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Oracle Buys Eloqua: Winners and Losers for B2B Marketing Automation

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Oracle announced today that it has agreed to purchase B2B marketing automation leader Eloqua for $23.50 per share, which comes to $871 million. The deal makes obvious sense, in that it gives Oracle a much stronger position in the fast-growing B2B marketing automation industry*. What if you're an enterprise marketer? The stock had been hovering around $17.50

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Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


2009 was the year in which Marketing Automation really took off. Several new vendors appeared on the market, many existing vendors experienced rapid growth, and Marketing Automation as a term gained popularity among B2B marketers. In this post I want to focus on the trends in Marketing Automation for 2010. Integration of Social Media, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation. Sales & marketing alignment. Chris Frank , Director of Marketing, TreeHouse Interactive. Kevin Joyce , CMO, Market2Lead.

The Risky Business of Exclusive Reselling

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Last month, Eloqua terminated its reselling relationship with The Pedowitz Group, a marketing automation reseller. The Pedowitz Group (TPG) stated in a press release  that by representing multiple marketing automation vendors, TPG is best serving its customers.   the mid-market or enterprise market). the VAR) is collaborating with large business (i.e.

Hard Data to Justify Your Marketing Automation Investment

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Summary: So you want some hard numbers to prove the value of marketing automation? client asked yesterday if I had some benchmark information to justify the cost of her marketing automation project. Neolane “ Making the Business Case for Enterprise Marketing Software ”. Aberdeen Group has published many studies related to marketing automation. That makes it a bit harder to use Aberdeen data to justify a marketing automation investment. Here's a bunch. If anyone else cares to expand on this list, even better. 1.

LoopFuse Offers Free Marketing Automation System: Another Step Towards Industry Consolidation

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Summary: LoopFuse has launched a free entry-level version of its marketing automation system. LoopFuse today promised to “transform” the marketing automation industry by offering a free version of its system. In practice, this means that only very small companies will actually be able to use the free system as their primary long-term marketing system. When they briefed me last week, they said the main purpose of the new system is really to entice trial among companies just starting with marketing automation. rather than marketing automation.

Marketo's Enterprise Edition and Revenue Cycle Management: Looking Under the Hood

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Summary: Marketo continues to follow its own path. finally caught up with Marketo for a briefing on their Enterprise Edition (announced in March) and Revenue Cycle Analytics (announced in May). Since both are somewhat old news, and Marketo describes them in detail on its Web site, I’ll just make a few comments. Executive Edition shows what Marketo believes is needed to service large marketing organizations. User roles (but not lead partitions or workspaces) are now available in Marketo’s Professional Edition as well. It seems that Marketo disagrees.

Ranking the Demand Generation Vendors by Popularity (Yes, Life Really Is Just Like High School)

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My original plan had been to add several marketing automation vendors with significant presence in this market. So far the original list of Eloqua , Vtrenz , Marketo , Manticore Technology and Market2Lead has proven a good set of choices. After a close analysis of the alternatives, I have decided the traffic statistics are the best indicator of vendor market presence. You can read about the analysis in fascinating detail on my marketing measurement blog, MPM Toolkit.) The tentative list is Unica , Aprimo , Alterian , and Neolane.

Marketing Automation System Trends: What We Found in the Raab Guide

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Could marketers finally be ready to spend on measurement? I’m pleased to report that the 2010 edition of the Raab Guide to Demand Generation Systems is officially available today, with updated entries on all vendors (alphabetically: Eloqua , Manticore Technology , Market2Lead , Marketbright , Marketo , Neolane and Silverpop Engage B2B ). At least three vendors (Eloqua, Marketo and Silverpop) introduced new features aimed at improving marketers’ ability to use social media. Market2Lead, Manticore Technology and Silverpop all introduced major interface upgrades.

B2B Marketing University: For Now, Marketing Automation and CRM Are Still Separate

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Summary: Marketing automation and CRM systems may eventually converge, but for now marketers need help explaining why they need a system of their own. hugely enjoyed yesterday’s Boston session of the Silverpop -sponsored B2B Marketing University. People still don’t understand the difference between marketing automation vs. CRM. The immediate take-away here is that the industry still needs to educate prospective buyers on why marketers need a separate system. Will Marketing automation and CRM remain separate? Vendors take note. 2.


My List of Demand Generation Vendors, and Who They Sell To

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One of the audience members at the B2B Marketing University in Boston asked about demand generation systems for small businesses, and how to distinguish among the vendors in general. My brief answer was that the biggest difference was less functionality than the target markets the different vendors pursue. B2b marketing automation) vendors, with links to my reviews where I've written one. Tags: demand generation marketing automation software selection demand generation also promised a blog post on the topic. Here it is.

Top-10 Demand Generation Vendor Blogs


In my previous post I listed the Top-10 Demand Generation blog by marketers and consultants. Most of these vendors blogs really get ‘online marketing’, so they talk about best practices rather then just touting their products, and they post regularly. In alphabetical order: ActiveConversion B2B Marketing Blog. Eloqua Marketing Insights and Digital Body Language. B2B Marketing for Faster Sales Blog. Hubspot Internet Marketing Blog. It is about Internet marketing: very interesting posts about SEO, PPC and Social Media.

Follow The Money To The CMO


How Tech Companies Are Setting Sights On The Swelling Marketing Budget. Tech companies woke up and saw the growing role of technology in the marketing department – web analytics, marketing automation, social media, digital advertising and digital creation. The fit was perfect for Adobe: they now had the software to help marketers both create digital experiences and measure them. Oracle: Buys Market2Lead in May 2010. CEO Marc Benioff declares his marketing cloud to be “the next $1 billion product line in the making” during August 2012 earnings call.

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Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 3

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Usability Items for Complex Marketing Programs (note: this is a slightly revised version of the original post, reflecting vendor feedback.) This post will complete the demand generation vendor usability scores by looking at items that contribute to usability for complex marketing programs. The underlying logic was explained in last Friday's post : marketers running complex programs need precise control over flows among many different campaigns. Marketo gets a half point because it can direct leads to lists, which in turn feed campaigns, but not to campaigns directly.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 2

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Usability Items for Simple Marketing Programs (note: this is a slightly revised version of the original post, reflecting vendor feedback.) Yesterday's post described the background of this usability scoring project and gave scores for several items that apply to both simple and complex marketing programs. The primary alternative, laying out a campaign on a Visio-style flow chart, is harder for most marketers to grasp. Otherwise, they must be fit into a larger structure which adds complexity that is unnecessary for a simple marketing program. Simple 2 4 4 6 6 2.5

Top 32 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics of Social Media Forecast

B2B Marketing Zone Posts

Best of B2B Marketing. Great stuff this month in the world of B2B Marketing.  Five Big Shifts in Social Media Marketing - Webbiquity , April 19, 2010 Social media reflects a larger trend toward buyer empowerment that has changed not only the practice but the underlying philosophies of marketing over the past several years. HP, P&G) to the channel… The Difference Between B2B Leads and Personas - Marketing Interactions , April 17, 2010 B2B marketers have relied on lead definitions to define their marketing programs for years. April 2010.

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New Guide is Ready

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proper e-commerce site will be available shortly, but if anyone really can't wait, the salient details are: - 150+ point comparison matrix and detailed tables on: Eloqua, Manticore, Marketo, Market2Lead and Vtrenz, based on extensive vendor interviews and demonstrations - price: $595 for single copy, $995 for one-year subscription (provides access to updates as these are made--I expect to add more vendors and update entries on current ones). - to order in the next few days, contact me via email at More details to follow.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 1

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They relate primarily to creation of marketing assets such as emails and landing pages, and to execution of lead scoring. Select marketing assets from shared libraries. Users can draw on existing libraries of marketing assets when setting up a campaign, rather than creating them from scratch. Select marketing assets from shared libraries Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2Lead Marketbright Marketo Neolane Silverpop Engage B2B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Text search for assets. (note: this is a slightly revised version of the original post, reflecting vendor feedback.)

Why’s that Ferrari collecting dust?

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But in trying to solve that challenge, companies make a fundamental error: The lack of high quality leads problem renders business leaders highly susceptible to the siren song of marketing automation companies, like Eloqua , Marketo , Silverpop , , Market2Lead , HubSpot ,  Pardot and the like. Marketing automation is just like that race car.

Getting Closer to My Usability Ratings

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offering a white paper or promoting a Webinar) and the larger process of managing the flow of treatments. I’d already noticed that the simplicity-focused vendors ( Marketo , Infusionsoft , OfficeAutoPilot and, as of yesterday, ) build their campaigns as a list of steps with no branching flows. (To be wholly accurate, some of them do permit limited branching within each step. But I also knew that some of the vendors focused on complex programs ( Market2Lead , Marketbright and arguably Silverpop/Vtrenz ) embed similar-looking list-style campaigns within a larger flow logic.

Multi-Step Campaign Interfaces: A Quick Vendor Survey

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But they get impossibly convoluted once you try to do something complex. I say this with the fervor of a reformed sinner, since for many years I looked at flow charts as the mark of an advanced marketing automation system. Such specialists are fairly common at big consumer marketers such as banks and retailers. These organizations have marketing operations staff members whose entire job is to set up campaigns. They do perfectly well with flow chart interfaces, which indeed are standard on enterprise marketing automation products (e.g.

Demand Generation Vendor Traffic Rankings

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Summary: Based on Web traffic rankings, new demand generation vendors with low prices are gaining market presence. But Eloqua , Silverpop and Marketo remain industry leaders. Last November, after much consideration of alternatives , I settled on Alexa three-month Web traffic rankings as a reasonable way to measure the relative market presence of demand generation vendors. Note: after I posted this, it was pointed out to me that the bulk of traffic on several sites relates to customer log-ins rather than marketing prospects. You can see that post here. Ready yet?)

How Demand Generation Systems Handle Company Data: Diving into the Details

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Of course, this means you have to know what those details are, which in turn requires still more preliminary work. I was going to (and still may) write a separate post about this, but basically that means you have to lay out the details of the marketing programs you expect to execute with the system, and then identify the features needed to support those programs. Question Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2 Lead Marketo Vtrenz Market bright Neolane Is there a distinct company table linked in a one-to-many relationship with individual records? Now you’re really in trouble.

Low Cost Systems for Demand Generation

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My new obsession with Twitter (follow me as @draab) has led to several messages from people who seemed to have trouble choosing between Eloqua and Marketo. This is a bit perplexing, since those products are at the opposite ends of the spectrum: Marketo being relatively low cost / limited functionality / easier to learn, and Eloqua being higher cost / richer functionality / takes more training. But there are plenty of other options, particularly for marketers with limited budgets. They focus on email nurturing campaigns and marketing measurement. Just kidding.or am I?)

Demand Generation Implementation Survey - Background Results

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nbr responses vendor 8 Marketo 6 Eloqua 3 3 LoopFuse 3 Pardot 2 Market2Lead 2 Treehouse Interactive 1 eTrigue 1 Vtrenz (Silverpop) 7 No Response 36 Another intriguing bit of contextual information is the deployment date of the systems. Tags: marketing automation software deployment low cost marketing software lead management demand generation implementation demand generation I've been having a dandy time analyzing the results of my Demand Generation Implementation Survey. Thanks to the many people who 'retweeted' the request). Fair enough.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 4

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Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2Lead Marketbright Marketo Neolane Silverpop Engage B2B complex 11 8.5 12 9.5 Although the focus of these last three posts has been on usability scoring, you may remember that the goal described in the blog post that started all this was to develop a summary comparison of demand generation vendors that marketers could match against their needs. Usability requirements are roughly similar for all marketers. Yes, some features apply more to simple marketing programs and others to complex programs. Choose whichever sounds best.

B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up

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Home Forrester Research « Getting Up Close and Personal | Main | Social Technographics Data Now Available » March 20, 2008 B2B Lead Management Market Heats Up [Posted by Laura Ramos ] Since the start of this year, I’ve been receiving a boatload of briefing requests from companies wanting to show me their lead generation and management solutions. Most recently, Marketo just announced their lead management solution. And will the lead management market continue to grow in addition to – or despite – the plethora of offerings hovering around it? Direct marketing lists?

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Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market

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Home Forrester Research « I was recently briefed by | Main | Going Corporate » August 26, 2008 Demandbase: A New Twist In The Lead Management Automation Market [Posted by Laura Ramos ] In a recent survey of over 2100 IT professionals who buy or recommend telecom and networking solutions, we found buyers turn to peers and colleagues first, followed by vendor, industry trade, or professional Web sites, to inform their purchase decisions. B2B marketers looking for ways to turn their Web sites into demand generation tools have some new solutions to consider. Alive and Kicking!