[Personalization] Farewell, New England
    Personal 'Dorky college senior, 1979. On Aug. 31, 1975 my parents dropped me off at the Boston University dormitory at 700 Commonwealth Ave. with a suitcase, a box of basic living supplies and a squash racket. have no idea why they gave me the squash racket. was never any good at squash. My opinion has never changed.
    [Personalization] Ifbyphone on the Move: Our Expansion in 300 W Adams
    remember when our marketing department was just myself and one other person. 'Trekkies know what it’s like to explore a new frontier, but today Ifbyphone gets a taste of that as we officially expand to the 11 th floor of 300 W Adams in Chicago. It’s been crowded lately: as our business grows, so does our staff. It’s an exciting time. Genera
    [Personalization] Are you retargeting your out-of-stocks?
    Personalization based on visitor behavior is critically important for any company. 'Retargeting is a hot subject. If you surf the web at all, you probably find yourself stalked by ads. And if you are a digital marketer, you’re probably doing this, too. But are you doing much simpler things that pay off even better?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 1, 2014
    [Personalization] Facebook, OkCupid, and the Ethics of Online Social Experiments
    While we wait for clearer legal guidelines for businesses, marketers should extend our personalization strategies to our A/B testing efforts. 'Recently two different social websites admitted they ran experiments on users who had no idea they were being experimented on. We''re All Part of These Experiments. That''s how websites work.".
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Personalization] How to Consistently Keep Up With the Latest Social Media Trends
    If you are unable to attend the conference in person, you should definitely follow along remotely. 'There''s so much going on with social media it''s hard to keep up. It''s hard. That being said, being on the forefront of social media changes isn''t impossible either. There are many things you can do to keep on top of the latest trends.
    [Personalization] How App Companies Can Increase Retention, Engagement and Customer Lifetime Value
    Personally, I have at least 100 apps (five full screens) on my iPhone. In previous blog posts and presentations, I’ve discussed why marketers should embrace and extend technology , building continuous, relevant, and personalized relationships with their customers. The rising mobile app space is a prime example. MyFitnessPal. Kahuna.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Personalization] Filmmaking Tips to Take Your Brand Video From Zero to Hero
    then get the right person and embrace it. It’s kind of a nod to the audience assuring them, “this person might be tired or fighting a big fight, but they’re inherently good. You’re on this person’s side.” So what can you do with your brand’s videos to make a real difference?
    [Personalization] Internet Trolls
    Certainly my personal experiences lately may be coloring what I see happening, but as I have commented on posts that I have read, or social media sharing of posts, I have seen more trolling of some to make negative comments. As a blogger we would sometimes get attacked by “anonymous” persons online.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Personalization] The Definitive Guide to Awkward LinkedIn Networking
    So, since September is just a month away (don''t shoot the messenger, I like summer as much as the next person), I thought it''d be a good time to revisit the LinkedIn networking skills we should all keep in mind as we connect with new people. How did this person find me? For me, Facebook is for friends. Twitter is for sharing.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Personalization] PPC for Higher Ed on a Budget:
    Do students who have requested more info get personalized messaging and 1:1 attention? 'What You Need to Know to Get the Biggest Bang for your SEM Dollars. Without fail, at the beginning of each fiscal year, my customers at colleges and universities come to me with a myriad of statements and questions. lot of money. This is very important.
    [Personalization] Sales & Marketing Alignment: A Pragmatist’s View
    It validates our experience in the eyes of the other person. 'The term “ sales and marketing alignment ” is at the top of today’s Business Buzz Words list, as evidenced by the sheer magnitude written on the topic. A quick search returns over 22 million results. Modify the term slightly and the results become seemingly infinite.).
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2014
    [Personalization] How Much Is Your Personal Information Worth? An Inside Look at the Data Broker Industry [Infographic]
    'Did you ever stop to think about how much of your personal information is out there on the web? Even if you''ve put your Facebook privacy settings up to the highest level, there''s a lot that people can find out about you on the web. In fact, it gets way creepier. Ever heard of data brokers? Curious about how you look to these data brokers?
  • 3D2B  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014
    [Personalization] How to Create a World-Class B2B Call Center
    Everyone can improve their skills with regular feedback on their listening and presentation skills, their voice intonation, and how their personal metrics compare with others in the department. 'A marketing manager, Susan, was doing a stellar job with her online and offline marketing campaigns, generating leads by the bucketful. Hire Right.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014
    [Personalization] Exciting Healthcare Technology Requires Innovative Digital Marketing
    With Skype and online services like Pretty Padded Room, The Angry Therapist, Breakthrough, and Virtual Therapy Connect, therapists can specifically target a younger clientele who are more communicative and vulnerable in an online setting than in person. 'More than ever the doctor is in, but the patient is online— so what’s a doctor to do?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014
    [Personalization] Does Customer Service Actually Work on Twitter? 5 Brands That Do It Well
    1) @Zappos_Service : Using Personality to Delight Customers. What you’ll notice is that they delight their customers by keeping their posts personable, happy, and spunky -- for example, every time the account changes hands, they introduce the person taking the Twitter reins. Ashley_Jailene We''re so glad to hear that!
    [Personalization] Jamie Anderson and Marcus Ruebsam, Global VP and Head of Product Marketing at SAP: The Brave New World of Corporate Marketing [Podcast]
    Experiences, not campaigns: Marcus predicts the continued use of campaign tactics but defines the ‘campaign’ of the future as a highly personalized, real-time and contextual response to a buyer’s behavior across multiple marketing channels. 'There has been a fundamental shift in how buyers collect information and make purchase decisions.
    [Personalization] 7 Skills To Look For When Hiring A Content Marketing Strategist
    My first content marketing hire was for an analytics person so we could understand what was working and how to improve, Business Acumen:  You need your content marketing leader to have the ability to translate what you are doing, why you are doing it and to be able to present the business value of content marketing to business people. agree!
    [Personalization] Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing Vocabulary
    Talking about yourself in the first person only will overshadow the benefits and value that your product or service offers. 'Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest blog from Greg Klingshirn , Content Marketing Manager at SalesLoft. But have you identified these words? What''s in it for me?" Value (Not Price). not you.
    [Personalization] 10 Winning Ways to Keep up with Industry Trends
    My personal favorite news app is Circa , which is free in the App Store and on Google Play. 'Staying up to date in an industry that’s constantly shifting isn’t easy, but being aware of changes as they’re happening can keep you ahead of the curve. prefer print. You’ll get more out of it that way. Get the VR Buzz.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2014
    [Personalization] Commercial Misconduct: The Worst TV Ads Ever
    But given its yellow, power tool-like look, and its propensity for making 90s-style hairdos look even 90s-er, I can picture one person using this device on the reg: Tim "the tool man" Taylor. 'It was a simpler time, back then … before the rise of DVRs and streaming video services. giant, loud, annoying wave. In no particular order.
    [Personalization] The sneaky method BuzzFeed uses to win the market research game
    You probably never thought you were disclosing anything too personal. But other quizzes—such as How Lazy Are You and What Grade Are You Getting in Life —would likely reveal much more personal data. You probably never thought you were disclosing anything too personal. 'By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Horrified?
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
    [Personalization] How to Find the Right Color Combinations for Your Magazine or Website
    It’s easy to fall back on your personal color preferences when creating your design, but the most important thing to remember is that your design needs to speak to your prospective audience. '“The main function of color should be to serve expression.” Henri Matisse. Color is an important element in design. What colors will draw their eye?
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
    [Personalization] Google+ is an island of misfit toys
    With the loss of Vic Gundotra and the reassignment of the Google+ 1,200 person team to other Google projects , who knows how much time there is left in this iteration of Utopia. had a profound personal virtual community experience from 23 until I was around 30. The island is a sanctuary for defective and unwanted toys. get it. get it.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
    [Personalization] The Forgetful Person's Guide to Staying Organized at Work
    Hopefully, if you''re a forgetful person, they can help you, too. 'At some point in our lives, we have to just accept who we are. For me, I''ve had to come to terms that I actually love binge-watching terrible reality TV, I will always want applesauce on my mac n'' cheese (trust me, it''s delicious), and most importantly, I''m forgetful.
    [Personalization] CMOs Face a Major Dilemma [Infographic]
    'by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Marketers are tasked to navigate the challenges of providing a consistent customer experience, which calls for personalized messaging across channels, and even in store. We need to connect the dots of our customers’ experiences in ways that are meaningful to them. Marketing Efficiency
    [Personalization] Health Care Marketing: Personalization, PHI, and Preference Centers
    It’s a marketing goldmine for sending targeted, personalized email communications. In my experience as an email marketer for a large health insurance company, I was constantly challenged to find ways to deliver relevant, personalized messaging without overstepping the boundaries of the law. Getting Personal, Not Pushy. Web URL.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
    [Personalization] 10 Times Personalization Makes You Feel Terrible About Yourself
    That personalization tokens know more about you than you know about yourself? To make you feel a little less alone when it happens to you, check out 10 times technology, algorithms, and personalization maybe should''ve taken the day off. 1) When Google surfaces this ad for a one-person spam recipe. Me too. Inbound Marketing
    [Personalization] CPA Brand Strategy: How To Make The 3 Levels Work For You
    We call these individuals who are widely recognized for their personal expertise Visible Experts ℠ Their personal brand can become very well known within industry or professional circles. 'Building your CPA firm’s brand can be a real challenge. Let’s start with what we mean by your brand. Your Brand Defined.
    [Personalization] Life Enrichment: Passion
    These concepts are important to me and provide me focus, purpose and describe my passion, notice there are both personal and professional aspects within these statements. These women have found personal passion to keep life active. Personal passion aligned with professional passion is critical success factor for success. Tenets.
    [Personalization] How to Have an Effective First Conversation When B2B Teleprospecting
    Don’t waste time with the wrong person. After introducing yourself, immediately let your prospects know that you understand their time is valuable, and make sure they’re the right person who oversees the specific area of interest you’re calling about. You have less than a minute to prove yourself as a trustworthy sales rep.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Personalization] Why Twitter just may be the better social marketing choice
    Facebook says that it is simply trying to make user News Feeds less cluttered and more personalized with the content of actual friends. 'Large and small businesses alike have spent the better part of the past half-decade trying to best leverage the marketing potential of Facebook – and rightly so. Facebook reports 1.23 People love visuals.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Personalization] Delighting People in 140 Characters: An Inside Look at JetBlue's Customer Service Success
    And, would you expect the person who reads the tweet to follow up on the issue in person? The folks at Logan Airport studied Alex''s Twitter profile picture, and then walked around the terminal until they found him so they could follow up with him in person. How helpful do you think their answer will be? JetBlue No big deal!
    [Personalization] The Inbound Marketing Methodology Explained [VIDEO]
    Inbound marketing is a philosophy rooted in the idea that people value personalized, relevant content – not interruptive messages. 'Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Are you overwhelmed by all the moving parts of inbound marketing? Don''t be - sit back and let these short videos walk you through the methodology. Attract.
    [Personalization] Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Marketing Orchestration
    personalized experience based on location. 'by Kaila Garrison | Tweet this It’s not exactly breaking news that the proliferation of mobile usage among essentially everyone in the free world has forever changed the world of marketing. It’s changed our behavior forever and raised our expectations for the brands we interact with.
    [Personalization] Got CRM? Why You Need Marketing Automation Too
    Enables you to deliver and scale personalized, stage-appropriate nurturing outreach. Gives sales access to personalized data collected through prospect and visitor tracking, which in turn becomes intelligence that guides the sales call. CRM changed sales… All this changed when we got an early version of a CRM system.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Personalization] Got a Trade Show Coming Up? How to Use Instagram While You're There
    For deeper prospect interaction, have attendees take the photo at your booth with your mascot or logo and award the person with the most likes on their Instagram account a prize. 'Think about the last time you put together a booth for a trade show or conference. You checked off every item on your to-do list so you could have a flawless booth.
  • ISCOOP  |  MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014
    [Personalization] Serhiy Was Crushed by the Ukranian Corruption
    The article starts with the story of one person, Serhiy Tivonchuk, with a mental disability from whom a social security official demanded a bribe in order to help him keep his benefit payments. 'Serhiy Tivonchuk works as a mailman in Rivne, Ukraine, but several months a year he is away due to mental illness. Read the original story.
  • E-QUIP  |  SUNDAY, JULY 27, 2014
    [Personalization] 5 Essentials for Recruiting Success
    Do you offer personal attention, flexible hours, a supportive boss, effective teamwork, interesting work? 'Before the financial crisis, the biggest challenge facing A/E firm executives was finding enough qualified staff to meet growing workload demands. The resulting recession solved that problem temporarily. Define your value proposition.
  • FATHOM  |  FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014
    [Personalization] Your Website’s Four Most Important Pages
    A Personable About Us: Knowing what you do is only half the battle. Instead, immerse the pages with personality and detail. Company history, customer videos, and team member bios are great ways to give your company a little personality. 'Beyond your home page: What other pages demand attention?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 25, 2014
    [Personalization] Would Your Employees Care If You Were Fired? Inside the Market Basket Story
    We see a CEO who is accessible, transparent and personable, and who truly values his or her employees, and makes efforts to make their lives easier for them in and out of work.” 'Empty shelves. Protesting employees. It''s any company''s worst nightmare. How did Arthur T. Demoulas grow such a loyal employee base? Arthur T. and "Mr.
    [Personalization] Live first. Post later.
    This made me extremely sad and even a bit angry to see this happen during this concert, I’ve personally been waiting more than 10 years to see Soundgarden live and to see such a legendary band like this “digitally disrespected” had me thinking … have we become so connected to our online lives that we forget to live?
    [Personalization] The Staying Power of Buzzfeed’s “What City Should I Actually Live In?” Quiz
    “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk: Answer the questions to see your personal dialect map.” Seth is a serial entrepreneur who has started three companies and has four kids. Two of his companies have been acquired but none of his kids. Follow Seth on Twitter @sethwlieberman. ’, ‘What European City…?’,
  • WRITTENT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014
    [Personalization] 9 Persuasive Writing Tips for a Copy that Sells
    Stories are one of the best ways to connect on a personal level with your audience. Share Your Personality. Personally. By sharing your personality and just being yourself in your copy, you’ll help rectify that situation. 'The most vital characteristic of copy that sells is persuasive writing. Tell a Story. Results.
    [Personalization] How to Create Compelling Technology Client Case Stories
    The person with the best working relationship with the client should seek their participation. 'Having a good reputation is key to having a successful brand, especially in the technology industry. So much so, that at Hinge, we define your brand as a combination of your reputation and your visibility. Show what you can do. Approach them.
  • ANNUITAS  |  THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014
    [Personalization] Follow Up – My 2014 Content Marketing Predictions
    Without being able to put your money where your mouth is and having a deeper understanding of the potential for personalization and also how your content is performing beyond downloads and views, you’re going to have a hard time.” Director of Content Marketing at ON24. The whole concept of content strategy is becoming more mature.
    [Personalization] 8 Social Media Tools to Get Your Content Buzzing Across Networks
    BuzzStream’s email research tool lets users enter some basic information and it will attempt to identify that person’s contact information by presenting a variety of results to sort through. 'We’ve all heard it: “If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around, does it still make a sound?” FollowerWonk. BuzzSumo. Keyhole.
    [Personalization] Digital Coupons Drive Sales [Infographic]
    Groceries, personal care products, and dining are the most popular coupon searches, followed closely by clothing, entertainment, pets and electronics. 'Everyone loves a deal. This infographic from the folks at Vouchercloud outlines the growth in digital coupons, who’s using them and how they’re being used. The short answer is YES!
    [Personalization] Summer Must-Reads: 10 Marketing Books to Throw in Your Beach Bag
    Gale shares inspiring tales of well-known executives and personal anecdotes to create a framework for using connections to achieve professional growth. 'Author: Jessica Langensand There are three things that symbolize summer for me: watermelon, warm nights, and a very full Kindle. The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Highly Recommended.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014
    [Personalization] 9 SEO Techniques to Dominate the Most Popular Methods of Content Discovery
    The one place where you should emphasize brand/informational keyword ownership is with your personal name. Your name is your most valuable asset for personal branding, and you should use it as part of your domain if possible. 'Though Google gets roughly 3.5 Navigational Search. What It Is. Why It Matters. Hit “enter.”
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014
    [Personalization] How to Get More People to Register for Your Next Event
    The more people you can get engaging with your posts the better, so try and think of ways to personalize the content. 'According to a recent HubSpot and Eventbrite survey of event organizers and attendees, 84% of respondents feel that attending events is an important part of their job, with 79% going to events specifically to learn something.
    [Personalization] How to Write for the Web If You Were Born Before 1965
    And, if you learned to write before or in the early days of personal computers, you may have some habits that no longer work for today’s online marketing world. 'With the proliferation of the new “content marketing,” writing skills for online marketing are more important than ever. This became one of the rules.
  • ENGAGE  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2014
    [Personalization] An Editor’s Anthem
    Show Some Personality. You can be funny and show your brand’s personality without going over the top like Weird Al. 'Editors, writers and English teachers rejoice! We finally have an anthem that highlights our grammar gripes using humor, wit and rhythm. Admittedly, I account for four of those views.). Ask Permission. Stay Relevant.
  • FATHOM  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2014
    [Personalization] How To Use Social Media for Recruiting Young Talent
    'A position has opened up, and you are now on the hunt to find the perfect person to fill this new opportunity. You can easily share job postings on your page which would allow for current employees and fans to share that with their personal networks. How do you attract qualified employees ? Do they exist? Where to begin?
    [Personalization] Why Google Removed Photos from Authorship
    simple way of explaining Authorship is that is enables an author to relate all of their content directly to their personal Google+ profile. 'Google Authorship began as a way for authors to gain trust and authority for the content they produce on the web. Authorship was also designed to help authors gain more Google+ followers. blog Google
    [Personalization] Fresh Insights in Selling to SMBs
    Most of the time (74%), the business owner himself or herself is the person investigating the new products and solutions,   and this is among businesses with up to 500 employees. 'Despite the attention given to large enterprise marketing, it’s small and medium businesses (SMB) where the bulk of marketing investments go.  Thought leadership.
  • NUSPARK  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 2014
    [Personalization] The benefits of outsourcing telemarketing as part of your demand gen program
    In lead generation terms, telemarketing is the reaching out, on a personal level, with a real live operator. This person can, through the scripts designed for this task: Inform the potential client about features of the product or service that may not have been as clear on first inspection. You do not want to repair your own roof.
    [Personalization] Your Customers Want to Talk to You
    On the other side of this quest is a conversation inside that company that goes something like this: Marketing Person: We should put a toll-free number on our website so people can talk to us. Customer Service Person: But then customers will call it looking for support. Sales Person: We don’t want to talk to customers. a pop.
    [Personalization] Writing Services & Quality Leadership Content for Coaches
    ContentforCoaches.com writing services provide well-researched, professionally edited articles for executive coaches and consultants to use ‘as is’ or with your own personal introduction, links to your web pages, and/or a conclusion with a call to action. If you’re interested, go to Content for Coaches Summer Sale, here.
    [Personalization] The Future of Social Marketing Automation is Here (And Improving)
    On the cultural side, this is part and parcel of the larger paradigm shift from “blast” to “triggered” (personalized) communications. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already drunk the Kool-Aid ( or read dozens of supporting studies showing the effectiveness ) of personalized marketing.
    [Personalization] 5 Reasons LinkedIn Has Lost Its Luster
    This may be working for LinkedIn and for LinkedIn marketers, but for me personally, LinkedIn has lost its luster. Eric Wittlake spends his days working with B2B marketers and shares his marketing views on his personal blog, B2B Digital Marketing. 'By Eric Wittlake, {grow} Contributing Columnist. And that was good! ” 4.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Personalization] Guide Campaigns in Assisted Living Marketing: A Case Study
    The transaction is simple: the person gives us their name, phone, and email, plus where and when they are looking to move in, and in return they get this free PDF download. 'Can a Guide Campaign jump-start your senior living company’s digital marketing efforts? You bet! Cut to the Chase: What Were the Results? think so.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Personalization] Is Your Email Marketing CAN-SPAM Compliant? 7 Common Mistakes People Make
    This is important in the "From" line of the email, in the "to" and "reply-to" lines, as well as in the routing information -- all of this information must be accurate and identify the person or business that sent the message. 'CAN-SPAM. Some parts of this law may seem obvious, but others are actually quite confusing. Yikes. And so on.
    [Personalization] B2B Content Marketing: Do More Than Reinvent the Wheel
    Who’s to say what’s been successful for another person (even a content “expert”) will be successful for me? 'If you’re like me, you spend a good amount of time scrolling through content marketing blogs for advice and suggestions that will give your content a leg up. Don’t get stuck reinventing the wheel with your content marketing!
  • ENGAGE  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Personalization] Clever Quizzes That Don’t Involve Cats or Celebs
    This one from the education company works because it has a real takeaway to help you learn more effectively and the revealed personalities are colorful (but based on facts). It’s fun, the animal personalities are interesting and the graphics are enticing. 'Have you taken any quizzes lately? Perhaps “Which Cake are you?” on Food52.com.
    [Personalization] Mick Hollison, InsideSales.com CMO: How To Accelerate Sales Using Marketing Analytics [Podcast]
    Not only have buyers in B2B markets often been led up to 70% through the sales funnel by marketing before they ever speak to a sales person, but now sales people are also engaging in social media and marketing analytics technologies that are normally the domain of marketing. '“Science holds the key to unlocking human potential.”
    [Personalization] Judith Briles’ Wise Words to Authors & Writers: Snappy, Sassy, Salty!
    Books E-Books blog writing Content Marketing expert ebooks personal stories 'Judith Briles is an author’s best friend, especially when it comes to book writing. When she speaks, I listen… and you should to, if you get the opportunity. It’s summer. It’s hot. Could you use a pick-me-up? bit of inspiration or silliness?
    [Personalization] 5 Pinterest Tactics + Back-to-School = A+ Sales
    Several companies have either collaborated with multiple related companies, popular bloggers or even personal employee accounts to contribute to their back-to-school boards. 'Think it’s too early to utter the words, “back-to-school”? I’m with you, but guess what? Shoppers aren’t. shop two weeks ahead of schedule.
    [Personalization] 4 Ways a Longer Consumer Buying Cycle Can Work FOR You
    If you’re using marketing automation, you can personalize the content you show buyers (whether it’s text, images, or video) based on their behaviors and demographics. Real-time personalization allows you to display the most relevant web content to each visitor to your site. Intrigued? 2) Dynamically Deliver Content.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Personalization] Are You Screwing Up Your Twitter Images? 7 Do's and Don'ts to Live By
    It should reflect your personality and give an indication of what your company actually does. 'Images are crucial to making your marketing stand out, especially on Twitter. Though images themselves can help boost your presence, some are better than others. But what does right really mean? Let''s dig into it. Images help change that. Design
    [Personalization] 3 Tips to Support Relevance in Your Marketing Communications
    With a wealth of data from purchase behavior to email subscriptions, marketers can translate their knowledge into rich, personal experiences for each and every one of their customers. 'by Marguerite McNeal | Tweet this Digital technology allows marketers to have a better, deeper understanding of their customers than ever before.
    [Personalization] ? 5 Tips for Marketing in a Highly Regulated Industry
    'Marketers working in highly controlled industries face multiple challenges when it comes to reaching their audiences in a personal, relevant way. Industries such as financial services and healthcare have a variety of protocols around how they can market to consumers – especially where personal or financial information is concerned.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, JULY 22, 2014
    [Personalization] Hiring Experts Tell All: What They REALLY Want to See on Your Resume
    ” “Took time off for personal reasons.” ” Companies with cultures like HubSpot’s want their employees to have some personality and invest in outside interests. Personal Statements/Objectives. Humans! And don''t miss out on what they said about cover letters at the end.). Length. If they don''t.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Personalization] Vidyard Secures $6 Million in Series A Financing
    In addition, Jill Rowley participated with a personal investment in the company. 'Vidyard, the world’s first video marketing platform for business, today announced it has secured $6 million in Series A financing. “Vidyard’s simple brilliance addresses a clear and significant need in a rapidly growing market. Press Releases
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Personalization] A 3-Step Framework for Leading a World-Class Marketing Team
    The challenge with finding this person, however, is that he or she is a unicorn – everybody has their fair share of strengths and weaknesses. Instead of looking for one person that''s a data scientist/programmer/designer/content writer extraordinaire, it’s important to fill these needs in bits and pieces. Final Thoughts.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Personalization] 10 Things Every Email Marketer Can Relate To
    Personalization is key to engagement. When you send an email from a real person instead of, say, Marketing Team at marketing@companyXYZ.com, it comes off as a lot more personal. And your audience wants to hear from a person, not a company. In addition to sender personalization, have some fun with the copy of your email.
    [Personalization] 5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Content
    The first three waves, according to Scott, are 1) text-based web content, 2) rich media content, and 3) personalization. 'Author: Dennis Shiao The first time I downloaded a white paper was in 2000. The first blog post I read was in 2004, my first SlideShare viewing was in 2009, and I scanned my first infographic in 2011. The “Guess Which Won?”
    [Personalization] Partner Hiring and Training
    The power of being at the Sage Summit is also the opportunity for ongoing development — both personal and organizational. Professional and personal ongoing training and development at your office is more critical. 'Partner Hiring and Training Lessons from Sage Summit. Don’t make that mistake. By Ken Thoreson.
    [Personalization] How To Link Inbound Marketing With Trade Show Success
    Inbound marketing is a philosophy rooted in the idea that people value personalized, relevant content – not interruptive messages. 'Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer Would you like to link inbound marketing with trade show success? Keep in mind two things: 1) your marketing goals, and 2) your call to action.
    [Personalization] Straight talk on social media consulting
    'Nearly every week I help mentor some young person who wants to start a career in social media marketing consulting. Nearly every week I help mentor some young person who wants to start a career in social media marketing consulting. careers personal branding marketing careers social media consulting Success is hard to come by.
    [Personalization] 5 Habits of Superstar Marketers
    person needs a lot of confidence to take on a task where they have little or no experience. 'In a LinkedIn post from last year, Lou Adler, CEO and founder of The Adler Group , points out 12 ways to spot a high achiever. Here are the top three, edited a bit for length: They’ve been assigned difficult challenges ahead of their peers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 21, 2014
    [Personalization] Is Parallax to Blame for Poor SEO?
    For example, look at Spotify''s homepage on your personal computer, then again on a mobile device. '"What is that, and where can I learn to do it?". That''s the first thing I thought when I first saw a site with parallax design. They''re beautiful to look at, and kind of awesome from a UX (user experience) perspective. What About Mobile?
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2014
    [Personalization] Don't Miss Out! Catch Up on This Week's Most Shared Content
    Your title is your blog post''s first impression on a reader, whether it''s getting discovered in social media, search engines, or in a person''s inboxes. 'Another summer week just came to a close. Can you believe it? It’s incredible how fast time is flying by. 74 Compelling Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Post Titles [Infographic]. Tweet.
  • ENGAGE  |  FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014
    [Personalization] Lessons from the Latest Customer Service Epic Fail
    personal touch in customer service is often considered a positive thing , but this representative clearly got overly personal. Comcast may have lost more money from the publicity resulting from this recording than they would have from a single person’s cancellation. Finally, the rep gets frustrated and starts to argue.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, JULY 18, 2014
    [Personalization] The Fallacy of the Lazy Millennial
    But as any good business person, this is generally an over simplification and based on our experience, flat out wrong. Want that person on the phone today? If you''re not one of them yet, here are five things to look for in a solid hire from the millennial generation: Personal and professional motivation. Positive attitude.
    [Personalization] 5 Social Media Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
    Social media etiquette is important on a small personal scale, but matters even more when you’re representing your company. 'We’ve all made social media faux pas before – a few weeks ago, I accidentally sent a group of friends what I thought was a recipe. Take, for one remarkable example, the Amy’s Baking Company debacle. Asking for follows.
    [Personalization] 4 Tips For Data-Driven Glory: Insights From Interact 2014
    At Oracle Marketing Cloud Interact , company representatives shared how they’re making sense of customer data to drive personalized experiences and, ultimately, results for the bottom line. But for Verizon Wireless , highly personalized newsletters are driving value. Personalize email automation with real-time insights.
  • ENGAGE  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Personalization] Wanted: More Journalists for Branded Content
    m sure Amy Westervelt’s decision was the right move for her personally. 'Roaring through the content marketing blogosphere is journalist Amy Westervelt’s public vow to stop writing “content” for companies. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the skinny on Westervelt’s rant—and then, my reaction. can’t take it anymore.”. Well, that would be great.
    [Personalization] Survey: How to Get the Most Out of Brand Advocates
    But they may also send them an automatic, personalized thank-you email. According to Research Director Hank Barnes at Gartner, advocacy marketing should be a top priority when it comes to marketing investments. The question then becomes: What are the most effective tactics to encourage advocates to actually go out and do these things?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Personalization] 6 Smart Strategies for Segmenting Your Dynamic CTAs
    Whereas a standard CTA is the same for every viewer, a dynamic call-to-action (CTA) -- or a Smart CTA as we refer to it in HubSpot''s software -- is one that changes based on the person viewing it. Dynamic CTAs can change based on a person''s profile data or history of interactions with that particular company or website. Wrong.
    [Personalization] 5 Accounting Marketing Efforts Every CPA Must Know for Higher Growth
    It’s important to make sure your content educates and informs, while refraining from overt references to personal gain. 'When it comes to accounting marketing, you want to know the investment is worth it. Conduct research. Market research also gives you insight into how your processes are performing. This is a no-brainer.
    [Personalization] How to Build Your Email List [GUIDE]
    You can’t just add people to your email list willy nilly, but there’s nothing to stop you from sending personal emails to your friends and colleagues, letting them know about your list and sending a link to an opt-in form. 'Building a quality, responsive email list is one of the most crucial steps for effective email marketing.
    [Personalization] How to Double Your Marketing Team…WITHOUT New Hires
    If we missed a duplicated record, we often annoyed a sales person who owned the original lead or we missed a chance to qualify a hot prospect. 'Author: Josh Hill When I first heard about  marketing automation , I was running demand generation programs for an economic research firm. That’s  when marketing automation appeared on my radar.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Personalization] Are These the Smartest Marketing Campaigns of the Past Year?
    Instead of shoving gory pictures of the effects of tobacco in a person’s face, it let children ask real smokers “why?” 'This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post. How often do you use the word “smart” to describe advertising? 1) Vodafone Fakka.
    [Personalization] 6 Tips From John Legend To Help Your Strategy “Get Lifted”
    lot of times the best songs come from sharing personal, intimate stories that also are universal and relatable to the rest of the world.” 'by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Believe it or not, before John Legend became a successful, 9-time Grammy winning artist, he worked in management consulting at Boston Consulting Group. ” 2.
    [Personalization] Creating the beautiful blog with Stanford Smith
    Stan was the co-author of the best-selling book  Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time. Stan was the co-author of the best-selling book Born to Blog: Building Your Blog for Personal and Business Success One Post at a Time. How we engage with our audiences beyond comments.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014
    [Personalization] 35 Tech Terms Translated Into Plain English
    small file that a web server automatically sends to your personal computer when you browse certain websites. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities recognizes access to the web as a basic human right. 'Ever seen the movie The Social Network about Mark Zuckerberg and the founding of Facebook? 301 Redirect. Sandbox.
    [Personalization] Matt Eichner, DoubleClick Search Director at Google: How to Build a Dialogue with Buyers in Real Time [Podcast]
    Connect the dots: Matt discusses the art and science of collecting marketing intelligence on buyers from online and offline sources and constructing online personas, without using personally identifiable information. 'It takes just four hours from its inception on Twitter for a search topic to spike on Google trends.
    [Personalization] B2B Appeals that Motivate Action
    While greed is usually thought of as a negative emotion, it is really just the desire to get a better deal than the next person, or to enhance our position at a low cost. 'Napoleon Bonaparte said, “There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” Greed – Almost everyone is susceptible to greed to some degree.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014
    [Personalization] Rand Fishkin Discusses the Future of SEO & Inbound Marketing
    The AMA board has attracted over 460 comments, which include questions about Fishkin’s personal and professional life, specific inbound marketing and SEO related topics and, of course, the occasional silly question about Fishkin’s beard. 'You likely know Rand Fishkin as the cofounder of Moz. Tweet This Quote ). Tweet This Quote ).
    [Personalization] The Art of Influence for Great Copywriters
    Are you a persuasive person? Here are the five most persuasive words in the English language, according to Copyblogger : You – points to the reader and makes the content personal. 'Image source. Some people are naturally charismatic and persuasive, and persuasiveness is the hallmark of  truly great copywriters. Connect. Be Clear.
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