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How to Influence B2B Sales Prospects (Without Annoying Them)

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Learn not only to persuade - which can lead to annoyances - but to influence. If you’re selling something, you need to be persuasive. But you don’t need to be annoying. Case in point: I was at the gym the other day, in the middle of a sweaty elliptical workout, when a trainer came over and asked if my name was Christine. While I was out of breath. And - it bears repeating - extremely sweaty.

Why Some Companies Are Giving Up On Content Marketing (And Why You Should Double Down)

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Despite a clearer understanding of the buyer’s journey and timeline, we still expect our leads to convert immediately. Many companies who have prioritized content marketing are generating warm leads at a fraction of the cost of their competitors and peers. An “email next Tuesday” is scheduled instead to feed “warmer, faster” leads to the sales team. We’re such an impatient lot.

10 Aligned Lead Nurturing Statistics for B2B Sales and Marketing

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Many companies aren’t utilizing the full potential of their lead nurturing campaigns. They’re passing all lead nurturing responsibilities to marketing. They’re separating the lead nurturing cycle from the sales funnel. According to a study by CSO Insights, underwritten by Velocify , 42.3% of companies nurture leads by handing them off to marketing, who then engages and remains active with them through lead nurturing campaigns until they’re ready to buy. Lack of lead nurturing is the most common cause of this poor performance. Tweet this ).

Better Processes & Improved Focus with Queue-Based Lead Management Platforms

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Here is a statistic that may give you a jolt: “only 25% of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales.” This raises some questions: Are sales and marketing in alignment on what constitutes a qualified or sales-accepted lead? How are leads being reviewed and passed along to my sales reps? A lot has already been written about sales & marketing alignment and list providers.

150 Content Marketing Tips

Drive traffic—and leads—with these tips for SEO, social media, content optimization, email marketing, and more

What I Really Want to Know About My Sales Reps' Qualified Leads

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The sales term “BANT qualified lead” has become the bane of my existence since becoming an inside sales manager at AG Salesworks, a client-based organization. Of course a sales rep would want to know a prospect’s Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe, but let’s be honest: despite how good the lead is, chances are that one or more of these components will be missing.


4 Reasons to Switch to an Inside Sales Model

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

More often than not, today’s reps are qualifying leads and facilitating deals, two tasks that lend themselves perfectly to an inside sales model. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Howard Brown , Founder and CEO of RingDNA. There was a time not so long ago when your average B2B salesperson spent more time on the road than a major league baseball team.

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The Best Sales Prospecting Qualification Questions to Ask

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

If you are a company just starting out with your teleprospecting strategy or you are looking to revamp your methods when it comes to questions to ask during the lead qualification process, you''ve come to the right place. The first step in your lead qualification procses is to think about your script document, and more specifically, the qualification questions you want to ask.

5 B2B Marketing Thought Leaders Share 2015 Trends and Predictions

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

In 2014, this has meant focusing on sales pipeline contribution vs lead volume, as well as taking ownership of many sales enablement functions previously owned only by sales or sales operations. What marketing trends are you implementing in the New Year? Last week, we spoke with 5 B2B sales thought leaders who shared their 2014 trends and 2015 predictions. Jay Gaines. Amanda Maksymiw.

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Evangelizing a Content Marketing Program

B2C Marketers companies that excel at lead nurturing generate. 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost 15 1,200 Blog posts per month Avg new monthly leads ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY11 Content marketing's impact also extends to social me- dia, where brands that don't have compelling content to. Do you want to drive more leads? leads.

Inside Sales & the Mobile Workforce: Tips for Managing Telecommuters

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Lead management solutions for virtual sales teams should offer features like VoIP, live call monitor and recording, and real-time reporting to help you coach virtual sales reps as easily as you do in-house team members. Automatic lead distribution. Lead scoring. And other features designed for lead generation and prospecting. companies and commuters: For Businesses.

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12 Tips for Building and Managing a Bigger Sales Pipeline

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Most leads aren’t sales-ready: Whether you’re sending out campaigns or fielding inbound calls, as little as 15 percent of your leads are going to be both qualified and sales-ready. The majority of your leads may be qualified, but they’re not ready to be worked into an active buying cycle. You need a system to manage lead volume, status, next steps, reminders, etc.

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3 Key Metrics to Track When Managing Your Inside Sales Team

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Smart dials lead to quality conversations which in turn result in qualified opportunities for themselves or for the outside sales team to follow up on. Auto-dialers along with marketing automation really eliminate the time spent on manual activities, leading to more and more time for inside sales reps to focus on what they do best – talking to prospects live. Lead Rate.

Why Traditional Lead Qualification Filters Are No Longer Enough

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Our rep had called an inbound lead to qualify him as a prospect. They use LinkedIn to research leads before picking up the phone. She built Facebook lists to find prospects because the leads on the lists her company purchased were less likely to buy than the leads she found on Facebook. Lead Generation. Lead Scoring. You can find her on Google + !

Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness

Lead conversion (32 percent) is the most. budget can lead to more time if you’re able to hire. percent, was lead conversions and sales. ON SITE 7% OTHER 6% 32% LEAD. SALES 20 Content Marketing 2016: Staffing, Measurement, and Effectiveness Across the Industry Results and Analysis It’s reassuring that leads and sales, two elements. Copyright © 2015 Contently.

4 Ways Outsourced Lead Generation is Similar to Parenting

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The same can be said regarding outsourcing lead generation for sales and marketing. When advising these companies about why outsourcing lead generation for sales and marketing will be beneficial for them, there are a few points I discuss in detail, which are similar to parenting: 1) Consistency - When you say you are going to do something, you do it.

Why is December a Great Month for B2B Sales Prospecting?

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

And I''m not just saying this from the perspective of AG Salesworks, a B2B lead gen company that prospects year round. Lead Rate % - # of leads passed divided into # of quality conversations (Average is 2-4%). Lead Rate. also took it a step further by looking at the lead conversations we ended up having in Decembers past. Wrong. Connect Rate. & 7.3%

5 Suggestions to Keep In Mind When Training a Teleprospecting Team

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Lead rate % - The amount of live conversation divided into leads passed to sales. Conversion rate to forecast % - The amount of passed leads landing on forecast. Last week, I had the chance to help train a fresh new crop of recruits for a long-time client of ours. Fortunately, most of the post-training feedback was in line with what we wanted to hear. Our average is 10%.

8 Tips for Improving Open Rates for B2B Sales and Marketing Emails

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Marketing emails lure the leads, and sales reels them in. Marketing emails are designed to build relationships with prospects so that when the sales rep enters the picture, the lead is ready for action. For a sales email, you can try your own test with different leads in the same organization – or in similar industries – in order to find a proven winner. Making it Easier.

Content Methodology: A Best Practices Report

industry metrics such as sales and leads, or. generation Lead generation: Create. high-quality leads. Lead conversions • Avg. lead score • Sales-qualified leads (SQLs) • Opportunities • Search traffic • Return visitor rate Lead nurturing: Move leads. leader with industry-leading. Content. Methodology: A Best. All rights reserved. going.

Banning BANT: Redefining Quality Lead Criteria and Handling Moot Objections

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Both marketers and inside sales reps are familiar with the oft-referenced BANT acronym, whether in identifying qualified leads or handling objections: Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe. Is the criteria even working for marketers looking for qualified leads? Marketing needs to send leads that sales needs, not just leads that they desire. How well? Budget. Authority.


3 Important Sales Trends & Predictions for 2015

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

TREND #3: Inbound Lead Conversion / Complementarity. At Vsnap, we estimate that those marketers create some three and a half million inbound leads a week. Because in an already noisy world, Marketing can’t expect to keep capturing more high-quality leads just by turning up the volume. The path to growth has to become about converting more Marketing Qualified Leads.

How to Motivate Your Sales Development Team through December Holidays

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

So one of the incentives we offer this time of year is a day off; specifically, the first three SDRs who hit their lead goal earn an extra day of paid time off. By really focusing on that list of people, we have found that our SDRs are able to not only maintain a high number of conversations in December but also transition those CIs to leads. Like most people, I love Christmas.

How to Prospect Warm, Inbound Leads

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

But as of recently, my client has been having my team follow up with warm, inbound leads. When prospecting warm leads, the strategy and process is much different from the typical cold calling campaign. Therefore, here are few tips for prospecting inbound leads. 1. These tips should help you warm up your sales prospecting strategies for inbound leads Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Patrice Morrison , a Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks. Many of the "prospects" I communicate with are already my client’s customers.

Content Marketing Playbook: Strategy and Roadmap

returned to the company after a 28-month stint leading. And it would lead to GE’s. leads through inbound marketing. “I think it’s almost. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY1 The Ultimate Content Strategist. Playbook No. 2: Strategy and Roadmap Copyright © 2015 Contently. All rights reserved. Introduction 3 II. Adopting a Winning Perspective 7 III. Back at GE and in.

Integrating Social Media Listening Into The Sales Process

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The focus is on building a relationship, not rushing to close down a lead. The marketing team is focused on big picture branding, while the sales team wants to drill down to the hot leads. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a guest post from Christine Rochelle , Integrated Marketing Manager at lotus823. That’s where your social media marketing team steps in.

7 Inside Sales Lessons Learned on The Football Field

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

When you are struggling to pass leads and opportunities, think about what you are doing that isn’t working and try to correct it. 4. Sales Prospecting Perspectives is pleased to bring you a post from Mike Lipka , Inside Sales Representative at AG Salesworks, and Kenneth McKenna , Business Development Representative at AG Salesworks. Make the first contact to get the “jitters” out. Play big.

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4 Ways to Use Data to Determine the Best Time to Cold Call

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Relying on data gives you concrete and tangible information on which you can base your calls, making your selling time more efficient and giving you more qualified leads in your pipeline. What better time to call prospects or leads than when you have something to share with them that they may not even know themselves -- something that can impact their business in a big way if they knew.

AG Salesworks Launches Sales Development Certification Program

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

The sales development certification is built on a skills benchmarking tool that tests users on their overall sales development aptitude by focusing on five core competency areas: prospecting strategy, research strategy, lead qualification, messaging and objection handling. It’s been a crazy 18 months for the QuotaFactory and AG Salesworks teams. Marlborough, Mass. About AG Salesworks.

B2B Marketing Trends for 2016

distribution and lead nurturing, to more effectively communicate with prospective buyers at each stage of funnel. To get a more granular view of how B2B marketing professionals are adapting to these trends and pressures, we asked 25 leading influencers. preference, lead generation) isn't new, just more intense. its role beyond lead gen. Tom has been published on leading.

5 Steps to Successfully Build Your Company's Sales Development Efforts

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Who is responsible for qualifying inbound marketing leads and identifying new, short-term sales opportunties for senior sales executives in your company? When they receive marketing leads, how quickly do they call? And when do they give up and work other leads instead? They’ll need a lead disposition process , including voicemail scripts and email templates for their follow-up.

10 Inside Sales Lessons Learned Over 10 Years at AG Salesworks

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Devise effective tracking metrics. Im sure there are a variety of metrics that are very important to you, such as lead rate, conversion rate, total activity, etc. Ongoing training can lead to employee success. Providing a good quantity of leads to sales is obviously a good thing, but if the reps aren''t doing anything with them, what''s the point of even picking up the phone?

How AG's Sales Development Managers Motivate Reps in February [Part 2]

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

In my experience, it’s all about the “small things,” whether that be providing my team with breakfast on a random day or giving them a high-five after passing a lead. Even though February is technically the shortest month of the year, this year it feels like the longest. Especially when the storms make it so everyone has to work from home. Motivation can come in many different forms.

5 Ways to Boost Inside Sales Training Reinforcement

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

Give new reps the contact information for five mock prospects from the same company (calling these people will lead them to different people throughout your own organization, playing different roles). It’s a process that has to be perfected during, before, and after that event. The following is a redactment from our new guide. Training has to be fluid. Call Shadowing Partnerships.

Staffing and Launching Your Content Marketing Program

These examples may sound hyperbolic, but they get at values that lead. ULTIMATE CONTENT STRATEGIST PLAYBOOK CONTENTLY12 While the business goals of your content marketing efforts are import- ant—be it generating leads, sales, brand awareness, industry education, or, more likely, some combination of initiatives—we find it extremely. original photography as something Steve the Lead.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Aligned Lead Nurturing Funnel

Sales Prospecting Perspectives

So when we started writing our latest guide, Aligned Lead Nurturing for B2B Sales and Marketing , we wanted to challenge the traditional idea that lead nurturing is primarily a marketing function. The days of segmented sales and marketing tasks are over for most businesses, and that includes lead nurturing. We searched for more information about aligned lead nurturing practices, and in fact found an arsenal of facts and figures to support our claim: B2B lead nurturing works best as a function shared by both sales and marketing. It''s not just a mindset.