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Sirius Decisions Thinks Websites Will Generate 71% of All B2B Sales Leads by 2015. I Disagree.

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Sirius Decisions wrote an insightful article last week about the acquisition by Marketo of Insightera (a Web personalization platform), and included was the following projection: “By 2015, we expect to see 71 percent of b-to-b organizations’ new inquiries coming via the corporate Web site.”. Want to guess how many of those leads arrive via our clients’ Websites? Fair enough. doubt it.

Marketo Summit 2015: Focusing on Yourself, Focusing on Your Team


I was reminded today of my own story of professional growth and development. I ran into an old acquaintance at the Marketo Summit here in San Francisco, and as we were catching up on our old CEO I mentioned how much I will always appreciate the fact that he invested in training and professional development for me, as it was that training which really empowered me to grow and mature as a marketer.

Infographic: The State of Marketing Automation Maturity

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To download a copy of the complete survey report, including detailed results along with expert analysis, visit the Spear Website. Are most B2B companies getting maximum value from their investment in marketing automation? recent industry survey by Spear Marketing Group suggests: no. Is this a technology problem relating to ease of use? Click on the infographic below to view full size.

Why Your Website Needs a Good Cleaning

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Have you been keeping your website content up to date? In 2007, the average website had 273 pages. I’m willing to bet that 2007 was about the last time most B2B sites had a good clean out.  I can’t find any more current stats than that on page count, but I just can’t imagine it’s lower. For some of us, there’s the added horror of abandoned websites. Let me help you out.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

in CMI’s recent survey: ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY14 LEAD GENERATION Through the use of marketing automa- tion software such as Marketo and Sales- force, one can easily track and attribute. user engagement metrics and quality of your website— how long are people spending on the page, how easy it. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. Why This Guide 6 III. brands.

Introducing Marketo’s Email Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2014

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Consider personalizing your email based on location, past purchases, or website pages visited. As a consumer, how many times have you gone to a website, added something in your cart, and then left the site without making a purchase? Introducing Marketo’s Email Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2014 was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link].

Vidyard Gains Momentum Among Marketo Users


More than 100 customers now using Vidyard’s integration into Marketo to track video engagement data and turn viewers into customers. KITCHENER, Ontario – December 2, 2015 –  Vidyard, the leading video marketing and analytics platform, today announced it has surpassed the milestone of 100 businesses using Vidyard’s integration into the Marketo engagement marketing platform. Vidyard is a highly engaged LaunchPoint partner, and we’re thrilled to see so many Marketo customers utilizing their solutions.”. About Marketo. Gainsight. Insight. ” Taulia. About Vidyard.

Profile Management Product Updates: Account-Based Marketo Behavior Profiles, “Contains” Operator, and More


Account-Based Marketo Activity Profiles. We’re deepening our integration with Marketo to extend users the ability to build data-rich, account-based profiles using their Marketo Activity behavioral data. For example, users can create a profile that will trigger an alert when any contact or lead from that specific account engages in activity on the company’s website.

Marketo and Facebook—Delivering The Right Message at The Right Time

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But today, Marketo and Facebook have started to make this goal a reality for social advertising channels. I am excited today to announce that we have teamed up with Facebook to unveil new solutions that make multi-channel marketing a lot easier. Taken together, Facebook and Marketo have made this a lot easier. Allow me to explain what these integrations mean…. But how?

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

website traffic, brand. Better targeting, retargeting, and website personalization will replace the omnivore approach. social media, data analytics and adwords; and companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. know which half."

5 Ways to Uncover Powerful Website Analytics

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Author: Jamie Lewis If you’re not tracking your website analytics, it’s time to step it up. Contrary to more traditional marketing channels, your website and web analytics are direct, specific, and measurable. So what exactly is website analytics? 75% of the data you need is gathered just by placing a JavaScript code into the footer of your website.

“Linking” Digital Advertising Seamlessly Across All Channels: Marketo and LinkedIn

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Author: Chandar Pattabhiram We’re just about to kick-off Day 3—the final day—of the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015. By utilizing Marketo’s integration with LinkedIn’s Lead Accelerator, marketers can now tell a story in a personal and consistent way across channels as the customer or prospect continues to embark on a relationship with a brand. It’s been a great event so far.

HBR and Marketo Team Up: The Marketing Org for the Digital Age

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That is why Marketo has teamed up with Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to try and figure out this multi-headed monster. Maybe you’ve fallen victim to this, becoming a specialist in email, social networking, website, SEO, and mobile… but regardless of the specialty, all marketers have the same target: the consumer. It is a challenge. Small, nimble teams? Scrums? What gives?

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Cracking the Code for ROI: Linking the Marketo and Google Worlds Together

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We have integrated Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform with Google AdWords. When a visitor arrives at her company’s website after clicking her search ad, and signs up for a demo, Jennifer can track that online conversion in AdWords, and Google can then begin to optimize her keyword bidding based on such conversion data. Let me break down what this means for you. Show Me the ROI!

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

website traffic, brand. Better targeting, retargeting, and website personalization will replace the omnivore approach. social media, data analytics and adwords; and companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. know which half."

Accelerating the Pace of Inbound Leads: An Interview with Paul Albright of Captora

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Paul Albright boasts a 30-year track record of success in Silicon Valley, including executive roles at companies such as Marketo, SuccessFactors, NetApp, and Informatica. How to add brains and reach to our customer’s beautiful/brand-centric websites. Modern websites must be optimized for both brand and to capture new buyers before they find your competition.

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Anatomy of a Blog Redesign – 10 Best Practices from Marketo

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Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) The Marketo Marketing Blog has long been one of Marketo’s most important and valuable marketing strategies. We took inspiration from all these sources, and as a result, the new Marketo Blog design is highly visual, emphasizing images and headlines over lots of copy.  The Old Design. But first, here’s what the old design looked like. Neat, huh?

Taking a Page from the Marketo Revvie Awards: 4 Steps to Recognizing the Success of Your Customers

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Author: Katie Pope For those of you who are unaware, Marketo’s Revvie Awards recognize and celebrate customers and partners who are using the Marketo product to push the status quo and break away from the competition. We started the program in order to understand and share these inspirational success stories, ultimately showing the power of Marketo in transforming businesses.

In Defense of Unsolicited Email

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Over at marketing automation firm Marketo , CEO Phil Fernandez just wrote a full-throated rant against the evils of unsolicited email and purchased email lists used indiscriminately: “How does anyone think that these are sensible emails to send to the CEO of a fast-growing public company? Full disclaimer: my firm, Spear Marketing Group , is a leading Marketo partner.).

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

website traffic, brand. Better targeting, retargeting, and website personalization will replace the omnivore approach. social media, data analytics and adwords; and companies such as Marketo and Hubspot. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. know which half."

Why Website Engagement is the New Marketing “Must-Have”

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Author: Mike Telem As a marketer, you only have a few minutes—or less, to capture the attention of a website visitor with engaging content. How crucial is website engagement to revenue generation? The 2014 B2B Procurement Study from Acquity Group found that company websites are the most popular channel for conducting online research (according to 83% of respondents!).

Marketo’s 1,000th Blog Post: Our Modern Marketing Definition Revisited

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Author: Jon Miller (@jonmiller) This is the 1,000th post to Marketo’s blog.  It seems fitting to commemorate the occasion by revisiting our very first post, “ Modern B2B Marketing Defined ”, and commenting on what’s changed – and what hasn’t – since August 8, 2006. Company websites are increasingly looking like media publications. What Hasn’t Changed. Buyers today are more empowered.

Lead Scores Too High? Maybe They Need An Expiration Date.

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The loophole in this design arises when “active” prospects, those who regularly visit a Website or respond to nurturing campaigns, for example, build up lead scores well out of proportion to their actual level of interest or stage in the selling cycle. lead scores lead scoring marketo Marketo agency Marketo consultant Marketo lead scores Marketo lead scoring Marketo partner

Why is Inside Sales So Scared of Lead Nurturing?

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Rather than reinvent the follow-up process, we sat down with the BDR, documented her standard follow-up procedure (a series of phone calls and emails that stretched over a number of weeks) and automated every step using Marketo , a leading marketing automation platform. Marketo sends first follow-up email. 2. Marketo creates task in CRM to remind BDR to call lead 1 week later. 3.

How to Optimize Your Website’s Resource Library for Lead Generation

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A well-designed resource library can be a key factor in converting Website visitors to measurable, actionable sales leads. Since the pages are hosted in Marketo , a marketing automation platform, information on the registration forms is pre-populated for repeat visitors. Conversely, a poorly designed resource library is where old white papers go to die. See thumbnail at right.)

5 Lead Generating B2B Website Trends

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At the top of every marketing director’s mind is having a website that converts web visitors into leads and leads into new business opportunities. In this post, we’ll highlight the top five trends in lead generating websites with examples of how the some of the best marketers use these strategies to drive increased engagement and leads. 1) Calls-to-Action (CTA).

4 Reasons to Attend Marketo’s Road to Success Virtual Event

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At Marketo, we really do think that all marketers – at big and small companies – are working hard to keep up with the latest and greatest trends in marketing. That’s why tomorrow, on Thursday, May 15 th , Marketo is proud to host marketing’s premier virtual event:   Road to Success: How to Navigate the New Landscape. And I’m not the only one out there who feels this way…am I?

Your Expo Hall Game Plan: Make the Most of Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2014

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Over 100 expo sponsors and over 3,500 marketers will be attending the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit  this year, making it the perfect place to review your company’s marketing automation technologies and processes. full list of sponsors is available on our event website, so do some research ahead of time. How do they integrate with Marketo? That’s why you need a game plan.

Biscuits, Hot Chicken, and Health Consumer Engagement! Marketo @ AHIP Institute Conference

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Specifically, attendees stopped by the Marketo booth to ask, “I get that we have to better engage consumers, but how do I do it? They might google a brand, look at pictures of the car and end up on a dealer’s website. Marketo @ AHIP Institute Conference appeared first on Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. Shopping Is Shopping.

Top 10 Tips for Better Email Templates

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Marketo users : Download a free set of professionally-designed email and landing page templates, along with complete instructions for how to download into Marketo, now available on the Spear Website. B2B Marketing Creative Demand Generation E-mail email design email marketing Graphic Design Marketo Uncategorized email best practices email templates marketo Marketo email templates marketo landing pages Marketo partner Marketo templatesBut one other element plays a key role even before you write one word of copy: the design template.

Marketing Mathematics: Why You Need to Invest in Website Engagement

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Marketers see their website as a main point of interaction between prospects and content, but they are often unsure how to strategically invest their resources. So, let’s solve that problem—this blog will walk you through how to think about your website as a strategic channel and invest for success. How to Allocate Resources for Website Engagement. Closer Look at the Numbers….

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Should I Remove Offer Content from My Website During a Campaign?

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A client asks: “If we’re planning on using a particular white paper as part of a lead generation campaign, or even for lead nurturing , is it a good idea to remove that same content asset from our main Website? I’m concerned about people bypassing the campaign and just downloading the paper from our site.”. My response: The short answer to your question is: “no,” but let me expand a little.

Power to the Marketer: Introducing Marketo’s New Dialog Edition

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Matt Zilli <Begin sales pitch> Today, Marketo announced the Dialog Edition , which will help B2B and B2C email marketers enter the wonderful world of marketing automation.  In the past few years, Marketo has built a bunch of technology around triggering, nurturing, and integrating multi-channel marketing (among other things).  Well, almost everything.  Email Marketin

4 Ways to Marry Your Email Marketing and Website Optimization Strategies

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Closing the data loop and breaking down the organizational divisions between email marketing and website optimization is increasingly common. Here, I’m going to share four ways your website’s optimization strategy can enhance your email marketing efforts, and vice versa! Use Website Data to Validate Email Segmentation. Author: Becky Hirsch Do you hear that? It’s getting louder.

Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

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If you don’t have that capability in place, look at marketing automation platforms like Marketo or reporting solutions like Full Circle CRM that can give you the data you’re looking for. 2. If you struggle with the constant demand for new offers – and who doesn’t – maybe it’s time to mine some of the gems in your Website’s resource center. Improve campaign measurement. Test more.

Revenue Performance Management: An interview with Jon Miller, VP Marketing and Co-founder of Marketo

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Jon Miller is VP marketing and co-founder of Marketo , one of the marketing automation solutions supported by AcquireB2B , our B2B agency specializing in driving more leads and sales with B2B marketing automation. This is one of a series of occasional interviews with top practitioners on topics of interest to B2B lead generation, marketing and new business development professionals.