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How even social media & social selling experts are getting LinkedIn wrong – Part 1


In previous posts, I shared how CMOs at Xerox, Lithium, G2Crowd, Wiley, and XOJet are getting LinkedIn wrong as they simply focused on brand awareness, reach, and filling the funnel. showed how the actions of these CMOs and others are the reasons behind why 8 out of 10 sales and marketing leaders are unable to prove a clear social media ROI on LinkedIn. They want relationships first.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates: The Best B2B Social Advertising Option Yet?

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If so, LinkedIn’s new Sponsored Updates may just change your mind. Up until now, advertising on LinkedIn was just advertising. With great targeting options, LinkedIn was compelling, but advertising opportunities didn’t fit the increasingly social framework of LinkedIn. It includes your update, link, and information about the target page. Your Turn.

28 (of the) Best LinkedIn Marketing Guides of 2014


As noted in several of the posts highlighted below, LinkedIn is no longer just a hangout for job-seeking professionals, who largely abandon it in between job searches. What’s more, as reported here previously , LinkedIn is the top social network for B2B marketing; 83% of marketers say they prefer to use LinkedIn for distributing B2B content. It might go viral”).

The 15 Best LinkedIn Pulse Articles On Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

Earlier this year, I took advantage of the opportunity to join the LinkedIn Pulse program. And while none of my posts “went viral,” I am engaging with thousands of new readers each month on that platform as well. So In the spirit of learning from the best, here are the 15 best LinkedIn Pulse articles on Marketing. The 15 Best LinkedIn Pulse Articles On Marketing. 1.

Understanding the Difference between LinkedIn Company Pages and Facebook Fan Pages

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LinkedIn Company Pages  are actually a combination of a number of different modules that are rarely maximized by businesses.  In order to better understand how your sales and marketing team can best maximize this multi-functional part of LinkedIn , it’s important to understand exactly what the Companies functionality offers. Related Stories Why Branch Out Instead Of Linking In?

Visitors hate online ghost towns more than spammy auto posts


The number-one thing visitors to your online properties, including your website, hate the most is a ghost town. I can’t tell you how many brands have not only over-committed to too many social media profiles but then have all but abandoned them all, most of which without even completely moving in to each platform. Know why I know this? And then we get spring and summer again.

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7 ideas to turn PowerPoint slides into social media marketing gold

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Embed in LinkedIn. Did you know that you can display Slideshare presentations in your LinkedIn profile?  Here is how PowerPoint presentations show up on LinkedIn: 4. Shorten the link on so you can track all clicks to the link. link on Twitter, Facbeook and LinkedIn updates. Populate Slideshare. Do it. 2. Spice up a blog post. Thanks!

7 Pro Tips for Expert LinkedIn Marketing


LinkedIn has rolled out some great improvements over the past few weeks, making it more and more valuable as a lead generation channel. We always knew it was where business-focused folks hung out, and now LinkedIn is giving marketers some great tools to reach them properly and more effectively. Here Are 7 Pro Tips for Using LinkedIn for Inbound Marketing: 1. Give it a spin! 7.

Best SEO Link Building Guides, Techniques and Tools of 2010


Best practices in SEO continue to evolve, particularly in the area of link building. What types of linkbait are  most effective at attracting natural links? Where can you find non-obvious link sources to pursue? How much is a link worth? How can you optimize the internal link structure of a website? Find the answers to these questions and more here in the best guides to SEO link building from the past year. Link Building with the Experts – 2010 Edition by Outspoken Media. 18 Examples of Awesome Viral Linkbait by Acquisition Engine.

LinkedIn as Facebook for the Business World

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It is a great medium for personal sharing, and works well when businesses hit on the rare, but brilliant creative campaigns that go viral because they are cute, funny, or whimsical. However, interesting developments continue at LinkedIn, with their recent promotion of a sharing bookmarklet. Will LinkedIn succeed with this initiative and become Facebook for the business world?

Six ways to create great content in just 15 minutes a day

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Less than 10 minutes. 2) LinkedIn forums. LinkedIn is a goldmine of opportunity to create micro-content! There are about 750,000 LinkedIn Groups covering every imaginable business interest. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and helpful so people can learn about you when they “click” on you! Depending Let’s face it. Preparation. Voila!

5 social media tools to kickstart your business

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Agorapulse is a Facebook Marketing platform which contains a broad range of functionality, including page management, 14 applications and the facility for building up a profile of your fans to help turn these fans into leads and ultimately sales. Having this profile allows you to segment your fans so you can target your offers. Viral Sharing – All apps support Facebook Open Graph. 

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The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Sample review:  “Klout allows you to track the impact of your opinions, links, and recommendations across your social graph. Newsle has now been acquired by and integrated into LinkedIn as a new feature, “Connections In The News.” Upload or link any piece of content and let Onalytica’s algorithm find the top related influencers. ” —  ViralBlog.

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23 (More) of the Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resources of 2012


But even then, you are only one mistake away from a viral case of #Fail…make no mistake, this is challenging — and it’s not an even playing field. Frequent best-of honoree Kristi Hines provides an outstanding list of general social media tips (e.g., “Cross promote your social profiles. Look for opportunities to add links from one social profile to others.

The Top 9 Ways To Increase Your Reach With Paid Social

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Here are the top promotion tips for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram: Facebook Promotion Tips. LinkedIn Promotion Tips. With LinkedIn, you can sponsor updates you post to your company page with the Sponsor Update button, or alternatively you can also do this using the Sponsor link from your LinkedIn page analytics. Twitter Promotion Tips.

Creating a content marketing plan — without any content

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LinkedIn forums. If you’re like most people, you have a profile on LinkedIn and haven’t done much with it. There are about 600,000 groups on LinkedIn covering every imaginable business interest. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and helpful so people can learn about you.  In the “specialties&# section of your profile, list your keywords!

33 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Resoures of 2012 So Far


’ Be yourself on social media platforms and reveal your true essence…Show who you are with your avatar and profiles. This helps to spread the word about your company and what your company can offer” (in addition to building links, though these are now no-follow ). What’s the best process for developing a social media marketing plan? by MarketingProfs.

Inbound Marketing Bounce Pass: B2B Inbound Links

B2B Ideas @ Work

When I hear the color announcers admire a quick inbound pass, I’m reminded of how website inbound links can be just as commendable. Skillfully placed inbound links can influence a B2B website’s ranking in the same manner that inbound bounce passes can be game changers in basketball. What's so great about inbound links? Bounce them in with a comment!

10 Blogs to Bookmark: Social Marketing Edition

Modern B2B Marketing

Why We Like It: With  tons  of fresh new content every day, Mashable is the place for hot-off-the-press news about the latest memes, viral videos, social platform developments, and Silicon Valley gossip. Garst blogs on a range of topics, from blocking someone on Facebook to choosing the right LinkedIn profile keywords. Social Media Examiner. Truly the go-to source. Kim Garst.

The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

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find it to be especially valuable and hassle-free for updating Twitter, Facebook, and LInkedin simultaneously. I do this only occasionally, however, as my friends/followers on each site don’t have much overlap. Apture is a handy plug-in that finds photos, videos, links and related content that you can embed or link to within your posts with a single click. link] Roseli A.

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79 Remarkable Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012


Although Facebook is the most important social media lead generation tool for b2c marketers (with 77% saying they had had acquired a customer through Facebook, compared to 60% for a company blog), among B2B companies, LinkedIn was the most effective, with 65% having acquired a customer through the professional network, followed by company blogs (60%), Facebook (43%), and Twitter (40%).

3 Neglected Content Distribution Trends You Should Test in 2017

Content Standard

Facebook , Instagram , and LinkedIn , will remain big-time players for enterprise marketers everywhere. You’ll need to cultivate a profile and persona that shares content from a range of sources and intimately engages the community. Another option is to include a short sample of the original post with a referral link back to that page. What are those approaches, exactly?

5 Steps to Social Media Leads with Content Marketing

Everything Technology Marketing

The number one marketing trend for 2011, according to the 17,000 member B2B technology marketing group on LinkedIn, is the increasing integration of social media with traditional marketing tactics to drive qualified leads. This call to action then links to a form page people have to complete before gaining access to the next content asset. Nobody wants to be sold on social platforms.

Twitter 101: What Should I Tweet About? Understanding Why Personal Branding on Twitter Matters

WindMill Networking

LinkedIn is where your colleagues are.  Sure, there are ways that LinkedIn and Facebook can help build your personal brand.  So just as I said that blogging is the best way to build and showcase your personal brand , tweeting becomes the best way to have your personal brand be found based on the public and viral nature of the platform. That’s right.  world wide web

12 Pinnable Pinterest Pins That Teach You How to Use Pinterest


As with all of your social media profiles, using analytics is invaluable. You can’t just make an infographic on any topic or include 20 hashtags in your caption and see your pin go viral. For example, at Mainstreethost we try to incorporate a variety of different boards on our Pinterest , but also keep our profile professional and industry-related. So, where do you begin?

How to Stay on Top of Industry News & Trends: 35 Simple IFTTT Hacks to Try


Today’s viral moment is tomorrow’s brand strategy, marketing idea, sponsorship, or even just a dinner conversation with an important client. 18) Share popular articles from The New York Times with your LinkedIn followers. 32) Automatically share articles you tag in Pocket with a specific tag with your LinkedIn followers. Our inboxes are overflowing. The good news?

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Interesting Infographics: Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth


An interesting or humorous meme has a chance of going viral, and can be created easily using a free online generator. Makes it very easy for users to share videos on other sites, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Great in terms of generating inbound links. Resize images for social media profiles with Social Image Resizer. Add profile pics to Pinterest boards with Pinstamatic. It’s been said countless times that a picture is worth a thousand words, and as this infographic from dci shows, that adage is especially right when it comes to lead generation. YouTube.

25 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers


Social media can seem overwhelming, especially when you're starting from scratch without any followers on your profiles. Add buttons to your blog and even other website pages that allow visitors to share your content on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Tell your employees to follow/like/subscribe to your social media profiles. Enable Social Sharing.

10 Tips for Getting Long-Term Traffic to Your Content


It’s a post that will stand the test of time because cover photos will be an essential part of social media profiles for years to come, and it is easy to update when a particular network’s cover photo size changes. You can click links to older pieces of content related to your keyword or phrase to see the backlinks for that piece of content. Most of us publish blog posts the same way.

7 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video Campaign

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If you want to go viral, how many views would that entail? 2. Whereas if you want to create short profile videos for all your products, or create how-to videos, then the sky’s the limit. Then you will want to consider which social channels you should add your video to, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. First of all, you’re not alone!

12 Ideas to Ignite Your Content NOW

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What many brands fail to do is feature testimonials and brand evangelists on their websites and social media profiles. Slideshare is free to use, owned by LinkedIn, highly indexed by Google, and a deep educational resource for many people. Related Stories SEO and Content: Can SEO drive “viral?” The investment in our content is largely wasted. Here we go. Go long.

How to Learn Social Media Marketing: 41 Resources for Beginners


For many, social media is simply a place to post links to content they''ve created in hopes that thousands will see it, click through, and share with their followers. So they have profiles on every network, and every network looks exactly the same; line after line of self-promotion. The 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Twitter and LinkedIn. This is not going to bring results.

Top 10 Guests on Marketing Made Simple TV

Fearless Competitor

That was so much fun, but I had a major fall and nearly died.While I was in the hospital, the domain of [link] expired and someone took it. That is the reason I am the President of the Business Marketing Association of Tampa Bay as you will see by checking out my LinkedIn profile at the top right. ” with them. ” Mad Marketing TV was Act-On Software’s show.

The 45 Inbound Marketing Terms You Should Know [Glossary]


call-to-action is a text link, button, image, or some type of web link that encourages a website visitor to visit a landing page and become of lead. Started in 2011, it’s a network that allows individuals to create their own personal profiles along with pages to promote their business. LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. Analytics.

The Ultimate Glossary: 120 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Bitly - Bitly is a free URL shortening service that provides statistics for the links users share online. Connections - The LinkedIn equivalent of a Facebook 'friend' is a 'connection.' The term flash mob is generally applied only to gatherings organized via telecommunications, social media, or viral emails. Blogging has emerged as a popular method of link building.

3 Lasting Benefits To April Fools’ Day Prank Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

When brands create this image, they consider many elements—customer profiles, industry, product, etc. This year, LinkedIn’s prank was a new service called “Magic Mirror” that helps users find and predict their ideal career…even if that is a Cat Wedding Photographer. 2) Build Buzz. Every brand has a curated image that they share with consumers.

How To Market Internet Videos On Social Media Platforms


By doing this you can start to enjoy an increased viewership for your Internet videos, and a raised social profile on this particular social media platform. LinkedIn. LinkedIn has and always will be business as usual. With that in mind, you wouldn’t think LinkedIn is really the place to try and market a video right? YouTube. Facebook. Well you’d be surprised. Twitter.