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Net-Results Simplifies Demand Generation for Small Business

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In an industry where every competitor is striving for grater ease of use, stand-out simplicity is an impressive achievement. This simplifies the system in two ways: marketers have fewer features to learn, and they can reuse their work across many functions. Let’s run through the standard demand generation process to see how this works in practice. They’re assigned to campaigns by defining entry conditions for campaign steps, which the system calls “actions”. Campaigns can have multiple actions, each with its own entry conditions. Net-Results does not.

Can the social web play a role in customer retention?

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The recession has culled the weak from the pack but it’s likely that your competition is still fierce.  Is there a way to attract and retain B2B customers without lowering your price? And is there a way to leverage the social web to keep your customers … even in the extreme case of a commodity market? But there are ways to lock-in customers even in ugly downturns.