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Testing Event Technologies at EventLab

Earnest about B2B

With so many digital techniques and technologies at our fingertips it’s now possible to inject personality and creativity into everything you do and make your events more fun, relevant and intuitive – enabling your delegates to immerse themselves in your story. Recently we hosted London Business School at EventLab – a showcase of event technologies. The purpose? Zone Two: Networking. Catch!

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IBM's Watson gives the real insight on brand personality

Earnest about B2B

We decided to give IBM's new ‘Personality Insights’ tool a spin to find out. Powered by Watson , the tool uses ‘a spectrum of cognitive and social characteristics’ to analyse a block of text in order to determine the personality of the author (or in this case business). You seek out opportunities to improve yourself and demonstrate that you are a capable person. Think again.

A guide to content curation. Where can I find shareable social content?

Earnest about B2B

TED – always a good source of high quality information. I’d personally love to spend more time watching Ted talks. How can we keep the content monster fed and happy? In their book “ The Art of Social Media ”, former Apple Evangelist Guy Kawasaki and his social partner in crime Peg Fitzpatrick give some robust advice on how to get social right and be a ‘ good socialist ’. Stick to the plan.

Meet the team. Channel marketing campaign case study for Canon

Earnest about B2B

And with a personality to match. Picture it, you’re a small(ish) business. Small in number but big on ambition. Or not? Either way, you’ve got to sort some stuff out. Office (or home office)? Check. Customers? Your main focus. What about the nuts and bolts? Printer - yes, well obviously you need one of those. But what if it was more than just a printer. The challenge. The idea. Cost saving?

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

The funda- mentals of voice comes down to a personality—priori- tizing a set of traits that comprise an identity, and then. personality of, well, an actual person (the Supreme Court. The logical question now is, “So what personality traits. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY10 Another way to think of it is this: If your brand was the person at the dinner.

Helping Brixton Prisoners Bounce Back

Earnest about B2B

At the Bounce Back Christmas party this year we got the chance to meet a handful of the ex-inmates who have been helped through the programme, and it was fantastic to see in person what huge difference Bounce Back make to people who deserve a second chance. When we started working with the charity Bounce Back, we had no idea of the scale of the issue they were trying to tackle. What next?

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Live Streaming Apps - the future of Content Marketing?

Earnest about B2B

It was this combination of events that really put ‘personal live streaming apps’ on the map. Until the start of this year ‘live stream’ was a term that only existed in the lexicon of desperate football fans that couldn’t access Sky TV. But what are they all about? And are they worth businesses sniffing their noses at? Here’s what happened. First up, Periscope. The app is really easy to use.

Innovation in higher education marketing

Earnest about B2B

And with widespread access to superfast broadband, e-Learning is fast becoming an expected alternative to in person teaching amongst students, removing both the geographical and economical barriers for international learners. Tips and tricks on how marketing professionals can be more innovative. Technology is rife in everyday life and education is finally catching up. Which is a problem.

5 tips to amplify your YouTube video and get more views

Earnest about B2B

There’s always at least one person in every office who has 500 connections on LinkedIn. We all want our videos to go viral on the Internet, don''t we? But time and experience has proved it’s not that easy to get a million views if your video content is less “ Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Robot Hoover ” and more “Get the most out of your business software package”.

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

person to tell the company’s story, even though he. short film series, “Year of Surprises”; a personalized. have a personal plane or a flying car.” “ We are a science, tech, innovation. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. That’s why.

The Earnest Charity Tech Pub Quiz

Earnest about B2B

We used the app on the night to build a ‘photo treasure hunt’ around the room, crowning the winner the person who could spot the link between each photo. This will be the first of many Tech Charity Pub Quizzes that we host, so if you would like a team to come along to the next one (either in person or virtually), please email james.wood@earnest-agency.com. Focusing the mind. Simple.

5 everyday terrible user experiences (and how to avoid them)

Earnest about B2B

recently attended an event and the event organisers had very efficiently collated the event itinerary into a personal website. If you’re going to offer users self-service information, you need to get with the programme. More and more of our day-to-day processes are now being designed so that we (the users) can complete them online. And we love it. Small things, eh? No disputes from me.

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Email marketing: Is emailing purchased data a waste of time?

Earnest about B2B

Imagine a portrait for each and every person on the list; the data you’ve bought might let you see the shape of their face but it’s up to you to find out what colour eyes they have, how big their nose is and how they style their hair. Does e-mailing cold data really cut the mustard? So what’s the first step in unlocking the value of your new data? Watch this space.

A boxer, magician and writer walked into AdWeek: Lessons in marketing from other industries

Earnest about B2B

This was interesting from a business and personal point of view. For example; Person 1: ‘I’ve just booked a holiday’. Person 2: ‘Oh nice, where are you going?’. So now the conversation moves onto where Person 1 is going on holiday and how close the hotel is to the beach. However, Person 1 was actually going to explain that they had booked a holiday because they were stressed and need to get away. Just the one interjection from Person 2 has changed the narrative of the conversation. As she put it - ‘parasitically use other people to tell your story’.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

of only hiring one person to run an entire operation. to be set up for success: one person focused on strategy, another to handle execution, and a third to deal with. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. But brands.

You have a new match! Online dating tips for the B2B inbound marketer

Earnest about B2B

NB: If you liked this, maybe you’re the kind of person who’d like inbound marketing tips from cats too. Back on the market or going to market? Hot tips from Earnest! Apps like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and happn provide people with a constant background recreational method of dating, a gamified approach that makes the process more akin to online shopping or Pinterest. Playing the long game.

Velociraptors in the kitchen (or: the importance of context in social media)

Earnest about B2B

Jokes are laughed at as the specific set of people they are shared with understand the references and have knowledge of the person telling them. The importance of context in social media marketing. His point was that T-rex and velociraptors existed in a very specific context – and if you strip that context away, there are no guarantees as to what will happen. Shock! Horror! Horses? Please.].

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Marketing Personalisation with the Father of the Bride

Earnest about B2B

And if, like Jerry, you had been sufficiently compelled by his funny stuff to write a fan letter to Steve Martin, you would have received this highly personal (and excellent) reply. Steve’s great insight was to flip the problem on its head and offer up a mock-personal response to each correspondent. Or at the very least he was very, very funny. Well, sort of. Improves retention rates.

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Lessons from the Brixon Academy

Earnest about B2B

Take your reputation seriously – both your personally and for your business. There''s a lot for marketers to learn from the epic tale of the Brixton Academy. You will be recommended a lot of business books to read this summer. A lot of them will include fancy graphs. Many will have inspirational quotes. Say yes to everything (within reason) and see what sticks. Go and buy the book.

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Content Strategy for Marketing

personality through voice or tone. such as personalization. Content. Strategy for. Marketing: Sustainable, Scalable, and Sale-able As the web weaves into every aspect of your customers’ lives, they expect the. right content in the right place at the right time. Content as an afterthought or. even as a one-time campaign no longer works. Today, marketing is digital, so. Content to.

5 principles of Information Architecture & why it matters to marketing

Earnest about B2B

Each user is different and will follow a personal path. Humans are ‘informavores’ after all. We need information to survive. What’s all this then? recently attended a day all about Information Architecture (IA) put on by Akendi. The importance to marketing teams is clear to note. IA is the structural design of shared information environments. Key principles of an IA. 1. We’ve all been there.

The Earnest Christmas kidnapping

Earnest about B2B

After a week of cryptic anonymous phone calls, personal notes with abstract icons and very few details, five of our colleagues arrived last Wednesday to find padded envelopes on their desks. We give you the inside scoop on the Earnest Christmas party. I’m worried my desk looks like it belongs to a drug dealer. Last Wednesday Earnest was kidnapped. text arrived around 10am. Be ready. Events

Email Marketing for different buyer personas

Earnest about B2B

Email Marketing for personality types - what''s the strategy? These guys (or girls) would be red on a personality colour wheel and like you to give it to them direct. They want to connect with your brand at a human level so keep it personal too! In one of his many studies, Jakob Nielsen identified 4 types of web user: Search dominant. Navigation dominant. Tool dominant.

How to stop people unsubscribing from your emails

Earnest about B2B

Talk to them like human beings - use a bit of personality and charm to persuade them you''re worth staying in touch with. 5. Email is an essential part of the B2B marketing arsenal. It''s easy to execute, easy to measure and easy on the budget. What''s not to like? However, it''s also a fine balance. Timely, relevant and well executed emails are great. And what happened next surprised me.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

person who is in no way connected to GE, interested in GE, or [who]. they’ll get smaller, and everybody will have a person- al plane or a flying car. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II. Adopting a Winning Perspective 7 III. years prior.

Feed our desire to be connected or miss out: new Wireless Nation study

Earnest about B2B

The lines continue to blur between our work and personal lives. Why keeping customers connected is good for business. Next time you’re out and about, put your smartphone down for a second and look around you. We’re all at it. Eyes glazed. Attention fixed. Mobile device firmly in hand. As a nation we have a connectivity habit. It’s official. For many, it’s a necessity.

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Parlez-vous B2B? The dangers of using jargon in your marketing

Earnest about B2B

Is this a person talking or a company? The 18 th Century French philosopher, Etienne Condillac , observed that “every science requires a special language, because every science has its own ideas.” As a respected member of the ‘Enlightenment’ movement and author of a number of books on epistemology , Condillac certainly knew his stuff. rude awakening. See for yourself…. Can’t.

iBeacon: The Future of Content Marketing?

Earnest about B2B

Where your ad only appears when one of your targets is approaching – significantly reducing wasted eyeballs by ensuring your ad is only viewed by the right person at the right time. Say hello to iBeacon and the world of micro location-based targeting. It was easy to miss. Fast-track several months and now developers and marketers alike are starting to realise its true significance.

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A word in your right ear: Using neuroscience to build a more persuasive case

Earnest about B2B

Apparently if you want to get someone to do something, you should speak into the person’s right ear. So long as we don’t feel threatened by the person, the release of oxytocin makes us feel a person is safe to trust. What marketers can learn from behavioural psychology to really get stakeholder buy in. There’s an irony in the fact that Marketing just aren’t that good at marketing themselves. For a profession that’s supposedly expert in the art of persuasion, far too many marketers find it a struggle convincing their business to say yes.

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Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

stories per person • Total attention time • Total people • Total social actions • Avg. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.com by Rebecca Lieb and Joe Lazauskas 2Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report I. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. 12 21 28 Table of.

Be a Holiday Hero: Taking b2b marketing out of a business context

Earnest about B2B

Watson is a great tool for businesses that can do a whole range of things; Watson can analyse your HR data , Watson can give you personality insights , Watson can win American game shows. Here’s a thought you are probably familiar with: ‘Business people are people too, they just happen to be at work’. Just to note, this this not an Earnest campaign, just one we happen to admire). watson ib

Brand high jinx and what you can learn from Paddy Power's Mischief Maker

Earnest about B2B

Harry did confess to having to close down his own personal Twitter account this week - having been bombarded by disgruntled Man Utd fans following the recent Moyes stunt. The inside track on the Paddy Power Mischief Team''s marketing strategy. Among them was Harry Dromey, mischief maker at bookmaker Paddy Power (yep that’s his official title). They chose the latter. Here’s what.

Better the devil you know

Earnest about B2B

He had it all – the nous, the ambition, the motivational speeches, even the ability to refer to himself in the third person. Why breaking into new markets is tougher than you think. Last week the latest series of the Apprentice came to an end. Lord Sugar, former proprieter of Alan M Sugar Trading and other such jewels in the crown of British industry, pointed his finger and uttered the words: “You’re hired.”. For those of you who gracefully chose not to watch, Neil looked like he was contender number one. But he lacked one essential thing, the business plan. Sir Alan knew that.

When the product doesn't live up to the hype: the story of the Sinclair C5

Earnest about B2B

This time a new kind of personal transportation – powered by electricity. The world just wasn’t ready for a revolution in personal transport. It certainly wasn’t ready for it to be revolutionised by a single person, battery powered three wheeler – with pedals. The unlikely challenger to Elon Musk, 30 years too soon. Picture this. It’s the 10 th January 1985. Yes, electricity.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Better targeting, retargeting, and website personalization will replace the omnivore approach. Steve Rayson, Director, BuzzSumo [link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 8 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Personalize Marketing with the ICE Formula Personalized marketing is going to be on steroids in 2016. So, how do you personalize marketing? B2B Marketing. Look for.

The B2B CMO checklist for 2014

Earnest about B2B

And employ the right person to maintain and get the most out of it. What should be at the top of every B2B CMOs agenda this year? Now the New Year is well and truly underway, many CMOs are bracing themselves for the challenges – big and small - that lie ahead in 2014. ‘But how is inbound more economical?’ With inbound, people find you when they are ready.