[Personalization] My top 3 tweets #1
    Why top 3?: I love good ad creative and Madmen. I can’t stand Don Draper as a person. I’m not crazy!  Welcome to my top five tweets for the week of May 18, 2015. Each week I pick my top 3 tweets and package them into a blog post. Those that know me would agree that I love to try stuff out and experiment. – Chris. Why top 3?:
    [Personalization] Improving ROI with Marketing Optimization
    personalization than ever. CONCLUSIONS PAPER Featuring: Wilson Raj, Global Customer Intelligence Director, SAS Insights from a webinar sponsored by the Direct Marketing Association and SAS Improving ROI with Marketing Optimization SAS Conclusions Paper Table of Contents Introduction. Optimization in Action – A Simple Example. Market. devices.
    [Personalization] Start engaging from the first click in the Customer Journey
    years, the largest response — 57% — was, “Personalizing messages based on consumer. the director of a web analytics consultancy put it well: “If you can figure out the best methodology of picking up the user, the interested person who’s. their engagement actions/information in unique personal profiles. All Rights Reserved.
    [Personalization] Interactive 24x7 Content: Why Online Presentations Belong in Every Digital Content Strategy
    prominent than when the person telling the story. is a true insider -- the person behind a product or. engaging, and convey authority, expertise, and personal. www.knowledgevision.com KnowledgeVision ® Why Online Presentations. Belong In Every Content. Strategy by Michael Kolowich CEO and Founder KnowledgeVision Systems, Inc.
    [Personalization] Closing the Loop on Social Leads
    generation to your lead nurturing and marketing automation efforts, personalizing your communications at each. Closing the Loop on Social Leads 2 A guide to measuring social media lead generation Social media has outgrown its infancy and is no longer an optional task for brands. Indeed, building and. So, as social. business. Tips & Tactics.
    [Personalization] Smart B2B Advertisers are Focusing on Immediate, Linear Approaches
    reflect the organization’s true personality — so. Legendary Ad Executive David. Ogilvy: 'Costs tens of millions to. promote a brand' Smarter medium-sized advertisers concerned. with sales lead demand / revenue over brand. awareness IBM, Oracle, General Dynamics—they publish. white papers downloadable via high end web. acquisition. This will.
    [Personalization] Why Marketing Should Be Personal
    Learn why 700 marketers ranked personalization as the number-one strategy for marketing success -- and find out how you can seize new personalization opportunities for your business, too
    [Personalization] The Book of Wisdom: 5 Essentials for Delivering Personalized Experiences
    5 essentials for turning advanced personalization solutions into bottom-line results
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
    [Personalization] Meet 13 #INBOUND15 Speakers: Introductions From Their Fellow Speakers
    Some great #speakerfan posts include HubSpot VP of Content Joe Chernov's wonderful deconstruction of "true collaboration" with speaker Leslie Bradshaw, and Ben Heyman's personal list of the speakers he thinks no one should miss at this year's event. Brené Brown: Live and In Person. In celebration of this year's impressive (and growing!)
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
    [Personalization] 7 ways to use bloggers in your content marketing strategy
    These online personalities generally have a large following in a particular arena – whether it’s parenting, skincare, or entertainment. If you have ever created a content marketing strategy, then you’ve probably heard the term “influencers,” and possibly even worked with some. Hire them to consult. Partner with them. Have them tweet.
    [Personalization] Professional Services Marketing Today’s Blog Roundup
    Since research shows professional services buyers are more likely to search for a firm on Google than talk to personal references, it’s important for firms to prioritize online marketing strategies to stay competitive. We’ve seen a lot of new trends emerge so far in 2015. On Google+ or LinkedIn?
  • SYNECORE  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
    [Personalization] How to Never Run Out of Content Marketing Ideas
    Personally, I struggle with hitting dead-ends all the time. As a content creator , coming up with new ideas all the time can be tough. However, with the right resources and enough research, I always manage to generate new ideas when I need them. But, what if there was a way you could find out what the most shared content was on any subject?
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015
    [Personalization] Back to Grammar School: 12 Easy Ways to Become a Better Writer
    You can always personalize your communication with a sentence or two. Avoid accidentally insulting someone by triple-checking names, gender, personal pronouns, and titles. Communication skills are more important than ever, but what if your grammar doesn’t quite make the grade? Misunderstandings can lead to costly mistakes.
    [Personalization] 5 Disruptive Social Selling Technologies
    This technology is fairly simple to use and is key to getting your sales team to share the right content, at the right time, to the right person with one simple click on a link. Increase in engagement – Right message, right person, at the right time! #3 – InsightPool – Social Relationship Intelligence Platform. In Conclusion.
  • VIDYARD  |  THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
    [Personalization] The Value-Add of Video in the Content Journey
    Videos further in the funnel like product demos, customer testimonials, or personalized sales videos can all help move buyers towards the close. Marketers consistently look for new ways to Engage buyers. Today’s best marketers are analytical, creative and measure everything to ensure we achieve optimal results. The Role of Video? Using Data.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
    [Personalization] Does advertising or engagement build stronger brand equity among Millennials?
    Millennials identify with brands more personally and emotionally than do older generations. This BCG study found that 59% of Millennials buy brands that reflected their own style and personality. Other key drivers are brands that available 24-7 and are viewed as having a personality. The concept of brand equity (i.e.
    [Personalization] Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s: Don’t Let Copyright Law Be Used Against Your Content Marketing
    It’s cost-prohibitive for a company like WordPress.com to have a live person review the merits of every single DMCA takedown notice it receives. Author: David Lizerbram Imagine you’re a marketer at GMO-free Food Co, a company that sells organic, GMO-free snacks. Maybe that’s true—or maybe not—but it’s your company’s position). press release.
    [Personalization] 3 Reasons Why Mobile Matters for Professional Services
    But if every person you know has a smartphone, how important is it to make your website mobile-friendly? A few years ago, it was easy to look at mobile marketing as just another passing fad in the marketing world. Does responsive design make that much of a difference? Here are the top three reasons why : 1. Create a native mobile app.
  • SYNECORE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2015
    [Personalization] Google Buy Button: Retailer’s Boon or Devil’s Bargain?
    Indeed, the global surge in smartphone usage (according to Google as reported in the WSJ, searches on mobile devices now outnumber those on personal computers in 10 countries, including the U.S. Google meets Amazon; an interesting concept in theory which may become stark reality in practice soon enough. What It Is. Hmmm…. Why It’s Happening.
    [Personalization] 33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies
    OPENTEXT : A software solution for enterprise information management, created a personalized new customer onboarding site offering a variety of assets (white papers, checklists, product pages, ebooks, case studies) and content to welcome new clients and provide upsell, cross-sell opportunities. Is it harder or are we not looking hard enough?
    [Personalization] Buck the Trend: Three Keys to Better Email Response
    What we call personalization is the fine art (with a little science thrown in) of putting segmentation to work – knowing who your subscribers are and what they care about. Call it anti-personalization; Nordstrom is earning his amusement, and a bit of ill-will, rather than his trust. percent in Q3 2014 – ahead of 16.2 percent.
    [Personalization] Jacob Shama, Mintigo CEO and Co-Founder: Look Ma, No Hands—Get your B2B Marketing to “Drive Itself”
    B2B + B2C =B2P: The new paradigm of marketing technology is actually “b2p (business to person) marketing.” While just a few years ago the idea of a “self-driving car” was laughable, today it is a comfortable reality. 80% of prospects don’t really match the customer DNA – @JacobShama Click To Tweet. Marketing Technology Podcasts
    [Personalization] High Performance B2B Lead Generation Engine —A 10-Point Checklist
    Personalization: You have seen cars with two-tone paint which shows a different colour when seen from a different angle. Think about branding your lead generation campaigns with the multi-tone paint of personalization. There is no other way to describe my favourite set of wheels, the Tesla Model S. It never ceases to surprise me.
    [Personalization] 12 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling
    Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Your presence on LinkedIn begins with each employee’s personal profile. People like to see the person they are considering hiring. Flesh out your background or showcase a more personal side of yourself. "You can create a business, choose a name,” Sir Richard Branson told Inc.
    [Personalization] Top Trends: How Immersive Marketing Can Help You Tell a 360 Degree Story
    Where immersive marketing focuses on plopping consumers into the middle of a real-life story, experiential marketing hones in on providing an in-person, specific, targeted, and lasting interaction with customers. Author: Sesame Mish The scene: interior, daytime, Milan. Two empty mint green dining chairs sit next to each other.
    [Personalization] Taking a digital first approach to brand development: 3 key considerations
    Digital platforms enable a brand not to just exist, but live by interacting with users in new ways—a user experience is now an extension of a brand’s personality. As our world continues to embrace digital, brands don’t exist on paper; they live in digital experiences. We’ve already excelled past the need for just a website.
    [Personalization] The Challenges of Being Seen, Heard and Read
    Keep customer info up to date –  If you’re trying to be more personal and have the wrong info, you’ve lost the battle before it started. By John Sonnhalter, Rainmaker Journeyman at Sonnhalter. Everyone is getting better at resisting all the interruption-driven ads and promotions. So what’s the answer?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015
    [Personalization] 11 Fascinating Books on Harvard Business School's Required Reading List
    True North is based on research and first-person interviews with 125 of today’s top leaders. Their book The Arc of Ambition is a practical guide to harnessing your personal and professional ambition and leaving a legacy of accomplishment. There's no better time to revamp your reading list than the beginning of the summer. Charles O.
    [Personalization] B2B Lead Generation: 2 Things You May Be Doing Wrong
    While many of these companies may have a marketing department, or a marketing person, that person is not really involved in lead generation beyond soft goals of “creating awareness” or “getting our name out there.”. Is your lead generation slowing down? You might be doing it wrong. Here's how. Sales leads. Not so much anymore.
    [Personalization] The marketing conference guide for socially awkward people
    By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist You know what’s more awkward than being a socially awkward person? Going to a conference filled with socially awkward persons. You don’t want to be the hundredth person asking the SAME questions. You know what's more awkward than being a socially awkward person?
    [Personalization] Is SEO Dead? Long Live Social Search!
    In other words, search engines will increasingly be driven by personal interaction such as voting, ranking, and commenting in order to better understand the intent of the reader. This social layer will add a new, personalized dimension to search results. Enter the new wave of intent modeling. No hints this time around.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015
    [Personalization] 3 Amazing Examples of Ecommerce Companies Ensuring Customer Delight
    Anyone who’s spent hours waiting in queue after calling knows how hard multi-tasking is when you’re waiting for the elevator music to end and a real person to pick up. As customers, we really only expect the most basic level of service. We find a product, pay for it, and it shows up at our house a few days later. Transaction complete, right?
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2015
    [Personalization] Form Length Isn't Everything: 3 Other Ways to Optimize Your Forms for Conversions
    Combining the qualitative information with in-person feedback can provide a good signal of whether lead quality needs to improve, or if it's already really good that may allow you some room to experiment. b) A/B test elements of your form. What's the best length for landing page forms? But here's the thing: It isn't all about form length.
    [Personalization] 4 Steps to Creating Content That Converts
    Humans like talking to humans, not machines, so don’t be afraid to inject a bit of personality into your content! As any seasoned content marketer should know, there’s a lot more to content marketing than simply creating a flashy infographic or writing a blog post, publishing it, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. What next? 3.
  • THE ROI GUY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
    [Personalization] Three Big Myths Debunked at SiriusDecisions Sales and Marketing Summit
    And you have to deliver better content that is more concise, personalized, value-focused and interactive. #3 - More Activity = More Effectiveness? Last week we had the pleasure of attending our 10 th SiriusDecisions Summit in Nashville, a gathering of over 2,300 sales and marketing professionals. More is not more when it comes to content.
  • EMAGINE B2B BLOG  |  TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
    [Personalization] How To Write A Successful RFP For Your B2B Website Project
    This of course is after I reached out to them, personally addressing them by their name, and also included mine in the signature). Timeline for in person meetings or GotoMeeting Presentation. Being in Business Development, I’ve had my fair share of completing Request For Proposals, or RFP’s. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Budget.
    [Personalization] OMC Creative Studio Delivers a Lenovo Subscriber Experience with Beauty and Brains
    Lenovo designs, develops, manufactures and sells personal computers, tablets, smartphones and more, and in 2014 was the world's largest personal computer vendor by unit sales. CHALLENGE. SOLUTION. We developed two triggered email series, activated based on subscriber behavior: a browse campaign and a post-purchase campaign.
    [Personalization] Looking for an Instagram Scheduler? Check Out Onlypult
    It’s often hard for social media managers to effectively manage Instagram accounts because that requires a person to have a mobile device available at all times. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Onlypult. All opinions are 100% mine. Check Out Onlypult by Neal Schaffer - Maximize Social Business. Instagram
    [Personalization] Introducing The Definitive Guide To Mobile Marketing
    Mobile is quite possibly the most personal channel that exists—it rests in someone’s pocket, sits next to their bed, and gets checked consistently throughout the day. Unlike any other engagement and communication channel, mobile allows marketers to reach target audiences in real-time and in a personal way. What is Mobile Marketing?
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2015
    [Personalization] Facebook Instant Articles: Bad for Marketers, OK for Publishers, but Great for Facebook
    The odd person out in the rollout of Instant Articles is the marketer. This is very different than marketers -- they need to not only attract the attention of a potential buyer, but also convert and nurture that person through the buying process. And with the buzz came many important questions for marketers. Maybe. Here's why.
    [Personalization] Don’t Panic! How to Handle a Social Media Marketing Crisis
    For example, one of your employees could post a tweet from the corporate account, thinking they were using their own personal account. Remove the offending post, issue an apology to the public, and be sure to send personal apologies to everyone who mentions you. But some marketers are hesitant to dive in. That last one is interesting.
  • VIDYARD  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Personalization] Exemplary B2B Marketing to Get Inspired by on YouTube
    And their top-of-funnel content is ridiculously entertaining, proving that yes, B2B companies can have as much fun and show as much personality as any B2C brand: Lattice Engines. You never know how creative genius might strike. Check out their YouTube channels for some motivation on how to do it right: Workfront. Workfront does that, too!
  • SYNECORE  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Personalization] Nostalgia Marketing: What is It?
    As a person who was born and grew up in the ‘90s, I constantly reminisce about the glory days of my youth--when Surge was the greatest soda in the world and Nickelodeon still revolved around slime. For example, the band Arcade Fire created a personalized music video that asked viewers to enter the address of their childhood homes.
    [Personalization] Are You the Maestro of Your Sales Team?
    good leader has insights into the personal and professional lives of each person on their team, they learn what motivates them and what doesn’t, this meeting allows for open communication and a building of trust. This level of trust is crucial in high performance sales teams when personality’s and tensions sometimes cause conflict.
    [Personalization] The Best Show on Television in my opinion
    Filed under: 60 Minutes , BB King , BtoB Marketing , Personal growth , Red Nose. 60 Minutes BB King BtoB Marketing Personal growth Red NoseThe Best Show on Television. 60Minutes is the most shocking show on television and it’s classic “Must Watch” TV every Sunday evening for me. Please raise the gas tax Congress!
  • EARNEST ABOUT B2B  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Personalization] Innovation in higher education marketing
    And with widespread access to superfast broadband, e-Learning is fast becoming an expected alternative to in person teaching amongst students, removing both the geographical and economical barriers for international learners. Tips and tricks on how marketing professionals can be more innovative. Which is a problem. Experiential advertising.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Personalization] Why Bloggers Abandon Their Blogs Too Early [Video]
    If the study centered on personal blogs, I’d understand. Occasionally, one stumbles upon a stop-you-in-your-tracks statistic. For me, it was an IBM study that found 80% of corporate blogs contain fewer than five posts. But corporate blogs? After 48 hours, a cascade has become a trickle. Literally. Let’s have a look. Blogging Daily
    [Personalization] How To Create A Thought Leadership Strategy That Supports True Innovation
    Publishing content, in and of itself, does not make a person or a company a thought leader. Thought leadership is a common approach for companies wanting to establish credibility within their industry and stand apart from the crowd — and for good reason. People trust thought leaders and turn to them for advice. Price becomes less important.
    [Personalization] Shoot for the Stars! 4 Ways to Bring It with Your Marketing Automation Platform
    Lead scoring and personalized email campaigns are just the first level. Real-time Personalization. Imagine this for a moment: what if everyone who visited your website received a personalized experience? Author: Sesame Mish Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of marketing automation tools. Enhance Lead Nurturing.
    [Personalization] The Marketers Speak: 42 One-Liners & Quick Tips from Top Practitioners
    Meagan Nordmann, Marketing Specialist, @Pay : “Think of digital marketing as that first handshake– every time you Like, Share, RT, or Follow a person or a brand, you are introducing yourself in an approachable way.” But advocacy should be a two-way street, and we want to be advocates for marketers as well. Nicole L. Joanne I. Ashley M.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MAY 18, 2015
    [Personalization] 7 Conventional Landing Page Design Tactics You Should Still Test
    In a person-to-person sales presentation, this means saving the price for the close or pre-close. Conventional wisdom is usually the safe play. Why take risks when there’s an established “right way” to do things? In marketing, however, success often falls to those willing to buck trends and experiment. No distractions. One font.
    [Personalization] The art and science of developing an enterprise content strategy
    Related Stories Why customer personas may be an outdated marketing technique It’s not a pitch, it’s a person. A few months ago,  Kevin Green  left his job at a marketing agency to become Executive Director of Marketing, Digital Strategy & Innovation for Dell. One result is that access gates are being put into place. Relevant?
    [Personalization] Zyme Solutions Uses Marketing Automation to Conquer the Complex Sale
    Because Act-On’s platform allows Zyme to segment its audience by behavior, industry, and role, and to automate and personalize content, Zyme has been able to deliver content that’s targeted and tailored to specific interests. What’s worse is that long timeframes are often only just one aspect of a complex sale. Selling Enterprise Software.
  • HUBSPOT  |  SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2015
    [Personalization] Why Workshops Work: The Secret to Selling Long-Lasting Retainers
    Do you lean on the one person in management who can demand adoption? But until the person realizes for herself that this is a priority and has a reason for making the change, it’s unlikely to take effect. Every question walks a person closer to the point of finding their own answer. So, what do you do? They listen. Okay, great.
  • THE POINT  |  SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2015
    [Personalization] 4 Key Takeaways from the 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit
    New technologies, notably predictive analytics (from companies like Leadspace ) and targeted online advertising ( Choozle , Demandbase ), now make it possible to 1) more accurately identify a company’s most likely buyers, and then 2) engage with those prospective customers in more proactive, targeted, and personalized campaigns. 2.
    [Personalization] “Who’s the Bad Guy?”
    She understood the archetypal story: one person wants something; another tries to keep that from happening; and the result is a journey of perseverance. Children inherently understand the structure of stories, but somehow it’s lost as we become “professionals.” Our daughter, Stephanie, loved them. Daddy. Who’s the bad guy?”.
  • LEADERSHIP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015
    [Personalization] Interesting Infographics: The Top Skills Of Modern Leadership
    Good leaders will listen to employee input, link compensation to expectations, and personally thank and reward employees. Leadership is often viewed as a sort of indefinable aura or born-to-it talent. But the truth is that leadership is a skill like any other – it can be learned, and improved, through practice.
    [Personalization] 5 Proven Steps to Creating a Lead Magnet That Attracts and Converts Prospects
    Creating a lead magnet is a unique opportunity to showcase your organization’s value proposition and brand personality. 3. Ever wonder why your competitors seem to attract and lock in the best prospects? Chances are it’s not their logo or tagline. And it’s not their irreverent blog or their brilliant USP. Set a timeline.
    [Personalization] SEO and Content Marketing: A Love Story
    If SEO and content marketing were to be considered as people, they would not be two individuals, but rather two personalities within the same individual. Once upon a time, SEO met up with Content Marketing , fell in love, and vowed to never separate, to always work together in harmony. How do the two differ and how are they alike? Job done!
  • SYNECORE  |  FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015
    [Personalization] Facebook Uses Mobile Video to Take Over the World
    In a January 2015 media release/blog post , Facebook reported that the number of video posts per person had increased 75% globally and 94% in the US during the past year. Ever one to seek out brevity, I think I’ve finally come up with a pithy way to sum up the last few years of digital marketing in a single sentence. Here goes. That’s crazy.
    [Personalization] 5 Marketing Lessons From Warby Parker
    So many companies today are automating customer interactions to cut down on costs instead of focusing on growth by delivering a personal, bespoke experience.  As I sat listening to David, I tweeted during the session and was quickly thanked with a personal message from the Warby Parker brand.   Lesson # 1 : Be Original and Relevant.
  • HUBSPOT  |  FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2015
    [Personalization] 10 Awesome B2B Publishers’ Subscriber Pages
    Instead of feeling like a pushy sales person trying to get you to do something, it asks to see if you meant to leave the page and politely reminds you to finish filling out the form. We’re always looking for examples of subscription pages for new ideas and inspiration. Without further ado: AfterMarket Business World (Automotive). Nice save!
  • SYNECORE  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization] How HubSpot COS Differs from a Traditional CMS
    Personalization. Perhaps equally, if not more valuable than the integration offered by HubSpot COS, is the ability to create personalized content. If you aren't familiar with content personalization, just think of how Amazon provides reccomended products to customers. Smart Forms: Landing page forms can also be personalized.
  • FATHOM  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization] 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be “Dating” Your Digital Marketing Agency
    Don’t be afraid to have a personal relationship. Relationships, both personal and professional, are about finding a balance. A few weeks ago, I came across a very interesting TV show called “Married at First Sight.” The very first time they meet their partner is at the altar where they say “I do.” They don’t want to open up right away.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization] Want People to Share Your Visual Content? Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes
    Of course, don’t forget to add your own personal touch or flair. In the perpetual race to stand out on social media, visual content is pulling in front and kicking up speed. According to Socially Sorted , the image-focused Instagram is now surpassing Twitter in daily mobile traffic. Visual Content Mistakes People Make on Social. Over to You.
    [Personalization] Creativity, Technology, And The Future Of Storytelling
    My own personal blog gets thousands of visits a day and my Slideshare content gets almost as much. What Is The Content Marketing Imperative? Six months ago, I opened the NewsCred # ThinkContent Summit with my argument for the content marketing imperative. Social media has turned us all into publishers. And so we largely tune out the ads.
    [Personalization] New Mobile Innovations Enhance the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience
    Now you can connect identities across disparate mobile channels and devices to one person while easily building mobile audience segments using your owned proprietary data and third-party data. Now you can design, configure, and manage all push campaigns with greater personalization with data tied to your contact profile table.
    [Personalization] Video Marketing of the Future: How GoPro Ups Your Marketing Game
    Luckily for GoPro, the up-close-and-personal footage angle caught on, and soon everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike, wanted to invest in the technology to turn their lives and memories into exciting, miniature movies. He strapped a GoPro camera to his body and recorded his mundane workplace activities for an entire day. Be a hero”.
    [Personalization] An organization with 8000 leaders
    It struck me that the success of this business environment depended very much on personal leadership. This ecosystem survives not because of one leader, but because of the personal leadership demonstrated by thousands of individuals. There’s nothing like being forced out of your comfort zone to give you new ideas and inspiration.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization] How to Say "No" Without Burning Bridges
    Woods filters on the amount of effort the person has invested in solving their own problem. If he feels the person can add value to his existing network or possesses a unique skill, then the person may skip to the front of the line. Scale. You hear the term often in marketing. Both parties benefit equally. Your time. Filtering.
    [Personalization] Why you need to re-evaluate the design of your blog
    Get your OCD in check and accept that your content will appear differently for just about every person who sees it. Related Stories I was called out on my social media BS and I’m relieved Three YouTube stars share their intimate personal branding lessons An inspirational blogging lesson from Keith Urban. Design matters. Let go.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization] Dropshipping 101: What It Is and How It Can Make You a Successful Online Retailer
    Another person in the supply chain worries about product, inventory, packaging and shipping. You've decided to launch an online store and join the ecommerce revolution. The very first questions you need to answer are all about your product: what will you sell, where will you get it and how will you get it to your customers. Great! Ecommerce
    [Personalization] What is missing from your content strategy
    It could be relevant LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, forums, across personal and professional social accounts, email lists and pop ups on your website. We spend so much time, money and effort creating great content for our prospects and customers we want to make sure it gets to all the right people and as many of them as possible right?
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2015
    [Personalization] How to Launch a Product: Secrets From Silicon Valley's "Most Sought-After Image Consultant"
    You have a better chance of hearing a venture capitalist boast, “We’re bullish on professional services” than read a reporter confess to missing a PR person. But one narrative isn’t quite enough for a Barker-scale launch, especially when the company's mission lines up so closely with her personal passion. So, how’d she do?
    [Personalization] 5 Ways to Help B2B Marketers Come Up With New Content Ideas
    Say, I might actually write a blog post about that one. I was just thinking that her campaign launch has relied heavily on video, social sharing, and personalized email marketing so far. Is your content engine running out of gas? Take heart… you’re not alone. It’s true… coming up with ideas is hard. You start to doubt yourself. What then?
  • NUSPARK  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Personalization] The Lead-form Thank you page; A critical page to engage new leads
    First of all, saying thank you is the courteous think to do – you would thank a person for coming into a physical store whether they buy something or not, so thanking a lead for providing their information is certainly the least you can do. However, you’re not done just because you’ve captured a lead or made a sale.
    [Personalization] Taking a Page from the Marketo Revvie Awards: 4 Steps to Recognizing the Success of Your Customers
    We also promoted the Awards through personal reach-outs to advocates and to those who had previously made submissions. Marketo builds the Revvies around its Marketing Summit event, so we are fortunate to be able to acknowledge all finalists and winners in person, which has the obvious benefits. But there’s no one-way street here!
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Personalization] 10 Resources to Help You Teach Inbound Marketing
    Try to find a connection with the person you are reaching out to. If you need to send a cold email, play up any prestige or connection your school has to the person you are reaching out to. The way people buy has changed, so the way businesses market themselves has also needed to change. Truthfully, this change can be tough.
    [Personalization] CMO Spotlight: “Get to the Future First”, says Keith Weed, CMO, Unilever
    With the rising awareness among marketers that you need to study buyer behaviour and personalize your offering, there is also chaos and confusion about how to go about doing this. Using the hashtag #KissForPeace, fans were invited to Tweet selfies of themselves kissing another person and have those pictures posted in Times Square.
    [Personalization] Driving Engagement and Conversion with Marketing Apps
    And by taking a holistic approach to customizing your ecosystem, you can build your personalized marketing solution on a platform with the broadest selection of options to orchestrate the customer experience in harmony. So you’ve bought the latest new marketing roadster with high-tech features. Hitting the Open Road. CRM Integrations.
    [Personalization] Five Ways Marketers Can Personalize The In Store Shopping Experience
    It begins before the person enters the store and does not automatically stop when they leave. Oftentimes a customer cannot internalize the instruction and example of the sales person, but needs to do it himself or herself with a hands-on approach. Any retailer knows the supreme importance of the in-store visitor. Marketing Strategy
    [Personalization] 12 Steps to Create an Effective Customer Survey
    This survey is personalized and thanks the customer for using their service. Whether you’re testing out a new product or want feedback about your customer service, there comes a time when every small business and non-profit can benefit from a customer survey. One of the best ways to conduct a survey is through email. First things first.
    [Personalization] If you stopped publishing your social content, would anybody notice?
    We post weekly to other sites like Pinterest and Google Plus … and then of course there’s my personal profile, which is active on each of those sites as well. We post weekly to other sites like Pinterest and Google Plus … and then of course there's my personal profile, which is active on each of those sites as well.
    [Personalization] How B2C and B2B Email Deliverability Differ
    Someone might give their personal email when they fill out a form to get a business-flavored white paper; someone else might give their business email address when they buy perfume online while they’re at work. The boundaries between B2C and B2B email delivery often overlap. It’s harder to get your B2B email into the inbox, and here’s why.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Personalization] How to Work More Effectively With Global Teammates
    Be thoughtful of these differences and make sure you don’t impinge on your colleagues’ personal time by emailing them outside of their office hours. As the world continues to become more connected, global and virtual teams are becoming increasingly prevalent. Psychological capital: Passion for diversity, quest for adventure, self-assurance.
  • HUBSPOT  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2015
    [Personalization] Social Media for Finance Marketers: 3 Steps to Getting Started
    Nobody's interested in the person at the party that only talks about him/her self. It's also often a good idea to have your more prominent company personalities available on a channel or two of social media. His personal account has 2X the followers and vastly more engagement than the generic business account. The result?
    [Personalization] MDC DOT Provides Marketing Automation for Direct Salespeople
    Those firms have very specific requirements for balancing central control over content and brand image with the agents’ desire for flexibility and personal client relationships. I briefly mentioned MDC Dot in an earlier blog post about giving sales people access to marketing automation capabilities.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] How to Write a Cold Email That'll Actually Get a Response
    The best cold emails highlight what specifically drew you to that particular person. Using the example of reaching out for a podcast: Add a sentence or two about how specifically that person's work would be a great fit with your audience and why. For some of them, we had an "in." But we weren't so lucky with some of the other guests.
  • VIRALLY BLOG  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] Much Ado About Data
    With some quite recent research from Transactis , based on a survey of more than 1,000 consumers has shown that 63% would spend more money with a company that uses data to create personalized offers and valuable content whilst 59% said that they would buy more regularly from that brand.
  • VIRALLY BLOG  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] A Quick Guide To Facebook Marketing
    Adding a human touch makes it more likely for people to reply, as people would rather talk to a person rather than a business. The algorithm that Facebook uses irritates me because it’s constantly changing (much like Google’s) and Facebook is powered by marketing, so of course paid adverts take the preference.
  • VIDYARD  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] Vidyard and SnapApp Partner to Bring the Power of Interactive Video to B2B Marketers
    For example, the marketer can offer a particular call-to-action at the end of the video based on the viewer’s in-video responses, giving the viewer a more relevant and personalized experience. Marketers learn more about the pains, interests, and preferences of their audience, and prospects get more personalized, relevant content as a result.
  • VIEWPOINT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] When One Out of Ten is an Abject Marketing Program Failure
    It had to do with customers’ expectations for proposal delivery, namely: immediate versus a 3-5 day delay, in-person versus over-the-phone and web, and quantity of sales leads coming in to support the back-end requirements. But I asked him, “Why do you feel this way?”. First of all it’s predictable. How would you feel?”. Repeat.
  • ANNUITAS  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] “Marketing is Dead” and Other Thought-Provoking Statements from B2BCamp Atlanta
    Both sales and marketing personnel tend to have strong, success-driven personalities, and the panelists noted that sometimes you just need to drop the pretense and get the job done – together. With beer and pizza in hand, the scene could have been mistaken for a post-work happy hour and that is exactly the point. Choose your pronouns wisely”.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] Can Google find you in your online store?
    Since eCommerce doesn’t demand a personal touch, the overhead can be low since there are ways of doing business without maintaining a personal inventory. This man feels personal pride in his store and makes sure his team lives out that pride. And then, it’s cheap and easy to build a hundred more. lives. Use it.
    [Personalization] Make Your Storytelling Content Worth Sharing
    Nothing can convey the heart and soul of brand, product or personal essence like a solid story that can be retold (shared) with contemporary social tools. Storytelling is the most powerful messaging tool available to us. It doesn’t matter if that story comes from blog articles, video, podcasting, or other channels. Author information.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA B2B  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] 5 Tips to Increase Engagement on B2B Social Media Sites
    Keep from being overly personal. You need to avoid posting too much personal information. Even if your B2B company has been posting to social media sites for some time, it is always a good idea to review your activities to make sure you are getting maximum engagement from your followers. Post at the right time. Add calls to action.
    [Personalization] How to Build Strong Brand Storytelling From the Inside Out
    To truly make brand stories come to life through the experience we create, marketers have to be willing to lead our brand storytelling internally , so that every person who represents your brand understands what makes their company unique. As marketers, we focus a lot of our time and attention on outside audiences, which makes sense.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 12, 2015
    [Personalization] 8 Copywriting Tips for Improving Conversions
    Here are some tips: Positive content is very personal. Being in a good mood while your writing certainly helps, too. 2) Be personal. But, as it turns out, effective salespeople don’t have to be gregarious -- but they do have to exhibit a sense of personal appeal that both inspires trust and invites a business relationship.
    [Personalization] NuGrowth Update: Delivering Sales and Marketing as a Service is Easier – and More Profitable – with Marketing Automation
    It’s a personalized drip campaign that’s sent directly from a sales rep to individuals within a 50-mile radius of the rep’s location.  Because the area is within driving range of the sales rep, they can also offer to drop by for a personal visit.  At each stage, a rep is prompted to follow up appropriately with a task as well. How so?
  • THE POINT  |  MONDAY, MAY 11, 2015
    [Personalization] Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing?
    Where once, good creative was everything, much of being an effective B2B marketer today means mastering relevancy, personalization, segmentation, predictive analytics, even knowing what your customer needs and wants before he knows it. You see similar sentiments echoed throughout the marketing press. Sure, data rules the roost. List. 2.
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