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LinkedIn Helps You to Build a Powerful Internal Network By Adding Context to Connections

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Imagine how big my LinkedIn network would be if I connected with all of them. It turns out that many new employees use LinkedIn as a way to learn about colleagues in their company. According to LinkedIn 46% of people say that they look up coworkers on LinkedIn because it’s better than their employee directory. It’s called Oracle. Or 10% of them.

6 Social Media Publishing Best Practices

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There is a veritable plethora of social media platforms to use, including the big boys: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It is a challenge to define the audience for a guide to social media marketing today. Some of us have been using social media personally and professionally for more than 10 years. Or as my colleague Jeff Cohen put it a few months ago. They may come around in time."

Social Selling: 10 Actionable Tips From LinkedIn’s Koka Sexton

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This assessment comes from “the source” — or LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Social Marketing, Koka Sexton , who shared some serious scoop about the effectiveness of social selling during a webinar hosted by Demand Gen Report this week. The The webinar titled  “Adding Social Fuel To Demand Generation Programs” underscored the fact that, because buyers like to access content and information from their peers, there is a huge opportunity to cultivate more meaningful roles on channels where information exchange thrives (like LinkedIn and Twitter). They know it’s effective. SocialDG.

Preview: 20 Social Media Marketing Statistics from Upcoming Industry Report

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14. 3% few marketers than in 2015 said Linkedin is their most important network. It is 2016 and we are still talking about social media marketing. Believe it or not, there are still companies that have not embraced social media as a means to improve marketing, customer service, lead generation and product development. They may come around in time. Below you will find what they shared.

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Organic Paid 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM PINTEREST SNAPCHAT EMAIL EMAIL FACEBOOK TWITTER LINKEDIN OUTBRAIN/PINTEREST INSTAGRAM TABOOLA PAID AND ORGANIC CONTENT. In a bit of an upset, Twitter conquered LinkedIn in. analysis, LinkedIn is a more worthwhile channel for. Twitter’s average CPC hovers around. $1, while LinkedIn is a more premium service, offering. little.

Skills CMOs Look For When Building a Modern Marketing Organization

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The unprecedented popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest over the past five years has had a significant impact on the marketing plans of most companies. Enhancing the skill set of the marketing organization has become a top priority for today’s CMOs. Customer Insights. Digital Marketing. Social Media. CMO Corner

5 Ways Video will Transform Digital Marketing in 2016

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The opportunity now exists, at scale, to weave in the viewer’s name, company logo or photo from LinkedIn directly into a video to draw them into the story and create a unique and memorable experience. 2015 saw some incredible growth in the use of video content by marketers in both B2C and B2B markets. Video Puts Email Marketing Back on the MAP. Video Goes from Passive to Interactive.

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Avoid these 10 Marketing Automation Rookie Mistakes

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Follow Alp on LinkedIn and Twitter @alpmimar. If your company is considering marketing automation or you have recently implemented it, you are not alone. According to The State of the Marketing Technology Industry , only 3% of businesses surveyed use one of the four most common marketing automation systems. Clearly, a lot of marketers are going to be very new to this. Lead Scoring.

5 Really Good Reasons LinkedIn Bought SlideShare

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LinkedIn has decided to purchase SlideShare for $119 million in cash and stock. If you’re scratching your head on just why LinkedIn would spend all that dough on SlideShare, let me offer five big reasons. 1. It Makes LinkedIn More Engaging. While LinkedIn started out essentially as the combo of an online resume and rolodex, it’s tried a variety of tactics to make the site itself more sticky by getting people to share content. LinkedIn would love nothing more than to have its members treat it like the Facebook of career-related content. The C-Level Loves It.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc.) • Combination of link. Outbrain, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) • Paid promotion of. industries, including Facebook, Home Depot, Nestlé, Anthem, Adobe, Honeywell, DuPont, Fidelity, Gannett, IBM, Save the Children, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Cisco, ad and. Content. Methodology: A Best. Practices Report Copyright © 2016 Contently. Definition II.

76 Percent of B2B Marketers Plan to Produce More Content Than They Did Last Year

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Jason Miller , Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn , points out that the inefficiency in content production results in an estimated $958 million each year in excessive spend for mid-to-large B2B companies. No matter what area of modern marketing you look at when reviewing the year that was 2015 , you will find growth, relevance and efficiency. Content marketing is no different.

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The 10 Capabilities CMOs Look for When it Comes to Creating a Modern Marketing Organization

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The unprecedented popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest over the past five years has had a significant impact on the marketing plans of most companies. A few weeks ago in London during Modern Marketing Experience Europe, we released some new research. Customer Insights. Digital Marketing. Social Media. Content Development.

10 Key Social Insights About CMOs - and the Huge Opportunity Many are Missing

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Meanwhile, LinkedIn has made significant inroads with marketing executives; cross posting of LinkedIn content to Twitter is up 200% over the past 24 months. As part of their research LeadTail and Neustar analyzed a random sampling of the CMOs who part of the overall analysis and of the 15 they sampled, only two had published posts to their own LinkedIn profile.

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Marketing Automation and Creativity: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

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By creating quality content, whether that’s through your company’s blog or even through social media platforms, such as LinkedIn groups or Twitter, you can gather important information about prospects, customers and advocates. As marketing automation and data-driven marketing become increasingly important, some marketers feel that creativity is being sacrificed. Data mining.

Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

than ever—from recommendation widgets like Out- brain and Taboola to hyper-targeting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to emerging experimental options. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 1: Evangelizing Content and Setting Yourself Up for Success Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Introduction 4 II. Marriott, then 76.

Seven Ugly Truths About Content Marketing

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Perform a small number of searches on social media: Linkedin and Twitter. by Contributor Friendly | Tweet this Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Rachel Metscher , the director of content marketing at ICF Internationa, where she's responsible helping her clients create content that adds value, maximizes results, and contributes to the conversation. So where to start?

What is the Stage of Your Marketing Data?

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Connect with Melissa on LinkedIn: In today’s world of data driven marketing, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Accenture revealed that 78% of customers receive a fragmented experience as they move from channel-to-channel, yet according to , 72% of consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach. That’s a very tall order.

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3 Compelling Stats that Make the Case for Social Selling for B2B

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Learn How to Operationalize Social Selling in our upcoming webinar as Oracle Marketing Cloud's Lauren Harper joins Kevin Krantz, Global Sales Director from LinkedIn on Tuesday, August 18 at 1pm Eastern Time (10am Pacific). Social selling is the latest trend to hit the sales world in years. Or maybe it’s just a new term for how the best salespeople have been selling all along.

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3 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2014

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Twitter and Facebook are still the leading platforms for social advertising, but LinkedIn is becoming a more popular place to advertise as well. Social Media Facebook LinkedIn Oracle SRM social business social measurement social media budget social media marketing social media marketing tips social media tips social relationship management social sentiment social technology Twitter

Definitive Guide to Planning a New Content Initiative

LinkedIn post is enough to make daily deposits in your audience’s “trust bank”. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE 1 THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE 2 Introduction For the last decade, DivvyHQ’s founders have been helping the world’s leading marketers. to plan and produce effective content for their respective companies. In that time, we’ve. content initiative planned, launched and firing on all cylinders. target.

Marketers Have Gained Their “Seat at the Table,” Now it’s Time to Prove Why They Deserve it

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Leading brands including Virgin America, JC Penney, DocuSign, United Airlines, Comcast, LinkedIn, Lenovo, Shutterfly, and Quicken Loans will share their experiences of using modern marketing best practices to develop customer-centric experiences. by Kevin Akeroyd | Tweet this The onus is on us. Simply put, modern marketers have to deliver the goods. The stakes are incredibly high.

Marketing in the Express Lane: 14 Tips From 14 Experts

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Koka Sexton of LinkedIn on how to empower sales with shared content. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this The New Year offers a ton of great insight, forecasting posts, benchmark reports, and tips to manage the evolving technologies and trends that marketers should be leveraging to best serve our audiences. But this is 2014! Some things are simply better in the express lane.

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Celebrate the 2015 Markie Award Finalists!

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LinkedIn | Polycom. It’s that time again! Finalists for the Markie Awards have been announced! Winners will be revealed at the Markie Awards ceremony at during Modern Marketing Experience , April 1, 2015 in Las Vegas. The Markies honor strategic, collaborative, and tactical marketing and sales innovation. Check out the 2015 Markie Award Finalists: Best Audience Creation?: Cetera Financial Group | Dell Inc. Sage | Thomson Reuters – Tax & Accounting. Best Cross-Channel Marketing Program?: Cetera Financial Group | Chicago Bears Football Club | Rautaruukki | Twitter. Optum.

How to Produce 269 (or more) Content Assets From a Single eBook

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You can also pitch that graphic for syndication, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to drive more traffic to your communities. by contributor | Tweet this Editor’s Note:  Today’s post comes courtesy of  Anne Murphy , Managing Editor at  Kapost , creators of content marketing software. Let that sink in. It’s easy to see why. We call it the “Content Pillar Approach.”

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

stalwarts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to emerg- ing platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. Introduction 3 II. years prior.

How Data Can Be a Competitive Weapon in Your Content Marketing

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LinkedIn posts. Editor’s Note : Today’s post comes courtesy of Dennis Shiao, Director of Content Marketing at DNN. Dennis is a contributing author to the book “ 42 Rules of Product Marketing ” and is Editor of the DNN blog. Follow Dennis on Twitter @dshiao. We’re competing for YOUR attention. Each day, you make a countless number of decisions related to content.

The new Myspace? Which social channels are here to stay

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Themed social channels such as business-focused LinkedIn and music-themed Pandora or, even, Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba are particularly good at attracting and maintaining their customers. Social networkers are using an increasingly diverse mix of social networks, websites and apps to interact, but how many are here to stay? So will Facebook become the new Myspace? Adult users.

Why Advocates Should Be Part Of The Modern Marketer’s Strategy

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Just as they visit Yelp before dining out, your prospects will find current customers and learn about their experiences with your products in just a few clicks on LinkedIn, Quora or any one of the hundreds of product review sites. Here’s a fun exercise. Take five minutes to think about the contrast between your life as a consumer and that as a B2B marketer. See the difference?

How Social Selling Changes Everything for Marketing

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s guest post comes from Ralf VonSosen, who currently leads marketing for LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions business.  He has been a leader in the world of CRM and Sales Solutions for over 15 years.  He is passionate about the ability of technology to create more meaningful professional relationships that result in higher performance. Ralf VonSosen. Relate.

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Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

on each of our primary distribution channels (email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+). ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 3: Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. By Joe Lazauskas ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY2 I. 200,000 readers.

How To Win At Social Media Marketing From 8am-8pm: Your Timetable

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Research which hashtags are gaining traction for your upcoming campaign and what LinkedIn Groups have the most active discussions in your industry. Social media never sleeps, find out how you can fit it all around your day. Being a Social Media Manager can be stressful - you need to juggle staying on top of trends, whilst creating a longer term strategy. 8am: The morning commute.

The Revised Approach to Content Distribution

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This type of content is often optimized by channels like your blog and website, social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and video channels like YouTube and Vimeo, or even used to facilitate conversations with influencers and media outlets. Editor's Note: Today's post comes courtesy of Anne Murphy, Senior Managing Editor at Kapost. Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert Approach.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Launch: Align Sales and Marketing and Create Consistent Cross-Channel.

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Second, the Profiler sales tool can be accessed as a Google Chrome Extension, allowing salespeople to access relevant profile information as they visit a contact’s LinkedIn or company website. As marketing expands its scope and influences more decisions across the enterprise, teams require technology that’s contextualized to specific use cases and business outcomes.

3 Types of Content that Can Bring In More Leads

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With contests it might also be “bragging rights” or the thrill of being a part of something big that drives people to reach out to their networks on LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter and Pinterest. Content is king, and everyone is chasing the crown. It’s not enough to just create content anymore. To really stand out, content needs to be dynamic, interactive, and timely. Interactive Content.

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B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

social advertising on LinkedIn, programmatic networks like Choozle) that. B2B Marketing. processes are fundamentally changing. The first generation of digital natives expects to be able to complete most of their selection process. through their own research, without talking to sales—until late in the journey. They expect content to be relevant, easy to find, and mobile- friendly. Look for.

3 Ways To Improve Targeting: Just Avoid This Statement in Your Prospecting Emails

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That’s what LinkedIn is for. Using something like LinkedIn’s TeamLink feature, you can see how you and your connections are related to that person, or how that person is connected to your target buyer. Yes, it’s sadistic, these poor sales people are just trying to make a living; but if I were in the business of being nice I’d have become a pre-school teacher.

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