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New Chapter for the B2B Lead Blog

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That’s because it’s my personal blog again. That’s because it’s my personal blog again. Over the next few months, I’ll be starting a business and working on my next book, […] Lead Generation Personal Messages B2B marketing b2b strategy book complex sale lead generation marketing tactics researchYou may have noticed the B2B Lead Blog has a new look.

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How to deal with change stress and be a better marketer

B2B Lead Generation Blog

How we respond to change affects our life personally and professionally. It’s a challenge for a person like me who measures progress through productivity. What’s your  personal mission statement ? Leadership Marketing Strategy Personal MessagesAs marketers, we deal with a lot of change stress. Seriously. The marketing world is exploding. Be more reflective.

6 Ideas to Create More Relevant Lead Nurturing Emails

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As I listened to attendees and speakers, I frequently heard the same keywords, such as: Personalization. You can do this in person, via phone, events and more. Tweet I’m writing this post while attending the ExactTarget Connections 2014 event. I’ve learned a lot from listening to the sessions and speakers here. Segmentation. Customer focus. Connection. Authenticity.

Lead Generation That Converts Leads into Sales Opportunities

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At the same time, the company expanded its email follow-up process and was able to increase the amount of personal data collected over time. Tweet Ask most executives and marketers what salespeople need to sell in this economy, and they will say one thing: more leads. That’s why many marketing and lead generation programs tend to focus on quantity. challenge. Create a marketing funnel .

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

The funda- mentals of voice comes down to a personality—priori- tizing a set of traits that comprise an identity, and then. personality of, well, an actual person (the Supreme Court. The logical question now is, “So what personality traits. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY10 Another way to think of it is this: If your brand was the person at the dinner.

How to Put the Customer First in Lead Generation

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It is most effective to actively listen with empathy to consciously try to understand and see the world from the other person’s perspective. Tweet Putting customers first in lead generation. As marketers, we have more ways to observe our customers behavior and can leverage tools like marketing automation, Web analytics and CRM systems to help us manage all this complexity.

Lead Nurturing: Unique tracks and impactful tests

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Lead nurturing is based on relevance, and what is relevant differs — even slightly — from person to person because we all have unique needs and motivations. Think relevance. This is the essence of lead nurturing. Without relevance, lead nurturing becomes just another marketing campaign. What is the most impactful test you’ve run for lead nurturing programs? So does the second.

Content Marketing Tips for Lead Nurturing

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Direct mail examples: personal letters, dimensional mailers, books, post cards, newsletters, press releases, white papers, event invitations, research reports, case studies, success stories and third-party articles. Online examples include: blog posts, podcasts, videocasts, videos, webinars, e-books, personalized microsites, wikis and other multimedia. Personal messages in your handwriting show you made an effort and value them. Tweet I was asked by a reader to provide some examples of what lead nurturing touches may look like. What can you send via email?

15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 3, featuring tips 11-15)

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You need to have a person behind the email and the phone call. Also, it should be the same person. Our goal is to build the relationship through one person to the point to where the lead is sales-ready, then hand that relationship off to the next person. You need an intelligent process to identify the person’s function and role in the company, rather than going by title.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

person to tell the company’s story, even though he. short film series, “Year of Surprises”; a personalized. have a personal plane or a flying car.” “ We are a science, tech, innovation. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. That’s why.

Optimizing Lead Distribution for Higher Conversion

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If a qualified sales lead is not followed up by the assigned sales person within 24 hours, they can count on an email or call from their sales manager. If a sales lead goes more than 48 hours before being touched, that sales person risks having that lead assigned to someone else — someone with more selling time capacity. Ideally, you will be able to track leads at any stage in the sales pipeline, as well as by industry vertical, sales person, territory, marketing campaign, lead score and forecasted purchase time frame. It assumes every sales person is the same.

Lead Generation: Does your teleprospecting deliver value to prospects?

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Offering exclusivity at the right time to the right person can help your efforts to move from conversation to conversion. Tweet Lead generation teleprospecting is the art of acquiring sales-ready leads for a sales staff. When it comes to communicating an organization’s value and credibility, asking the right questions and relieving any anxiety is key to a campaign’s success. Results.

Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT

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The first point of phone qualification is making sure the person is one of the buying personas you hunt for. Really, it’s about the charter the person has. Most of the time, if the person you are speaking with is not involved, he or she will give you the name of the person you might want to speak with, if they are at all aware of the challenge. And so on. Motivation.

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15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 2, featuring tips 6-10)

B2B Lead Generation Blog

It helps to personalize the emails. Tweet For the new year, I’m sharing 15 ideas on how to make your lead management more effective. There is so much to share, I’m splitting this post into three parts (you can read Part 1 with tips 1-5 here ), and today is Part 2, featuring tips 6-10. This post isn’t just about generating more leads; it’s about generating better and higher quality of leads.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

of only hiring one person to run an entire operation. to be set up for success: one person focused on strategy, another to handle execution, and a third to deal with. Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.comBy Jordan Teicher Content. Marketing. 2016 STAFFING, MEASUREMENT, AND. Introduction II. Methodology III. Key Findings IV. Results and Analysis V. But brands.

10 Ways to Optimize Your Lead Conversion Rate

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Shorten your follow-up time and do it personally. When people ask for information, they expect a rapid and personal response. Make sure your email reply has a real person’s name on it. Tweet The ultimate goal of B2B marketing and lead generation is to help the sales team sell. Marketers spend a lot of time and effort creating inbound leads but struggle getting those leads to convert into customers after they hand them off to sales. Does this sound like you or someone you know? I’m going to share 10 levers you can use to improve your lead conversion right now: 1. Shorten

Stop Cold Calling and Start Lead Nurturing

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This personal interest goes a long way in establishing meaningful dialogue. Tweet Earlier this week, I had a call with a CEO of a small technology company who was wondering how to optimize his lead generation. He called me after two salespeople quit, and he said, “I’m about to give up on cold calling and start doing inbound marketing. think cold calling is dead … what do you think I should do?” ” I thought to myself, ‘It’s no wonder his sales team quit.’ No one really likes the idea of making or receiving cold calls. Just be useful.

Lead Generation: How an insurance company reduced acquisition costs in purchased leads

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With form fields containing multiple questions and often multiple webpages, George explained that oftentimes, it is impossible for a person to fill one out in less than five seconds. Tweet Generating leads organically can ease the qualifying process, throwing “bad” leads out that are simply not worth pursuing. most pressing business challenge for marketers today.

Lead nurturing via email series and content marketing

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Lead scoring was improved after analysis of every person in the program, and the team found out that factors impacting lead quality included: asset size, title and behavior such as changing tracks, forwarding material or downloading at least three pieces of content. Background on the campaign. What the team did during the campaign. How the team refined the campaign. You might also like.

Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

Our goal is to create a personalized, educational, and, most of. personalized, educational, and, most of all, fun experience (content product) for all. content localization and personalization. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE 1 THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE 2 Introduction For the last decade, DivvyHQ’s founders have been helping the world’s leading marketers. In that time, we’ve. the “what”.

Social Media Marketing: 6 tips for running a valuable LinkedIn group that attracts prospects

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No one person dominates the conversation. “At first, someone can seem like a champion of the group when they come in and post several articles and participate in every discussion. He advises promoting discussion through personal contact. Tweet How easy it is for the mighty to fall. Especially on social media. Everyone answered “spammers and self-promoters” or some variation thereof.

Why Empathetic Marketing Matters and 7 Steps to Achieve It

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Practice empathy personally to set an example. Tweet I am at the earliest stages of developing a sequel to Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. It’s been a decade since the first draft and I’ve been contemplating how much business has changed since then. Today’s sales and marketing environment is a paradox: There have never been more opportunities to reach customers; yet reaching them has never been more challenging. We have more marketing channels than ever. We’ve moved from traditional advertising to social media,  content marketing and beyond. That’s so “ Wolf of Wall Street.”

How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads

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Create a polished and personally branded profile on LinkedIn. You’re not the stranger trying to upsell something; you come with a recommendation from a person that the receiver is connected to, or you share a common membership in a professional group. When I write personal relevant emails with research I get via LinkedIn, I almost always get a response.  . 9.  Tweet You need to rethink the way you use LinkedIn. But if you’re looking for an easy lead source, you won’t find it here. Here are some ways to make the most of LinkedIn for lead generation: 1. Connect and reconnect.

Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies

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Technology and automation are vital and valuable pieces of marketing today, but the personal touch still has its place. This email’s messaging featured a personal touch and referenced the earlier email and phone call. Tweet Our sister publication, MarketingSherpa, publishes three weekly newsletter case studies, and in the B2B beat in particular, those weekly articles routinely feature a story covering marketers tackling lead generation for the complex sale. If you only have a few minutes, this post provides highlights from each case study. What were the results?

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

person who is in no way connected to GE, interested in GE, or [who]. they’ll get smaller, and everybody will have a person- al plane or a flying car. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II. Adopting a Winning Perspective 7 III. years prior.

Lead Generation: How to establish a connection offline

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When’s the last time you got a personal letter at work?” Bob was backing up a recent study claiming that the typical business person only receives a personal letter once every seven weeks, yet receives an excess of 100 emails a day. Because of the limited amount of personal mail people receive, Blue Pillar sought to stick out with a mailer. personal letter to the target.

Lead Generation: How well do you really know what your customers want?

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Using senior execs to personally do testing is still not cheap, but really talking to that many prospects is not only priceless but an incredible kickstart to building pipeline for the sales that follow the test. Tweet “It is absolutely necessary. Don’t base your marketing on assumptions and allow your customers to identify your success.”. How important is value prop testing?

How IntraLinks Used Social Media to Generate Twice as Many Sales-ready Leads as Any Other Channel

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The team identified “Social Sellers,” the IntraLinks sales specialists who would be responsible for connecting with potential customers through LinkedIn, and who would promote the company’s value proposition via their personal brands. We reversed the process, so our invitations to connect had to be personalized, relevant and focused on achieving the connection, not the sale,” says Johnson.

Direct Marketing: 6 steps to drive more through sales pipeline

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Pikulik is a proponent of using PURLs (personalized URLs) to see how many people are responding and what they’re looking at online. Tweet We’ve all heard about how the digital age has been brutal for print media , and I fully expected direct mail to be taking a hit as well. After all, who pays attention to print anymore? It turns out your prospects are. Drive them to the Internet. Follow up.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

stories per person • Total attention time • Total people • Total social actions • Avg. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. All rights reserved. contently.com by Rebecca Lieb and Joe Lazauskas 2Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report I. Definition II. Why a Content Methodology Is Needed III. Culture of Content: The Foundation. 12 21 28 Table of.

B2B Social Media Marketing: Focus on leads, not likes

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Social media is like the John Stockton of Marketing: It’s the almighty assist to the sale,” she explains. “We’re able to note that the person came to our website 10 times before actually converting, and the 10 things that brought them to our website. Tweet It’s time to generate revenue. Do you know where your social media is contributing? They reveal their top tips to help you do the same.

Trade Show Follow-Up: 5 tips to optimize response

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Explain how you attained their names, make it personal and connect back to their motivation. ” Encourage your salespeople to make personal connections. But, do marketers make the most of this investment? I can’t help but wonder given my own trade show attendance experience. For weeks after, I unsubscribe from newsletters and sales pitches from companies I barely recognize.

Lead Management: 4 principles to follow

B2B Lead Generation Blog

The cost is giving up information, the value is what that person recieves in return for providing that information. Tweet I’m at MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013 in San Francisco on day one, live blogging the Lead Management Workshop that features a dive into larger topics including lead capture, lead qualification and lead nurture. Key principles of lead management.

Marketing Automation and SMBs – an Overview

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There’s just too many records in the database to handle this world of highly segmented and personalized marketing any other way. For the SMB marketer, let’s say you have a one-person staff. I’ve spoken with many marketers doing great stuff with only one person. Tweet Before my current role as manager of editorial content, I was the senior reporter for MarketingSherpa. As such, I interviewed hundreds of great marketers and industry thought leaders for case studies and how-to articles. I’m still writing some case studies, but not nearly at the pace I did for over four years.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

Better targeting, retargeting, and website personalization will replace the omnivore approach. Steve Rayson, Director, BuzzSumo [link] B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 8 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level Personalize Marketing with the ICE Formula Personalized marketing is going to be on steroids in 2016. So, how do you personalize marketing? B2B Marketing. Look for.

Email Deliverability: Is Gmail’s tabbed inbox a B2B challenge?

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But, even if some of the consumers you’re targeting haven’t outsourced their email platforms, it’s still likely that those consumers do have a personal Gmail account. Tweet Just when you thought you had this whole deliverability thing down, another challenge rises to the surface. This time, it’s in the form of Gmail’s tabbed inbox. Social: social network updates. Promotions: deals, offers.