first things seem to be going in their favor.

6 Tips for Executives to Align Sales and Marketing Teams

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In fact, she wrote that customers prioritize relationship and trust over product and price. It’s no secret that sales and marketing teams sometimes don’t get along. One department blames the other, backstabbing business politics ensue, and then your office is full of frowning faces and sneering comments. But that doesn’t have to be the case! By aligning sales and marketing towards a certain goal with a specific philosophy, both departments will learn how to work together, creating office harmony and generating quality revenue. Constant transparency is essential. Align to the customer.

Planning for a Successful 2013 Starts with a Positive Attitude

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Well, I am driving a 2013, not because of price, but because of the feature set that came standard in the 2013 base model. So I am sure everyone has started to take a look at their business as they begin to plan for 2013 and the upcoming new year (if you have not you should!). know that it is a busy time for everyone trying to close out the quarter/year as well as dealing with the holiday season on the personal side. It can be difficult to think about the upcoming year with everything that is on the table. This is a fairly simple concept.

By Failing to Prepare, You Are Preparing to Fail

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Knowing my average sale price is $100,000, I need to close 10 new deals. You''ve read the quotes: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”. ? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “If you don''t know where you are going, you''ll end up someplace else.”. ? Yogi Berra. Someone''s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”. ? Warren Buffett. Yet so few of us plan adequately.

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Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

priced on a per-seat basis. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. Crafting a Brand Voice & Mission Statement 8 III. Now that’s ROI!

5 Sales Prospecting Tips to Combat the End-of-Quarter Blues

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

But it works great – and he never has to discount his prices! 3. that the price will be going up after a specified date or that there might be a product or delivery back-up after the 1st of the month, and advise them to schedule delivery now. For inside sales reps, on the one side, you’re getting the brush off from prospects who want to call you back next year instead. Get scarce!

How Does Teleprospecting Fit Into an Inbound Sales Methodology?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Clicking on your website’s pricing page? Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales and Services at HubSpot. Let’s get this straight: teleprospecting does not exclusively refer to cold calling. It is the process salespeople use in order to prospect a lead on the phone. What is an inbound sales methodology? Properly Prospect Your Leads.

The Straight Dope On List Vendors

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

When I told him there was no way I was going to spend that amount of money on the list, he proceeded to say that he can make an "exception" for me and offer pricing that I would typically see from the’s of the world. Problem is the pricing is very high and you usually have to purchase an annual subscription. A few weeks ago I went through the painstaking process of trying to find a decent list of IT contacts in the public sector. Plus they could only provide me the data on cd-rom, yikes! Bad move. Yep, like I have $24,000 to spend. This is when the terms got interesting.

Should Your Company Invest More in Building its Sales Pipeline?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

It’s time to stop asking your company’s highest priced resource to do low-value, high volume work that is decidedly different than managing the later stages of a sales process. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Tom Knight , COO of SurgeryFlow. Over the first quarter of the year, and in particular the last month, we have heard this question a lot. For many, the question stems from doubt about the ability of Sales to produce replicable results, and for others it stems from a desire not to leave anything on the table. Investing in Pipeline Quality.

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List Development: 4 Ways to Win the War Against Bad Data

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Hopefully these techniques will help you win the war against bad data so you can accrue quality data for your inside sales team at a small price. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Kevin Stemple, Database Manager at AG Salesworks. One must tread carefully, or risk near certain doom in the form of financial loss, duplications or wasted time.

When Sales Reps Attack

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

El Burro eats weakness for breakfast and thrives on making those that show any pay the price. Few types of people can impact a teleprospecting reps day more positively than the sales rep(s) that they support. When you are creating opportunities via Outbounding, sales is your customer. Therefore, any teleprospecting rep worth their salt cares what their assigned sales reps think about them. When played correctly, a great sales rep can actually increase the value they are receiving from Outbound by playing the right role. The Chatterbox: Beware The Chatterbox!! Those that support them.

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5 Keys Ways The Smartest CEOs Use Outside Contractors

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

simple Google search can reveal everything they want to know about your competitors’ products and services, pricing, and value proposition. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Helen Nesterenko, founder of One of the biggest reasons that companies fail is that entrepreneurs don’t ask for help. This concept is so well-known, it inspired the best-selling book The E-Myth. CEOs shouldn’t spend their days acting as a “technician,” when they need to focus on innovation and orchestration. Content Creation. Social Media. Lead Data and Qualifying.

Sales Prospecting Perspective Weekly Recap - Week of November 26, 2012

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

He breaks down each in regards to quality, accuracy and price and provides "the straight dope" on each. We have a lot to recap for you this week as we had an extra guest post we included on Wednesday. But before we get into that, I wanted to share with our readers a great post I found this week from a great source for anyone in sales, Sales Benchmark Index. On their blog, Sales Force Effectiveness Blog, they posted a great article entitled Why Your Inside Sales Reps Don't Last. Now, on to this week's recap. Monday, November 26, 2012. Tuesday, November 27, 2012. Enjoy the weekend

Marketing vs. Sales: It’s A Matter Of Trust

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

And it goes both ways. I was working for a small medical device start-up, selling a product with a price tag upwards of $100K. Last week I was speaking to Sue Hay , CEO of BeWhys Marketing , about Marketing and Sales and the animosity between the two groups. What a WASTE of my time!” and finally, “Marketing doesn’t understand my goals as a salesperson.” Wow- that is amazing!! Simple, right?

You Get What You Pay For

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

When I’m buying a product or a service I want to get the best possible price, of course. My point is that most often it is not the fact that the price is to high, it’s that the buyer does not see adequate value. ” All true but the price, what about the price. Some of those old saying have been around for a long time for a reason. Not exactly.

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5 Steps To Building Value So The Sale Closes Itself

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

” rather than “would you like a soda today” As I moved up in my career and found myself selling software or services with an average selling price well into the six figures, I found that the same assumptive approach still served me well. Just read a great blog by Steve W. Martin entitled How to Close a Sales Call , which inspired this post. totally agree that a one size fits all approach will not bring nearly as many closed deals as a more customized approach. have been selling for more than 25 years, everything from Hot Dogs to high end software to Financial Services.

Should You Be Teleprospecting In The “Off Season”?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

If you do set yourself apart, you then get beat up on price because all those other competitors are making last minute bids to undercut you and supposedly provide the same solution for less money. Short Answer: Yes Longer Answer: I talk to a lot of people that don’t “waste” their money running teleprospecting programs because their prospects aren’t buying until (insert absurdly small timeframe here). This is an extremely risky move. By that time someone has already bought the drinks, made the small talk and laid the ground work in order to get into that cab.

Sales Prospecting and Messaging Mistakes

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Below are 5 messaging mistakes that we've learned from over the years at AG: 1) Comparing yourself price-wise to the competition: This is a common mistake we run into, especially with that 900 pound guerilla in your industry that you are consistently selling against. We often run into this situation with our clients - with all of the voicemails we leave and unreturned emails that go out, yes, sometimes our connect rates are lower than where we want them to be. That being said, we scrutinize our approach over the first few weeks of any engagement to determine what works best.

The New Face of Sales: Your Voice

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Gas is roughly the same price as dragon tears. These ridiculous gas prices are passed directly onto the company, be it in the form of airline tickets or gas card write offs. The lives of outside sales reps are changing. The outside sales rep is increasingly being asked to be…inside. At least for now it seems as though the days of 5 states in 3 days are slowing down. Some of the old school sales reps I know hate this, but it offers so many benefits for companies that it must be looked at. Here is why: 1. Expenses are getting.expensive. Then I just got in the car and cried.

Is it Easier for Your Customers to Buy?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

We try to fit prospects into our selling process, pricing is not flexible, contracts are onerous, terms difficult to meet. It seems like common sense, but when I sat with my business partner and looked at our process and pricing structure we realized we were not making it easy enough for our prospects to become customers. want my prospects to look at our offerings, price, and deal structure and say "why wouldn't we do this". Recently we have re-tooled our pricing model to be more accommodating. I just bought I car this weekend. love it! What happened?

How Do You Describe Your Organization?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

We believe it is essential that these customers are welcomed back to the market place by a teleprospecting firm that will be flexible in their pricing. The pricing surrounding a teleprospecting engagement should be something that is discussed and decided upon mutually by both parties. At the start of this year we, as an organization, opted to put 2009 in the books. We learned our lessons and have moved on to bigger and better things. keep the list simple, no more than 3 adjectives. For 2010 the list was simple and here it is: 1. What adjectives best describe your company?

Are You Making Enough Teleprospecting Mistakes To Succeed?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

This is a small price to pay for the possibility of uncovering a huge opportunity you would not want to miss out on This post is a follow-up to a spinoff of my recent blog “Are you Calling a List or Finding Opportunities?” ” In the world of teleprospecting, the way an inside sales rep works a list is very important. It is what separates the minors from the majors in cold calling. You know your inside rep belongs in the majors when you know that you don’t have to put that perfect list in front of them. Fair enough. What an amazing opportunity!

Your New Inside Sales Hires Should Be Producing Leads In 5 Days.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

You are training them to get decision makers on the phone, get them talking about their pains, and to get them in the hands of an expert that can better answer their technical questions and give them specific information on price. I’m very proud of the training program we have here at AG for new reps. It has been developed and fine tuned over 8+years of doing this, and I’m confident to say that it is one of the best crash courses in how to qualify a prospect out there today. This isn’t “on the phone fumbling through dials”’s Here they are. 1.

Sales Prospecting Perspectives, April 26th - April 30th

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

We try to fit prospects into our selling process, pricing is not flexible, contracts are onerous, terms difficult to meet. It seems like common sense, but when I sat with my business partner and looked at our process and pricing structure we realized we were not making it easy enough for our prospects to become customers.". We had some interesting blog topics this week, to say the least. mean, who would have ever thought someone could equate The Wonder Pets with Teleprospecting!? Somehow, Craig Ferrara found a way. Anyway, on with the recap: Tuesday April 27th.

Making Sure Your Clients Stick Around

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

For example I could have recommended a bottle of wine by matching it specifically to what you were eating or the price range you were looking to spend.a Over the past few weeks I have been asked a number of times by my boss - "so what is the story with ABC client and renewal?". You might say, "well, the easiest way to retain a client is to make sure you are exceeding there goals on a weekly/monthly basis." This is very true - but I believe there are a few other items that can assist in the retention process. Clearly defined expectations of the engagement (from both sides) 2.

Hiring a Teleprospector: Have You Added These Steps?

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They should also be able to handle a few curve balls we throw their way, from pricing objections to the prospect rushing them off the phones. Over the last 5 years interviewing teleprospectors, I have gotten to the point that nothing surprises anymore. The candidate who blew me away when I met with them face-to-face may not always turn-out to be a rain-maker on the phones. On the other side of the coin, the person I was lukewarm on turns out to be a perfect fit and ends up being the standard by which we compare all of our Business Development Representatives.