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30 B2B Social Media Tips for 2016

KoMarketing Associates

As social media has grown, so has the opportunity for businesses to reach customers and potential customers. In fact, according to the Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing Report , 66% of businesses now have a dedicated social media team. The problem is that while a whopping number of businesses have a social media team, the majority of them don’t know how to measure their efforts.

Top 10 Demand Generation Resolutions for 2014

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If you don’t have that capability in place, look at marketing automation platforms like Marketo or reporting solutions like Full Circle CRM that can give you the data you’re looking for. Fortunately, there’s a part of your paid search program over which you have much more control: landing pages. Improve campaign measurement. Test more. How else do you know what worked and what didn’t?

28 (of the) Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips of 2013


Optimize your blog for search? Best Business Blogging Guides and Tips. Rebekah Radice explains why post titles are so important, the four objectives a post title should achieve, and a handful of tips to help craft compelling titles, such as keeping them concise: “It has been found that titles with eight words or less perform best.” Best Tips for Beginning Bloggers.

9 Proven Ways to Increase Webinar Response

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If your Webinar campaign is getting lost in the crowd, take a look at these 9 proven tips and techniques for increasing registration and attendance at online events. Marketo, Pardot) with your Webinar platform (e.g. Consider a 4-week paid search (SEM) campaign leading up to the date of the Webinar. Leverage social media to extend the reach of your campaign.

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What Facebook Graph Search Means for Your Business

Modern B2B Marketing

by Kelly Jo Horton Anyone who is active on Facebook knows that search has never been one of Facebook’s strong points. Enter Graph Search. Graph search is Facebook’s social solution for connected search. It is a search algorithm that delivers results based on connecting the dots in the mountains of data Facebook has collected from its billion users.

22 Noteworthy Content Marketing Guides and Tips


According to Google Trends , searches for “content marketing” have increased 150% in the past two years. 31 Content Marketing Ideas that Will Revolutionize Your Business by Marketo Content Marketing Blog. ” She then serves up six practical tips for thinking like a journalist. Content marketing is a hot topic. Image credit: Intergage. by bowden2bowden blog.

9 Quick Tips for B2B Lead Generation to Implement Today

Modern B2B Marketing

Every marketer has favorite strategies and top tips, as well as stories about huge wins and equally epic fails. Over 70% of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted searches by professionals looking for specific solutions. To dazzle them, implement these tips: Think of title slides as teaser thumbnails: use bold headlines and visuals, optimized with relevant keywords.

The ROI of Paid Social Media Ads

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jon Miller One question we hear all the time from customers is how to measure the ROI of social media. While I won’t talk here about the ROI of all social media, I do want to drill into the return on paid social media advertising. For the last year or so, Marketo has been testing all these channels to determine what works and what doesn’t. Here’s what we’ve learned!

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6 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI

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A close second (67 percent) was organic search. Here are six tips to help you increase your email marketing ROI. If they prefer articles on the topic of social media, send them a link to an article or group of articles about social media. Crystal analyzes a lead’s personality based on social media profiles and public data on the Internet. Timing Is Key.

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Slidecast: Getting Leads (and More!) From Your Blog

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From Your Blog: 10 Tips for Higher Blog ROI.” How to use links and tags to generate better search rankings and more leads …. • along with tips on widgets, subscription options, sharing buttons, editorial planning, and more. If you’ve ever wondered how to turn a boring corporate blog into a vibrant, engaging lead generation machine, here’s your opportunity.

B2B Marketing & Pinterest: 5 Tips for Becoming the Ultimate Pinner

Modern B2B Marketing

Follow these five tips and kick-start your brand’s expansion into this emerging social media phenomenon. For example, check out Marketo’s boards: [link]. Content—Do you have some interesting content that has done well on other social channels? Pinterest’s search is mainly how people find you and your pins, and Pinterest’s search is all about keywords.

9 Essential Tips for Researching Your Next Content Campaign

B2B Marketing Insider

Read on for 9 tips with sources to research your upcoming content campaigns. The BuzzSumo report will tell you how many shares each piece of content got across the various social media channels, how long the content is, and the number and quality of backlinks. Pull reports from your social media platforms to determine how your promotional efforts went over for each campaign.

Expert Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Modern B2B Marketing

A Forbes Top 30 Social Media Power Influencer and creator of the AdAge Top 100 Global Marketing Blog Windmill Networking , Neal is a popular social media conference speaker who is also known for his award-winning and critically acclaimed social media books: ”Maximizing LinkedIn for Sales and Social Media Marketing” and “Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn.”

Guide Your Buyers Through the Customer Journey with Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Marketers are seeing a tremendous shift in how buyers are researching and buying, particularly on social media platforms. In fact, 55% of B2B buyers do their research by using social networks, according to a study, and Forbes research revealed that 78% of people say that their buying decisions are influenced by a company’s social media posts. Be authentic.

How to Integrate Social Media and Blogging from The Art of Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

A few years ago, blogging and social media were separate. Social media was short-form, personal, and spontaneous. Some people predicted that social media would replace blogging because of declining attention spans. Now blogging and social media not only amicably coexist; they complement each other. Social Media b2b Consumer Seth Godin. We hope so. Add drama.

The Fundamentals of Increasing Web Traffic from Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Daniel Kushner Social media marketing, for B2B companies, often means one thing: generating new leads. The trick is, your social marketing should ensure this happens. With a shrewd social media management strategy, you can create an experience for your followers that naturally funnels them towards what you have to offer, ultimately increasing your web traffic.

How Guest Blogging Grows Your Business and Improves Your Search Ranking

Fearless Competitor

“Guest blogging not only brings links (for search ranking), it brings an audience for your content marketing.” in his recent book “ How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines , he dedicates an entire chapter to guest posts! It’s one of the best ways to build an audience for content that ranks well in search engines.

How Brands Can Create Lasting Relationships on Social Media

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Lisa Marcyes When I think about what makes social media so unique, I always come back to one thing: relationships. Through social media and analytics, marketers can understand their audience base in ways we never could before. Let’s take a look at the numbers that prove the value of social media further. Engaging on social media platforms can feel overwhelming at times.

Stop Selling, Start Helping: 5 Tips for Creating Magnetic Content

Modern B2B Marketing

Here are 5 tips to help you help your customers (with thanks to Jay Baer). Tip 1 – Identify Customer Needs. While search engine data, social chatter, and web analytics offer helpful data, sometimes the very best approach is to pick up the telephone and talk to your customer. Tip 2 – Map Customer Needs to Useful Marketing Content. Tip 3 – Market Your Marketing.

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Marketers: 3 Bulletproof Tips to Help You Build Your Professional Network

Modern B2B Marketing

So, I did a simple search that revealed a fairly basic definition: “Penguinologist is a career in studying penguins and their complex lives”. So, here are three bulletproof networking tips to help marketers (and penguinologists alike): 1. Building solid social networks is as easy as sliding down an ice luge on your belly. Yes, you read that correctly.) Put Yourself out There.

Utilizing Linkedin to Improve SEO and Organic Visibility

Modern B2B Marketing

I read a recent article from Search Engine Land that talked about the link between Search Engine Optimization and Linkedin. It got me thinking how great this would be if every Marketo employee had an optimized Linkedin profile that linking to the Marketo company page and actively sharing Marketo content and news. Click for full image.

5 Ways to Boost B2B Sales Through LinkedIn Social Selling

Modern B2B Marketing

While social media sometimes gets a bad rep among professionals due to the endless posts about difficult math problems and memes, when done well, social media can be one of the most effective and underutilized channels for sales teams. As social selling magnate Nancy Nardin would sa y, “Social is personal!”. Measure Your Success with the Social Selling Index (SSI).

9 Essential Tips for Researching Your Next Content Campaign


Read on for 9 tips with sources to research your upcoming content campaigns. The BuzzSumo report will tell you how many shares each piece of content got across the various social media channels, how long the content is, and the number and quality of backlinks. Pull reports from your social media platforms to determine how your promotional efforts went over for each campaign.

21 Fantastic Facebook Marketing Guides


On one hand, not only is it an easy-to-use, low-cost platform with more than a billion members, but 77% of B2C companies and 43% of B2B vendors have acquired customers from Facebook, and the world’s largest social network drives 20% of all internet page views. by Social Media Marketing 4 Business. by Marketo Blog. Best Guides to Facebook Graph Search. Many (most?)

Tips & Tricks to Leverage the Powerful Combination of Print and Digital

Modern B2B Marketing

Use your business card to drive social engagement. Despite the rise of social media, business cards remain a standard practice and represent a critical way that people exchange information when they meet face to face. They serve as an essential leave-behind, so use them as an opportunity to promote social interaction. annually worldwide. That’s billion with a “b”—and it’s huge.

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6 Tips to Increase Your Email Marketing ROI

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Organic search came in as a close second (67 percent). Here are six tips to help you increase your email marketing ROI. If your prospects prefer articles on the topic of social media, send them a link to an article or group of articles about social media. Crystal analyzes a lead’s personality based on social media profiles and public data on the Internet.

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Interesting Infographics: Create a Killer Social Media Strategy


Why the intense focus on social media marketing these days? It’s where your customers are: 74% of adult internet users are active on social media and 55% of buyers use social media sites when researching products. When your customers are on social media looking to learn more about you, it’s important that you’re there to make a good impression.

Why Writing Guest Posts Should Be Very Important to You

Fearless Competitor

Brian Clark, aka @copyblogger , a top content marketing expert, says that guest posts are one of the best ways to build your business with content – so much so that he dedicated an entire chapter of his ebook “ How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines ” to the power of guest posts. We love comments and those who share on social media.

New Year, New Audience: 10 Essential Social Media Tactics to Get Your Content Seen

Modern B2B Marketing

But aside from simply posting it across your social media channels, what else can you do? How to find sources to interview: You’ve probably heard of great platforms such as BuzzSumo or BuzzStream, where you can search for influencers within your industry, but have you ever thought about using HARO? Use the Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) formula on social media.

Marketo’s Greatest Blog Hits of 2011

Modern B2B Marketing

by Jason Miller With 2011 now in the history books I thought it would be interesting to collect Marketo’s most popular blog posts from the past year and revisit them as a Greatest Hits collection. Instead I present to you the most popular Marketo blog posts from 2011 based on views and shares. Let’s put on side one. How Does Lead Response Time Impact Sales? Or is it? Cheers!

Expert Advice for B2B Marketing: 5 Tips from Thought Leaders

Fearless Competitor

B2B Demand Generation | 5 Tips from the Pros. Jon Miller, Co-Founder and VP Marketing at Marketo distilled advice from top experts in B2B marketing, I thought we should share it with you , as it’s simple and clear. The Top 5 Tips for Better B2B Marketing are: 1. Relevant Social Networks. Social Bookmarking sites. Paid Search. Editor’s Note: Find New Customers uses all of these approaches – except paid search. The previous tip underscored the importance of a varied marketing strategy. What do you think of those five tips?

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9 Indispensable B2B Social Media White Papers

Social Media B2B

Below are a list of 9 B2B white papers that have useful information for B2B social media marketers. Social Media for the B2B Sphere. Radian 6 offers up tips, concepts, anecdotes, and examples to help you connect the dots between your B2B company and social media. Finding B2B Marketing Success Integrating Social Media and Search.

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33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

In this post, we wil feature case studies in the areas of content marketing, social media marketingm social CRM, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, and webinars. The plan including sprucing up the website, integrating a blog and social sharing, and offering some valuable content by free download. SOCIAL MEDIA CISCO : Established a social media listening center.

4 Tips to Succeed With Marketing Automation

Modern B2B Marketing

But for those of you still in the search phase, there are a few things you should consider in addition to the software platform itself. But you want to take your marketing to the next level by exploring areas such as social marketing, segmentation with dynamic content, or improving the way you work with sales to get the highest returns on your marketing efforts.

B2B Social Media Best Practices for the Integrated Age

Modern B2B Marketing

Rajesh is a Marketo expert and has hands-on experience defining projects and implementing them at both venture-backed start-ups and consulting firms. Social Media has quickly switched from a way for individuals to keep in touch, to a key strategy of business success. For many companies, social media marketing is one of the key ways to attract, retain and interact with consumers.

9 Twitter Tips for B2B Marketing Success

Modern B2B Marketing

by Maria Pergolino B2B social media marketing involves a carefully planned mix across multiple channels to build relationships and increase lead generation. To ensure the most effective return on Twitter, consider the following 9 tips for B2B marketing success: 1. Consider using a similar keyword research strategy for Twitter as you would for creating search-optimized content.

20 B2B Marketers Losing their Brand on Pinterest

Digital B2B Marketing

In my search for major B2B marketers on Pinterest, I only found a handful using it actively. However, Eloqua and Marketo, both generally early adopters in content marketing areas, remain notably absent on Pinterest. Constant Contact : Looking for marketing and social media tips? Constant Contact has done a good job of creating a collection of quick tips in a simple graphical format. CSC does have a Pinterest page here but it cannot be found through Pinterest’s user search. Pinterest is the marketing flavor du jour. IBM Juniper CSC.

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