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The Other Social Network

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Have you checked out LinkedIn lately? If you thought the world’s largest professional network was little more than a place to post your resume, you owe yourself another visit. LinkedIn is set to eclipse the 100 million member mark sometime this spring, and it is quickly becoming the social network of choice for B2B professionals. Use LinkedIn Signal. Find People.

Smart Salespeople: Power Network Map

Your Sales Management Guru

Smarter Salespeople: Power Network Map. During a recent client sales meeting we talked about the power of networking, the need to expand the influence of one’s reach and effective ways to find new and better sales opportunities. One action was to assign each salesperson to at least one local networking/association event per month. Create an Acumen Power Network Map!

Which Social Network Should You Advertise On?


Let’s dive in and examine the pros and cons of advertising on each of the four major social media platforms. 1) LinkedIn. The Good: One major benefit to using LinkedIn is its user base, which consists mainly of business professionals. Over LinkedIn, your ads are almost always seen by business-minded individuals, like yourself. Unlike LinkedIn, it’s a very cost-effective option.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


Last week, Microsoft announced that it was acquiring LinkedIn for a whopping $26.2 If you skeptically raised one eyebrow with that last statement, you might be thinking, “Umm, LinkedIn isn’t really a marketing technology company.” LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great example of the company marketing this capability. Acquiring LinkedIn changes that.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level 5 Verticalize Content to Create Thought Leadership If they have not done so already, we see three actions that should take. B2B Marketing. know which half." Look for.

LinkedIn is the New B2B Media Powerhouse

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Digital B2B Marketing Eric Wittlake's Blog on B2B and Digital Marketing Home About Posts Comments Media Rants In Practice Measurement Content Research Social Media News In Theory Demand Generation ← That’s John Doe to You Social Media and Selfless Social Good → LinkedIn is the New B2B Media Powerhouse March 25, 2011 by Eric Wittlake 1 Comment LinkedIn announced 100 million members (with a great infographic) earlier this week and look to be on track for an IPO in the second quarter. For B2B marketers, LinkedIn cannot be ignored. Targeting Data.

Is LinkedIn Really for Sharing Content?

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As LinkedIn share buttons pop up across the web and share counts climb, it appears LinkedIn is quickly becoming a major platform for sharing articles and links. fell for it , the numbers on the share buttons fooled me two months ago when I wrote Which Social Network is Right for B2B Marketing. The truth is, LinkedIn isn’t where we share. Sharing via LinkedIn.

What are the most reliable content channels to connect with customers?

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With organic reach on Facebook declining for most businesses and content saturation occurring for many industry verticals, this is certainly a vital topic. LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn connections. Why not tap into the millions on LinkedIn each day? 7. Instagram is HUGE, by some estimates the second-biggest social network behind Facebook.

LinkedIn Marketing Is Broken, and It’s Probably Our Fault

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There’s some great content to be found on LinkedIn—unique perspectives and insights come from sources like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and James Altucher. But this star-power at the top misrepresents the bulk of LinkedIn’s published work, which is crowdsourced from its non-celebrity user base. Create Content Exclusively for LinkedIn.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level 5 Verticalize Content to Create Thought Leadership If they have not done so already, we see three actions that should take. B2B Marketing. know which half." Look for.

BuzzFeed, The New York Times & The Huffington Post: Which Popular Media Sites Succeed With Certain Audiences? [New Data]


Powerhouse publishers such as The Huffington Post and The New York Times already have large, built-in audiences across a variety of verticals, but it's those publishers' level of engagement that's truly valuable. Which domains have the most engaged audiences in five verticals: women, politics, business/finance, science, and technology? The women’s vertical did incredibly well.

LinkedIn Releases Offical Share Button


Today, LinkedIn, the social network targeted towards business professionals, released it's offical share button. The button allows LinkedIn users to easily share content they find interesting and relevant with their network. Publishers can find instructions for how to add the share button on the publishers portion of the LinkedIn site. Marketing Takeaway.

Think Before Ignoring These 15 Digital Marketing Trends

Crimson Marketing

Vertical video: “ Marketers should consider video that is optimized for the vertical mobile screen. Full-screen, Full-screen, vertically oriented video ads on Snapchat have a 9x higher click-through rate compared with regular horizontal video ads.” Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: “ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are social media’s big three.

Launching your social campaign with guns blazing!


When it comes to campaigns like this, I get the explicit OK for me to leverage my own personal social networks — that’s why I work so hard on developing my 79 Klout — because the only online influencer I can 100% rely on is me. The value is that I can deliver content to them through a broad variety of platforms and delivery tools, including: Share on Linkedin.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 Take Content Marketing to the Next Level 5 Verticalize Content to Create Thought Leadership If they have not done so already, we see three actions that should take. B2B Marketing. know which half." Look for.

Top online marketers on Twitter


included content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, acquisition marketing, B2B marketing, network marketing, and search engine marketing. LinkedInMktg — LinkedIn Marketing. VerticalMeasure — Vertical Measures. Why discriminate. also organized it alphabetically to avoid p **g contests. addthis — AddThis.

Mobile Myth Busting: How to Write Great Content for Mobile


It means thinking about how the vertical screen changes the way we write and structure content. Users would then scan the content’s left side vertically, forming the stem of the “F” However, this all went out the window with the introduction of mobile screens. Some visual content, like infographics, are less conducive to the vertical screen. Image Source.

Shouting Into Empty Barrels: Coping with the Decline of Associations

B2B Marketing Unplugged

One of the great things about B2B marketing is that the world is fairly easily divided up into handy verticals. Associations once performed the important tasks of advocating on behalf of their members with regulators, providing technical training and certification, aggregating content, and creating opportunities for members to network while they scarfed down bacon-wrapped scallops. Content Marketing Getting & Losing Business associations B2B marketing content marketing events getting the business linkedin visibilityFor marketers, it was a revenue drive-through.

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Twitter success demands both top influencers and everyone else


Others users focus exclusively on networking within their own space, effectively limiting scope and reach by preaching to the choir. No matter how obscure, vertical, or arcane your material may be– there’s an audience for it. Online social networks have made all of this even easier to the point where it is becoming less of a potential and more of a promise, an eventuality. The network effect is a lot like chaos theory, but instead of butterfly wings, they’re Twitterbird wings. These large networks attract both eyeballs and robots.

How Businesses Use Social Media for Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fearless Competitor

LinkedIn isn’t the only social network that helps in the job search process — Facebook , Twitter , YouTube and Google+ have all been used by people to land jobs in innovative ways. She also writes within Mashable ‘s business and marketing vertical. Thanks Erica. Erica’s bio follows the post. Follow Erica on Twitter at!/ericaswallow.

18 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


Online releases are submitted to major search engines, industry journals, and social networks. Write a short paragraph on what your paper is about (think about the target audience) and get it out on LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. With LinkedIn, promote your white paper in a form of discussion. . Well, your firm has written and produced a white paper. Video.

Paper 101

Why Traditional Lead Qualification Filters Are No Longer Enough

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

To someone whose LinkedIn profile and Twitter followers count as job qualifications, an old-fashioned cold call is an abomination. You can learn a lot more about a company from its Facebook page than you can from its physical address, and an executive’s LinkedIn profile will reveal significantly more information about that executive than his or her email address and phone number will.

Email Marketing 2.0 is Facebook and More

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At best, email marketing today allows a one-to-one communication to develop, with no group communication or network benefits. Facebook, and to a lesser extent Twitter, LinkedIn and vertical social networks, allow companies to distribute content, create discussion, receive feedback and give us a platform to publish alongside marketers and media powerhouses. Measurement Media Social Media Facebook LinkedIn twitter publishing Email 2.0 The Changes to Email Marketing will Not End with Facebook. Facebook is (part of) Email Marketing 2.0. Email Marketing 2.0

Content Marketing 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

Onalytica B2B

Check out our network map to see the numerous interactions between brands and individuals (click to enlarge): Scroll further down for our lists containing the  top 100 individuals and the top 100 brands leading this growing discussion. LinkedIn Marketing. Vertical Measures. What’s next for content marketing? This tool is now available for free to the entire community.

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A Glimpse Into the Landscape of Social Sharing [Infographic]


And while Facebook is still the dominant one, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn are making strides in the area. In measuring social sharing -- shares from websites and applications to social networks -- however, Gigya’s data shows the rapid growth of another player: Pinterest. Facebook isn’t the only network that Pinterest has made gains on either. marketing data

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Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation: 5 Quick Tips

Client Bridge

LinkedIn is on the top professional networks today and is a treasure trove for lead generation. The site helps you connect and grow your network, which ultimately helps you promote and grow your business. Following these five lead generation best practices can help you leverage the power of LinkedIn to expand your customer base.

Funny Business: The Best Digital Marketing Humor, 2014 Edition


Dracula’s LinkedIn Profile by Social Media Today. This is actually a serious post from Celina Guerrero on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, but it creatively uses Count Dracula’s LinkedIn account as an example. 12 Vertical Social Networking Sites You May Not Know Of by TwittNotes. What are you laughing at? Dirt Devil-The Exorcist. Really.

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3 essential steps to build a powerful personal online brand

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It is a highly transferable asset if you should need to look for a job someday and the reputation and network you build online can help open new doors in both a current or future position. Secondarily, Slideshare, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and even a photo site like Flickr might provide legitimate platforms for rich content, depending on the nature of your business. Ignite the brand.

The Science Behind the Most Popular Infographics of 2016


Using BuzzSumo , we identified every infographic with more than 5,000 shares across some major social media platforms -- Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ -- and analyzed them for different characteristics. Creating a buyer persona can help, as it helps you to understand what those goals are. 2) Most Popular Industries by Social Network. Takeaways for Marketers.

Social Media Case Study: How I made $47 million from my B2B blog

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But what would that content be?  To do this the sales team first looked at available AT&T solutions that were best suited to the customer’s vertical market. We decided that the primary source of this new content would be AT&T’s B2B blog, called Networking Exchange. We needed to build a relevant network. We needed to build a relevant network. Tactics.

17 Ways to Promote Your White Paper for Lead Generation


That’s because online releases are submitted to major search engines, industry journals and social networks. Post it out on LinkedIn groups, Facebook, and Google+. On LinkedIn, promote your white paper in the form of a discussion, for example: “How has technology improved the performance of your sales staff? You’ve written, designed and produced a white paper. Not so fast.

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How Will 50 Billion Connected Devices Affect The Future of Marketing?

B2B Marketing Insider

In 1997 I started working for a company that sold websites specialized for certain vertical markets. We layer our content plan to allow for short posts with practical examples that are customized for the vertical markets where our prospects are to longer form opinion and thought leadership posts that resonate with senior executives and industry media. What inspires your blogs? .

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20 Experts Provide Their Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

B2B Marketing Insider

Participation in content creation invests a brand’s network in the success of that content for mutual value and 360 degrees of win. Arnie Kuenn, CEO, Vertical Measures. Jason Miller, Group Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Please follow me on Twitter , LinkedIn , and Facebook and Subscribe here for regular updates. (

Top 10 Advantages of Online Marketing for Professional Services

Hinge Marketing

As we explored in our recent book, Online Marketing for Professional Services , changes in the demographics of the professional services marketplace are leading to the adoption of new strategies for building reputations, networking, and generating leads. For a sign of the times, just look at the explosive growth of LinkedIn. On Twitter and LinkedIn?  Defining Online Marketing.

Case Study: Using influencers to quickly build an audience for your content

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Trusted influencers with enormous power to “move the needle” are emerging in every market vertical. Perhaps you want to find people in a specific social network? Look for opportunities to engage through a blog comment, a congratulatory message on LinkedIn, or a tweet. By Mark Schaefer. Shawn Van Dyke was in a heap of trouble. His wife had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

The Future of the Internet Isn’t the Web


Social network ad spending has risen dramatically in the past two years and is predicted to only grow more, according to eMarketer. It has cemented its place among the pantheon of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter as a “must-have” app, particularly among millennials. “This is a revolution of the first order.” We’d heard this before.

Making Content Marketing, Email and Social Media Work in Harmony for Your Small Business

Vertical Response

Social networks. ” Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and a host of other social media sites are channels that connect millions of users to each other — and to businesses. In fact, nearly three-quarters of American adults use social networking websites, according to the Pew Research Center. You’re not alone. Content Marketing. Video. Email.

VEST Report: Latest Trends in Marketing Automation, and Where's My Hoverboard?

Customer Experience Matrix

Maybe my biggest surprise was finding that many if not most vendors have now added features to automatically look up new contacts in social networks and add that data to their marketing automation or CRM profile. Google Adwords integration and advertising through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn audiences are more widely available but I don’t include them here. VEST Report.

Will Social Media Apps Become Irrelevant to Marketers?

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Interestingly, SimilarWeb found that even though the big social media apps appear to be losing ground, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Quora have logged increases in usage time in almost every country examined, including in the US niche apps like Periscope and Whisper seem to be on the rise; messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook’s own Messenger are also demanding user attention. percent.