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9 Do's and Don'ts for Creating Outstanding Facebook Cover Photos [+Free Templates]


Bonus: If you need help creating cover photos for all your social networks, we''ve created free templates you can use for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+. Download the templates here for free !). Download our free PowerPoint template to create irresistible CTAs. 8) Do include clickable links in the description. You probably guessed it by now. Seriously.

14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter


Thankfully, making your tweets clickable doesn''t "just happen" based on the whim of the Twitter gods. In this post, we''ll talk about how to put the science of Twitter to work for you so more people click on your tweets. Before we dive in here, what does it mean for a person to "click on your tweet"? Click your Twitter handle to view your profile. Tweeting is easy.

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The URL Importer. Share your old content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and maybe Pinterest? When you join Medium, you have the opportunity to link up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Blogging Personal Brand 2008 Aleppo Apple Inc. I write to share my ideas and to build brand recognition, I don’t write for SEO or SEM. and other network affiliates. Medium Stats.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Expert Twitter Marketing


With 200 million members, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks out there. Used effectively, Twitter can help you promote your content, provide helpful customer service, generate leads and customers, and much more. 35 Tips & Tricks for Getting the Most From Twitter. 1. Optimize your Twitter profile. Create a custom Twitter background.

The Anatomy of a Shareable, Linkable & Popular Post: A Study of Our Marketing Blog


So, here's what was done: We extracted each of the URLs of every blog post that we've ever published on the HubSpot Marketing Blog (a total of 6,192 blog posts). From each of the URLs, we extracted: The article title. The number of external links to that URL. The number of individual domains linking to that URL. I've always had a love affair going on with data.

7 SEO Twitter Tips to Rank Better in Search


This is a guest post written by Lior Levine, a marketing advisor for an American based online company that offers personalized cancer care treatments. Basically, Twitter is a natural complement to your site and a way to gain some additional spots on organic search engine results pages (SERPs), helping your website and its content get found. Don’t Forget Your URL.

Make a Blockbuster: 8 Tips to Promote Your Webinar


It should clearly state what the webinar is about, promote the speakers (use headshots to make it more personal), make the date and time of the event obvious, include a simple registration form, and clearly underscore the benefits this webinar will deliver to attendees. 2. Share regularly on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook in the three weeks leading up to the event.

10 simple tweaks to generate more sales through blogs

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Many blogs have “pop-up” offers. I am not a fan of these personally but they do work for many people. 4. Make sure the blog is integrated — Even some big company blogs have made the mistake of having a site that is disconnected from the main website (it has a separate URL). Do not let any IT person or design professional talk you out of this. Integrate! 5.

19 Simple Email Marketing Tips to Improve Your Email Open and Clickthrough Rates


HubSpot customers: Don't worry -- you can't save an email template unless it includes this element.). When you send email from a real person, your email open rate increases. This is because -- based on past tests we've conducted -- recipients are typically more likely to trust a personalized sender name and email address than a generic one. Invest in responsive email templates.

Mautic Offers Free, Open Source Marketing Automation

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Mautic will encourage such support by building a marketplace for users to sell or share resources such as workflows and templates. It is also putting together its own set of templates and workflows to help users get started. It apparently could have imported more social data if I had connected with my own Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. What about the product itself?

How to Create Irresistibly Shareable Content

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would highly recommend searching keywords on popular forums like Quora , exploring keywords and phrases in Twitter search and seeing what people are asking in industry related LinkedIn Groups. Here’s an infographic with 74 blog title templates  from TwelveSkip that have proven to work: Solve a Problem. Mention them on Twitter with a link to the article or tag them in the update.

24 Favorite Inbound Marketing & Digital Media Buying Tools That Don’t Include Google


The spider allows you to export key onsite SEO elements (url, page title, meta description, headings etc) to Excel so it can easily be used as a base to make SEO recommendations from. Twitter Ads. Twitter Advertising. Once reserved for high budget advertisers, Twitter ads are now available to everyone with no minimal spend.  If you’re really into Twitter, you be enamored by this Twitter management tool.  Unbounce provides ample landing page templates that can be customized for lead generation. Need a radio station in Miami?- look it up.  AdReady.

8 (Free) Google Resources B2B Marketers Need To Know

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Coupled with the AdWords Twitter profile and a simple web page change monitor (like ), the team at KoMarketing can easily stay on top of AdWords updates in an effort to determine the significance for client programs. This test will analyze a URL and report if the page has a mobile-friendly design, according to Google standards. Google AdWords Features History.

9 Lead Generation Mistakes Marketers Need to Stop Making


Folks who are just starting to get to know you might be interested in offers like checklists, contests, and templates. If you want to take personalization a step further, use smart CTAs. Smart CTAs are CTAs that change depending on the person viewing the page -- his or her interests, location, pages viewed already, items or services bought before, and so on. How to Fix It.

11 of the Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Influencer Strategy Template : Use this template to build your strategy and influence purchase decisions, rather than chasing retweets and online personalities that have little sway over your audience. 2. Followerwonk (free tool) : This tool by Moz makes it easy to find relevant influencers by topic and location on Twitter. Demographics Pro App for Twitter (free tool) : Quickly determine whether the influencer’s audience is right for your brand. Check out our blog post on how to use the Google Analytics URL Builder for your campaigns. 8. return.

What are The Most Popular Social Media Tools?

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Originally called Adobe Post, Spark Post is a mobile application available in the Apple App Store that allows users the opportunity to add templated text on top of a picture they have taken. Once inside the Relay dashboard, users have 539 social media image layouts and templates to choose from. Want the same post to go to your company LinkedIn page and personal LinkedIn page.

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The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools


Clickly logs and reports on a wide range of onsite activities including pageviews, downloads, and outbound link clicks; event alerts (on conversions, for example); bounce rate; campaigns; goal conversions; traffic sources; Twitter analytics; and more. Be sure to enter the right URL; you can’t change this once it’s been tracked. Google Review Count:  600. Pricing:  free.

Pinterest Lead Generation 101: Best Practices and Hacks That'll Make You a Pro


Plus, Pinterest users spend the most money of users on popular social networks -- nearly double the amount of money spent from Facebook users and triple the amount from Twitter users. We''ve done this on our own Pinterest page by making a board purely for templates -- but there are lots of other ways you can make that same idea work for your company and Pinterest board. The good news?

How to Improve SEO Using Educational Resources: One Company's Step-by-Step Framework


Using Google Docs, create a spreadsheet with the following fields: URL - This will be the URL for each resource page we collect. Contact Method - This will be either an email or perhaps the URL to a contact form. If the page looks like it has potential, then add the site to your spreadsheet, filling in the URL column. That said, SEO is very much a rich get richer game.

5 Ways You Can Use Visual Content to Increase Conversion Rates


Now, we have access to user data, which marketers can use to personalize experiences at scale. Lowe's ultimately had more than 180,000 variations on the video, each of which was personalized to the individual viewer. From there, you can see templates for infographics, presentations, and other visual content. Curate Social Proof with Twitter & Instagram. Picture This.

In Case of Emergency: How to Create & Launch a Content Marketing Campaign in 5 Hours


Our Content Mapping Template can help you get that all figured out.). Once you have your outline, creating the ebook is as simple as copying and pasting the text from the blog posts you've compiled into an ebook template and giving ebook one more round of edits. Twitter post image: 1024 x 512 pixels*. Twitter cover image: 1500 x 500 pixels. And Twinkies.*. Not sure?

Key SaaS Metrics for Accelerating Growth


Should the sales person use three or four calls and 30 days to close the deal? Inbound marketing is comprised of two channels: Organic search: Keyword phrases plus a highly optimized, dedicated landing page (under your URL) with content tuned to that exact search phrase. Executives love metrics, especially in the technology/Internet space. Trials? Demos? Why does this matter?

9 Silly Pinterest Mistakes Only Rookies Make


While this may not be the biggest lever for you to pull in your SEO strategy, it could help get more people to visit your website from your Pinterest profile. 3) Using a Personal Page. Like on Twitter, every time you pin something, it goes into your followers'' feeds. For example, on HubSpot''s Pinterest account, we have separate boards for blog posts, ebooks, templates, data, etc.

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You’re doing a terrible job with search and social


There’s even an entry in their Google Analytics that says there’s a mobile interface; however, when I ran their main URL through the  W3C mobileOK Checker , I got 0%. They may share with Facebook and have their posts on Facebook auto-post to Twitter and Google+. Don’t update your server, template, CMS, and site content more often than every decade? And why?

The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


There’s built in reporting too, plenty of templates, a drag & drop editor and any autoresponder that supports custom HTML forms is supported.” — Blogging Wizard (Content). plugin that can help increase blog traffic from Twitter by making it easy for readers to tweet a predefined quote, takeaway, catchy phrase, smart idea, or statistic from your post. Google Review Count:  312.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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MindFire Studio grew out of MindFire’s original Look Who’s Clicking software, which is used by more than 1,100 printers and other graphics arts vendors to add personalized URLs to print promotions. The system supports email, print, SMS, Twitter, and voice messages, typically delivered via integration with third party systems. Although this approach is popular, there are others.

A Simple Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post


surveyed the founders of hundreds of different technology startups and asked them, “If you could only ask a person one question during an interview, what question would that be?”. Start by creating a spreadsheet to keep track of names, emails, Twitter handles, and company or blog URLs. To help you get started, check out my email templates below. Sounds easy, right?

Thesis vs Genesis – Comparing Premium WordPress Themes


Personal. Personal Option – This option allows you to use the Thesis framework on one live website and one localized development server. Both the Personal and Developer’s Options include lifetime access to the DIYthemes support forums, answers center, and lifetime upgrades. if (is_single()) { ?> · <span class="url fn"><?php Enjoy! 59.95.

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How to Use "Pay With a Tweet" to Generate Leads


It''s a service that lets visitors access your lead content without having to “pay” for it by giving up any personal information on a form -- all they have to do is share it with their own networks or Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Xing to access the content. Under the Tweet text box, there is “Website URL” where you give the link you’d like to share.

A Simple Formula for Writing Kick-Ass Blog Titles


Templates tend to be particularly powerful for CTR: We found that adding "[Template]" to our titles got the most average views of all bracketed terms. Use this template to create your own buyer personas for your business.). The other person will then refine that title even further, or suggest other title angles. Look, I said ass. And in a minute, you''ll know why.

5 Key Steps to Consider When Guest Blogging

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Simply enter a site’s URL to view the most popular content (from a social-sharing perspective). Moz’s Open Site Explorer (OSE) tool allows us to enter a URL and view its link profile. You should also remember to make the message you are crafting personal. Get the conversation started by dropping a line in the comments section or connecting with me on Twitter !

26 Outstanding LinkedIn Tips and Tactics


Furthermore, due to its multiple sharing options including buttons, apps, personal updates, company updates, and industry-focused group discussions, LinkedIn is often among the top three or four traffic sources for B2B blogs. How can individuals use LinkedIn most effectively, whether for personal branding, job seeking or networking? There are a bunch of templates to choose from too.”

16 Free Tools That Make Content Creation Way Easier


Canva, which launched earlier this year, offers a library of pre-made templates and assets that you can manipulate while also adding your own imagery. Because I have free icons. 5) HubSpot''s Ebook Templates. But, if you''ve read this post closely, we enjoy taking something hard and making it easy :) So, naturally, we created a free sampling of customizable templates for your PDFs.

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The 15 Guidelines That Will Unfreeze Your Cold Emails


– Write like you’re only talking to them: readers want to feel unique, so write to them like they’re the only person in the world. When and if they want to know more about you, they can check your URL. Removing all ambiguity and simplifying the engagement process for readers is essential. #5 Personalize It. – Twitter profile (optional). ”, you protest.

A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

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Templates. You should follow Oli Gardner on Twitter | Google+. He likes it when you jump in the conversation by commenting and finds writing in the 3rd person like this slightly awkward. Oli writes about conversion centered design and is one of the main voices of the Unbounce Twitter account. Landing Pages & Twitter. (11 pages, pdf). Landing Page Templates.

23 Types of Lead Gen Content to Put Behind Your Landing Pages


You can run contests on pretty much any social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, and they can be as simple as you''d like: Or as complicated as you''d like: Learn everything you need to know about running a successful social media contest here. . 4) Courses. 15) Templates. What does being in a "content rut" mean to you? People love contests.

How to Be an Efficient & Effective Marketer (Without Losing Your Sanity)


As a marketer, you''re an extremely busy person. You''re getting followers on Twitter, but website traffic has dipped. If your website visitors are more high-quality than Twitter followers, refocus your efforts on blogging and content creation. Then share each post on Twitter to drive followers to your site. Ebook templates. Blog post templates. Use them.