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The Small Marketer’s First Steps to a Customer Advocacy Effort

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Advocates might support your organization by speaking one-one-one with prospects, starring in videos, presenting at industry conferences or webinars, speaking to the media, joining an advisory board, or sharing their stories for awards programs. A few years ago, I delightfully observed as a client started a customer advocacy program. What’s that, you might ask? Impressive.

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The Risk of Stripping Down Customer Case Studies

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In general, buyers overwhelmingly prefer traditional written case studies to those presented as audio, video, one-page summaries, or Microsoft PowerPoint slides.". In my household, we''re having a newspaper war. At least once a week, a kerfuffle breaks out over a particularly engaging article in one of the publications we regularly consume. We''re not debating the content of the article.

Do Buyers Still Read Case Studies?

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They also like the traditional narrative format over shorter formats. "In general, buyers overwhelmingly prefer traditional written case studies to those presented as audio, video, one-page summaries, or Microsoft PowerPoint slides," the report states (page 9 sidebar). The written case study still reigns. earn my living writing case studies and teach other writers to do the same.

Customer Case Studies: More Effective, Loss Costly

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Case studies (written) came in next to last, with sales presentations as the only piece of collateral that was considered less costly. Time and again, I've posted on the effectiveness of customer case studies. But now, there's more evidence that they not only work, but also that they're one of the least expensive content marketing options out there. Conclusion.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

storytelling assets. D: Conducting a gap analysis to identify the topics, per- spective, or voice that present opportunities to reach. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. publisher.”

Survey Says…Case Studies Still Influential in B2B Tech Purchases

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Presentations. We all work hard to create attractive content. But just how useful is it in actually influencing buyers? Each year, I look forward to The Eccolo Media B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report , which opens the lid on how B2B technology buyers consume marketing content. Of course, I want to know, what's going on with customer case studies? Case studies/success stories. Podcasts.

How HP Case Studies Cater to Readers and Skimmers

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So how does that affect the way you present customer stories? Over and over, we hear that most buyers don't really read marketing copy, but rather skim it. First, that may not always be true. Some skim while others want to read more. Or, someone might intially skim but read more closely further into the buying cycle. On a web summary, do the same.

Happy Customers Tell Their Stories – Live and In Person

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Live presentations are one of the hottest ways to showcase customer stories - and all the more powerful when the happy customer does the presenting. In just the past two months, I've helped clients capture customer stories four times to be presented at industry events. From speaking presentation to a written/video case study. And then the actual presentation slides?

4 Tips for More Seductive Customer Stories

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Present those numbers in ways that put customers at ease. (This week, we lost a treasured filmmaker, Nora Ephron. This post is a tribute to her.). If you've seen Ephron's classic '80s comedy, When Harry Met Sally , you know the most famous scene. Friends Sally (Meg Ryan) and Harry (Billy Crystal) are talking over sandwiches in a deli. But the punch line comes from a woman at a nearby table.

Can You Doctor Customers’ Quotes?

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They're true accounts of a customer's experience, and as producers of case studies, we need to maintain integrity by presenting true stories. In journalism, a person's direct quote is sacred. What's said is said, and any journalist with integrity doesn't change a word. While customer case studies have many similarities to journalism, they're not. It's marketing. So, How Much Can We Change?

Quiz: Is it a Case Study or a White Paper?

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You can repurpose and reuse case study content for numerous sales and marketing activities, such as blog posts, newsletters, sales letters, sales presentations and proposals. 7. Every couple of weeks it seems, I see someone confuse customer case studies and white papers. People frequently call case studies "white papers," and vice versa - even marketing folks. Why the confusion?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

magazine, and presented at blogging and social media conferences. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. know which half."

Customer Stories in Action:

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On the main page, Clarity presents the customer stories in playing-card format. I''m always on the lookout for new examples of customer case studies, and last week, the site Clarity came into focus. Clarity is a simple and super cool site where businesspeople can request phone calls with experts to get answers and advice. See an example of a full story here. They might want to add.

This Case Study Trend is HUGE

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Big headlines: Big photos: Big body copy: Big pull quotes: Big graphics: Big scrolling story teaser: Organizations are also more creative in their presentation. They put thought into how they organize their stories on the main case studies page, how they present the teaser web summary and the way they lay out a single case study. It''s true. yes">. yes">. …it''s all super-sized.

Customer Presented on Your Behalf? Do More with a Live Case Study

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This week, two PowerPoint presentations came my way. My clients’ happy customers had actually presented these decks in live case studies (either in person or on a webinar). Smart marketing teams know the next step: Turn that live presentation into something that you can re-use again and again. The presenter adds that. That’s about as good as it gets. Use it!

Avoid ‘The Kiss of Death’ When Asking for Your Next Testimonial

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When this interview is finished, it should present your customer in such a positive light they would want to put the interview on their own website. By Bill Metcalf. Note from Casey Hibbard: While I'm out on maternity leave until the end of July, this blog will feature a summer guest blogger series with content from experts in marketing, organizational storytelling and writing. Victory?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

magazine, and presented at blogging and social media conferences. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. know which half."

How Kronos Finds, Showcases its Best Customer Successes

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Past winners present awards to new winners. Also, live examples presented by customers and partners give attendees concrete examples of how others benefit from products and services, and ideas for how to use existing solutions better or how new solutions might work in their environments. Since then, the awards program has built momentum that has even surprised Kronos.

Case Studies: Start with the Story’s End

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Just this past week, Richard Fouts of Gartner presented the webinar, "How to Tell Better Marketing Stories." In it, he offered three tips for telling stories well, with " start with the end of the story " as #1. Every day, we encounter new stories – on TV, in books, movies and magazines, and in discussions with others. An Intro Summary. Keep it short and to the point.

The ‘Tell ‘Em, Tell ‘Em, Tell ‘Em’ Approach to Case Studies

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Ever heard this popular expression regarding presentations? "Tell them what you’re going to tell them. Tell them. And then tell them what you told them." Or something along those lines. Why should we repeat ourselves? Because people have short attention spans. By repeating, audiences hopefully go away having heard your most important points at least once, if not more.

Case Study Copywriters: Where’s Your Cheat Sheet?

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For freelance case study copywriters serving these marketing managers, those lags present another challenge: memory loss. Customer case studies just aren’t like other marketing projects. With a brochure, data sheet or white paper, marketing managers can usually mark the calendar for when to begin. And sometimes that’s a LONG time to wait. What goes on it? Who uses them? Share

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

magazine, and presented at blogging and social media conferences. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. know which half."

Nuture Leads – Feature Customers on Webinars

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Do you think the customer’s personality would lend itself well to a webinar presentation? This morning, a perfect example of customer case studies in action arrived in my inbox. The subject line reads: "Webinar – How IGN Entertainment Increased Self-Service Rates to Over 90% Using Parature Customer Service Software." One of my clients, Parature , is taking a case study a step further by having a happy customer speak about her experience using the software. Once again, the power of letting the customer say it for you shines through. Case Studies for Lead Gen/Nurturing.

Presentations Need More Dragons: Corporate Storytelling Techniques

B2B Marketing Insider

You know, deep in your heart, what presentations lack. As a content strategist for a presentation design firm, my company wages war against […]. The post Presentations Need More Dragons: Corporate Storytelling Techniques appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Free doughnuts, yes, but they are also devoid of excitement, clarity, and fun.

The Ultimate Presenter Checklist for Running (Seemingly) Flawless Webinars


If you’ve been asked to be a presenter for an upcoming webinar – congrats! Webinar presenters are most often chosen because they are articulate, engaging, and an expert in their field, so kudos to you. It’s an honor, but it can be a lot of work, and even a bit stressful, especially if you are new to the webinar presenter game. Happy presenting! But that’s ok.

Four new effective presentation techniques you can use right now

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I recently had the opportunity to observe some great speakers — Mitch Joel , Tom Webster and Laura Fitton and I learned a few things that I am incorporating into my keynote presentation style. Tom Webster did something I had never seen before in a presentation and it was very effective. Was it because my presentation was the best? think they’ll help you too.

A stunningly simple path to creative business presentations

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Thanks to Haiku Deck and Slideshare , there is no excuse to create lousy slide presentations any more! A few month ago, I became aware of a mobile app called Haiku Deck that allows you to create impressive slide presentations right from your mobile device. I had not used it much but I had it in the back of mind in case I needed to make a presentation in a hurry! Frustrating.

10 Fun and Interesting Presentation Ideas

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At some point in every business person’s life, you will have to give a presentation and if you’re like me, it can still be an anxious experience. have given hundreds of talks and presentations and here are 10 ideas to help you get over the nerves and into some presentation sizzle. By now, there should not be a presenter on earth talking from a list of bullet points.

8 Easy ideas to make your presentation memorable

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That’s a difficult feat, even for the best presenters. Let’s take a step back and consider how people actually learn from a speech. A few years ago, a research team led by  Stephen Kosslyn  and composed of experts from three universities studied how presenters could improve their public speaking. If there is any disconnect with these steps your presentation will fall flat.

Stop presenting- Start engaging!


Here is an “inconvenient truth” that all sales and marketing professionals need to understand immediately: No-one wants to sit through a presentation on your products and services. No more sales presentations – these have gone the way of the printed brochure. Just stop doing that. ”   Watching the reaction of the two executives was telling.

The 25 Best Slideshare Presentations Of 2013

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So I looked through the most popular presentations published in the last 12 months and picked the top 25 slideshare presentations of 2013 for business leaders, marketers and growth hackers. The 25 Best Slideshare Presentations of 2013. 1. million pageviews, Mary Meeker does it for the 2nd year in a row as one of the the top presentations of the year on Slideshare.

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39 Perfect GIFs For Your Next Presentation

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Bad presentations are painful. For both the presenter and the audience suffering through it, these can feel like dying a slow death. So how can you ensure your presentation doesn’t result in your audience falling asleep in front of you? When you’re presenting some confusing information…. Finally, when you thank your audience at the end of your presentation .

Presenting a Webinar? Build an Emotional Connection with Your Audience


The success of the webinar is largely contingent on how articulate and trustworthy the presenter is, and how well the presentation addresses genuine audience concerns. Caution: Don’t choose subject matter that your organization, or the presenter, is not extremely familiar with. Will that presenter be you? So why spend the time, resources, and energy to host a webinar?

Marketing to Engineers Requires Accurate and Truthful Content Presented Logically

Industrial Marketing Today

They are actively looking for reliable information about advancements […] The post Marketing to Engineers Requires Accurate and Truthful Content Presented Logically by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today. Engineers regardless of their experience are concerned with keeping their skills current and their technology knowledge up to date.

Kiss Your Boring Sales Presentation Goodbye—and Do This Instead

Jill Konrath's Fresh Sales Strategies Blog

In the Experience Economy , authors Pine and Gilmore write, "Those businesses [sellers] that relegate themselves to the diminishing world of goods and services will be rendered irrelevant. To avoid this fate, you must learn to stage a rich, compelling experience

How to nail your next presentation: 10 rules for public speaking success


  I was recently invited to address a local professional group and the invitation got me thinking about what goes into a good presentation. I’ve had the privilege to see some really great ones, and the misfortune to see more than my share of awful ones. Follow these to nail your next presentation! 1. Knowing your audience is a huge part of presentation preparation.

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Presentation 101: The Brilliance of Speaking Simply

PR Meets Marketing

The last two weeks has been a master class on how to present brilliantly or poorly as that may be. This is an issue not related solely to politicians, but any person who presents publicly. Be mindful of the cadence of your presentation. We tend to fall into one “speed” when we speak, which can lead to a “monotone” presentation. Simplicity.

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15 Presentation & Public Speaking Tips that Rock

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This year alone, I’ll do over 40 public speeches and keynotes and another 50 online presentations by webinar or webcast. Since 2007, I’ve presented well over 300 times in-person or online. Taken of my keynote presentation in Slovenia in 2010. I’ve also had to sit through another thousand presentations by other individuals over that time. Smile a lot.

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Important Grammar in Business Presentations

Your Sales Management Guru

Just How Important Is Proper Grammar When it Comes to Business Presentations? Ken; We have a guest blog this week, a topic that is absolutely key in emails, presentations and meetings. It takes more than just good speaking skills to give a top-notch business presentation. Good writing speaks volumes about the person and company behind the presentation. Hope you enjoy!

Link Building: past, present, and future


In an upcoming Biznology webinar aptly named “Link Building: Past, Present, and Future,”  some of my colleagues from Page One Power will be discussing how link building has changed over the years, how to build links the right way today, and where links are headed in the future. Link Building Present. The post Link Building: past, present, and future appeared first on Biznology.

How to Make Your Presentations Wow Like a TED Talk

It's All About Revenue

So, how do you capture a little of that magical quality when creating your own presentations? For more on effective slides check out How to Create a Captivating Presentation. No one ever says what that means, which is unhelpful when you’re developing a presentation for an organization, a conference, or committee that you need to persuade. How to Make Your Presentations Wow Like a TED Talk is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. He blogs at  The Steveology Blog. More importantly, I saw how the TEDTalks sausage was made.

How TED Talks Can Help You Create Better Client Presentations

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One of the challenges of client presentations is they are often given over the phone or through a web conferencing system. To create a better client presentation, whether it’s a sales pitch, a monthly report, or a presentation on content ideas, we have to go above and beyond bullet point slides. can make a presentation much more interesting. Did they even get it?

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5 Tips for Delivering Better Presentations


Giving presentations can be slightly nerve wracking or incredibly fun, depending on who you are. If you’re part of the group that dreads a presentation or giving a speech, you’re not alone. Whether you jump or puke at the chance to give a 30-minute presentation in front of thousands of people, these tips for giving better presentations can serve you well. 1) Body Language.

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