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Account Based Marketing and its Growing Interest Among B2B CMOs

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In his Forbes piece published last month, contributor Daniel Newman shared a quote from Megan Heuer, Vice President and Group Director, Data-Driven Marketing, at SiriusDecisions: “Companies of all sizes are trying out ABM, from expanded efforts in very large global companies to laser-focused go-to-market models in lean startups. Not all that impressive. CMO Corner

7 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Mobile Marketing

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Despite the undeniable growth of mobile as a media channel, there is evidence that its increasing importance is not being matched by increasing investment from the marketing industry. The main reason for this appears to be a perceived inability to measure return on investment from mobile marketing, as compared to other channels such as email and pay-per-click advertising.

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The Contextual Inbox: Moment-of-Open Email Marketing

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Are you one of the 40% of email marketers who don’t segment their email campaigns? Not segmenting an email campaign isn’t marketing heresy, but the rewards of list segmentation outweigh not doing so. Traditional marketing approaches have become less effective in highly competitive industries. What is Contextual Email Marketing? Email Marketing

4 Simple Tips for Making the Most of Your Marketing Budget

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As every senior marketer knows, it’s essential to squeeze every last drop of value from your marketing budget. Follow these actionable tips, taken from the Marketing Budgets 2016 report (Oracle Marketing Cloud, Econsultancy) to get maximum bang for your marketing buck. 1. Traditional marketing isn’t quite so dead after all. Consumer sentiment.

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150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Marketing And Sales

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Ten Ways Big Data Is Revolutionizing Marketing And Sales. Of the hundreds of areas big data and analytics will revolutionize marketing and sales, the following is an overview of those that are delivering results today. Convergence and the power of data in modern marketing. Read the full story on Marketing Land. 10 Elements of a Successful Data-Driven Marketing Strategy.

Integrating Online Video with Your Marketing Tech Stack

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Once more, when video marketing is combined with a company’s website strategy, digital marketing, and sales efforts, marketers can build long-term personal relationships with customers and prospects. ” is achieved by integrating your OVP with marketing automation and interactivity to define the individual with whom you’re communicating.

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Email Marketing: Going Beyond a Unique Open and Click

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Within email marketing, we would be naive to think that 100% of our database is clicking each individual email every time we send. They allow us to understand why our 20% unique open rate is declining—and more importantly, they allow us to implement marketing tactics to engage our database. Email MarketingIs 20% a good open rate? What about a click-through rate of 5%?

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3 Email Marketing Lessons From Tinder

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Similarly, when it comes to email marketing, you don’t want to give away too many details or ask for too much too soon. Just be direct (after all, it’s called direct marketing), be friendly, and make it easy for your readers to take action. Download the Email Deliverability: Guide for Modern Marketers. Email MarketingWe were hooked. billion swipes a day.

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

Content Marketing: Why 7 IV. Content Marketing: When 12 V. Content Marketing: How 17 VI. Conclusion 25 Table of Contents ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY3 “ Content marketing is the atomic particle of all the. rest of a brand’s marketing campaigns.” of marketing legend. content marketers are faced with a task of consistently. brands.

The Importance of Marketing Automation in Your Modern Marketing Future

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We asked global experts to provide their thoughts on the future of modern marketing and several of them highlighted marketing automation as the key to success in the future. Top Performing Businesses Use Marketing Automation Yoav Schwartz , CEO and Co-Founder of Uberflip , says that 84% of top performing businesses are using or will use marketing automation in 2016.

Why a Single View of Your Customer is Vital for Success

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This intelligence essentially helps sales and marketing teams produce more effective strategies and campaigns as well as craft relevant content , resulting in a greater return for the effort made. Additionally, this data collected from the single customer view provides feedback on the products and services the company is marketing. Cross Channel MarketingLet Oracle help.

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3 Examples of Brands Doing Real Cross-Channel Marketing

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Whether you call it cross-channel or omnichannel marketing, as a consumer, I love it. As a marketer, I hate cross-channel marketing, or rather, I hate how hard it is. Using cross-channel marketing to delight customers and show your competition who’s boss is a thing of beauty, but it comes at a price. Cross Channel Marketing

Millennials Want to Identify with Brands and Their Content

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As a marketer, why should you care? The market potential for the Millennial generation is staggering. Research has found that Millennials are bombarded with more than 5,000 marketing messages a day. Assuming a person is awake for 16 hours during a normal day, this would mean that Millennials are hit with a new marketing message roughly every 12 seconds. Currently, U.S.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. Conclusion 35 Table of Contents ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY3 On the evening of March 2, our content/marketing team. Platforms,” “7 Keys to SEO for Content Marketers,” and. What’s the Difference Between B2B and B2C Market- ing?” Marketers are humans too.

Why CMOs Must Shift the Dialogue from Marketing Budgets to Revenue Targets

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David spoke to how the CMO was in a position to spearhead the evolution that marketing is is in the middle of, or was back then. This evolution consisted of changing consumer behavior, managing complexity, responding to evolving buying patterns, shaping the public profile, and building new marketing capabilities—the list goes on! Marketing cannot exist in silos.

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Why You Are Losing Leads by Not Integrating Events with Marketing Automation

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Did you know that businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads? According to the State of B2B Event Marketing study , events are the most effective tactic for B2B marketers to increase their sales pipeline and generate revenue. Why Is Marketing Automation an Essential Part of Any Effective Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Automation Technology and What Marketers Need to Look For

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Since marketers love a good stat, let's start this post off with one: 2567%. Among the many differing types of technologies vendors offer is of course, marketing automation - a tool that has very much come into vogue in recent years and for good reason as witnessed by a few more stats: 67% of best-in-class companies are more likely to use a marketing automation platform.

Preview: 20 Social Media Marketing Statistics from Upcoming Industry Report

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It is 2016 and we are still talking about social media marketing. Believe it or not, there are still companies that have not embraced social media as a means to improve marketing, customer service, lead generation and product development. Every year Social Media Examiner conducts a large survey to get a pulse on social media marketing and how marketers are using it.

5 New B2B Sales and Marketing Strategies

5 New B2B Sales and Marketing. The traditional B2B sales and marketing model is typically depicted in the shape. of a funnel; flow starts with marketing and then transitions to sales. New B2B sales and marketing strategies. are required. 5 New B2B Sales & Marketing Strategies. B2B Sales and Marketing leaders should evaluate adopting these 5 new B2B. Pretty.

Marketers Need to Focus on Prospects' Behaviors, Not Demographics

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Marketing is often about treating the largest groups of prospects and customers the same. According to Avinash Kaushik , Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google, who spoke at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum, behavior is the most important thing to focus on. This is one of the ways to become a modern marketer. Marketing doesn't stop once someone becomes a customer.

Are Three Quarters of CMOs Wrong About Customer Experience?

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Well, according to a recent article on Marketing Charts , when asked to name their top 5 attributes and elements of the customer experience over 170 senior marketing leaders chose these: The top five identified in order were: (in descending order). 5. Oftentimes, however, when it comes to marketing to consumers there are two dynamics. So Why Is This Wrong? Far from it.

How to Decide What Marketing Metrics to Track and Report

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Yesterday I was at a marketing event and the topic of metrics came up. That's not a huge surprise, as modern marketers continue to be concerned with justifying their activities with the right metrics of success. Marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads and even sales are the most common things to align with. Oracle Marketing CloudAnd about that powerpoint.

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6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

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It is a challenge to define the audience for a guide to social media marketing today. "It is 2016 and we are still talking about social media marketing. Believe it or not, there are still companies that have not embraced social media as a means to improve marketing, customer service, lead generation and product development. Be In Sync With Marketing. Forget them.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Marketing. EFFECTIVENESS ACROSS THE INDUSTRY 2Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry I. Introduction 4 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Red Bull has long been the strongest example of this. marketing technology into a seamless process. YOUR CONTENT MARKETING IN 2015.

10 Surprising Statistics About Marketing Technology

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With the hot sector of marketing technology becoming better defined, insights are emerging from those using it - and the results are mixed. Marketing technology benefits: hiding in plain sight. As marketing technologists, we can’t ignore these figures. That is nearly two-thirds of those investing in marketing technology. Oracle Marketing CloudNor should we.

Tools Marketers Need For Cross Channel Marketing Attribution

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This edition: cross channel marketing. The IAB’s recently released survey results confirmed what most marketers and advertisers are already thinking—2016 will (and has to be) the year for cross channel attribution. Read the full story on Chief Marketer. Four Key Principles Of Cross Channel Marketing. The Influencer Perspective On Cross-Channel Marketing.

4 Ways to Turn Marketing Ideas Into Engaged Customers

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Having engaged customers is, of course, the holy grail for marketers. In this context, however, attribution is essential for understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and knowing which investments will deliver the best results. ” However, Kevin Koh CEO of DDB Group Korea cautions marketing organizations to not lose sight of the art and science of the profession.

Gmail, TLS Encryption and Why Email Marketers Need to Know About It

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Download the Email Deliverability: Guide for Modern Marketers to learn best practices when it comes to achieving the deliverability you need. Email MarketingLast week, Gmail announced that they were adding a “broken lock” icon for Gmail on the web senders who didn’t support TLS. For those of you who don’t know, TLS stands for Transport Layer Security.

Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE 1 THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE 2 Introduction For the last decade, DivvyHQ’s founders have been helping the world’s leading marketers. In today’s noisy digital world, it’s more important than ever that marketers have a well- defined strategy for each content initiative. Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon for marketers to. In that time, we’ve. the “what”.

8 Steps to Guarantee Marketing Automation Success

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EmailMonday gathered an impressive list of statistics about marketing automation usage and its relevance for businesses in 2016 and beyond. Some key statistics from various sources include: • 91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is very important to marketing success across all channels (Ascend2). Marketing Automation

The 3 Mistakes Every Marketer Must Avoid When It Comes To Data Driven Marketing

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This time around it's Data Driven Marketing. Mistakes That Kill Any Data-Driven Marketing Strategy. For enterprise organizations, tapping into the power of data to maximize marketing performance has become so pervasive that data itself now lives at the crossroads of all activity. Report: Organisational silos and culture inhibiting data-driven marketing.

4 Simple Ideas to Personalize Your Email Campaigns Today

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There is no question that consumers expect personalized messages, so our job as marketers is to use the tools and data we have to start to deliver on that promise. Are you having trouble getting email delivered to the inbox, download Email Deliverability: Guide for Modern Marketers to orchestrate and deliver messages that are relevant to your audience. Email Marketing

Here's Why Only 1 in 3 CMOs Comes from Marketing

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Only 34% of Chief Marketing Officers come from marketing. As marketing has evolved, the top marketing leaders actually have a very diverse background. The assumption, that CMOs are traditional marketers is incorrect, as most are coming from a different area of the business. There are learnings marketers can take away from this. Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

planning for a future in which GE would be a publisher, not just a marketer. redefine the role of marketing,” Comstock reflected in. When you hear marketing, most people. more we expect from marketing. sure that marketing has been redefined as innovators. in their content marketing journey, GE went above and beyond in their. successful content marketers. B.

4 Ways to Battle the Content Marketing Paradox

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recent TrackMaven study found that the amount of branded content across social media increased by 35% in 2015, while content engagement decreased by 17%, a phenomenon called the content marketing paradox. One reason audiences could be shying away from content marketing could be content fatigue. Content MarketingHowever, content fatigue doesn’t have to be terminal.