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Don't They Know Who You Are? Why Reputation Management is Critical


These individuals are often the "face" of their organizations; as they get quoted in press releases and news articles, pen bylined articles, speak at conferences, and talk to industry influencers and prospective customers, their names can become almost as well known as their brands. Consider writing a Wikipedia page about yourself. Social Tagging SEO Practice Start Twittering.

High Points on the Social Media Landscape


Site Alexa Rank (March 2009) Compete Traffic (February 2009) Compete 1-Year Traffic Change Google Pagerank ZoomInfo 2,702 1,864,047 -6.5% 6 CrunchBase 24,789 430,057 +116.1% 7 VisualCV 51,989 85,993 +174.0% 6 LookupPage 74,220 16,525 N/A 4 Wikis Sites where you can conduct research, create new topic pages based on your expertise, edit existing content pages, and—in the case of Google Knol—rate the contributions of others. These sites use the insidious "nofollow" tag, so they have no SEO value. Knol may lack Wikipedia's cachet, but it's a much friendlier place.